"When we were in Lingkuang, we were worried for a while when we saw so many monks around Jianmen, but we were all pinned down by each other, so it was a sin not to share anything with the younger brother."

Immediately, I laughed heartily. "But fortunately, the younger brother has extraordinary magical powers and is comfortable in the siege of several famous monks from the other side, but I really admire it!"
Yang Xiu put Meng Yun’s wrist smell speech and laughed lightly. "The magic brother exaggerated that I was fighting with flying speed, so I really can’t afford to praise my brother."
The phantom shook his head and said, "Teacher Yang, don’t be modest. I saw it in my eyes and kept it in my heart. I didn’t mean to praise you."
Seeing each other say so, Yang Xiu is not good at answering words, so he shook his head and smiled.
Now the monks on both sides did not fight together again, but noted that Zhongtian Xuan, a great grandfather in the clouds, and "lived by the sword."
If one person wins, the struggle will no longer be compared with the base, and the result is already doomed.
However, Grandfather Tianxuan and Yi Jian’s thugs were born monks in the late Yuan Baby period. It’s not easy for one monk to fight alone against the other, let alone take the other’s life seriously, unless you have some extraordinary secret methods or magic weapons that are far more powerful than the other.
After all, it’s really amazing if the friar wants to escape in the later period of Yuan Ying! And even if you can’t escape, if you force the other party to blow itself up, no one can imagine what this scene is like
Therefore, if you don’t fully grasp this level, the monks will not push each other too hard.
Believe that Tianxuan Taizu and Yi Jiansheng will see that the face-to-face battle is over, and then Takuya will end the daring and be idle. When he came to Yang Xiu, he asked the magic reality, "How did the magic brother say that the two sides fought?" There was no warning beforehand? "
"It turns out that Teacher Yang still doesn’t know!" Phantom reality suddenly way
Yang Daoxiu: "I was besieged by Brother Jianmen, and I consumed most of Zhenyuan. After I escaped from Lingkuang with some injuries, I have been meditating and recuperating and I don’t know what I gave birth to."
In fact, the clothes that were destroyed by the dragons and phoenixes behind him have not come yet. They are all bare-backed, and they have been sheltered by the mysterious light of the protector. They are not present.
Meng Yun heard Yang Xiu’s injured cold face and couldn’t help frowning slightly. He took a light look at Yang Xiu and then turned his eyes to the gorgeous fight.
The magic reality said, "The thing is that when Jianmen came to attack our Lingkuang, it became famous."
He said with some fear, "Fortunately, Deng didn’t come to us to guard this spiritual mine at that time, or tut!"
Yang Xiu smell speech and some concerned.
Listen to the magic reality and then said, "It seems that there is no martial uncle Tianxuan here to contain it. Of course, people can stop it. In addition to guarding this spiritual mine, the brothers and sisters in other spiritual mines have suffered some heavy losses, especially the clock is far away from the petticoats."
Said here a face of regret expression clearly recognize the clock from petticoats fell on the right hand midfield some worrying!
Think of now clock from petticoats have been saved by what he said Yang Xiu heart is smile but didn’t interrupt magic reality.
"Just after solving the monks in other spiritual mines, the horse will come to us to guard the spiritual mines to destroy them. Fortunately, Martial Uncle Tianxuan finally came back with the monks from Nanling."
"As a result, when the clock was caught again, it immediately made a name for itself."
"mainly want to let the other party put the clock from the pool.
"Of course, he won’t make a name for himself. When he sees that he has achieved his goal, he wants to go back and stop pestering, so he handed the clock away from the petticoat to the Taoist Lian Zhi and Tian Xuan, and finally retreated here."
"After coming here, I became famous and knew that all the spiritual mines in Jianmen were buried together with all the monks who guarded the spiritual mines, so the two sides fought more fiercely and eventually things became like this."
Magic reality and shrugged a pair of nai sample.
Just then, I listened to Tian Zhongsheng’s fame in accordance with the sword, and said to Tian Xuan’s great-grandfather, "How long do you want to fight, Tian Xuan’s old son?" Do you know it’s meaningful to fight like this if you can’t stand me? Don’t let the younger generation joke! "
Famous far away to speak a pair of old-fashioned sound also slightly old and light cold ice in cooperation with his seventeen-year-old handsome face can not help but let Yang Xiu feel strange than listening to him for the first time
Day xuan a surname ancestors smell speech suddenly cold hum a "if you give me ACTS son my horse will stop it.
Yang Xiu heard Master Tianxuan say that Zhong Li did not feel any movement in her heart.
Famous far light say with smile "I can hand over people, but you have to exchange this murderer who killed my apprentice?
Say that finish was pointing to Yang Xiu.
Seeing each other naked, Yang Xiu intends to retaliate. Although there is no change on the surface, in his heart, he has scolded his ten generations of ancestors who are famous far away.
At the same time, I secretly decided not to go out as much as possible, and I was accidentally blocked by the other party, thus ending up in a bone yard.
Seeing that Master Zumo of Tianxuan is not famous, he added, "If you don’t exchange it, you will give me a word. But to tell the truth, that girl is not only stunning, but also a seven-spirit qualification. I still can’t bear to let her go like this!"
Although Yang Xiu has the confidence to believe that Master Tianxuan can’t promise the other party this kind of condition, after all, once this kind of thing is promised, it will be too popular.
However, looking at his fame and indifference made him feel oppressed, so I couldn’t help but want to blow the other side’s arrogance.
Thought of here, he said faintly to the phantom reality, "Actually, Zhong Li, the elder sister, has been saved by me from the Taoist priest Lian Zhi, and now she is resting in Huilong Temple."
In order to avoid fame, Yang Xiu was so angry that he became angry from embarrassment. He didn’t say too much so that Meng Yun and other similar monks could barely hear him. He believed that these people would immediately give the words to Master Tianxuan.
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Chapter two hundred and twenty-six Daolin
Fairy field Chapter two hundred and twenty-six Daolin

Only a small part has made Wen Leyang’s life and death poison grow. I don’t know how much!

After dissolving several toxins, the poison of life and death becomes more intense and overbearing, consolidating Wen Leyang’s body layer by layer, and at the same time turning around like a tough stomach pouch, desperately rubbing against the yin and yang forces that have not been digested completely.
Wen Leyang let out a cry of pain, feeling that all his bones and muscles and skin are integrated with the poison of life and death. While assimilating the common poison, he squeezed and rubbed the iron slag, and desperately tried to crush and melt them.
Both sides are struggling to insist that a little bit of yin and yang is slowly assimilated and exhausted, but even if a little bit of yin and yang is melted, the torrent of life and death poison will almost multiply.
However, with the rush of the poison of life and death, the yin and yang forces are gradually gathering and rushing around in the torrent, becoming another force as thick as the poison of life and death but more sharp!
Sex, soil, poison, foundation, poison vein, etc. carry the tide of poison, but Wen Leyang has not been sanctified, but he may not be able to stand the ravages of yin and yang.
Yin and Yang, which have not been assimilated, can’t be refined into poison veins, just like a train full of steel and bayonets, which is also rushing around with wrong fists.
Suddenly, Wen Leyang’s body shook, and only he could hear a light sound, which exploded from the last section of the little finger of his left hand. When the poison of life and death rushed to the phalanx at that end with the wrong fist, he suffered a lot, and the bone finally couldn’t stand it any longer and was smashed by yin and yang.
Wenleyang sighed in his heart, and finally his body was the first to bear the pressure. After struggling for a long time, the balance was finally broken!
At the same time, a small piece of Yin-Yang force collapses, and the poison of life and death is just like a group of hungry wolves suddenly discovering a calf that has been left alone from the bison herd. It swims over and wraps the broken bone slag and the scattered Yin-Yang force layer by layer in an instant, and then the ancient slag, the poison of life and death and the yin-yang force condense together! Then continue to whisper, the second root of the left tail finger is broken, and the poison of life and death continues to wrap around the broken bones and infiltrate layer by layer …
From that little finger, a piece of bone was crushed by yin and yang, and then it was glued by life and death to reshape the left hand, left arm and left shoulder … until the body!
Wen Leyang didn’t realize until now that when the wrong fist method attacked, the scattered chapters mixed up and moved together, but the running path of the wrong fist strength Huo Ran spread all the way from the left-hand tail finger to every bone until the thirteenth type ended the cycle and returned to the left-hand tail finger a week later!
If it weren’t for the siege hammer, the yin and yang forces were moving with the wrong punch. Wen Leyang would never feel the wrong punch, because his bones were crushed in this order …
Everything happened when the flint’s little finger was smashed. Instantly, the poison of life and death and the force of yin and yang suddenly separated. The force of yin and yang crushed Wen Leyang’s bones all the way, but at the same time, it kept breaking and shrinking like a huge meteorite. The poison of life and death followed closely. After the first bone was broken and before the second bone was hit, the force of yin and yang and the broken bones were bonded together. In the ups and downs of wrong punches, Wen Leyang’s body was always broken into a small bone.
Wenleyang Meridian was broken inch by inch in a rainstorm night in Hongye Forest a few years ago, followed by making a marionette to refine poison into the body, which achieved the overbearing skill of the warm and spicy ancestors. That time, it was refined into a poison vein, but this time it was reshaped by the yin and yang forces of life and death!
Wen Leyang is almost scared crazy by the changes in his body. What kind of kung fu is Shi Zutuo’s oblique wrong fist?
Of course, he knew Tuoxie, but he didn’t expect that there was a magical niche in the grandson of later generations who poisoned the poison and got it into the body at sixes and sevens. The only explanation that can be thought of is that Tuoxie left this wrong fist, which can reshape the body and bones in addition to attacking the enemy, breaking the law and refining the poison into the body!
Yin-yang force and life-and-death poison are rapidly consuming Wen Leyang’s wrong fist in the process of breaking and bonding bones and muscles. Now there is no way to stop two huge soup forces. Who knows where they will rush if they are not guided? Wen Leyang can’t bet that the poison of life and death can bind his heart, not to mention that his heart and kidneys can’t stand it.
However, whether it is a blessing or a curse, Wen Leyang finally breathed a sigh of relief. He has worked hard with himself anyway. What he has to do is to make a mistake and keep watching which of the poison of life and death and the yin and yang forces is exhausted first.
If yin and yang are exhausted first, the skill of body and bone remodeling will surely advance by leaps and bounds, and maybe the body will be sanctified!
Life-and-death poison, first of all, Yin and Yang smashed the bone and didn’t have to repair it. Little Fairy is poisonous.
After a wrong fist, Yin and Yang force and poison of life and death are still very energetic. The second round of wrong fist again …
Although the spirit of Wenleyang was so painful, he relaxed his mind, wondering at random that the real achievement method of stretching the slanting grandmaster according to the wrong way was to reshape his body and bones. Grandmaster must have reshaped his own bones in those days. I don’t know if the figure of his old man’s pudgy vegetable altar has been reshaped … I couldn’t help but get a fright at the thought of this … I quickly looked at the onlookers and saw that everyone’s face was strange, but there was not much horror before I let go of my heart and died … To be continued.
Chapter 34 Appearance
The thirteen-style wrong fist is a body bone remodeling and tearing, and the pain reaches F, and the wrong fist has become a mechanical repetition.
Wen Leyang is like a steel-toed doll full of clockwork. He is tireless at the foot of Jiuding Mountain and doesn’t understand hunger. He hits the wrong fist again and again.
Three days later, Wen Jiadi built a small room around him …
Most people have dispersed, but Xiao Yi and Mu Mu refused to leave the two beautiful girls like spring water, and kept Wen Leyang every day as they did the time when they were sitting in the scenic area.
Wen Leyang knew what was happening around him, but he didn’t dare to stop manually, not to speak, but to communicate silently with two girls in his eyes. Every morning, Mu Mu and Xiao Yi would tell him about today’s calendar, and then quietly looked at him with a smile, occasionally with a trace of tears flowing.
It was not until the fifteenth day that Wen Leyang finally screamed that his bones were smashed and glued by Yin and Yang and the poison of life and death, and finally exhausted the Yin and Yang forces! The poison of life and death also flowed in the body, and after a week, it slowly dispersed all the limbs.
Mu Mu and Xiao Yi jumped up and jumped into his arms at the same time. This time, it was not where will you go. The two girls never knew that Wenleyang had experienced its pain and danger. They all believed Grandpa Wen Da’s words. This is Wenleyang’s nature.
A reassuring word really miraculously turned into Wen Leyang’s accident in the persistent belief of two girls!
Mu Mu and Xiao Yi have been inseparable from Wen Leyang every day for fifteen days, but now they just can’t restrain themselves from being together every day, but from the bottom of their hearts, like a volcano, generate misses and scatters all reserve, and only a hard and strong hug can make them happy.
Wenleyang was also more excited than when he was about to speak. Suddenly, a large group of people appeared as if they were haunted.
Four grandfathers, the old rabbit demon, Wen Tunhai, don’t talk about not doing water mirrors, hope for rain and rainbow at the end of Kyubi no Youko … Everyone rushed in after hearing the cheers of two girls.
Wen Leyang’s bones and muscles without a trace of fatigue have been broken and reshaped several times, melting all the yin and yang forces and the toxic tide of life and death, just like magnifying the comfortable and lazy feeling of just soaking in a hot bath by 1000 times and 10000 times, and all 36,000 sweat pores are closed and contracted happily in extreme joy!
The sword wound in the body is also unconsciously healed when they reshape the body bone.
Wen didn’t be the first to jump out and pull Wen Leyang and ask, "What the hell is going on? If you don’t say it from the beginning, you will trigger our house to ban you from punching the wrong fist. What is it?"

"This is Evy’s house. She saved us!"

Lin Cheng didn’t catch "who? Liu Yifei? How did she pass by so coincidentally? "
"It’s not a coincidence, but Liu Shu arranged in the back of the hill. I’m not sure about it. When they come back, ask him! You have more rest now. You just had sternotomy the day before yesterday. Don’t make a mistake. "
No wonder my chest hurts so much. It turned out to be an operation.
"How many days have I slept?"
"You haven’t been anesthetized for three days. Even Dr. Hong Men is not sure if you can survive. He said to survive by your own will."
Lin Cheng is not strong-willed, and it is absolutely impossible to practice Kung Fu to his level.
Lin Cheng has been here for two days, and the injury is healing in visibility, including the broken bone. If it weren’t for strenuous exercise, I wouldn’t feel strange at all.
"Liu Shu Evy, are you here? Please come in. "
"Ha ha, have a rest these days? Are you awake? "
"Liu Dalong head Evy, are you here?" Lin Cheng went out of the door and held the fuels with two people.
"Are you awake?" Liu Zhong was surprised to see that Lin Cheng, who was still unconscious three days ago and didn’t even play anesthetic for surgery, was now just like a normal person.
"Although you don’t thank me, I still want to thank Liu Dalong for saving my life!"
Liu Zhongyi waved his hand, "Hehe, don’t thank me. I am Evy to save you hehe."
Lin Cheng thanked Liu Yifei again. Liu Yifei nodded. "Don’t thank you for saving my dad’s life. Speaking of which, I want to thank you."
In fact, Liu Zhong has no ill feelings towards Lin Cheng. On the contrary, some Palin became happy. Lin Cheng killed Lin Xingdong and Han, the big leaders of Hong Men, which did no harm to Liu Zhong. On the contrary, he took the opportunity to push Liu Zhong to the position of the highest leader of Hong Men and become the largest and only leader of Hong Men in North America.
Lin Hangdong and Han, two of whom colluded together, have been crowding out Liu Zhong and Liu Zhong, and they are also fighting with each other. However, most of the wonderful places of Liu Zhong and Hong Men’s outer hall have been standing.
Lin Cheng killed Lin Hangdong and Han, among whom Liu Zhong paved the way.
Coupled with the funeral of the two leading figures, Lin Cheng grabbed Liu Zhong and escaped from the back hill, saving Liu Zhong’s life and attending the memorial service for Hong Men members. It can be said that Hong Men suffered heavy losses in this battle.
However, Liu Zhong didn’t feel this way. Most of the people who attended the memorial ceremony because they didn’t lose much in others were diehard personnel of Lin Hangdong and Han, but this accidental explosion happened to be Liu Zhong’s cleansing of the alien party.
After several days of rectification in Liu Zhong, Hong Men in North America is now monolithic, which is also the reason why Liu Zhong is in a good mood.
"Liu Dalong, what is this?" After the ceremony, Lin Cheng asked about the cause and effect of this matter.
"I’m not sure about this. It should be that the National Security Bureau of the United States is trying to catch Hong Men all, but there is no evidence." Liu Zhong wanted to think and said.
"The national security bureau? What does this have to do with the National Security Bureau? " Lin Cheng was very surprised to hear Liu Zhong say this.
The National Security Bureau and the Central Intelligence Agency are the two most active departments in the United States, and their activities are all over the world. How can he become the target of the National Security Bureau?
In fact, this is Lin Cheng’s underestimation of himself. He is not only closely related to China, but also the highest military leader in Somalia and the behind-the-scenes person of the world’s largest oil alliance. No matter which points are taken out separately, Lin Cheng deserves the attention of the security bureau.
31 Secret and Life
? Now Lin Cheng is not what he used to be, but a genius in business and politics who spans the military world and shows his talent on the world stage.
When Lin Cheng heard Liu Zhong say that he had been assassinated by the National Security Bureau, he couldn’t help but feel a little angry, but then he remembered the old man Lin Cheng, who was doddering but had excellent skills, and his heart was filled with lofty sentiments.
Lin Cheng feels that he has a new goal in life, that is, to defeat the old man. However, before defeating him, Lin Cheng still needs to solve his problems with the security bureau. Since you are out of this kind of three-abuse move, don’t blame me for being ruthless.
Lin Cheng tried to relax as much as possible these days. He recovered quickly from his injuries in his spare time. Lin Cheng’s age is the fastest time for his physical function to recover. Plus, he has magical powers, both physically, mentally and physically, which is the highest level that people of his age can reach. He recovered quickly.
During this period, Liu Yifei often came to play. Now she and Yue Zishan have become good friends. In fact, it is inevitable that they will become good friends. They are as famous and beautiful as Liu Yifei. In addition, Liu Yifei has saved herself and Lin Cheng’s life. Yue Zishan has a very good impression of Liu Yifei.
Later, Lin Cheng also heard of Yue Zishan and knew what was going on that day. Liu Zhong was always cautious. He didn’t feel well that day, but he didn’t expect anyone to dare to attack the biggest gang in Hong Men headquarters. But he still symbolically let his daughter go to the back hill. Of course, Liu Zhong also arranged two confidants at the top of the mountain, but it was a last resort because Liu Zhong didn’t know what would happen. Besides, it was a dispensable arrangement, but Liu Zhong didn’t expect that this arrangement really played a very big role.
First Lin Cheng pulled his running all the way, then handed him over to Yue Zishan, who released him when he was near the foot of the mountain, and then reflexively rescued Lin Cheng. When Liu Zhong ran slowly, Lin Cheng and Yue Zishan, he just found his daughter Liu Yifei, and after taking a breath, he was in a coma and dying Lin Cheng.
This is the whole story.
San Francisco branch of the national security bureau of the United States
Director Seager is furious. "It’s been ten days. I can’t find anyone for ten days? What do you all do to eat? "
"Director’s adult, this is a mistake in our work. When I arranged it, I really didn’t expect that someone would go further than the nearest mountain road, but thorns would spread all over the mountain. This negligence made us blindsided by arranging more than 100 people in the mountain, and they were faster than running horses. When we crossed the mountain and arrived at the small fishing port behind the mountain, there was no clue except a few pools of blood." Smith looked scared
"Bastard, I’m not here to listen to you give me nonsense. Isn’t there a satellite day? Isn’t there monitoring at the monitoring site? Why didn’t you tell me that the satellite and the monitoring were broken together that day? " Seeger flew into a rage.
"Director, this, this, I didn’t expect this to happen in advance, and I didn’t want to mobilize the satellite." Smith didn’t say anything, and that is to say that you directed this operation and you made a mistake, but you pushed the responsible department to me?
"Dereliction of duty, you are dereliction of duty!" Seeger growled
"Director who dereliction of duty?" The meeting room door was closed, and a man walked in from the outside, which made everyone in the room dumbfounded.
Lin Cheng speaks English very fluently now, and his speech smells like a foreigner. However, his appearance has long been widely spread in the National Security Bureau. At this time, Lin Cheng was the most watched by everyone, and his photo was almost to the point of everyone.
"Lin Cheng? It’s you? Do you dare to come to our national security bureau? " Smith didn’t have a director, Siegel. When he saw Lin Cheng coming in, he jumped up in surprise.
Lin Cheng dragged a chair and sat with his fingers on the desktop. "I will listen if you continue!"
Siegel is different from these people here. Everyone here is from the San Francisco branch of the National Security Bureau, but Siegel controls the whole country. The National Security Bureau is a famous big shot.
Siegel gave his assistant a color and asked him to call an assistant. Siegel got the message and quickly ran to the door.
Lin Chenggong threw an ashtray at his hand and was hit by Lin Chenggong’s finger force "sou" and passed out when the man was about to go to the door on the back.
"Don’t run so fast and fall down. You see, he is too careless."
Everyone here looked at each other. It seems that everyone didn’t see how Lin Cheng made this ashtray fly out like a shell.
However, several of Smith’s right-hand men were not as expressive as his leaders. Smith jumped up in surprise at the sight of Lin Cheng on the first day, but he stopped when he saw Lin Cheng fly a large porcelain ashtray with a flick of his finger, but Smith’s hands were not. They had seen arrogant people but never seen such arrogant people, and they all pulled out their guns.
Lin Cheng, even at gunpoint, took five coins out of nowhere, toying with them.
Five coins roll around Lin Cheng’s fingers to show Lin Cheng’s flexible fingers.
"The gun will go off accidentally!" Lin Cheng played with coins carelessly. "Director, I’m here to ask you something and then I’ll leave."
Seeger in hand this a few gun guards appear very calm "oh? What do you ask me to answer? "
Lin Cheng laughed. "Hahahaha, say hello because you know the secret is not yourself, but your life is yours."
"Ha ha ha ha" Siegel also laughed. "Even your life is mine. Do you still want to direct other people’s lives?" Siegel waved his hand to five gunmen beside him.
When the five people saw the director Seager gestured that they would pull the trigger when they tightened their forefinger, but their dynamic thinking was just formed in their brains, and they found that their souls had manipulated their fingers.
Lin Cheng’s hand raised five coins and flew out instantly, hitting five people in the throat. The coins went deep into the neck and directly destroyed five people’s neck nerve center. The brain could not command the fingers and was cut off halfway.
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Clouds of magic thoughts rushed in from Zhou Qian’s head

"Come on, I’ll give you ten."
See Zhou Qian angry appearance Tang Yu secretly smiled and took out ten devil fruit to Zhou Qian.
Zhou Qian took a look at her eyes and took a big bite.
"Delicious delicious" Zhou Qian eyes bent into a crescent and a face of heart.
"One bite is enough for me to eat for a long time. Sister Xiaoyu, it’s very kind of you not to be stingy like some people." Zhou Qian said.
Say that finish Zhou Qian saw eye MuHai head surges clouds of magic again.
The three men walked back and met the black cat again, but Muhai glared at the black cat leader and fled like a horrible monster.
Blink and disappear
Chapter 2 Back to Jiutangcheng [Jiugeng]
The next day, Muhai, Tang Yu and Zhou Qian left Guya Village and went to Jiutangcheng by bus.
Zhou Qian jumped away and cheered.
It is 3 o’clock in the afternoon when the three people return to Jiutangcheng Shui Mu Qingcheng.
"Mu bro finally came back."
See MuHai Zhou Qinglong enthusiasm came along.
"Zhou Xiong will bother you for a few days again," Muhai said.
"Mu bro said that if you want to be here, it will be your home," Zhou Qinglong said.
"So I’m welcome."
Muhai sat on the sofa and Zhou Qinglong chatted like a brother.
From the moment Zhou Qian came home, Zhou Qinglong seemed not to find her.
Zhou Qian looked at Muhai and smiled with anger.
What’s good about you? Sister Xiaoyu’s parents treat you like a child, even though my father didn’t even see his daughter come back.
Clouds of magic thoughts rose from Zhou Qian’s head and went straight into Muhai Dantian.
"Xiaoxi why so staring at me? Why are you going upstairs to chat with your dad? " Mu Hai said
"You …" Zhou Qian that hate!
That’s great. I actually taught myself a lesson
"Take a rest in your building, Xiaoxi. I’ll talk to Uncle Mu for a while." Zhou Qinglong said.
Oh, my God, so you can see me without saying a word?
Am I still your daughter? All because of him.
Zhou Qian stared at Muhai’s head, and from time to time a mass of magic thoughts flew out and went straight into Muhai’s abdomen.
"Xiaoxi, let’s go to our building."
Tang Yu looked at Zhou Qian and couldn’t help but smile and walked up to her and took her to the second floor.
"By the way, Brother Mu is still ready to cure the disease?" Zhou Qinglong asked
Muhai heard this first one leng.
Then an idea formed in his mind.
My horse is going to the secret service college, and it’s really impossible to continue to treat people then.
But it’s really not a taste not to earn money with such good money.
Who has a problem with money?
Wouldn’t it be a great pleasure if I could study in the secret service college and make a lot of money at the same time?
Yeah, we have to do this
"Of course" MuHai nodded his head.
"That’s good, bro. I’ll arrange the auction," Zhou Qinglong said.
"Don’t worry!" Muhai stopped Zhou Qinglong. "Brother Zhou, I have an idea to discuss with you."
"Mu Laodi still talks about nothing. If you have something, just tell me!" Zhou Qinglong said
Muhai also you’re welcome to exchange a pulp-washing Dan with your mind.
"Mu bro, what is this?" Zhou Qinglong looked at the pulp-washing Dan and couldn’t help showing off his shirt.
The Dan medicine in Muhai’s hand has tasted this fragrant smell, and he wants to swallow it at once.
"Zhou Xiong actually treats people with this kind of Dan medicine," Muhai said.
"Mu bro, what do you mean?" Zhou Qinglong said
"I mean, I’m going to let Zhou Xiong help people cure diseases instead of me. I’ll give you half the money," Muhai said.
"Ah …" Zhou Qinglong stare big eyes face look not letter.
This ….. This is not a pie in the sky?
I have a feeling of being hit.
Then I will treat people, so I hope it will be …
Zhou Qinglong didn’t even dare to think about it. This is a benefit of imagination.
"Why don’t you want to Zhou Xiong?" Mu Hai said

Left looked up and seemed to live in his house across the hall. Sister-in-law Chen left quickly stepped over and took her hand and affectionately called one.

Sister-in-law Chen’s voice is amazing. When she saw that the only big student in the village came back, she was excited and immediately screamed. At that time, all the doors were hit by adults and children, and all of them came running with a sunny smile.
Far away from home, his 50-year-old mother just looked at her at home and two lines of tears slipped unconsciously.
Niang left her eyes and soon captured her mother’s figure. He shouted and ran quickly in the crowd. In the past, the sun was brighter and reflected in this dilapidated mountain village, bringing the long-lost joy again.
Because of these skills, the weirdo arrived in the letter, which was his master’s. Now, although he can’t give it to him personally, the cultivation method is left. Since he is a big student, he should not be puzzled about it. Finally, the weirdo said in the letter that those gold bars are his savings for many years, and now he knows that he will die soon, and these foreign objects can’t be buried with him. Let’s just leave them as flowers for him to experience in the future. The end of the letter is signed by Li Gang.
He held up the letter and carefully pondered the meaning in the words. Now he can slowly accept this strange encounter. Since he said that Li Gang has acquired extraordinary skills with strange power, no matter how surprised he is, he always vaguely feels that this is a flying fortune.
He casually picked up the fingertips around him and gently twisted the first page. There were very few words in it, and the rest were all kinds of martial arts drawings. He was very interested in China’s knowledge. Now it looks antique in his hand, and it is not difficult to look inside. He turned over and looked at it with relish.
The second day early in the morning, Wang Ming came over and cried out last night because it was too late to see what was left of his big dream in the Spring and Autumn Period. He plumped himself into an old round-backed armchair beside the bed and proudly shouted at the left road. Yesterday, after you left, several of our old brothers discussed it and decided to simply move.
What hasn’t finished waking up? What’s left is that Wang Ming’s words are so confusing that he rubbed his eyes in a daze and said, Where are you moving?
Yesterday, I heard you say it was so good, except for a few families. Everyone was alone. When we discussed it, we all agreed to follow you to your school to see what opportunities to make a fortune. If we didn’t have the money, we would eat the white powder and wholesale it, and then everyone would shout to other places. Who can catch us?
This last one really woke him up. These words of Wang Ming really let him see what a fugitive is. He kept staring at this short guy’s mind and calculating what he should do at high speed.
These guys have gone with themselves to the school. Once something happens, they have become gangsters. Besides, Wang Ming’s plan to eat black always makes him feel very nervous, so he can’t help but touch the oilcloth bag.
The heavy gold bars in the oilcloth bag inspired the spirit of the remnant. He silently lifted a corner of the oilcloth and motioned for Wang Ming to come and see what was left. Now I don’t know why I was so impulsive. As soon as I heard Wang Ming’s plan, I immediately changed my mind yesterday and took the initiative to take my wealth.
Wang Ming looked at the probe and intuitively found that those Huang Chengcheng metals were definitely not brass, but so much gold made him stare big and couldn’t believe the facts before him. He muttered, Is this gold? Can’t you see that you are still a rich man?
Looking at Wang Ming’s greedy look, I smiled slightly. I think these things should be enough to start the money if they are changed. I think it’s too risky to say black eat black.
At this time, Wang Ming just recovered from the shock. After listening to the rest, his eyes lit up. At the same time, he made a big tunnel and had enough money. Who would be stupid to provoke those lines to get dark? They really wanted to be scared. Although they ran away, they might be found out one day. It was a violent street scene
I felt happy when I saw him agree, so I watered down the troubles caused by their going to the school for development. After a while of discussion, Wang Ming happily took the leftovers to have breakfast, and fortunately, he further studied a plan to make money in the future.
Wang Ming’s brothers have nothing to do with the company’s experience. Because there is still more ink in their stomachs, they have poured a lot of suggestions. They all heard that their eyes are shining and they are ready to move. In their hearts, they also regard this young man who just met as their strategist’s brain trust.
It’s easy to say that it’s easy to go, but it’s not easy to pick up some small things in one day or two, especially those gold bars, and it’s not so easy to find buyers. From the time, it seems that this matter can’t be implemented immediately
I also want to go home and see if he is too lazy to suspect others, so I can safely entrust all the gold bars to Wang Ming and then refuse Wang Ming’s suggestion to let him take two younger brothers, so I took the long-distance bus home alone.
The mountain village is still the low-rise adobe room in that mountain village. A dog barks at the faint smoke from cooking stoves to wake up the white clouds in the blue sky.
Haystacks and piles of dead branches were scattered on both sides of the path. Occasionally, children in shabby clothes dragged their noses and frolicked and ran from behind. All this was left, and they were too familiar to be familiar with the scene. He quietly stayed at the entrance of the village for a while and calmed down his excitement before slowly walking towards the small room he often saw in his dreams.
Ah, it’s left back. A middle-aged woman with a headscarf and a straw basket came from the roadside and called out happily when she saw that she was covered with big bags and small bags.
Left looked up and seemed to live in his house across the hall. Sister-in-law Chen left quickly stepped over and took her hand and affectionately called one.
Sister-in-law Chen’s voice is amazing. When she saw that the only big student in the village came back, she was excited and immediately screamed. At that time, all the doors were hit by adults and children, and all of them came running with a sunny smile.
Far away from home, his 50-year-old mother just looked at her at home and two lines of tears slipped unconsciously.
Niang left her eyes and soon captured her mother’s figure. He shouted and ran quickly in the crowd. In the past, the sun was brighter and reflected in this dilapidated mountain village, bringing the long-lost joy again.
Chapter 13 The arrival of the beauty teacher
Wang Ming, who came back this time, has prepared a lot of things for him. Now, everyone in the village is crowded at home. He quickly took the parcels hanging on his body one by one, and then leafed through them and distributed them to the people around here. Everyone was happy about how the money was left to buy these things, but he didn’t pay much attention to it, but he didn’t know that Momma had left her mother to see them. From the perspective of quantity packaging, these things were valuable, and from the perspective of eyes, there were more doubts.
When the rest was almost busy, his mother quietly gave him a hand, and then the villagers smiled humbly and repeatedly said that they would not leave everyone when they came back. Later, let the village head arrange a group of people to talk, and everyone understood the mood of the mother left, so they all held the gifts left and greeted them politely, and then they all went back to their homes.
When his mother pulled him, he knew what might be wrong in his own practice, but he didn’t know what was wrong. He stepped into a small courtyard and bolted the door before turning around and looking at his old mother kindly.
His mother hesitated for a while before hesitating. I’m a poor boy, but I can’t be short-sighted. You can’t squander other people’s money. He was shocked when he heard it. He couldn’t figure out how his mother could say such a thing. There were indeed many things he brought this time, but it was his own money. He said that his mother knew that he had got a large sum of money from Li Gang. How could she know that the reclusive old man Li behind the village was really so god that he even suddenly got windfall?
Thinking of this, he timidly gave him the way, looked at his mother in surprise and asked Niang, how do you know?
I think she’s from a big city, so don’t come here blindly.
Who came and the rest was almost speechless, and he couldn’t think about who it was that his mother said had come.
At this time, there was a gentle knock at the door outside, leaving his mother with a white look, and then he went over to the door. Now Zhang Er is still scratching his head, but he kept pouring gas behind her.
A ray of bright sunshine came in from the crack of the door, and a vague and graceful figure came in from the door. Because it was backlit, he could not see the appearance of the bearer clearly. He could vaguely see that this was a tall woman.
You’re back, too. Why did you arrive so late? I’ve been waiting for you here for a few days. The crisp and elastic voice set off a standard Mandarin in Oriole Valley. Although there are still some left, I’m still squinting to see what this person looks like, but the sound immediately made him recognize who the other person is.
Teacher Jiang, why are you here? I screamed and ran over. The sun was blocked by the door leaf again. Hai Jiang Mei’s charming face finally appeared.
Looking at this sudden beauty, the teacher was speechless for a while. Now he feels like he has become a strange place. All kinds of strange things can come up. Now that he knows this, his heart is calm. Although the Hai Jiang media makes him feel at a loss, it’s better than before. He quietly avoided his mother’s reproach and doubts while smiling. Teacher Jiang, how did you find our remote place?