After a moment’s silence, King Minhou got up from his seat, put his hands in his pants pockets and paced in the lobby on the first floor before pronouncing. That is to say, he is in a good mood today and wants to tell a story to the audience first to help.

King Wu of Minhou began to tell stories when a master in the industry was idle, and finally he was combined with a fox demon. Just a few days ago, he met him and got the man’s fox demon fit to pieces.
When King Minhou finished shaking his head, he said that there are many restless people in the human world and the demon world, which is really a headache.
King Minhou looked up and turned around, rubbing his fingers against the seat of Ba Wen. They should all be well-behaved.
Minhou Wang’s question is naturally unanswered. Minhou Wang continues to play a monologue alone.
King Minhou pointed to the small safes on the long table and said that he celebrated the slaying of the man, the fox and demon fit. Tonight, he specially hosted a banquet for everyone and auctioned these gadgets for a total of years.
Minhou Wang finished the waiter’s speed and gave the dishes to each table.
My mouth twitched when I saw the food on the table in front of me.
A plate of shredded carrot, a plate of shredded white radish and a plate of shallots mixed with tofu are the dishes at each table.
When the waiter started cooking, Minhou Wang said that he was paying attention to a healthy diet, but he knew that radish and tofu were the first choice for healthy food.
When Wang Hou of Minhou talked about the benefits of radish and tofu, a etiquette lady carried a big round table and put it aside in the lobby on the first floor. Soon, a chef dressed up and walked to the big round table with a tray, which would bring food to the round table for 36 dishes.
When the round table dishes were finished, King Minhou called everyone to start eating. He sat at the round table and began to eat. From time to time, the pronunciation was still praising radish and tofu as healthy food.
I can see the whole Tianhe with the invisible paper man’s eyes.
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No one in the restaurant except Minhou Wang went to pick up chopsticks to eat and looked at each other.
King Minhou announced the start of the auction after eating and drinking enough.
At this time, Tianhe Hotel began to have a movement except Minhou Wang Yin. Everyone stared at the long table and small safes, and they all got up from their seats and looked at those small safes in the white clouds.
An auctioneer opened the first safe closest to hand, which contained a red jade pendant in the shape of a heart.
I saw the pendant filled with vitality.
There are no superfluous words. As the auctioneer shouted out the reserve price, the price in Tianhe Hotel increased, and the atmosphere in Tianhe Hotel began to come alive.
When an item is auctioned off, a safe will be opened. As the safe is opened one by one, the items inside are more and more rare.
The person who photographed the object went to the lobby on the first floor with joy, and then returned to the original seat to continue to note a displayed object.
The atmosphere in Tianhe Hotel is getting higher and higher. In the environment, Wang Jing, the marquis of Minhou, sits quietly with his hands resting on the armrest of his seat and his fingers tapping the armrest from time to time.
After the objects were taken out one by one, Bai Linger looked very excited and urged the white clouds to bid, but she shook her head and stared at the last safe in the long table.
When the last safe was opened, Minhou Wang got up from his seat and went to the auctioneer to take the auctioneer’s hammer.
King Minhou made a gesture of silence, but all eyes in Tianhe Hotel were focused on the last object.
At this time, Jiang Yan always got up from his seat and looked at the last object. Staring at the last object in the white clouds, his eyes flashed completely.
This last object is a milky white jade finger.
This banzhi body is full of congenital qi, but these are not the most important things. The most important thing is my eyes. I can see that there is a huge inside the banzhi.
There is a dark gray fog in the big room, and I can’t see through what it is.
I can’t keep calm when I stare at that finger.
When I saw that the demon catcher had something that could make the demon body, I thought it would be great if I could have something like a ring one day.
I can’t believe I actually saw the ring at this moment today.
At this time, Minhou Wang said slowly that the last item was to be taken to someone who had a destiny and the price was high. Of course, the high bid might also be the winner of this last item.
Minhou Wang said that the bottom price of the last item was a penny to announce the start of the auction.
With the announcement of Minhou Wang, the price of Tianhe Hotel was fierce before, and the price has been turned over and over again
King Minhou turned to every price increase pronunciation place with the leisurely appearance of the auction hammer.
As the price has been turning over, the bidding price has gradually decreased. When the bidding price exceeds 500 million, the bidding price is even less.
Lianke Stealth Paper Man I see that Tianhe Hotel can’t continue to increase its price, and it’s all a sigh.
At this time in the white clouds, the pronunciation always drives the price directly to one billion.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-four Things to quit
With this bid in the white clouds, the Tianhe Hotel was silent
Billion, I was drunk when I heard this price. I just broke my heart and wanted to stop thinking about things in front of me
However, after the bidding in the white clouds was exported, the marquis of Minhou didn’t drop a hammer and expose the outer lip corner of the mask with a smile.
The marquis of Minhou spoke again, and the winner of the last item may be the predestined friend or the highest bidder.
Minhou Wang said that everyone in Tianhe Hotel would just call the price once again, and he would then inform whose house the last item was spent.
The pronunciation of Minhou Wang fell to the ground, and everyone began to call out the prices that they could afford. I raised my eyebrows. This Minhou Wang made a decision on the spot, and the price of one billion in the white clouds also followed the people’s offer of one hundred yuan.
When my quotation was exported, I saw that the face of Minhou Wang was facing my side for a few seconds, and the smile increased a lot.
In such a crowded environment, I naturally don’t think Minhou Wang Neng can hear my offer of 100 yuan, and I naturally don’t think that Minhou Wang’s lip smile has increased a lot because of my offer of 100 yuan.