The leader of the plough Sect saw the monkey and others suddenly get up and say, "You fierce Taoist friends, these five beasts are sworn brothers of the wild and forbidden gods!"

"What are you doing!"
The Lord of Xuanji Palace was furious and questioned.
Ji couldn’t help but say, "You Tiangang Sect watched Terran being bullied, but now the demon brothers help you, but bite the hand that feeds you?"
The hierarch of plough sect sneered "It’s just a few animals! This matter is that it is natural that Shura recklessly killed the first lady of the sun and caused him to pay for it. "
"Not bad!"
The leader of the Dungeon Sect also nodded and said, "If there were no Shura ten thousand people’s congress, how could it have developed to this situation?"
Hearing these words, not only Ji Tiantian, but also the patriarch abbot Kongoji, who sent a lantern-burning temple in Piaoxue Valley, glared!
If there is no shura to Terran, I don’t know how to suffer humiliation!
There was a quarrel here in the super clan, but it was very calm there in the five fierce families.
The original five fierce families are waiting for the situation to develop with a lively mind.
However, I heard that the monkeys and others are sworn brothers, which makes the five fierce families have a little interest.
"That wild weapon is estimated to be dead."
Tengluo touched Ba and suddenly said, "It’s not bad to kill these sworn brothers without killing Huangwu!"
"Why don’t we go and play some activities?"
Tengluo licked his lips and said, "I’m a little hungry, just to grab some blood food to eat!" "
The remnant eyes did not move and did not mean to get up.
Jade raksha also reposes and doesn’t seem to want to participate in this kind of fighting.
Xiaoxiang Goddess’s eyes fell on her demon body and suddenly got up and said coldly, "I’ll take care of this witch!" "
Teng Luo asked, "How can Taoist Xiaoxiang be interested in a woman?"
"I can’t see anyone with a more beautiful face than me."
Xiaoxiang Goddess said flatly, "If there is one, I will personally destroy her!"
"I like it enough!"
Teng Luo laughed.
Ghost Wu Gong also slowly got up and looked at the half-finished Shura and said faintly, "It seems that this person has to be shot by me personally!"
Although the monkey five brothers Ji goblin really joined, it had little effect on the situation
There are less than fifty of them involved in the three-legged Jin Wujia.
That is to say, the vast majority of the three-legged sun, including the three major sun families, are still attacking Yan Beichen crazily!
Yan Beichen’s momentum is rising under such a terrorist offensive!
The stronger the hatred in his heart, the greater the power of the book from hatred!
Even the three major families of the sun, too many hundreds of families of the sun, can’t suppress him!
"I hate!"
Yan Beichen wailed and roared, his eyes were as dark as ink, and he waved the magic knife away from hate, and the magic gas was surrounded by a rich and vast stream, which swallowed up many magic departments continuously!
Yan Beichen was cut by one or three feet of the sun.
But Yan Beichen will kill the three-legged Jinwu Town with a backhand knife!
A wound for the life of the sun!
Yan Beichen has a deep bone scar on his chest, bleeding profusely.
But he didn’t seem to feel pain. He cut the three-legged sun in half with a backhand knife.
The three-legged Sun Yuan God was swallowed up by the magic gas from hate and fell on the spot!
"kill! Kill! Kill! "
Yan Beichen has completely lost his mind and fallen into a state of separation from hate, feeling neither pain nor pressure.