It turned out that a few days ago, Luo Yu and Bai Lianxing, Dragon Fire God Jun and others decided to sneak a sneak peek, and then secretly cooperated with Bai Lianxing and others to set up a fourth-order large array around this peach blossom village!

So relying on this situation to reverse the casual lurks in the mountains in the four fields has exposed the eyes of Luo Yu and others naked.
The fake’ Luoyu’ that took the Lei Yin shuttle to leave earlier is just an illusion to enter the Peach Blossom Village two dog!
And Bai Lianxing and others really went to the Five Elements Zonghou Yam Garden. Naturally, they induced the clansmen to keep eyeliner.
First, when the fake’ Luoyu’ entered the Yam Garden, all the aristocratic families would have to wait for a while.
Secondly, if he really stays in the Peach Blossom Village, he can appear in the mountains and seas as a’ rain and three waters’.
Although it’s not as safe as it is in the medicine garden, what’s the difference between being curled up in the medicine garden and the caged bird? Little eye, he can’t enter the medicine garden yet, because he wants two people in this lotus pond to decide whether he should leave or not!
As a result, the three masters and apprentices acted as if they were real in the lotus pond small building, and they just let the four sides spy on them and decided that these three people were ordinary people
At the moment, Luo Yu looked at his eldest brother Xu Hengxuan.
Maybe it’s because I joined the army when I was young. Now, after this period of experience, Xu Hengxuan is not what he used to be. He is loyal and straight-forward. At this moment, Xu Hengxuan is listening carefully to Luo Yu, but his eyes are unusually bright and eager to shine.
Seeing this, Luo Yu asked earnestly, "How are you doing now?"
Xu Hengxuan previously discovered the hidden elixir, so Luo Yu’s method shows how many realms there are.
See master asked Xu Hengxuan smiled "back to master brother new gas refining seven layers".
Looking at Xu Hengxuan’s slight scar on the back of his hand and neck, Luo Yu nodded slightly. He remembered that he missed entering the third floor of refining gas before he went out for experience. It must have been a lot of suffering when he hunted the monster beast at the southern foot of Qingqiu Mountain from the early stage of refining gas to the late stage …
But … this is exactly what he expected to see.
Although his eldest brother has been in the army since childhood, he still seems to have some shortcomings in understanding people’s hearts. This is also the reason why he wants to send Xu Hengxuan to the southern foothills of Qingqiu early for experience. How can he become a giant without going through intrigue and thorns?
Thinking of this Luo Yu, he said, "Can you feel good about repairing it?"
Xu Hengxuan wanted to think and then answered, "Brother Yu Qingqiu’s killing low-order monster beast outside the southern foothills is no different from the past battlefield fighting."
Luo Yu nodded in recognition of Xu Hengxuan, and then said, "Although the monster beast is fierce and bloodthirsty, it is a hundred times better than the unpopular sinister brother. Many times, I am in distress because I don’t hurt others, but others want to take my things and kill me."
I listened to Fang Yi very carefully.
"Oh …?" Luo Yu seemed to have expected it and asked, "Then how do you deal with it?"
Xu Hengxuan scratched his head and revealed a pair of sunny smiles. "My brother has been in the army since childhood, and he is not a lover. Besides, clay figurines still have three points of anger. There is a saying in the army that the brave will fight if they win the battle, but they will fight to the death and will not be refunded. Don’t say that my brother is also lucky. I don’t want to find my brother when I come to those scattered repairs several times. This is smelly and hard …"
Listening to Xu Hengxuan’s words, Luo Yu’s heart naturally knows better than anyone that Xu Hengxuan has never retreated when he is in danger these days! The so-called great luck is also due to two dog’s secret protection.
Two dog although there is no means of attack, but somehow it is also a fourth-order monster beast, not those low-order loose repairs on the periphery of safari.
For a long time, those scattered practitioners found that every time they tried to plot evil things, some strange accidents would happen! Either the monster beast suddenly became violent and crazy, or the inexplicable partner disappeared! Even if Xu Hengxuan is surrounded, something will happen. What kind of things happen frequently?
In the end, the peripheral Sanxiu unanimously recognized that Xu Hengxuan was fantastic, but when he saw Xu Hengxuan, he was frightened, detoured and fled straight, and Xu Hengxuan was so happy that he didn’t want to kill himself to make these Sanxiu feel scared!
Just then, Fang Yi frowned and said, "Big Brother, it’s not good for you."
"Hmm …?" Xu Hengxuan was not angry, but looked at the younger brother who had just met. "What’s wrong with me, younger brother?"
Fang Yi saw the teacher smile and nodded after seeing Luo Yu’s eyes. He said with offence to Xu Hengxuan’s first ceremony, "Will the master elder brother fight for his life with something outside himself?" As the saying goes, staying green is not afraid of not burning wood … "
Xu Hengxuan frowning slightly is otherwise "teacher younger brother, you are still a little bit reasonable. You don’t understand that others want to take away my demon Dan. How can I surrender? It’s a disgrace to the teacher’s reputation! It is not desirable. "
Xu Hengxuan shook his head and waved his hand quite firmly.
"Others don’t know the details of the senior brother?" Fang Yi, on the other hand, hung his head and muttered, "Besides, can the demon Dan be more valuable than life?"
Leaning forward, Xu Hengxuan retorted, "This is not a valuable thing! Is every day is integrity "
At this time, Luo Yu was in a good mood. He looked at the two brothers who were arguing with each other and gently coughed to stop "Ok ~ you need to argue that you should remember the purpose of my five elements when you walk in the future."
When they heard that the purpose of the master’s clan was awe-inspiring, they quickly listened to it.
While Luo Yu solemnly said, "My Zongjian asked Haoran to stand up to the mountains and seas with a hundred thousand troops."
Xu Hengxuan nodded slightly, but after all, he used to be behind the gate of Beiyan, so don’t the two countries have to get off to a famous start before they go to war?
But Fang Yi asked, "Is a teacher like a gift before a soldier?"