When the stars are guarding the pattern and the stars are forming, the purple MSI is completely alive.

The edge star power broke out from him, which made the stars converge one after another and dared not compete for glory.
Affected by this, the power of the large array of stars on Sunday suddenly plummeted, and it was difficult to suppress the chaotic array.
"Purple, micro, star!"
Looking at the purple star Di Jun in the center of the star, he called out his name almost word by word.
He is very angry now!
At the moment when Ziweixing appeared, the stars on Sunday wanted to get out of his control and express their gratitude to Ziweixing. If he was not the Lord of the stars on Sunday, he had absolute control over the stars on Sunday, even the consequences would be unimaginable.
This let Di Jun if can endure?
Ziweixing is the most likely to shake his foundation in the wild.
It was the first thing that Di Jun did after he became the Lord of the stars on Sunday that he sealed Ziweixing and let him be born forever.
I didn’t expect that he still broke the seal today or that his enemy helped break it.
"Feng Zichen, who are you?"
At this time, Di Jun first thought that it was not the seal purple MSI, but the wind purple MSI.
Could Feng Zichen be the innate demon born of Zixing?
How can he get in touch with Ziweixing?
Or, Ziweixing has been born with a congenital demon and Feng Zichen is his ally.
Is to eradicate yourself?
All kinds of thoughts flashed through Di Jun’s mind, but he didn’t show his face. He still looked calm
It doesn’t matter whether the wind is purple or purple.
The important thing is that he must die today!
If he dies, then whatever plans he has, it will be displayed.
After that, it will be all right to re-seal or refine the purple MSI.
Thinking like this, Di Jun’s own Zhou Tianxing main handle drives the Zhou Tianxing blessing array to make the Wei Power Department of the Zhou Tianxing large array break out.
It can be said that the large array of stars on Sunday is very close to the peak, that is, saints can fight when they come.
Edge-star force is poured into Ren Huang seal from purple and purple stars through layers of emptiness.
The power of Ziweixing is huge, and the seal of Ren Huang is like a saint personally descending to urge his power.
Ren Huang seal!
Tianbao Ren Huang Seal first!
This moment has completely recovered!
It’s like a perfect saint coming from chaos to show his power
The quality of the first heaven is mixed, and the Luo Jinxian is even stronger. The recovery of his power department is equivalent to a living saint.
Ren Huang can’t print chaos bead’s power, and when it is chaotic and turbulent, everything looks small.
Looking at Weineng chaos bead Feng Zichen is really dissatisfied. It is reasonable to say that after the outbreak of chaos bead, the humanitarian treasure and the humanitarian court should also break out together.
In that case
Add up the power of the two treasures and you can directly sweep the demon race.
But the Terran incense is still too little, and the humanitarian imperial court is still a prototype with limited power to sweep the demon race.
And if you want the humanitarian imperial court to truly exert its treasure-like power, you may have to wait until the Terran becomes the protagonist of heaven and earth.
"Damn it!"
Chaos bead’s impact on the demon gods was forced to retreat in succession, and the large array of stars on Sunday showed signs of collapse.
Or when Di Jun reacted, he hurriedly offered Hetuluo, which stabilized the law.