This is life!

But think about the ghost face fox also some lucky.
First of all, his little master’s blood can actually make him alleviate the effect of chronic diseases and aging, which means that the young master’s background is absolutely strong and he will never be an ordinary generation. He has been wandering in the realm of repairing the truth for so many years, and some pretentious guys have also been sucked by him, but no one can let him smell it and relieve the pain of aging like the young master.
Moreover, the extremely strange and powerful force of the young master’s body also makes the ghost face fox secretly lose his mind. He has traveled in the fix-true world for so many years, but he has never seen anything strange, but he is far from that kind of panic brought by that strange force.
"The young master seems to be quite mysterious, even if the diamond-level family is gifted by the baby … it can’t compare with it."
The west wind flutters, the ghost face fox sounds slowly, and it may not be long before he can witness the birth of a miracle.
It can be said that among all geniuses of Zhai Ling’s age, there is no ready-made Zhai Ling.
As night falls, Zhai Ling lies in bed, thinking deeply about meeting the ghost face fox in the afternoon.
At first, he was shocked, too. A ghost face, a fox, and a hidden disease can make a person’s life pass away quickly. It’s terrible to think about it.
However, the good and evil Emperor Lire’s evil memory and sometimes the crystal display also opened Zhai Ling’s eyes.
According to Li Ruoxie’s memory,
Two thousand years ago, when a peerless wizard broke into a secret place, he was cursed by a mysterious curse, and then disappeared. The practitioners said that this curse [the curse of killing] shocked the whole field of repairing the truth and was not frightened.
"Li Ruoxie has been a practitioner for thousands of years, and it is rare to surprise him, especially this curse … but why do I always feel that he has it?"
Frown and shook his head. After all, there were not many memories just now. Zhai Ling didn’t want to hold his head and have a pain to forcibly recall something.
But what will be the information given by the crystal at this time?
Zhai Ling’s heart suddenly jumped a few times before reading it carefully. He vaguely felt that this information, the ghost face fox and the curse, had a lot to do with it.
67. It passed in a flash.
As the name implies, spirit binds others.
The ghost-faced fox was so greedy that he was countered by Zhai Ling Jedi. He never imagined that Zhai Ling’s spirit was so weird, otherwise he would not have taken control of his life.
However, for Zhai Ling, it is necessary for him to take some time to observe it well. It does not mean that he can abandon it now that he has mastered the ghost-faced fox.
It’s like he and the ghost face fox have a screw that he needs to keep twisting. Otherwise, it will be loosened one day. Of course, this is also because Zhai Ling’s strength is lower than that of the ghost face fox.
One more thing Zhai Ling noticed.
It doesn’t mean that Zhai Ling can control people casually after he has learned "mental bondage". As far as the first stage is concerned, he can only have one control quota, and it has been occupied by the ghost-faced fox.
If he wants to control others, he needs to hurry up and fix himself.
Although there is a quota, Zhai Ling is not dissatisfied.
First, he is confident that he can definitely break through the first stage soon after he arrives at the college department.
Second, he has a strong hand and should be able to solve many things. A large number of people is not necessarily good for Zhai Ling at the moment.
But think of the ghost face fox said the disease Zhai Ling frowned but abrupt white.
It turns out that after he completed the cultivation of "Spiritual Binding", the dark disease of the ghost face fox will automatically dissipate, and the situation of the ghost face fox will also improve after practicing "Spiritual Binding" from Zhai Ling.
Think about it. It seems that there must be something hidden in the crystal … but there is too little information to analyze.
"Maybe I’ll go to the secret place he said later to see if it’s too important for me to be careful."
In particular, Zhai Ling thought that when the palm of his hand fell from the sky in the mountain range of the soul, it was by no means that he could participate now.
I arrived in Jintiancheng overnight from [Magic Capital] and then sneaked into the skyscraper island without stopping, but it was already seven o’clock, but Qi Sheng and his party didn’t find any trace of the ghost-faced fox.
Although the person in charge of the Ninth Hospital didn’t say anything, he was secretly angry with several people in the Inspector’s Hospital. You’re not sure if you really fled to the skyscraper island, so you dare to say that people are on guard and secretly seal the island. Isn’t it that everyone is on tenterhooks to make you happy?
Qi sheng can’t see these people, but he just pretends to be invisible and doesn’t want to leave.
Even if everyone’s analysis shows that fugitives will not appear in skyscrapers, Qi Sheng just insists on his own judgment.
But he’s the biggest officer here. Who dares not?
Even the bad temper of the Star Academy has died down, not to mention that Jisheng’s position is higher than any of them, and his unfathomable repair makes people feel scared, and everyone spontaneously feels a chill.
Isn’t it so tough to track people?
I hope it’s not this island!
Jishengmo doesn’t sit in the command room, and the light just shines. Jisheng is half squinting and staring at the log table map.
He has been struggling with the ghost face fox for decades, and he knows the ghost face fox very well. With this alone, Qi Sheng dares to bet that the ghost face fox is absolutely on this island.
Yes … Where is he now?
Isn’t his nature supposed to suck blood?
But still nothing happened?
I don’t know when I finished thinking about it, but I don’t know when my eyebrows were tightly condensed together. The resolute face like a knife also emerged and I was deeply puzzled.
"there is definitely something hidden in this that I didn’t expect!"
It’s hard to beat the cherry blossoms, and everyone in the fourth and third rooms walked out of the door together, but it’s almost time for dinner. This line of five people appeared on the path to the virtual courtyard to prepare for dinner nearby
It was not long after I arrived at the Virtual Heaven Hospital that Zhai Ling met two old friends.
Ling Xue and Du Jin also saw the night wind in Zhai Ling, and they couldn’t tell how much cold was born in their hearts. If they hadn’t seen a girl stretch out her hand and hold Zhai Ling, maybe they were really Zhai Ling incarnate ghosts to seek revenge.
Ling Xue and Du Jin are shivering in the crowds coming and going, and there is no great panic coming at the moment compared with knowing the family’s misery at the beginning.
The pain of fingers turning white also made the two men come back to consciousness and look at Zhai Ling again to see that his face was still calm and there was no extra emotion coming from the backlog of anger and unwillingness that had been accumulated for many days.
Your own family has suffered misfortune, and you, an ant in the slums, have lived so well?
The stimulation of great contrast has deeply stimulated these two people, who have been pampered since childhood, but now they can return home to the public.
Pedal pedal pedal-
Several steps in a row Du Jin and Ling Xue rushed to the front of Zhai Ling for an emergency stop, red as a beast, and their eyes stared at Zhai Ling.
And Zhai Ling still looked calm and looked at the place where he was furious and unwilling. Two people, Zhai Ling, felt sick for no reason. They were shameless and deeply disgusted.
More … Is also like want to slay blue back general murder is Zhai Ling hid in my heart.
He secretly woke up that this is a skyscraper island, and even if he died, he still killed the two men.
Only these two people were left in the blood feud that day
They don’t have much left.
Zhai Ling’s indifferent eyes passed over the day when they left the island, which was their death.
But Zhai Ling is willing to make moves, but Du Jin and Ling Xue are even more unwilling, especially when they see Zhai Ling looking down. Isn’t that what they often look at Zhai Ling on that day?
Damn it!
"You damn thing, Zhai Ling, I will kill you, you piece of garbage!" Ling Xue’s shrill sound penetrated the original noisy street.
Zhai Ling didn’t start work, but Sakura glared at Ling Xue, who had just uttered wild words.
This slap came so quickly, but it really shocked the people around here.
"How dare you hit me?" Burying her face in Ling Xue, she looked at the gorgeous girl around Zhai Ling with hatred in her eyes at the moment. Where does Ling Xue care if it’s expensive or not?
And Du Jin also immediately went to Sakura.
But for a moment, I was kicked by Zhai Ling.