If Du Jie hadn’t refined the fairy fruit and added his own flesh before, he would have been reduced to ashes by now.

In the distance, there should be some worries. When the old man in Quanshan saw that the cocoon of Luoyu was melting and showing the burnt remains,
He immediately turned his sorrow into joy and laughed. "Ha ha … Nong, a little punk, is now trapped? I don’t think Nong … How long can I hold on? "
For the old man barking in Quanshan, Luo Yugen didn’t hear him in the inferno at the moment.
Don’t say that his ears are burned at the moment, or that his mind is finished. It’s a fire in his Nimaru Palace!
Seeing that the blue yin fire is going towards his own heart, he knows that his life and death moment has arrived.
Sword means to repair Du Jie’s non-Xuanxiu crossing this fire robbery. Generally speaking, you need to hold out until the yin fire enters Nimaru Palace, so it is feasible to raise the sword spirit to awaken and protect the Lord by himself.
But this is also the most dangerous move.
Because this requires monks to give up their resistance on their own, and the Yin fire threatens Dantian to know the sea, so as to arouse the awakening of the sword spirit on the line of life and death, and thus lead the Yin fire into the sword to refine the sword body.
And you can take a refined sword and at the same time, you can use that magic weapon to resonate with each other. The sword spirit is perfectly connected.
Of course, if the sword fails to awaken the spirit or it is half a step late, then … everything will be done.
But … at the moment, Luo Yu is not so worried about this. After all, if you ask heavenly sword, you will have a sword spirit. Although the sword spirit is somewhat unreliable, you can still believe a thing or two at this critical moment.
If this fire robbery succeeds, Friar Dantian Jiandan will know that the resonance of the sea sword is resonance and prove the success of the sword.
Therefore, the first robbery of the sword in the hands of the monk by fire can be used to forcibly awaken the spirit of the sword by yin fire.
Brother Jianyi, on the other hand, can take this opportunity to break through the boundary barriers and enter the Hechi territory.
Those who are in harmony not only have all magical powers such as the teleportation of the monks in the Temple, but also can transform the sword Dan in Dantian into five swords. If these five swords are safe, the sword will not die out, and even if the sword is integrated, it will not be possible.
That is to say, at this moment, I will take a strange road that my predecessors have never set foot on.
You can’t know whether it’s sunshine avenue or the abyss until you step out!
When he no longer hesitates or hesitates.
Seeing the yin fire is like a snake spraying blue flames constantly, trying to break through the sea of your own knowledge and devour your own heart.
Los feather immediately mind straight to the candlestick and sword spirit almost flatter way "psst ~ not line! I can’t hold on! Hey ….. Great Spirit has to rely on you for help again …! "
The sword spirit was sincerely praised by this’ people will die and say good things’, and suddenly he was angry. "Flash ~ I’ll top it!"
Don’t say that this drink is really a bit heroic.
Suddenly, a loose yin fire broke into the gv 10, and suddenly an inhuman pain almost branded himself to faint, as if his soul were going to be burned to ashes in a flash.
But at this time, I saw that the seal of the suspended rhythm sword in the sea was actually shining brightly.
Hai Luoyu, who was deeply conscious, was excited to see that the sword spirit of the candlestick trembled and sent out a sharp golden sound, and the yin fire was extremely arrogant and said, "You … come here ~!"
"Lie trough! This his mama …? " Luo Yu’ s heart and gallbladder are cracked. "Pit goods ~!"
Sure enough, the yin fire is gone, and this is the mouth gun shouting silly sword spirit still coming at GV!
But the true sword spirit was annoyed at once, and it felt that it was ignored by a small fire, indicating that it was very heartless.
Unexpectedly, once again, the anger and vibration of light are even better than before. "Little blue fire, alas ~ are you fucking abusing this rookie?" Come here if you dare! Spirit statue of a bubble urine can douse your ya … "
Seeing this, Luo Yu is alive and desperate.
But people didn’t expect that this yin fire seemed to have a spiritual wisdom, but it was so angry that it was swept away by the sword spirit.
A little while, the sword, the spirit, the seal, the flame and the anger pestered us, and the big spirit statue exclaimed and roared, "Oh, it’s hot! Ah ~ you’d better burn my master … it hurts … it’s going to die! "
Looking at the second unintelligent also that scream like kill pig sword spirit feather is full of black line …
A little while, the package of the sword spirit and the yin fire shook violently … unexpectedly disappeared together with the yin fire!
Before Luo Yu indecision, he suddenly felt that his knees were cross-examined, and the heavenly sword was blue and the body was red as a soldering iron.
When the star rib vibrates with the rhythm at first sight, two Xuanbai Jian Dan in his abdomen actually vibrates with the speed!
Before counting the breath, the sword spirit screamed at the top of his lungs, "Ming Dao, He Chi Na ~!"
Luo Yu suddenly woke up. Isn’t this a sign that the sword spirit is singing and the main car is closing?
Seeing this, he hurriedly suggested that there was only a trace of spiritual power left in the abdomen and at the same time he sank his heart.
Suddenly disappeared in the sea of knowledge, and the sword spirit mark appeared instantly in his abdomen! And latosolic red is like a fire, and the blue seal is hanging on two trembling swords.
Qiang ~
High-pitched swords resounded through the heavens and the earth, and the golden waves rose like a torrent at the beginning of heaven and the earth, shocking the mountains and retreating into the sea of fire. They burst through the clouds for nine days and broke through the sky!
Boom ~
As long as Lei Yin rolling, a huge sword shadow in the shape of a flaming cloud looms, enduring for a long time!
At the moment, Luo Yu’s tanned skin is rapidly recovering in the afterglow of HarmonyOS gas.
The seal of the sword spirit in Tidantian has been dispersed into the two swords.
Immediately, the two Jian Dan are constantly splitting and showing the Dao Jian Dan!
Perhaps because of his twin constitution, two swords and Dan should be unified. Gokage vaguely wants to have ten bright swords and Dan shapes, and the rotation rhythm is endless
At the moment, the colorful HarmonyOS gas is winding around Luoyu and staying in the whole body. When the sword is fully integrated, the ten swords can be printed, and you can really enter the border of Chi.
Looking at the top of the mountain, HarmonyOS was sitting in the air, and the figure of the flesh was extremely fast to restore Fang Reiki, but it was like swallowing.
The old man in Quanshan has become trembling with horror. "How … how is it possible? He … He actually succeeded in Du Jie! "
At this time, when I saw that the nine-day horror was huge, the old man in Quanshan suddenly woke up and was shocked. "Not good! This can cross the foot, and the yin fire will be powerful, and it is still a sword repair and a water jump. I should quickly retreat! "
Obviously, the old man in Quanshan knows that at this moment, I’m afraid he is not Luoyu’s opponent. He has temporarily retreated to find it, and the reinforcements may kill it!
After saying his word, he turned to escape.