Chapter seven hundred and sixty-four Five advantages

Although people still forbid it, they have to admit that Xu is a person with unique abilities.
Although the 55 people who have been promised to be rescued can’t play their part, the sudden joining of these 55 new troops is also a big boost for everyone, which can be said to be a big boost.
Even if you do this thing, it is enough to win people’s respect and you are worthy of being the leader of reinforcements on this trip.
At the moment, the elders of Baishan asked Xu for advice again, and people’s eyes were also turned to Xu Shen to see what advice this young man with magical medical skills could give.
Xu looked around and then looked at the elders of Baishan. "At present, our fighting capacity is not weak, although it is still inferior to the three members of the outside world, but we have several advantages. The first advantage is that they don’t know the true strength of the reinforcements on our trip. Secondly, it is also true that we have the clan array that is easy to keep but difficult to attack and protect. I believe that this clan array not only has the defense ability of guarding the clan, but also has a fairly strong attack ability. "
Elder Baishan nodded, "This guardian array is created by the first leader of Baishan Sect with six kinds of changeable defenses and six kinds of changeable offensives."
Lou Yulan asked, "I’m afraid there are still some shortcomings?"
Xu nodded and said, "The first advantage and the second advantage are really not enough for us to defeat the victory, and they all know these two advantages very well. Naturally, they will greatly guard against the other three advantages."
Everyone around was surprised to raise their eyebrows.
It’s amazing that we have two advantages. Xu actually said that there are three other advantages besides these two advantages?
When did you have so many advantages when you were beaten by the other side?
If you have enough advantages, will you still be beaten to the head? The three demons also dare not be so arrogant.
Cai Qi narrowed his eyes and said, "Deputy Director Xu can eat indiscriminately but can’t talk nonsense. Even if you say this to stabilize the morale of the people, cheer for everyone, but the five-point advantage is not a small number. Don’t talk nonsense."
Xu lip angle a hook slightly smiled. "In that case, I’ll talk about this third advantage. The third advantage is that the other side, our reinforcements are all practical, and we still have reinforcements outside to ask us to start a battle. Is this an advantage?"
"There will be reinforcements?"
Elder Baishan’s eyes lit up and asked, "How many reinforcements are there?"
Xu laughed "two people"
The elders of Baishan said, "What is the strength of these two people? Are they all fighters in the middle of congenital period? "
Xu shook his head and said, "A non-fighter, a mid-life fighter."
They just stretched their eyebrows and screwed up again.
Cai Qi snorted, "Can it be regarded as one of our great advantages that two people can’t get anything out of Reagan?"
Xu smiled and said, "Dare you ask if the two sides of Cai Gang are fighting in groups or one-on-one?"
Cai Qidao’s "Nature is a group war"
Xu laughed. "So one of these two people is a fighter in the middle of congenital period, but he is the first master of concealed weapons in primary institutions. Can he explode in the group war?"
Everyone has been towering.
Yes, the master of concealed weapons seems to have two fists, but hidden weapons’s display in the crowd is tantamount to giving birth to three heads and six arms, and he will never be weaker than a mid-congenital fighter or even a mid-congenital fighter when he participates in group warfare.
Xu laughed. "The other person, though not a fighter, is able to enter the primary institution of Long Dian. He has six kinds of special functions, and these six kinds of special functions can also be used in turn to play a group attack. Together, the two of them are a mobile battery, so it is absolutely appropriate for the two of them to do our job."
Iron palm fly eyes a bright way, "Xu, vice President, before you let Xue Qianqian and Qi Xin together, I’m afraid we have already left a burden in our hearts?"
Xu smiled and didn’t answer is obviously the default.
Iron palm fly not to Xu Pei very much.
Cai Qi asked coldly, "Even if this is the third advantage, where is the fourth advantage?"
Xu pointed to himself.
Cai Qi immediately laughed. "You mean the fourth advantage is yourself? Do you think your qualification is a great advantage of our army? "
Xu laughed. "It’s normal for Wang Cai to question me, and I won’t blame Wang Cai, but whether this is a big advantage will be decided when the two armies confront each other."
Cai Qi sneered, "Well, then I’ll just wait and see what waves can be set off in the battlefield of fighters in the early days of birth. Let’s not talk about this for the time being. I want to ask Vice President Xu what is the fifth advantage?"
At Cai Qi with a smile, Xu said, "To tell the truth about the fifth advantage, I can’t say it yet, because if I say it, you will be afraid of it even more than you don’t believe in the fourth advantage, and you won’t know about it until you fight."
Cai Qi sarcastically said, "First of all, the so-called advantages people don’t know whether the reinforcements are real or not, but the other side will know when the war starts." In this way, the second advantage, the third advantage, and the fourth advantage and the fifth advantage are just like talking. You can’t explain them clearly. Hehe … Since there are two advantages, you must stubbornly involve five points? "
Xu suddenly narrowed his eyes and looked at Cai Qi.
Xu heart has some angry.
His mother always comes here to save you, not to suffer from your cowardice.
It’s not always your captives, it’s your reinforcements, you know?
And if you don’t have a buddy, you’ll come all the way to the magic Sect to have a big fight?
Mom, what’s wrong with you being sarcastic when you’re eating and dying here?
Xu’s anger welled up in his eyes, and his eyes narrowed. "If you have any good ideas, you’d better speak them out quickly. I promise I won’t intervene in this matter again, but I’m telling you that I’m your reinforcements and your savior. If you are willing to listen to me, I’ll fucking break out. I advise you not to challenge my bottom line again. For the last time, I’m not afraid of losing the so-called deputy principal position …"
Xu Yin suddenly became cold. "Let’s wash our swords with blood before the Three Demons Wars!"
When the last sentence came out, it was so cold that many people couldn’t help rubbing their arms full of goose bumps.
Everyone was shocked to see that Xu had such a horrible murderous look. Obviously, there is no shortage of human life and blood in his hand.
And Xu congenital early fighters dare Cai Qi, a congenital mid-level fighter, to challenge is really bold!
Cai Qi also suddenly reacted for a moment and felt humiliated. He was provoked by a weaker person than himself and immediately flew into a rage. "You can wash your sword with my blood, right?" Are you really that good? Then why don’t you come and make me bleed? I really want to see how you can hurt me! "
Cai Qixiu seems to be on the verge of exploding, but the elders of Baishan and others obviously won’t let them lose their morale.
The elders of Baishan, Louyulan and Xueda immediately separated them.
"Oh, we are all one of our own, and the enemy must not be deceived at present."
"In the Book of Songs, there is a cloud that brothers fight against the wall."
"Everybody calm down and calm down. Don’t lose your temper."
Everyone made great efforts to separate Xu Cai.
Xu squinted at Cai Qi and ignored him. He looked at the elders of Baishan and said, "If the elders of Baishan believe me, I can make free use of these five advantages. If they don’t believe me like someone else, I will listen to your command. If I am defeated, I will never miss this place and I will flee first."
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-five A diversion from inside to outside
Xu speaks bluntly, which means that I’m here to support you, not to work for you. If you believe me, I can help you. If you don’t believe me, I’m sorry. I can give you military support, but I will never stop you from being stupid and dying when disaster strikes.
Elder Baishan paused and then said, "I’m not afraid to say a discouraging word. I really don’t have any good ideas now. If Vice President Xu really has an idea, I might as well say it and listen to it. After all, there are hundreds of lives here and I have to be cautious."
Xu can also take the responsibility of the White Mountain Elder without dragging it to the direct road. "I do have a plan in my mind now, that is, to divert the West and cooperate from the inside. This plan needs to reach the five advantages just now, and all the people need to cooperate with me. Everyone must listen to my command."
Elder Baishan asked, "What a way to attack the west from the east and combine the inside with the outside?"
Xu said, "Of course, it’s just as the name implies that the diversion from the inside to the west is to confuse the members of the three magic religions. I need you to lead a team to attack in the east. This time, it’s not a feint, it’s a real attack, but you must find out all the escape routes. When I ask you to retreat, you should retreat immediately."
"Then what?" asked the White Mountain Elder.
Xu said, "Then Master Yin led a group of troops to attack the south; Just now, the elder who recovered part of his fighting capacity took a bunch of people to attack the north; The remaining part of the elite combined to attack the west. "