Is it exaggerated?

Not at all.
This is a 17-level monster!
It is one level higher than Hangyu!
Usually, it’s difficult to kill a monster alone. Usually, it needs an army exhibition to encircle him. But this time, Hangyu single-handedly killed the other side without even two dog!
A person absorbs a lot of advanced and high-quality purple aura.
So it is not surprising to get such a rise.
Hang Yu calculated the damage of World War I to deal with such a guy. Hang Yuguang’s senior blue scrolls moved more than a dozen, each of which was worth as much as Bailan Crystal, and most people couldn’t buy it if they had money.
Even a single brush
You have to have money, too
Although it costs a lot, it is well worth it!
Because the monster broke out more than a dozen battles, several of them were purple balls of light. Although I don’t know what they are, their color is enough to declare them back.
At the same time
After the fall of the deep sea demon king
There is a whirlpool in its place.
This vortex is like a passage and a boundary node, and it swims into this place by seawater method.
No doubt
Through this vortex
Hang Yu can find what he is looking for.
He finally set his eyes on this whirlpool.
Hang Yu knows that this place has an undersea enchantment.
The ruins city was originally in the undersea boundary, but whether it is still there or not, he is not fully sure about the situation inside, so it is unknown.
In addition, when calculating
The sea is almost three days.
Wasteland province battle is about to start and I don’t know whether to come or not.
Chapter 57 Guardian
【 Skill Scroll Demon Call 】 Level 17 Skill Scroll Purple quality consumes 1 point. When the spirit is started, it takes 6 seconds to randomly summon a demon king monster. The longest duration of the battle is four hours.
[Eye of the Terror Tyrant] The purple quality carrier of the 17th level special object gains the passive ability "mental counter-measure"!
【 Chaos Ridge 】 Grade 17 Special Material Purple Intermediate Carrier Attribute +2
[Devil’s Touch] The purple intermediate material of level 17 deals 1 difference mental attack to all targets with a radius of 5 meters every second.
[Spiritual Skill Stone Chaos Exile] Purple chaotic saints send fragments …
Hang Yu feels a little sorry that there are no equipment, drawings and stones with suitable skills in these things.
Even so, two purple materials, a special object, a purple scroll and a purple skill stone.
Five purple things!
This harvest is before!
It’s definitely a big explosion!
The purple skill scroll can get a chance to summon the king monster. If the battlefield is launched, it will definitely affect the trend of a war.
And the purple special object "Eye of the Terror Tyrant" is definitely very valuable even though it doesn’t have attribute bonus or special ability. It can be called the nemesis of spiritual workers!
This thing comes with the ability of "mental counter-attack", that is, when one’s will is higher than the performer’s soul force when being attacked by spirit, then the counter-attack effect will be started with high probability.
What is the counter-measure effect? It is a rebound!
That is to say, if a spiritual practitioner attacks and interferes with Hang Yu’s release form of spiritual attribute, but this spiritual practitioner can’t cultivate the spiritual attribute of home and is not as high-willed as Hang Yu.
It will be a great probability that you will be thrown out by yourself. The spell will bite you. As a result, you will be asleep. As a result, you will be sealed. As a result, you will be injured.
thus it can be seen that
Mental counter-measures are very effective.
The theory that terror tyrant’s eyes are purple objects can rebound the first-order to fourth-order mental skills. Hang Yu will be restrained by it unless he wears it with him.
This thing can be called a group artifact!
The leader of Hangyu in the battlefield is the object of controlled technical fire.
When most mind control works, the enemy can control physics.
Such as winding, binding, etc.
However, if the physical control skills are high enough in strength, they can break free quickly. However, Hangyu just has a madman who is not easy to control the prison blood by physical control skills, which makes the spiritual workers feel frightened.
In addition to these two things

"Mom is an officer!" Jiang Xue was a little upset and scratched his head. "It’s easy to startle him suddenly."

"Let Xiaoli adjust him and catch him when he is resting." Wang Long’s head is very clever and suggests "so that we will be relatively abundant."
Jiang Xue nodded "action team ready to take Niu Gang! ! This case is coming to an end! "
"Yes!" Wang lung salutes
The next day at eleven o’clock in the afternoon.
After Changji was subjected to continuous military oppression by allied forces, the short cold war ended, and the General Political Department of Shen Wanzhou’s main military department sent a message to Feng Chengzhang for the first time to prepare him for a meeting.
At the same time, a young man in a teahouse with good privacy in Songjiang intervened and said, "Brother, we have been in contact for more than two months. You should know who I am! You give me a definite answer, can you come with troops? "
"They are all our own people. How can I get along with his troops after I quit?" Middle-aged hesitated.
"If you don’t fight or tear your face, I know about your job-hopping!" The youth said flatly
Chapter 222 Take Songjiang step by step
After the Allies continuously oppressed Changji, Shen Wanzhou finally sat still and prepared to restart the conversation to take the lead in solving the Songjiang problem.
Two days later, Feng Chengzhang, commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces, Songjiang met with Shazhonghang, a representative of Shen Wanzhou, the general logistics department of the military.
Shazhongxing is owned by ShaZhongwei, the head of Shabingtuan, and he has paid attention to this matter on behalf of the general logistics department of the military.
The venue for the talks between the two sides was the banquet hall of the riverside hotel. During the talks, Feng Chengzhang was very tough and repeatedly said that in order to completely solve the current military conflict, the party and government organs of the General Political Department of the military department must recognize the legitimacy of the allies and formally declare Songjiang independence.
During the conversation, Meng Xi, the commander of Zheng in World War II, and the selection of Hao were all Cheng Chang allies, and Wu mercenary group seemed too lazy to get involved in it.
The first time we met, the two sides didn’t talk about any exact results, but we can also see that the attitude of the Bank of China in Shaxing towards Songjiang is not very tough, and even some sharp problems are evasive and default.
After the negotiation, everyone left the banquet hall and returned to their respective units.
At nine o’clock in the evening, when Meng Xi and Jin Taizhu were eating a stall in Zhengtu Zhajie, they suddenly received a message from Ma Laoer, "Feed the old horse."
Recently, Meng Xi was almost alone in Ma Laoer’s military intelligence department because Qin Yu had indeed instructed him to do his best to cooperate with Meng Xigong.
"Brother, you call me the second son more fucking than the old horse." Ma’s second son has been in frequent contact with Meng Xi recently, and both sides are thoroughly familiar with what he said. "I don’t even have children. What a horse!"
"Ha ha ok, then you say it, second child."
"Fuck, it sounds so awkward." Ma Laoer said.
"Second brother, second brother, okay?" Meng Xi adjusted a name again.
"Forget it, you can call it whatever you like!" Ma Laoer didn’t bother to entangle the topic of direct bifurcation and said, "It’s very important that a message was sent to Feng Chengzhang’s home later."
Meng Xi was stunned. "Haven’t you left yet?"
"No," Ma Laoer replied truthfully. "I’ve been staring at it."
"I know" Meng Xi nodded.
"Well, I’ll call you when I hear something here."
Voice down two people ended the call.

It’s just Lingdao. Since the real agarwood needs it, everyone is happy to give it a favor.

Sun Hao, who took advantage of the big deal, was a little embarrassed to show a faint smile on his face, but he did not move.
God is young and old. "Little Hao, do you want to build some spiritual fields? After planting the spirit rice, the Sumeru tower can gradually become self-sufficient in the future … "
Sun Hao’s heart suddenly moved again
Yes, the vast edge of Sumitomo Tower will gradually expand with the enhancement of its ability to cultivate soil. Do you want to cultivate self-sufficiency in resources by worrying about the source of aura in the pagoda?
"Master" Sun Hao respectfully said to the young old man, "Well, thank you, Master. It’s just a trouble for Master to wake up Sumeru and build some spiritual fields."
Tower green old did not answer.
But green face emerged again with a little smile and said to himself, "Ah, don’t give up or not, but it’s all right …"
Then the young and old bodies disappeared into the spirit chamber, and the spiritual fields on the ground outside the tower were gradually taking shape.
Sun Hao has just harvested Lingtian rice, including several Wannian Lingtian rice, which has been transplanted and planted in Lingtian.
In less than an hour, the monks have come to the front of the golden light of the magnetic element in the road.
Stop, Sun Hao, be familiar with the situation.
Soon, on the same day, the local dragon array was laid out.
Lan Guochun didn’t feel the abnormality. It seems that Sun Hao’s array method is exactly the same as his own.
But the effect after driving is very different.
Blue country pure array method will disintegrate the magnetic element golden light adsorption, but Sun Hao array method is just stable.
Lan Guochun had to be angry.
You can’t see the abnormality. It’s not a packet to say that your array accomplishments are worse than Sun Hao.
Not even if you are angry.
In the sigh of Lan Guochun, Sun Hao once again strode forward.
This time, the direct release of the earth fire element and the golden light of the magnetic element swarmed, and soon the canyon was connected again
Sun Hao won his second round of gold.
Without Sun Hao’s greeting, his friar rushed into the canyon to find the precious medicine.
After they find the treasure medicine, whether they will give Sun Hao half as they say, and whether they will give the first ten thousand-year-old elixir to Sun Hao Sun Hao is not very important.
Sun Hao has got several wannian lingdao, which has already taken advantage of the sky.
Sun Hao sank wholeheartedly into the gold medal round (~ ~)
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-three Round gold take medicine four
The second drive wheel gold definitely feels much easier than the first one.
It’s hard to have the previous experience. Sun Hao’s gold wheel is much faster.
However, it is still very uncomfortable. The left lung is always as uncomfortable as holding a sharp knife.
The second round of gold is not Sun Hao’s command. Sun Hao will go straight to Sun Hao’s left lung with a little bit of magnetic gold.
It saves Sun Hao a lot of things.
Sun Hao’s refining speed has accelerated again.
It was less than a day before Sun Hao finished the second round of refining, and the top five then reality retreated again.
I can’t help it. The front is blocked again
No refund
Waiting for three or four days Sun Hao to complete the condensation and slowly call it a day.
At this time, Sun Hao’s whole left lung has been stained with layers of light golden light.
It looks as if the left lung has turned into metal.
Of course, there is still a long way to go before Sun Hao can complete the condensation of his left lung according to the perception of the Five Elements Wheel Spirit.
Sun Hao’s face turned pale after work.
Sun Hao’s left lung was temporarily deprived of his breathing function because of the pollution of gold gas, and his face was a little pale like a patient suffering from tuberculosis in the secular world.
You don’t look very healthy

The fleet of the Seventh District pursued all the way to the vicinity of the enemy’s No.1 military port before choosing to take a break. This time, Fu Zhenguo did not radically propose to continue to pursue the Navy of the Fifth District.

The damage to the fleet in Area 7 in this World War I is not small, and it is not cheap to continue to chase it, because the enemy’s No.2 military port in the hinterland of Area 5, their navy will go back and really put it together, and it is not known who will die.
On the army side, the troops in the enemy’s southern theater in Bidu area also retreated after losing the naval battle in Area 5.
The troops of Fuchuan prefecture marched triumphantly all the way to the vicinity of Niutou Mountain and defeated the enemy with nearly 30,000 people. The cover troops wiped out more than 6,000 people and captured more than 6,000 people, and finally ended the battle with complete victory.
After the war.
Lin did not withdraw, but Pu’s main force went out of Niutoushan along the supply line established in the original fifth district and pushed all the way to the south, occupying a large number of military vantage points.
This city is the main heavy city in the fifth district, and the city of Iraq is guarding the east gate forest and Putun troops of the fifth district one by one. The outside of Mengjia is a very strong military threat to the fifth district, which means that we want to fuck you at any time.
One day later
The military intelligence department of the region also detected that the EU’s first fleet departed from Xiadao and returned to the original road, giving up the idea of supporting the fifth region.
Retreat is a kind of resistance, because the navy and army in the fifth district have been completely defeated, even if the fleet in the first district of the European Union comes, there is a way to reverse the war situation. By then, the navy in the seventh district needs to stop the fleet in the European Union near Hekou Port, and the army in Napulinchuan can put the main battlefield in front of each other. By then, it will be difficult for the fifth district to touch the salt island, but it may become a battlefield in its own hinterland. This loss is too great for the military in the fifth district.
There are many hidden factors in withdrawing troops, such as the anti-war voice in the fifth district, and the great army department has been under the pressure of former public opinion. In addition, it is impossible for the first district of the European Union to reinforce them in vain. Once they fight, the fifth district will have to cede a lot of military interests … It is also a more rational choice to temporarily admit the failure of the Salt Island War and readjust the military strategy.
Sure enough, after the withdrawal of the navy in the first area of the European Union, Linpu did not continue to press forward, so the losses of Zhongpu in World War I were also very large, and they also needed adjustment and cultivation
After the war, both generals, officers and grass-roots soldiers were relieved. It was lucky and sad to live here. Many comrades-in-arms and friends died. In the battle, the old triangle was filled with jubilation and mourning.
On the third day after the battle.
The foreign affairs department of the fifth district strongly condemned the Sichuan military government for forcibly occupying the salt island and waging war, saying that the warlords of Qin were bandits …
This kind of hair has no deep meaning, mainly to tell the people in the fifth district that we are not war traffickers. The military department is fighting this war in self-defense and fighting back to protect the territorial interests of the region. At the same time, it also shows the withdrawal of troops from the fifth district to the outside world, not surrender, but strategic retreat
This war of words is very boring. The Ministry of Information, led by Lin Nianlei, released various details of Yandao shares to the outside world and simply responded that "the territory of Yandao belonged to the Asian League Arbitration Tribunal in Chuanfu more than two years ago, and the fact that the theory of robbers in the five districts is naive and ridiculous".
After several days of mutual exchange, the public opinion gradually subsided and the military tension gradually faded.
A cave in Yandao
Qin Yu sat in a damp, cold, "special" office and squinted, "Why the fuck did the fifth district army stop today? Why didn’t the bomber come and throw small firecrackers?"
In the past two days, the diplomatic department of the region has been engaged in a war of words. At the same time, the two sides have been secretly engaged in small moves and have been fighting. The five-district army has sneaked into the salt island several times and threw explosives at the island, making the island troops nervous.
Xiaobaiwen replied, "When the main naval ships in the seventh district come over, they will be stationed in the port. When they come again, they will send an estimate and then stop."
"Is there any conflict between our garrison troops in the Seventh District Navy?" Qin yuwen
"No" JiLin sat there and replied, "Not only did it not cause trouble, but it was very polite to even make a conversation before getting some fresh water."
"Ha ha" Qin Yu grinned. "It’s interesting to be honest when you’re fighting."
"Take the salt island and let’s Sichuan government troops do nothing completely." JiLin replied with a smile. "The ninth district is a mess. Now no one dares to offend us easily."
"It is for this reason" Xiao Bai nodded in agreement.
"Mom is tired," Qin Yu rubbed his face. "Let’s ignore them in the follow-up distribution of some interests and let the area over there and the seven areas wrangle."
"I think so," Wang agreed. "Let’s just take the main advantage of the salt island and leave the area to cut the cake."
Qin Yu thought for a long time and looked up at Lin Chengdong and asked, "What about the arrangement for the workers rescued from the island?"
"The number of people has been counted. At present, there are still more than 7,000 people … some of them have died. There are about 2,000 people in the military conflict." Lin Chengdong truthfully replied, "I said hello to the financial department and prepared to dial some boats to pull them to the land and let them go home by themselves."
"Can" Qin Yu nodded.
"But to my surprise, there are many workers … who don’t want to leave and want to stay on the island to work, and some of them want to join the army." Lin Chengdong said with a wry smile.
"What? This is all liberated. Can you go home and go home? " Qin Yu also don’t understand.
"Many people are single when they come … they have been here for many years and are used to it." Lin Chengdong replied lightly, "Alas, the more they do this, the more they make my heart feel bad."
Qin Yu thought that "being young and willing to be a soldier can be absorbed by the armed forces; I don’t want to go to the island to work when I am older. After all, we have to rebuild later or we can still get workers. "
"Good" Lin Chengdong nodded.
Qin Yu got up slowly. "I have to go back to Chuanfu to celebrate."
As soon as the Yandao War ended, Sichuan government suddenly became a bit of a "political center".
For several days, the old cat, Zhu Wei, Lao Li, Ye Xiao, Ding Guozhen, Fu Xiaohao and others were constantly visited.
The first peak of Chuanfu is coming!
Chapter 21 If the city is crowded, it will be heavy.
Office of the Director of the Office Building of the General Bureau of Heavy Metropolitan Police in Chuanfu
The old cat sat on the sofa with a shiny big head, and the original handsome face also had a few wrinkles. Looking at some middle-aged people with a cynical smile, they felt heavy.
"I won’t say more about Li Bureau. I put the salt island project there when I was in Songjiang. I want to be able to divide a part of our group … then you can do whatever you say." A middle-aged fat man said at the old cat with a polite attitude.
"I haven’t changed my mind yet. Go back and wait." The old cat sat on the sofa and replied ambiguously, "I’ll have someone call you if there is news."
"Well," the middle-aged fat man immediately got up and said with a smile, "Were you satisfied with that last night?"
"What?" The old cat asked in confusion.
Middle-aged fat smile "satisfied I’ll let her stay here for a long time …"
The old cat directly with the wave without saying anything.
Middle-aged fat nodded. "I left something in my car last night and your driver took it. That’s what it means."
"Ok, I know." The old cat nodded.
"Then I’ll go back if you’re busy."
"I won’t send it later." The old cat waved.
"Good" middle-aged people say that finish out of the room.


"Have you found the temporary detention place in Jin Taizhu?" Yu Weiliang asked
"What’s the matter?" Li Zhixun has been busy with the Sichuan government these two days and has forgotten this.
"I always feel that the atmosphere in No.57 in the past two days is a bit strange. The cook in the canteen has been replaced. The engineering department said that it would renovate the warm pipes and want to check the outer gate on the first floor of the detention area." Yu Weiliang replied in a low voice, "Plus … Jin Taizhu is also a spook himself. I am afraid that something will go wrong."
Li Zhixun asked, "Is it so serious? Is it because we are too sensitive?"
"Jin Taizhu will not have no cards in his hand" Yu Weiliang answered clearly "Suppose he bites a core officer No.57 now, what will others think if we should deal with it? Will you feel at ease if you don’t deal with others? Will they suspect that we will settle accounts after autumn? "
Li Zhixun was silent.
"Jin Taizhu No.57 stayed too long. It is not surprising that he has other officers’ black material and criminal evidence." Yu Weiliang added again that "it is risky to transfer No.57, but the risk is even greater."
"Tell you what, I’ll give you an address later. Don’t leak the news before you transport Jin Taizhu’s secret away tomorrow." Li Zhixun made a decision.
"Good" Yu Weiliang nodded.
A restaurant in Yishi
"Is the gunman here?" Asked a middle-aged man eating western food
"Come" next to a person nodded "are all foreign faces, things will not get us"
"Yes, don’t let things get to us." Middle-aged nodded and replied, "The rest depends on how things develop."
At the same time, the distant Xujia
Qin Yuchong said to Brother Owl, Zhan Nan and Qiu Wu, "It is estimated that the opposite side will soon give you a reply and find some clever things to do. These days, they all live together to exchange hostages. As soon as they are sure, they will go first."
"Are you afraid of playing tricks on the other side?" Zhan nan asked
"I don’t know," Qin Yu whispered. "We can’t go wrong if we give the second child more insurance."
Chapter 1394 Transfer to the place of detention
No.57 had a lot to say before Jin Taizhu had an accident, which you can see from the fact that he was able to transfer 17 groups in South Shanghai privately.
There are words and layers, then he must be a pivotal figure in the 57th profit struggle.
There must be dirty and despicable means to fight against each other, various table transactions and shady things. Jin Taizhu No.57 has been rooted for many years, whether it is to contain others or to protect himself, he has done his homework. He not only holds the information of the enemy in his hand, but also holds a lot of weaknesses of his competitors and colleagues. He knows that many senior officials are dirty and dirty, so he dares to be detained and play tricks to make the atmosphere of No.57 very strange
And Yu Weiliang knew that he had this ability, so he had to transfer him because there were too many people on No.57. It was very unsafe to rely on the investigation team to stare at him. Once someone tried to kill Jin Taizhu or was threatened by Jin Taizhu, it would become very troublesome.
More than ten o’clock in the afternoon the next day.
Li Zhixun called Yu Weiliang and said to him gently, "I’ll give you a phone number. You take Jin Taizhu to him."
"Is this person safe?" Yu Weiliang asked
"He is a businessman engaged in arms business in Beishi. He has been running errands for me for many years. It is very reliable. I didn’t tell him who you want to do, and he won’t ask you more. Take people outside and let them watch the inside." Li Zhixun replied briefly, "No one can find it if the news doesn’t leak out."
"I have nothing to do" Yu Weiliang nodded.
"Finalize the shares as soon as possible and then I will report the secret execution of Jin Taizhu." Li Zhixun replied in a low voice.
"Secret execution?" Yu Weiliang dazed one.
"He is too dirty to go through the procedure," Li Zhixun replied lightly. "This can also reduce some troubles."
"I see" Yu Weiliang’s neck is cool after hearing this.
This is politics, this is abandonment!
At 11: 30, Yu Weiliang, the office of the 57th shooting investigation team, succinctly said, "Everyone should hand over all personal communication equipment to distribute walkie-talkies."
Everyone listens and does it.
"I made a road map for each group leader to take a look at." Yu Weiliang hit the envelope and said lightly, "When starting, each group should pay attention to the firepower and prepare for all emergencies."


After Sichuan government autonomy was obtained, Qin Yu was busy with one thing
Reorganize the HunChengLv!
After sitting in Nanmu Taoli, a distant mountain, Qin Yu quickly expanded and filled the army with the popular base of Xu Jiaqi’s family and Ruan’s family.
At noon this day
The Xujia Courtyard in Qinyu Yuanshan Life Town called a meeting, and the main core departments such as Wang Tianhui, Ruan Li Shihong, Xiao Bai, Ou Xiaobin, Lao Qi and Xu Yan were present.
In the meeting room, everyone chatted for a while, and Qin Yucai patted the microphone and said, "Be quiet and put out your cigarette. I said a reorganization plan."
Everyone heard that they immediately arranged their clothes quietly and waited for the leaders to speak.
"No stranger here has something to say, so I’ll be blunt." Qin Yu sat in the first place with his elbows propped on the desktop and said seriously, "This place in Chuanfu has no one and a gun in his hand. What are you doing? As you can see, we can form a stalemate. It’s not because Hunchenglv has a hard waist, but because there are too many friends behind us to support Marion’s armed three-dimensional mercenary company. We can’t live without them."
They smell nod.
"Now that the opportunity has come, when we win a certain intermission, we should take advantage of this hard work to build a solid foundation." Qin Yu’s eyes swept across the crowd and continued, "The Huncheng Brigade in the general direction should be reorganized, and the existing combat units at all levels should be reorganized into a regiment-building system!"
Ruan Wenmeng B looked at Qin Yu with some surprise. "This is too much. Let’s have a total of 9,000 people. If it is changed to a regiment and a battalion, then all units will be dissatisfied."
"If you don’t consider the preparation, you can just add people to the first battalion of the regiment." Qin Yu frowned and replied, "I will pay for it myself beyond the preparation!"
When they heard this, they seemed to understand Qin Yu’s meaning
"A group should not only be pulled up, but also be strengthened. The total number of people in the group brigade is fourteen thousand five hundred." Qin Yu got up and played the calendar war with the remote controller to project PP onto the wall and said, "Three mobile groups, three infantry groups and one UNPROFOR group are full of one thousand five hundred people in each group! There’s only one reinforcement group left, 3,000 people, with reconnaissance battalion, assault battalion and mobile battalion! In addition to this regiment, we also need an artillery battalion, that is, Li Shihong is now taking the number of people in this battalion. The logistics unit must have a thousand people, but it must have the ability to fight at the regiment level. "
"It’s difficult to solve the problem of overstaffing so many troops," said Lao Qi.
"Don’t you think of some way to solve the military problem" Qin Yu frowned and replied, "I didn’t think that the Ministry of Finance could give money to the blood transfusion unit of Hunchenglv after the first war zone was completely frozen. There is no money to go to the seven districts to find a loan to borrow money, and it will definitely make the troops cross Shujiachuan’s follow-up investment. Once it is not long before the exhibition, there will be great economic benefits. Our current strength is to incite this nearly 15,000-strong army."
Old Qi Wen nodded.
"My goal for you is to do your best to fill my army in the short term!" Qin Yu looked up and continued, "After Ruan’s private armed forces were incorporated, our existing strength is almost 7 thousand, and there are still half of the goals left. I will give you six months at most. Six months must be completed!"
"The current situation in Sichuan Province is fairly stable. It’s a good sign to recruit soldiers. I’m afraid the quality of soldiers will drop." Ruan replied softly.
"There is a UNPROFOR in a regiment. I think it’s for Xiaobai to take this regiment, but it can fight but it can’t take recruits." Qin Yu smiled and replied, "All this depends on our total teaching."
Speaking of this, Qin Yu took a look at the calendar war. "The UNPROFOR is responsible for all the recruits recruited. You practice here first, and then you are assigned to each regiment!"
"ok!" Through the war readily nodded.
"Say a life!" Qin Yu put an infrared pen on his desk and said, "A new strengthening regiment leader Wang Henan, 112 regimental leader Ruan, 113 regimental leader Wang Tianhui, 114 regimental leader Xiao Bai, 115 regimental leader Ou Xiaobin, left 116 regimental leaders, 117 regimental leaders, temporarily tempered by me and Qi Lin and Xu Jiahe’s family from the company to be able to do this job, and the head was handed over to them. Finally, the head of the UNPROFOR regiment was returned to Li Shihong by the commander of the calendar war and artillery battalion! Let’s group a battalion on this structure. "
Everyone listened to Qin Yu’s distribution, and there was nothing in his heart. His ideas were similar because each door accounted for the same words. The brigade should give respect and everyone immediately applauded and agreed.
"It’s the same sentence. The foundation has been firmly laid for half a year. I want to see high-rise buildings rise from the ground." Qin Yu shouted with a loud voice and passion. "No gun, no one, this tall pole can’t be hard! One day, if we really want to swallow Chuanfu, we have to take this short intermission to completely pull up HunChengLv! Be bigger and stronger and create more glory! "
This HunChengLv completely on the right track, the idea of group one battalion was immediately implemented, and all localities have tied Qin Yu’s family to take the lead in conscription.
The new blueprint and new journey will start from sitting firmly in Chuanfu!
The fifth volume looking at China
Chapter DiYiSiLiu One year
Time flies. A year has passed. HunChengLv and TianchengTuan ushered in the first outbreak of Sichuan government and Qin Yu had his first child.
Qin Jia Bieyuan, Yuanshan Life Town, early November, 21st century.
"Whoa, whoa …!"
A chubby boy is sitting on the sofa crying.
Qin Yu testily loosened the loose neckline and stretched out his hand to wipe the baby’s eyes with crystal tears. "Can you stop howling? Who are you so melodramatic?" !”
"What are you yelling at again?"
A burst of footsteps came up. Lin Nianlei came from the second floor and said with disgust, "I’ll let you see such a good child, and you’ll make him cry three times. What else can you do?"
"Come on, come on, come on, I can’t do this job." Qin Yu immediately got up and waved and said, "Cry my brain hurts."
"Go to one side" Lin Nianlei discontentedly pulled a Qin Yu bent down to sit on the sofa and wiped the baby’s big nose with a disinfectant paper towel. "Do you want to be numb? Don’t cry …!"
Qin Yuchang has been six months old, and the name Qin is different, and Dongsheng is like the rising sun.
"This little Wang egg is a thief!" Qin Yu arranged a suit of clothes, "If you are so big, you will know that you will cry if you don’t give something back."
"How many times have I told you not to swear in front of him?" Lin Nianlei immediately reprimanded. "Can you have some quality?"
"He doesn’t understand."
"What do you mean, do you understand?" Lin Nianlei rolled her eyes. "We should cultivate from childhood."
"Yes, yes, you’re right." Qin Yu bent down and picked up his coat. "Go play with your mother. I’m going to the brigade to take a trip to Laojin."
"Come back late?"
"Do I dare to stay out at night in front of you?" Qin Yu bent down and kissed Han Han sensibly, and squeezed his face lovingly. "You may not eat at home, but you must come back before 12 o’clock."
"Ok, I’ll allow you to go."
"Bye bye to dad" Qin Yu teased her reluctantly.

"I heard that the old face is missing?" Dachuanwen

"I can’t be careless about this," Okawa low persuaded. "Otherwise, I’ll find an excuse to take him to kill him."
Dajiang smells and waves "no"
"Eldest brother, you can’t hesitate about this. Just now Meng Xi and I also said that there are too many people in the car, too many eyes, and it is easy to have an accident once it is recognized." Dachuan low persuaded, "Get rid of him just to be on the safe side."
"I can’t get it," Dajiang thought. "I have settled the old one. He can bring me people from several living villages next to him, and he can come to him after he is familiar with people here."
Before Meng Xi stepped forward, he also urged, "Brother Jiang, I told you before that we can’t get along with people now, but we have to lay off some of them because we don’t have an industry. As more and more people gather together, problems will occur after the balance of payments is unbalanced. And you see that these people are all following you around except Ogawa."
"Mr. Meng" Dajiang looked up at Meng Xi and said, "You are really better than us in management and advice, but you still have no experience in rolling the ground. You can’t live in Chencangkou without a gun. If you don’t pull up your team, you won’t have a place to get out of the industry. This man is not bad. Who dares to play with you after you get him?"
"Always a guide. If he wanted to do it, he wouldn’t do such a risky thing with us," Meng Xi urged urgently. "Do you believe that it is safest for me to kill him?"
"Mr. Meng, you don’t want this thing. I’ve decided that it’s impossible. I’ll take some silver to let the old man hide out and let him come back after the wind passes." Dajiang smiled at Meng Xi’s words, which sounded soft but had no doubt.
Meng Xi looked at the great river and there would be no more persuasion.
"Come on, you go to rest first." Dajiang got up and said, "I’ll order some goods."
Say that finish great river turned away.
Meng Xi watched him go away and turned to Dachuan and said, "If Brother Jiang doesn’t get it, we have to get it."
"This can’t do" Okawa hesitated. "My brother’s temper, you know, I have to do this thing privately …"
"Don’t work on your head. If you don’t be strict, you may die." Meng Xi said seriously with his hands in his pockets.
Dachuan looked at him "have to do that? Can he be seen so skillfully because he missed his car? "
"Do you want to bet your life that there will be no coincidence?" Meng Xi asked
Dachuan scratched his head. "Let me tell you something. My eldest brother got a piece with his old sister … and they are sticking together, so he can protect his old age."
"Then even the old sister will do it together," Meng Xi said decisively.
After watching Meng Xi for a long time, Dachuan Meng B replied with difficulty, "This … this thing I …!"
"You lead people to the mountain and I’ll find someone to do it." Meng Xi said calmly.
early morning
Brother Xiao arrived at the garrison regiment headquarters.
Qin Yu directly handed the photo to him and said briefly, "I want this personnel information in three days."
Brother Xiao took the photo and glanced at it.
"This is a photo of those gangsters who were killed, and you should take it with you." Li Zhan handed the photo over.
"Good" Brother Xiao glanced at the photo "Wait for the letter"
Chapter 137 The elder brother of the owl
Since the attack on Jiujiang Tiancheng Group’s seventh district, the main business has also been gradually removed, because Chen and the General Logistics Department of World War II have become very stiff, and I don’t know which day the battle will start. Qin Yu is also afraid that the other side will suddenly become Tiancheng.
After the business slowly moved back to Chuanfu, Xiao Ge was still in charge of this piece of business, and it was still done because although Chuanfu had a military industry, its scale was small and its quality was not high, and many Qin Yu could not bear to give up.
If the old cat, Qi Lin, and others are constantly changing their roles and promoting themselves, then Brother Owl can be said to have achieved immortality.
He hasn’t changed his position since he joined Tiancheng, and he has been running the ground business that he is best at, and with the help of Zhan Nan, his field has reached the peak, and the control of the network "industry" is watertight.
Brother Xiao didn’t talk after taking a few photos, but he often pulled a group with his social software and sent the photos directly.
"Help me find this person". Brother Xiao typed a line of fine print after sending it.
Many of the group are customers here from Brother Xiao, and they are also famous people in their four places.
"It’s about the train, right?"
"These people look unfamiliar!"
"His mother is silly b to rob the train? What can I do without money? !”

You want Yang Zhong to go to war. What if someone tries to kill me when he goes to war?

Faced with this problem, Shi Hao was about to cry.
"If someone kills Tai Huang Shi Hao, when protecting his life, Tai Huang wants to kill Tai Huang people directly from my body! Otherwise, it will never touch the emperor! Please also ask the emperor to answer! "
Shi Hao’s eyes cracked and he kowtowed to the ground three times in a row, and there was a muffled sound.
But Zhao Gou didn’t budge.
"You really are not loyal to me, thinking about going to die to get a good name and doing your record. Shi Zhongchen doesn’t think about what should I do after you die? Do I have to die with you?
You’re dead, there’s no one to protect me, and I’m gonna die. Is that what you want? Yang zhong wouldn’t think so. He would lead an army to protect me to the ends of the earth.
His attitude is to protect my life even if I die, and let me put him to death first. This is the real loyalty. Please stop saying that I will never let Yang Zhong play. "
Zhao Gou’s strange and paranoid thinking mode made Shi Hao exhausted.
Desperate, he withdrew from Wanshou Palace and told Zhao Shen about it, letting Zhao Shen make a decision.
Zhao Shen was furious and very dissatisfied with his trip to Zhao Gou, and he felt that Zhao Gou was unreasonable.
Later, he refused to accept Yang Zhong’s case, but decided to set off 50 thousand troops separately and play each other
Ma Junsi, the bodyguard, went to Chizhou to make up for Chizhou’s army defense line, and Bu Junsi, the bodyguard, went to Jiujiang to supplement Jiujiang’s army defense line.
Then Qi Fang was ordered to lead 20,000 troops to counterattack Jiangnan West Road.
Of course, Wu Gong, an army of Qi, was also ordered to lead Tian Shizhong’s army of 20,000 people to attack the bandit troops on Jiangnan West Road. The two men once again set foot on the journey a few months ago from different directions and routes.
It is tantamount to reopening the strategy.
But there is nothing that can be done about it. The imperial court really has no more troops to mobilize for a short time.
Both Qi Fang and Wu Gong have participated in the fight against thieves, and they also have a certain understanding of the bandit troops on Jiangnan West Road, including a better understanding of the local terrain, so they can fight directly without being familiar with it.
But Shi Hao is a long mind’s eye.
He knew the contradiction between Qi and Wu Gong, so he divided Wu Gong and Qi Fang into war zones.
He decided to hand over Longxing mansion, Linjiang army, Yuanzhou, Fuzhou and Yunzhou to Wu Gong for recovery.
Qi Fang is responsible for recovering Jianchang Army, Ganzhou, Jizhou and Nan ‘an Army.
The divisions of the two armies do not belong to each other, and they do not directly obey the orders of the Privy Council to each other’s responsible departments, and it is absolutely forbidden to have disagreements in private. It is best not to even contact each other.
Shi Hao still didn’t think it was enough, so he continued to make rules that if the enemy broke into the other side’s war zone, even if it was defeated, the thief army would cross the border and the two armies were not allowed to pursue each other. Just send someone to inform him.
It’s a rule. Whoever suffers and who doesn’t suffer will be rewarded by the Privy Council afterwards. If you don’t follow the rules, you will face punishment even if you win.
After doing this, Shi Hao felt that everything would be fine, and the two armies should not make any contradiction.
At the same time, Shi Hao felt that Wu Gong and Qi Fang had no good way to deal with the bandit troops, and it was hard to say whether they could achieve the strategic goal of Song Ting, which raised the idea of recruiting troops and famous soldiers in Sichuan and Sichuan war zones
At that time, the war commander of the Great Song Dynasty was second to none. Of course, Wu Lin was the anchor in Sichuan and Sichuan, but Wu Lin’s goal was too great and he was mainly responsible for guarding Hanzhong area. His responsibility of directly facing the threat of the army was important and could not be lightly moved.
Reasoning Shi Hao decision table Zhao Shen asked Zhao Shen to allow the mobilization of three generals in Sichuan and Sichuan war zones, Yao Zhong, to participate in this battle.
Shi Hao’s opinion is that Wu Lin, the head of Wu Lin, the three generals of Sichuan and Sichuan, is also what Sichuan and Sichuan want, and the Sichuan-Sichuan region of Wu Lin is stable
The deployment of Yao Zhong, a general who has always been brave and good at fighting, and his elite troops may make the war situation different.
Zhao Shen didn’t object to this suggestion, but he thought it would take two or three months to arrive at Jiangnan West Road from northern Sichuan. It’s estimated that the war situation has been long in these two or three months, right?
Shi Hao has different views on this.
"Dispatching Wu Gong and Qi Fang’s two armies to attack the veteran will make them step by step, slow and steady, and they will not be allowed to make a surprise attack, and they will not be allowed to March into the slow and resolute offensive to slowly recover lost ground and expel the bandit troops.
In this way, if you don’t win a big victory, you won’t fail, and you can gradually reduce the activities of the bandit troops and control the development momentum of the bandit troops. In this way, after more than two months, Yao Zhong will command the army to win the final victory. "
Chapter 91 Zhao Shen is very short of money.
Shi Hao said that Zhao Shen understood Shi Hao’s meaning.
"You mean that Wu Gong and Qi Fang are the assistants and Yao Zhong is the real main force?"
Shi Hao nodded.
"It’s the veteran Wu Gong who lacks experience. Qi Fang’s mediocrity can’t really win, and the great Song stars except Li Xianzhong and Wang Fang, that is, the three generals of Sichuan and Shu, Li Xianzhong and Wang Fang need to defend the capital and can’t play, so Yao Zhong is the most suitable one among the two generals of Wu Lin.
The position of Jiangnan West Road is the heart of Dasong. Once the bandits have it, it will be a menace to Dasong. The previous defeat has shaken Dasong’s military strength. We must win this battle and never fail, otherwise Dasong will be in danger of overturning. "
Shi Hao put a lot of words and Zhao Shen listened.
"Then do it. The Privy Council immediately sent a letter to enlist Yao Zhongshen to lead the army eastward at once. In addition, Wu Lin should be told to keep the northern Sichuan well and never be taken advantage of by the army."
"Old ministers obey orders"
Shi Hao nodded, and then he hesitated for a moment and said, "After the start of the imperial army, the military strength of Dasong was scarce, and the new recruitment plan must also be implemented."
Zhao Shen leng leng then looked at a face of be reluctant Shi Hao asked "how many posts do you need? How big is the money gap? "
"According to the minimum calculation, it is necessary to recruit another 50,000 people to re-complete the Jianghuai defense line, and if there is a big loss in dispatching the imperial army this time, it will require more posts and more money. At present, it will cost about 100,000 yuan a month."
Zhao Shen was silent for a while, and then called ye yi to ask and Zhou Lin to let them discuss with Shi Hao on the spot to see where they can take out the money, where they can save a little and where they can dig a little.


In ten minutes.
Ji Xingyao, the head of Fengbei Longxing near Yan Wangtiao, paid a lot of money to invite two armed gangs and a well-known security company in Fengbei from the depths of the planned area. A total of 700 people suddenly married and headed for Xinxiang!
Special operations brigade information war room
A junior officer suddenly got up and shouted, "There is a hot map near the Yan Wang jump! !”
Lin Xiao stepped over. "Can you estimate the number of people?"
"About seven hundred people!" The junior officer answered
Lin Xiao immediately dialed Qin Yu’s words when he heard this.
"There are 700 people in the direction of Yan jumping who have already rushed to your Xinxiang!" Lin Xiao tone said urgently
Qin Yuwen was shocked. "There are still 700 fucking people?"
Baoli life village
Wang Zongxiao looked at the crowd with his back and said, "It’s time to split up! Stall the front of Yao Guang and let those 700 people fight! If Yaoguang returns to the defense, we will fight back and attack him on both sides. If Yaoguang does not return to the defense, he will lean against a group of people on the ground and living in the village. I see how to stop these 700 people! "
Chapter 152 The situation is critical
Xinxiang life Cun San Fang compound main building
Wang Zongtang asked Qin Yu with a sad face. "Are you sure you got accurate information? There are still 700 people calling Xinxiang from behind? "
"The news is very accurate," Qin Yu nodded. "At least 700 people are from Longxing and Yanbei. They are very mobile and like a professional team."
"That’s it!" Wang Zongtang replied in a trembling voice, "If it is a highly professional team of 700 people, the people left here will definitely not be able to cope with Yaoguang. If you go back to Liuzhou to fight back, if you don’t go back to Xinxiang, the result is self-evident."
Qin Yu’s silent brain is running rapidly.
"Yao guang there are people? !” Wang Zongtang tone urgent asked
"There are more than 1,000 people working in Yaoguang’s frontline, but it happened suddenly, and it took only a few days from the acquisition to sending people here. Many people in Yaoguang were sent abroad to come here, but when necessary," Qin Yu waved his hand. "Don’t say that two or three days’ journey will be enough."
"Can the troops contribute?" Another Wang Jianian spoke again and asked
"Line help a little, but it’s definitely not possible to fight." The old cat frowned and replied, "What do we do? It’s also a local power conflict outside the area, but once the troops enter the field, the nature of the horse will change! The military and the government don’t want to start a war now. They can’t afford it. Besides, there is a Coalition government and the Asian League staring at it. It’s not that anyone wants to mess around. "
"Yes!" Qin Yu nodded
"That’s no way out?" Wang Zongtang asked
"Transfer the surplus personnel department to the back of Xinxiang to defend the 700 people," Lao Li suddenly turned and ordered, "Give me as much time as possible!"
"good!" Wang Zongtang immediately nodded, "I asked the people left here to transfer the cases in the past."
Lao Li looked at Qin Yu and frowned and said, "It’s boring to drag it off. What do you think of it?"
"You still have one card to play?" Qin yuwen
"I am playing now!" Lao Li replied and pointed to the door and said, "I’ll make a message!" "
"good!" Qin Yu nodded
Lao Li stepped out of the room and found a secluded place to send a short message to Wen Beiliang.
Less than a minute later, the words came back.
"hello? !” Lao Li immediately picked up the phone and asked, "Do you know that there are 700 people coming from Changji and Fengbei?"
"It’s clear that Longxing and Xingyao people are the same as I told you before." Wen Beiliang frowned and replied, "There are security companies and armed forces outside the region."
"Then I have people left to stop them," Lao Li said with a frown. "We must think of some other way."
"I just want to talk to you about this," Wen Beiliang replied with a frown. "Wang Zongxiao sent me out. He will divide the team to stop Yaoguang from attacking Shahe and stall them, and then the 700 people will enter Xinxiang!"
"Yes" Lao Li nodded.
"We don’t have an advantage in the number of people. Wang Zonghan has a big room, two rooms and four rooms here, and then Han 3,000 has been brought to Jiangzhou. The Li family party and government acquiesced in several big bourgeoisie departments to help … You have a dozen or so over there." Wen Beiliang’s thinking is clear. "So my idea is to do it as you planned. Although the risk is great, it is better than this! Say ugly Qin Yu’s hardest card, that is, it’s all gone. People want Liuzhou to be consumed. Han Sanqian can add a security company to come in with money, but what about us? Can you still find a second glory? "
"Yes!" Lao Li nodded. "I’m with you. What you mean is that it’s meaningless to drag it off and get things done as soon as possible."
WenBeiLiang consider a long time "I put a mouth you let them in? Directly make a big one? "

After a few seconds.

Li Zhixun took the words from the office and dialed Zheng Xinghui’s number and asked directly, "How are things in the distant mountains? !”
"There is something unusual," said Zheng Xinghui, who spoke very quickly. "Qin Yu people have not left the North Gate!"
"Don’t give him time, just let the heavy people go out and press the distant mountains. If they don’t evacuate normally, you will be angry!" Li Zhixun quickly responded.
"Is the transaction not played yet?" Zheng Xinghui has some accidents.
"Right now!"
"Is everything going well with Yu Weiliang?" Zheng Xinghui is also a very clever character. He vaguely felt that something was wrong.
"Everything is normal over there, so let it go!" Li Zhixun has no choice at the moment. He must stabilize the department. If everyone knows that Ma Laoer has got out of trouble, the biggest chip will definitely explode without it.
"Ok, I know" Zheng Xinghui nodded.
When they finished talking, Li Zhixun immediately sent a message to No.57, informing them that outsiders should not tell the organization department about the failure of sending people away, and they should suppress the news.
This kind of thing can’t be hidden from us sooner or later, but Li Zhixun needs to be able to get back the distant mountains in one breath, and there is still room for recovery.
escape route
The calendar war has been linked with Qin Yu’s words and he simply said, "The work is done!"
"how about it? !” Qin yuwen
"The second child, Qi Baojun, they are all right, but others saved two-thirds of Jin Taizhu’s family … none of them came back." Li Zhan truthfully replied, "Time is too tight for us to stay there too much!"
"This kind of thing depends on whether life can come back or not." Qin Yuchang sighed, "Are you sure they can leave things alone?"
"white!" Nod through war
"That’s it!" Qin Yu hangs up and immediately dials another one for Wu Bureau.
"hello? !”
"The second child is back!"
"Isn’t it a day?" Wu bureau was very surprised.
"Let’s do it today if we have a chance," Qin Yu said succinctly. "They are out of chips. You can do whatever you want over there."
"Are you sure about holding the distant mountains?"
"Unless I die, they will never get into the distant mountains!"
"Okay, that’s it!" Wu bureau hangs up the phone.
Li Zhixun stepped to the building and dialed the words of Commander Pu Yuan of Pu Juntuan at the first time. "The situation may change and you may be needed!"
Puyuan silence
"… If there is a big problem in Chuanfu and it is unified by the three regions, the activities of your Pujuntuan will be limited and compressed." Li Zhixun said calmly, "Our interests are common. What do you say, Commander Pu!"
"You are not qualified to talk to me about conditions," Pu Yuan replied coldly. "You ask the commander of the Northeast Theater of the Fifth District to call me, that’s all!"
Say that finish puyuan hang up.
Yuanshan life town
While Qin Yu was looking at the map, An Zai pulled over.
"Qin brigade heavy UNPROFOR vanguard troops have been no more than 15 kilometers away from us" An Zai frowned and said "the advancing speed suddenly became fast as if ready to fire first".
"The second child is back, and Li Zhixun has no chips in his hand. Now he must want to chew the distant mountains hard." Qin Yu said calmly, "Don’t worry, the rhythm is in our hands. You see how I can make these ten thousand people dare not move a step."
Chapter DiYiSiYiSan rhythm back step by step, fade away.
Four soldiers from a prison belonging to the Military Supervision Bureau of the Ninth District brought a middle-aged man with gray temples out of the prison room.
He is the brigade commander of the 197th Brigade of the former Pu Legion, and Pu is the cousin of Pu Yuan. He was captured alive by Huncheng Brigade in the Northwest World War I and has been detained ever since.
Pu was taken out of the cell in chains, and his eyes still glanced around him. He was fluent in Chinese and asked, "Is this to see me off?"
The officer of the Military Supervision Bureau looked at him and read succinctly, "After the trial of the Military and Political Council of the Ninth District, Puyin deliberately provoked malicious aggression in the border war and brutally killed the people in the planned area … now he was sentenced to death according to law and immediately executed."
Pu paused and nodded without saying anything.
"Sign" the officer ordered frowning.
Pu did not overreact and cooperated with the verdict very much. He signed his name and pressed his handprint.
Everything went smoothly. The officer escorted Pu out of the prison with his soldiers.
More than a dozen outdoor nine-district official matchmakers have been waiting for a long time, rushing to take a swipe at Pu Yi.
A male reporter kept pushing forward with a microphone and asked, "Mr. Pu, what do you think of this judgment? Do you have anything to say to the general of the soldiers killed and wounded on the northwest front? "
Pu saw his one eye and said simply, "Who will fight if you can live well? The coalition government in the old triangle area, regardless of the Asian League, no matter whether we don’t fight, there is no way out … "
"You this is some argue irrationally? Is it a necessary reason to infringe on the wealth and resources of others, even life? " The reporter asked again
"Just fight, you can understand whatever you want." Pu didn’t argue. Quiet, the soldiers pulled the prison car.
A dozen reporters outside the car were still chasing Pu, and the military personnel didn’t stop them.