Ruier’s eyes were fixed on me when she finished speaking, and she resumed the cold attitude when I first met her.

I told Ruier that there was something that could be said, and we could work out countermeasures together. Ruier said that she just didn’t want to be disturbed.
Look at Rachel for a while. I turned away from Rachel’s cloth barrier and walked away from it.
During this short time with Ruier, I know that Ruier is also very stubborn. She decides that things are hard to change. She doesn’t want to say anything, even if she asks, she won’t say anything.
So I choose not to ask Ruier anything too much.
Put Goo Tsai in Yinzhu, and I’ll be alone in my own cloth boundary. Keep an eye on Ruier’s situation.
I saw that after I laid the enchantment, Ruier covered the ice coffin, took the silver square box hanging on her chest to shake hands, and then covered her hands with long cuffs, and then removed her enchantment and lay still in the ice coffin.
Frowning at what I saw in front of me, I teleported the invisible paper man from the object ring and threw it out to urge the invisible paper man to approach the ice coffin.
Close your eyes and urge the fifth layer of bamboo slips. I always pass the situation that the invisible paper man outside the ice coffin notes Rui Er.
Being in the enchantment, I continued to urge the fifth floor of the bamboo slips for a long time. I can be invisible. I didn’t even see the core lying in the ice coffin again.
In the ice coffin, Ruier lay motionless with her eyes closed, just like the dead body before.
I don’t know what material is added to the ice coffin. I can’t feel something fishy in the core of the ice coffin through the invisible paper man.
There have been foreign objects breaking in where the ice coffin is located.
Ruier told me to destroy her body, and then she lay in the ice coffin herself. It’s definitely not because she wants to be quiet.
It is reasonable to explain that she wants to lure the enemy with her own bait and give him a fatal blow when he is unprepared.
Continue to close your eyes and urge the fifth floor of bamboo slips. I hope the dawn will come soon the next day
I don’t want any uncontrollable situation in this place before dawn the next day, and I don’t want any accidents in Ruier.
A long time later, the dark environment in this place suddenly became more black, and a black-robed male ghost spirit floated into this place.
I was instantly horrified when I saw the ghost spirit. From the picture on the dark cave wall, I knew that the ghost spirit appeared here, which was the boundary of Ruier. Master was the biggest bss that Ruier and I were going to fight in this ancient tomb.
The arrival of the Enchantment Master made us feel depressed again and continue to urge the bamboo slips to move.
It’s hard to gather all my emotions. I stopped practicing and didn’t open my eyes. I can be invisible. The reaction of this enchanter has only increased the suspicion of this enchanter.
After the enchanter entered this place, he glanced at my position, and then his lip angle took a sarcastic arc and fell straight to the ground next to the ice coffin, staring at the ice coffin with resentment in his eyes.
The enchanter stood still in the same spot, and Ruier lay still in the ice coffin. I was so nervous that I broke out in a cold sweat on my palm.
After a long time, the enchanter took out a steel nail from his cuff and carried it in his hand.
Seeing the enchantment master move me is the reason why the steel nail fell out of Ruier’s body before I knew it, so that Ruier lay in the ice coffin.
Enchantment division with the steel nail lip angle with a ponder smile stretched out his hand and was ready to lift the ice coffin lid.
Seeing this, I suddenly opened my eyes and clenched my fist. I stood up from the ground and instantly closed the enchantment. I raised my hand and aimed at the enchantment division. I was ready to force the enchantment against the enchantment division at any time.
It was the enchanter who touched the ice coffin lid and paused. He lifted the ice coffin lid and began to caress the edge of the ice coffin lid. He didn’t really hit the ice coffin lid and then turned his head to look behind him, which is where I am.
When I see the enchantment master move, I will immediately spread the enchantment and sit on the ground again and close my eyes.
Chapter six hundred and seventeen Master
But the invisible paper man’s eye, when I saw the enchanter twist his head and glance at me, I took back my sight, and then I took a look at the core in the ice coffin and put the steel nail in the cuff, and my body floated away from this place
The enchantment division left me quietly and immediately, but the invisible paper men tracked the enchantment division and there was no unnecessary move.
Through the invisible paper man, I know that the enchanter is not far away from this place, but after leaving this place, he looks up and stares at the ice coffin and my position.
As the enchanter’s figure rises, he can be tracked, and the invisible paper man naturally hangs high. I can also see that Ruier in the ice coffin remains motionless.
There is silence in the dark tomb, and the enchanter can’t leave me. I can just keep my original sitting position still.
Lest Ruier mistakenly think that the enchanter has left and climbed out of the ice coffin, my mood is getting more and more nervous as time goes by.
Fortunately, Ruier has always been petrified.
I am too nervous to restrain my emotions and urge the fifth floor of bamboo slips to tighten my body and sit on the ground. I feel too uncomfortable.
I feel like I’m going to sit in an old posture forever. At all times, the enchanter always goes straight back to this ancient tomb and sits cross-legged on the ground to practice.
For the enchanter along the way, he never even gave a corner of his eye.
Just as the enchanter was just practicing, I heard something coming from the ice coffin.
With my eyes open, I saw Ruier pushing the lid of the ice coffin out of it.