Xiao Qiushui didn’t?

Weighing daughter laughed, "Who of the four of you doesn’t want to die the most? If you want to say it, I can kill him at last."
Who knows that there are still no "four brothers"
"Weighing a thousand dollars" laughed. "Then I’ll try to kill a person first."
At this moment, the woman behind Xiao Qiushui suddenly had one more thing!
An iron thistle
She immediately fell down.
Xiao Qiushui’s sword and horse pulled back the piercing sword and reached the woman’s throat behind Deng Yuhan.
Deng Yuhan Xiao Qiushui gave a sword at the same time, and he also ignored the blade behind him. The sword ran through the woman’s chest behind Zuo Qiu’s detachment.
And the woman behind Tang Rou suddenly fell down!
She also has one more thing in her eyebrows.
An iron lotus seed
The four shopkeepers pulled out their knives when the "scale daughter" pounced, and the four women had become dead.
This is just a flash!
These four brothers cooperated with each other so quickly and seamlessly.
Tang Rou left one of the three iron thistles on the counter.
"Weighing a thousand dollars" cast a glance and finally said, "It seems that after you catch your family, you should kill them first."
Tang said softly, "It’s a pity that the Tangs can’t catch it." He pointed to the table and smiled, "This one is for you."
Just now, when the knife was behind four people, none of them could move.
However, Tang Jia and hidden weapons can send it with a finger move, and sometimes they can send it even without moving.
But also want to refract, retroreflect and reflect directly.
Tang Rou sent two iron thistles to solve himself and Xiao Qiushui first.
Xiao Qiushui immediately saved Deng Yuhan Deng Yuhan also immediately saved Zuo Qiu detachment.
The four of them had their eyes fixed on the "Weighing Your Daughter" when they were waiting for the "Weighing Your Daughter" in one go
"Weighing a thousand dollars" said with a wry smile, "Do you want to talk about business?"
Zuo Qiu detached. "The big boss didn’t talk about business just now?"
"Weighing a thousand dollars" forced a smile. "When?"
Zuo Qiu detached carefree way "when we were behind the knife".
"Weighing the daughter" wry smile way "That was a misunderstanding, that was a misunderstanding" He saw at that moment that the four young men were sure to win even if they were one enemy and one faction, except that Zuo Qiu was detached and had not yet started work.
He never does things easily when he is not sure.
Xiao Qiushui suddenly asked, "Big boss wants to talk about business?"
"I’m a businessman, of course I want to talk about business."
Xiao Qiushui said, "OK, then let’s talk about business."
"Weigh a thousand dollars" said, "I wonder what business Xiao Shaoxia wants to talk about?"
Xiao Qiushui said, "That pile just now."
"Weighing a thousand dollars" stayed for a while and said, "Which one is it?"
Xiao Qiushui said, "The head is that pile."
"Weighing dry gold" carefully tunnel "Xiao Shaoxia refers to …"
Xiao Qiushui said, "Your head!"
"Weighing a thousand dollars" wry smile way "heads are not for sale"
Xiao Qiushui said coldly, "Then I’ll cut your head off."
"Weighing a thousand dollars" suddenly heard a man say, "I also want to buy your four puppies’ heads."
See a man dressed in gold, walking around with a root in his hand, crashing loudly. Zuo Qiu transcendentally said, "Take care of the manager."
The giant laughed. "It’s my management."
Firm but gentle Yangtze River Chapter III Killer Form
Zuo Qiu detached, "Do you remember someone?"
"Management" laughed. "I always care that someone remembers me all my life, but I don’t remember anyone."
Zuo Qiu detached connect a way "the man compound surname Zuo Qiu called pavilion".
"Management" face a heavy folded way "who are you?"
Zuo Qiu’s detachment is "my father"