My Lord is in the mountains!

First, a National People’s Congress shouted, but soon thousands of people were vibrating and yelling. One sentence was louder than the other. Su Jing heard it white. It was his own play from the middle-earth Yin Cao Shenzhou elite taxiing bone pool … wronged Lang
Su Jing’s eyes are red, so he replied with great joy, "Su Jing’s eyes are red, and he’s wronged. Hurry into the array and break the stealth!"
Come on, red eyes answer. First, the northwest cheers loudly, and then it kills the sky!
3,000 wronged Langs are wandering in the underworld, wandering for half a month, sneaking around, hiding and forbearing. Even though they are first-class and first-class soldiers, bring up the rear suffered several times to kill the Yin soldiers, and lost 20% of his troops.
Although it was only later collected from the ghost robe and military forces, Yuan Zhen Lang was not inferior to the Great Sage Jun’s demon slave to Wang Zhongxin, but he also wanted the king to drive together even if he was dead or dead, which was the only true meaning of Yuan Zhen Lang in the world.
In a short time, they broke through the enemy lines and rushed into a messy valley. The Lord of the wronged Lang was already on his way to die, and now his troops are lieutenant, a fierce ghost named Red Horned One-horned Red-faced.
Red horned, tall, with a dumpling bone and a cloud-shocking stick full of ghosts and evil spirits, quickly came to Su Jing’s face with a big stick in his hand, threw himself into the ground with a fuels, and said, "At the end of the day, the escort will come late and tired, and my king has been injured, which has committed a great sin! But the enemy is not exhausted, and the red horn dare not apologize and ask the king to drive me to the battlefield! "
Su Jing shook his head. "Kill more if you have made meritorious deeds, and reward yourself on the day of triumph."
Red Horn reported a "thank you" and then grabbed a long stick and jumped back to the army. Yang Yang roared, "Since the middle-earth ghost entered the middle-earth sun, from the middle-earth sun to the control world, from the control world to the control world, Yang entered the control world. My family has been wandering for thousands of miles. Today, when serving, Red Horn asked who is the champion of the middle-earth devil, the real king, the real soldiers, the yin soldiers and the pseudo-enemies? ! I will solve the problem … kill! "
Heavy drinking should be sharp to kill the enemy!
The fierce battle rolled outside the valley, and Lang wanted to defend Wang Jia ‘an, but they were by no means defending more than 2,000 soldiers and horses. Many teams moved forward and retreated, and the dispatch was orderly. As soon as they saw the flaw in the enemy line, they would suddenly have a sharp knife to settle their grievances and go straight to the point.
At this time, we can see that there is a gap between the two sides’ military forces. On the battle line, the comrades echo or the timing, Lang Du is far better than killing the Yin soldiers. The reason is so simple. The Middle-earth nether world has never stopped fighting the war since the three-body ancestors were happy, but it is peaceful in the end.
On the one hand, there is a bloody battle, but on the other hand, there is less battlefield, and the township Yong Yong ying is like a military force. After the war, the situation was temporarily stable, and the killing of the Yin soldiers relied on the numerical advantage and stormed again and again, but they could not break through the defense line. Occasionally, they rushed in, only to find that it was a trap and there was no chance to retreat.
Su Jing stopped paying attention to the war calmly and prepared to settle down again, only to close his eyes. There was another chaos in the southwest of the enemy line … What would it be like for a crazy rhinoceros to rush into the chickens?
Visible to the naked eye, Julius lifted the huge air billow array, and killed the Yin soldiers in his direction in a straight line, and thousands of troops scattered and flew away, but they stopped the array.
Calling in from outside the enemy lines is naturally Su Jing’s friend’s red eyes and joy. He asked, "Su Jing, who is this newcomer?" Master Shadow or Master phase liu? " Being trapped in the valley for reinforcements is a noble person’s red eyes crossed and respected.
"Abandoned disciple Ye Fei" is not as loud as the opposite answer, but every word clearly falls into the red eye.
During the registration period, Chimu also saw the sword darting in the enemy line, and the Yin soldiers in the place where they passed were all beheaded, and the middle of the sword regiment did not dash all the way
I heard that Ye Fei came, and Su Jing opened his eyes again and finally guarded the flowers around him. He immediately asked, "Will you stop it?"
Red eyes also came back on a small coffin, and the question was the same, "Will it be stopped?"
Su Jing will put his hand into the bag and pick out two pieces of the most powerful sword symbols, and hand them to two short gods respectively. "Let him in and be more careful." The three corpses will live together with the same life, and his sword symbols can also be launched.
I got a baby, and I was overjoyed. "One more!"
It was a cheap test. Unexpectedly, Su Jingzhen gave him another red-eyed smile that made his eyes blind. "Another one?"
Su Jingzhen obeyed and gave him another one. At the same time, he laughed, "I’ll keep the last one."
Since I came to Yu Jie’s Red Eye, it is the most important thing today. The three swordsmen shook their hands and looked around and looked at the sky.
Ye Fei went into the valley after a light tea scene. Lang’s red eye order didn’t stop him from going into the valley, and he looked no worse than Su Jingqiang. He was injured at sixes and sevens when Yang Dou defended the altar spirit king.
However, there is one thing that Su Jing doesn’t notice a trace of anger. He seems to have a special spell to cover up all the yang and qi, which makes it much easier for him to walk in the shade.
Into the valley, Ye Fei put away a large protective sword with double sleeves and followed Ye Fei to raise his hand and slap his shoulder. "The spell is closed."
With his virtual shot, Ye Fei’s shoulder gleams and quickly outlines a small figure, then blinks, and the figure becomes clear. A pair of fine ghost sisters have lost contact with Su Jing since they came to the nether world.
She is riding Ye Fei’s neck.
Only a loving father and a young girl can have the scenery of "letting a baby ride her father’s shoulder". It is even more surprising that Ye Fei has two heads.
With eyes closed, it is this little pearl-born kid who casts spells to cover up Ye Fei’s anger. It’s not easy to know that Yin and Yang are separated, and there are different rules to cover up the popularity of the body. It’s not easy to do things by force, and I don’t know what foreign things are like at the moment … After a while, I will look around with my eyes open, and soon I will see Su Jing cheering "Meet him!"
It seems to be a little hesitant to call on Liu Liu but still ride Ye Fei’s neck without jumping off the ground. "Report to me that Ye Fei, the traitor, was captured alive …" Ye Fei had no heart to say "Don’t take credit for it!" Ye Fei whisking grabbed the collar and carried her to the ground.
Su Jing beckoned the little baby to her side. There was a scratch on her left shoulder blade, which was not shallow, but it had been crushed and smeared evenly by the treated elixir. Look at the wound position. It won’t be that Liu Liu applied medicine himself, but it was Ye Fei’s.
Except for a shoulder injury, Su Jing can rest assured that it is intact.
Flowers, red eyes, a left hand, a right hand, a star rope and a sword. The swordsman still has a sword in his heart. Ye Fei is eyeing Ye Fei, but he doesn’t care. He stretches his feet and kicks a few pieces of gravel to clear up a three-foot flat place and sits down directly to "drink water."
Su Jing pulled out a bottle of water from the bag and threw it to him. "Are you captured alive by my family?"
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two A candy eats a sword to board.
Su Jing and his party fell into the underworld, separated from each other, and the little boy was alone.
It’s a simple thing for Liu Liu to swim into the sea, but she’s really unlucky to fall directly into a ghost spider’s nest. Liu Liu, a monster who specializes in eating ghosts and monsters, also tried to cover up her anger. After a big battle, all the treasure sacs fell, but her back shoulder was scratched by a 10,000-year-old spider. Soon after she escaped from the ghost spider’s territory, the poison fell to the ground and she fainted until three days later.
On one side, the Yin soldiers are killed, but there are a large number of them. On the other side, a person dances alone with a hundred swords to kill the enemy lines. You can tell who the owner of the sword is by looking at the light of the sword. Ye Fei, a traitor from the mountain.
Ye Fei’s fierce manpower just washed away a whole team to kill Yin Jun. After the enemy left the body and fled, Ye Fei took a step forward in his sword sneer, but he just walked out of the distance and suddenly heard a tender, weak voice. "Bold Ye Fei … where are you going to escape when you fall into my hands today! I ….. dia cleaning door traitors die "
Wheezing and panting for a while, I heard that Ye Fei, the executioner, was not seen. I turned around and looked for a long time. The "melting art" in the nether world is not a joke. This is her gift. Ye Fei can’t find her nearby.
For a long time in the past, Liu Liu finally saved up enough strength to get up and came at Ye Fei with a long knife with a sharp tooth. Liu Liu felt that he was fit and fell on the enemy with a blow.
Since the temperament such as the theory of ghosts and things can achieve a practice, the general manager of the heart is always angry, and it is no exception. Of course, she can’t kill Ye herself, but she also lays down her life because she has calculated the account for herself, and she is suspected of being poisoned by spiders. How can she clean the door and die in glory?
Figured out how to die is more valuable, and the rage in her heart rushed her out. After a knife stab, the poison gas attacked and fainted again.
When she woke up for the second time, she opened her eyes and saw this place. She knew it. The dark cliff was covered with cobwebs to make up for the stinking smell everywhere. It was the nest of the ghost spider that she had fallen into before.
However, it was quiet around, and when the poisonous insect moved, his footsteps rang and he screamed sharply. After that, his shoulder wound was cool and the poisonous gas in his blood was swept away. Ye Fei, a traitor, was folding and folding a piece of ghost spider web, pressing it into a bandage, and wrapping it around his chest and abdomen layer by layer to bandage the wound.
Not only did she not kill Liu Liuye, but when she was in a state of confusion, she made it clear that she was injured and Ye Fei, a ghost spider’s nest, came back carrying a baby. It was not revenge and saving people. There must be a detoxification spirit in the poisonous insect’s nest. The blade of grass swept away the poisonous insect and found the spirit grass to save Liu Liuye’s life.
In this way, Liu Liu can’t understand. What kind of truth is the fugitive rescuing the police officer?
Is really take yourself as a cop, although Ye Fei didn’t look at her …
Before Su Jing in the valley, she always said that her voice was tender but full of gas. Obviously, after Ye Fei met her, she not only recovered her life, but also recovered well. Ye Fei killed several fierce ghosts and dug up the ghost Dan, and then directly gave it to the little baby for food. It was strange that she did not recover well.
When I heard this, Su Jing nodded to Ye Fei, "I owe you a favor and I will make a supplementary payment in the future."
Ye Fei is in a good mood at the moment. An old friend seems to shake his head at Su Jing and say with smile, "Don’t be polite. How can you not know the misery of Yang Shen?"
It’s really hard, too hard. It’s like the whole body is covered with blood, and the bait is thrown into the shark bay. There are a lot of evil spirits smelling the smell, and there are places to hide. In those few days, he seemed to be down a peg or two, and he really complained in his heart. Even if he played like this, he would be exhausted sooner or later. Now the basin of water falls in front of himself in Middle-earth, and he is badly hurt.
Ye Fei is not afraid of death, but the kid who eats human flesh is not too wronged. He saved Liu Liu just by watching the little girl’s "melting into the shadows" and asking for a "boarding". Liu Liu came back to life and naturally didn’t want to die again. Unfortunately, she lost her treasure bag in the spider’s nest and repeatedly searched for it several times, but she failed to find her partner again. For the time being, she went all the way with Ye Fei.
That’s it. After Ye Fei is no longer hunted by evil spirits, he will, in turn, kill the fierce ghost. It seems that this is also a help to Ye Fei. Ye Fei means that he has been assassinated by him along the way, and it has also hit a "tooth".
The day before, Tooth was ordered by Mo Ju to be killed by Su Jing. It was a bad way. Ye Fei got hurt and dragged half of his body away.