The words sound just fell and several dilapidated cars rushed out of Hutong in the shed area, directly blocking the two intersections.

Hanging out in the chess room, a ground person bared his rhubarb teeth and honked his car horn in the direction of Brother Xiao.
"High-pitched …!"
Guns went off wildly, and 16 people fought to the death, holding automatic rifles, pistols and sniper rifles and throwing themselves at the human brains on both sides of the road.
At the moment, the front is Zhan Nan’s enemy brother Wu Xiaoge, who was prepared before they came.
What do these people do? That’s a fucking ring!
Army explosion-proof shield, army bulletproof vest, army tear gas tactics and strong light hands all appeared at the scene of the conflict.
17 groups of people are stupid. The people on the ground are better equipped than them.
"Fuck your mother still play with fire, right? There is a sniper, isn’t there? !” Qiuwu waved and shouted, "Bring in the Northwest Car."
On the left side of the road, the motor surged, and a silver-gray steel plate explosion-proof off-road vehicle was not listed and rushed to the direction of the sniper rifle in wait for a while.
"High-pitched …!"
Guns ringing explosion-proof off-road vehicles take up a star and Mars instantly rushed to the position where they were being intercepted.
The two men in the car shot a volley at the outside with guns and directly killed the sniper at the corner. They didn’t even run away.
The crowd swarmed and the remaining people retreated, and they were caught in the dense explosion-proof shields.
"Give me a fucking knife!" Exhibition nan brothers shouted a pointing to the circle.
People on the periphery of the explosion-proof shield are crazy to output to the inside with knives.
The 17 groups of people are all very strong, but a good tiger can’t stand a pack of wolves. They are cut down one by one, and the circle around them is getting smaller and smaller.
Chop it for less than a minute, and people will commit suicide. Some people find that they can’t run out and directly kill themselves.
"Give me a dozen arm arm! Gungun! " Exhibition nan brothers shouted, pointing to the inside.
The chaos lasted for two or three minutes, and 17 groups of people fell to the ground, and half of them were injured but not killed.
The crowd slowly dispersed. Brother Xiao came in and bowed his head and swept his eyes. He immediately locked his eyes on the leader. "How deadly is it to kill people when you meet?"
The team leader looked at Brother Xiao and said coldly, "You have a lot of routines for military and civilian people on the ground …!"
Owl elder brother don’t lift the foot on his face "who are you? What the fuck are you talking about? !”
"Don’t worry, I won’t say it," the team leader replied with a bite of his teeth.
Owl elder brother twist a head to look around at one of their own asked "this his mama is not a mental derangement? Educate him. "
The words sound just fell and Zhan Nan limped and ran in from the outside, carrying a knife and chopping off the team leader’s leg. "Fuck you! Who are you to kill my brother in South Shanghai? !”
The team leader rolled around miserably but didn’t answer.
"snow snow!"
Exhibition nan two knife cut each other’s ankle motioning with his hand shouted "don’t say? Give me the explosion-proof steel car and press my head one by one. I’ll see if they say it or not! "
Owl elder brother looked at people suddenly lay exhibition nan ear said, "I feel they are not people on the ground."
Zhannan twist a head
Brother Xiao kicked the team leader and waved and shouted, "I’ll talk to them somewhere else."
Zhan Nan didn’t say anything.
Brother Xiao turned and waved his hand at more than 100 people and shouted, "Please let Wu wrap GAGA up for me later!"
"Owl elder brother cow b! !”
Outsiders uniformly responded by shouting.
An hour and a half later, Jin Taizhu, from District 5, Iraq, sat in a chair with a dignified face and said thoughtfully, "What hasn’t been answered after a day of eyes in South Shanghai?"
Not waiting for the middle-aged reply next to him, the communication department officer directly pushed the door and walked in, and said in a panic, "Mr. Jin is blind in South Shanghai."
"ah? !” Jin Taizhu looked up in astonishment as if his expression were dementia.
At the same time
After hearing the movement on the ground, Jun Chen called Brother Xiao for the first time. "How many people did you catch?"

"To Qin Yu" Jun Chen nodded and admitted.

"I heard that I really gave him a brigade preparation?" The young man said with some surprise, "Hehe, this thing can also happen. If the ninth district wants to put it on our side, he must be cleaned up if he makes so much noise."
"Qin Yu’s military and political connections in the ninth district are ok. He is a pupil of the Military Supervision Bureau and is also very good with the Feng family." Jun Chen looked up at him and said, "It’s good for you to walk around with him more in the future."
"I’m sure it’s good for your friend." Xiaofeng nodded and smiled and tried to ask again. "Can you tell me the location of this joint garrison?"
Jun Chen thought twice and replied softly, "The border of the five districts of the Asian League!"
"ah? !” Ucg froze on the spot. "Where the hell are we going?"
Chapter 126 Borrowing money
Lin Chengdong’s family ate silently and cleaned the room from the inside out, then washed his head and shaved his head, changed into a clean and tidy suit and looked at the mirror for a while before slowly coming out.
Came to the living room Lin Chengdong mobile phone to show nan dial a word.
"hello? Chengdong "
"Hey Xiao Nan, are you busy?"
"I want to talk about something in Lanting," Zhan Nan asked. "What’s the matter?"
"Then forget it. Give me a message when you are not busy." Lin Chengdong bowed his head and answered.
"I’m almost done talking. Just say something."
"Then I’ll find you. Let’s meet and talk." Lin Chengdong thought for a moment and answered.
"Well, come to BishuiLanting, where the address hasn’t changed."
"Ok, I’ll go now." Lin Chengdong looked down at his watch. "It will take about forty minutes."
"OK, I’ll wait for you."
Say that finish two people ended the call Lin Chengdong carefully arranged a clothes very spirit out of the house.
Bi Shui Lan Ting is the place where Lin Chengdong came here with them when Zhan Nan was studying in Shanghai before his aunt’s club. He is no stranger to this place. He called a car and arrived at his destination in less than 40 minutes.
Over the past four years, the Lanting Pavilion in Bishui has also changed greatly. The storefront has expanded to the left, and many indoor and outdoor decorations have been changed again. Although it still maintains the original authentic Chinese style, it looks more upscale. Obviously, Zhan Nan’s aunt’s business is also doing very well.
Lin Chengdong stepped on the steps, and before he entered the door, two beautiful women greeted him and pulled the glass door and bent down to say, "Welcome to BishuiLanting."
"Does sir have an appointment?" The manager ushered in and asked
"I’m looking for Zhan Nan" Lin Chengdong replied with a smile.
"Oh, I’ll take you to the box first and then call him." The manager responded more politely
"Good" Lin Chengdong nodded and went downstairs with the manager.
Lin Chengdong waited for about five minutes in the box on the third floor, and Zhan Nan pushed the door and came in. "Hey, I have too many farts every day. This just sent two friends away and two more. Hehe chatted with them for a long time."
"Ha ha, don’t worry. If you want to be busy, you should be busy first. I’m not in a hurry." Lin Chengdong replied with a smile.
Zhan Nan bent down and reached out to help Lin Chengdong pour the tea. "Oh, the business is not finished in one day. Just let them stay alone for a while. Hey, how are you these days? Is Grandpa getting better?"
Lin Chengdong calmly replied, "My dad left."
Zhan Nan suddenly looked up. "Go … Go?"
"Well go" Lin Chengdong nodded.
"This … this is too sudden. Why didn’t you give me a message when he left?" Exhibition nan put a teapot frown and said, "Gu Yan Xiaoyu is not in South Shanghai, but I, you and I are welcome? Master didn’t I how also have to send to help you go. "
"I just don’t want to toss about," Lin Chengdong replied softly. "After people were pulled out, the superintendent came over and made a record to find a hospital to verify the situation, so I cremated my dad and buried him in the cemetery."


His country has a national appearance.
For example, Lin Tianyi Institute, Jin Guo Lin Chong, has never been there personally, but looking at the video footage from the Countermeasures Bureau, I feel that the creation is wonderful and the landscape is magnificent. The punk agricultural scenery is not inferior to the modern city of the earth.
Gao qingluan and Switzerland also followed the zoo with their own characteristics.
But now Daoguo looks like a backwater, with bare mountains and powerful rivers, and there is no human habitation.
Lin chong looked at the day before, and he distinguished one direction and turned to the sun, but he grabbed a crystal ball in his hand.
The world in that ball seems to be a miniature Taoist country with many rivers and mountains, but there are few cities. The largest building is a Taoist temple built on a high mountain, which is also magnificent. From the top of that thousand-meter mountain, it hovers around the palace and pavilion at the foot of the mountain. Look at the architectural style, it is a bit of a relic of the century.
That is, the architectural style of Shenzhoujie in the past.
Lin Chong put his finger on the crystal ball and aimed at the Taoist temple, as if he had a smart phone in his hand to do magnifying exercises …
So the picture in the crystal ball zooms in and then pulls out.
All the way to the highest temple of the Taoist temple
In the temple, a Taoist priest Lin Chong, who is holding dust, is sitting in a crystal ball. Although he is young, the Taoist priest is circling around for several long rivers of history. The long rivers shine on the Taoist priest like a halo, just like being in a sacred rainbow.
One, two, three … Twelve children’s bodies make up twelve long rivers of history, that is, twelve robberies.
This is the Taoist country is high.
But an acquaintance.
There are several Jin Xian-like children in Daotong Block, but all of them are children’s affairs.
One of them said, "The demon of Binggaona Xinguo Mountain has been devouring our territory, and two senior brothers have been killed by witchcraft."
The other one is a sigh, "The God of the Yuan Dynasty keeps violating the border. We have to find a way."
Yu Jinxian nodded in succession
The child with a high brow furrowed was about to speak, but suddenly he got a fright and found Lin Chong spying "Who? !”
That child was so fierce that he looked up and dusted in his hand.
The crystal ball in Lin Chong’s hand, thousands of miles away, cracked as if it had been hit hard.
"It’s not a small temper at an early age."
Lin Chong ha ha smiled and grabbed a crystal ball, which passed Lin Chong greatly. The whole person seemed to be a huge soap bubble or showed the picture in the temple. Lin Chong stepped forward and went in.
I walked up to the back of Tong Gao and kicked my ass and said, "The fate of the furnace keeper was returned today."
Dao Tonggao, that is, the former furnace boy, was kicked forward by Lin Chong and slammed the jade floor to detain him. He looked back with surprise and anger.
Seeing Lin Chong’s face changed greatly, he shouted "Vientiane Immortal Emperor!"
Lin Chong looked at the stove boy. The stove boy looked at Lin Chong.
However, Lin Chong’s eyes are playful, and the eyes of the furnace boy are fearful.
In those days, Lin Chong’s achievement in the battle of high key was to turn Wan Mizhai and Zao Fu into a war of furnace guards by virtual force. On that day, Lin Chong said that one day he would kick the ass of furnace guards hard, and today he was honored.
"There is an enemy invasion!" Jin Xian, the children’s keeper of the furnace, cried to Lin Chong to offer the fairy method.
All kinds of mysterious fire soldiers came like thunderbolts from heaven.
In the past, these immortals in Shenzhou were the top of the power hierarchy, but today, Lin Chong has seen a little nostalgia, and all kinds of unique secrets and original magical powers are dazzling. How long has it been since I saw these low-level immortals today?
Lin Chong stretched out his hand and touched his body as if there were a layer of spherical crystal. When the magic struck and met this layer of crystal shield, they all hit back. This hit back was like the only secret speed of "everything returns" was even faster.
"Be careful not to touch!" The furnace guard shouted
It’s late, however, and his Jin Xian have been recruited in succession. It’s like the sand has dispersed, and the shape of the bones is fascinating. Even the body is shattered and completely disappeared in heaven and earth.
"refining things, holding Dan, relying on pestle, holding fire!" The stove keeper screamed and stared at Lin Chong. "You bully people!"
Chapter seven hundred and nineteen Eternal Secret
Lin Chong couldn’t help laughing when he was yelled at as a bully.
What’s with this fighting tone of children?

That is, ants are slightly different in strength.

It’s not worth worrying about
More don’t need to go?
after that
[Superman] [Batman] Before they come back from the dead and don’t know it,
[Jia Luo] [dr. manhattan] The figure disappeared and went to the area where there was no [base grain].
Test the opponent and recruit them.
Come and fight
Continue there …
In the boundless [imaginary] space
One thing here
In addition to the most basic [time]
There is not even [base grain]
But when [dr. manhattan] and [Jia Luo] arrived here together,
With the idea of [dr. manhattan]
Become active around [when]
The length of the part is close to the length of the part, and it can accommodate all kinds of things [pockets]
The foundation of his idea was materialize.
Automatically include [Jia Luo] himself.
right after
One bubble after another, emitting strong light, also appeared one after another.
Their surface [membrane] is the [universe] [barrier]
The part is the quantity and volume, which is limiting the expansion of the [star]
[dr. manhattan] Mind manipulation
Each one is filled with huge [mass] [energy] [bubbles]
It’s like being accelerated [photoelastic] one by one!
Shining with hot brilliance, the temperature reaches an unknown number of trillion degrees [photoelastic] …
Step into a crazy and active state
Far beyond the speed of light.
You can easily catch up with [Flash-Barry] at top speed!
From all sides of [a pocket]
Towards that without any resistance, it was pulled in by [dr. manhattan] and [Jia Luo] hit it!
Countable number …
In a [universe]
After all [energy] and [matter] are decomposed into [basic particles]
The number of those [grains]
It’s just that these [photoelastic] numbers are nine Niu Yi hairs …
Power is immeasurable.
Each flying state [photoelastic] does not need to directly hit the target.
Just need to brush and pass by.
You can easily destroy the plural [universe]
Cause [multiverse (D)] level disaster
For example, it can cause "dark night" and "black death emperor"
If you show your face at this time
A [light bullet] can send him home at once.
And the hunger in another [world body] [Galactus] except for a few periods.
Base is also a "photoelastic" can lie in situ corpse again can’t.
Chapter 144 【 Luo Jiaao Rayleigh Ann 】 VS 【 dr. manhattan 】 (2)
Face is like a torrent [photoelastic]
Even if you have already reacted.
However, the victim [Jia Luo] still did not move.
Is to look calmly in situ.
Neither fight back nor dodge.
So for a moment
With few exceptions, all the attacks of [dr. manhattan] hit the target!
after that
Is a burst of bright light, explosion, impact!
Various impact aftereffects
Just that insignificant part that leak out.
Let the whole [pocket] have a very serious turmoil.
Even dr. manhattan, who has a "measuring body" and can observe everything from a special perspective of a "measuring observer", has been disturbed by those aftermath to some of his own perception.
Temporary method is used to observe the specific situation at the core of the attack area.
After all, it didn’t cause him too much trouble that the glare of Superman was enough to smooth everything in the Origin Wall.
It’s only a few seconds
We haven’t waited for all kinds of shocks to spread completely.
Some force from a higher level completely wiped out all the movements and revealed the real situation of the attack center.
It was a black fire with a diameter of only a few hundred meters.
But those black flames eroded
All turbulent shocks
Are quickly swallowed up!
With the flame expanding and shrinking.
A figure nearly 15 meters tall is also wearing a sword body full of various mantras, and slowly walks out of it.

The second life is right. The empire is responsible for supervising the officials. Two important positions are brought out by Su Yonglin. More than one person looks at these two people and gradually becomes alert.

What does it mean for Su Yonglin to arrange his absolute cronies for Douchayuan to do this kind of special work with officials? Everyone knows that everyone is not stupid.
He is pure envy except that he is alert to these two people.
Tian Jue is twenty-four years old.
Kong Maojie is 24 years old.
They are all so young.
It is better to say that Su Yonglin’s team, including himself, is young and energetic, and the average age of the whole team is very small, just like children compared with Yan Yun, Shandong and foreign ministers.
However, their achievements are so high, their positions are so high and their mastery is so great.
Is this the treatment from the dragon?
Can you really do this with the right boss and the right platform?
For a while, they could have followed Su Yonglin’s footsteps. Shandong scholars regretted it. They resented their proximity, but they didn’t have the courage and vision to choose to invest in Su Yonglin.
They were not as lucky as Kong Shi, and Su Yonglin forced them to pull the chariot because of their family fame. Instead, they got unexpected rewards.
Time also? Life also?
Later, Su Yonglin arranged some of his cronies to Duchayuan, Fabu and Dali Temple.
For example, Shen Ge, Joline, Jiang Chengyue and so on.
Shen Ge was ordered by Su Yonglin to take orders from the Second Law Department, Shang Joline was ordered to take orders from the Third Law Department, and Jiang Chengyue, the left assistant minister, was ordered to take orders from the Third Dali Temple.
Then Su Yonglin asked the heads of the three judicial departments to hold a joint meeting after finishing their respective rectifications, and to study the laws of the new dynasty on the basis of the laws of the Jin State and the Song State and promulgate them as soon as possible.
They are all close friends when Su Yonglin was the director of the General Administration, and now they are all arranged by Su Yonglin in the third judicial department. Obviously, Su Yonglin wants to let his own face control the judicial link.
Although Shandong, Yanyun and foreign leaders are wary of such a trip, they have to admit that Su Yonglin is really good at it.
As we all know, Su Yonglin’s old department is a group of small people with mud legs, no family background and no reliable knowledge. It is said that everything he learned was cultivated by Su Yonglin himself. Everyone has a steelyard in his heart.
In addition to the military, there can be some genius-level figures who carry the beam. In administrative terms, there are really no outstanding figures.
Administration needs not only the study of ruling knowledge, but also the accumulation of experience. Only by accumulating experience bit by bit from the grassroots level can we do a good job in the administrative office. They can be middle and low-level officials, but they can’t be senior administrative officials.
It is really difficult to put them in important central administrative positions, and they may not be good for the country.
Su Yonglin clearly knows this. Instead of handing over administrative affairs to his cronies, he took himself out of the cronies and arranged it in the third judicial division on a large scale.
Although the third division of justice also needs some professional knowledge, it is more meaningful for the emperor to say whatever he says.
They should be obedient enough, have a basic knowledge and follow the instructions, and they can also make judicial affairs beautiful and satisfy the emperor.
For them, it is more important for the third division of justice to satisfy the emperor than to be professional.
The other thing is to pay attention to listening to the emperor.
Whoever the emperor wants to kill, the third division of justice will follow closely and pounce like a hungry wolf to tear the people the emperor wants to kill to pieces so that they can sit on the Diaoyutai and fight the wind and rain.
They are Su Yonglin’s killing knife. They are just warning others-be careful. I can kill people with a killing knife in my hand.
However, the more Su Yonglin settled his cronies in the Third Division of Justice, the more relaxed the rest were.
Because these cronies have gone to the third division of justice, aren’t they all the main positions left in the administrative post?
What Su Yonglin did was obviously to give a sweet jujube a blow and tell them that I am holding a murder knife, so be careful-then all these positions will be handed over to you, and you can do it at your discretion.
If not, Su Yonglin’s next action did not surprise them.
First of all, it is the central administrative center and it is still provincial.
Su Yonglin called Shang Ling the head of Shang Province, and once someone got the position of prime minister.
However, Su Yonglin didn’t make a decision for the simple reason that he didn’t have any civilian talents and heroes around him.
Shang Ling, however, is an official position that can’t be awarded casually unless the credit is too high, and no one has made that great credit in the whole war except Su Yonglin.
So Su Yonglin decided not to ask the monks to control the prime minister, but to set up a political leader from Yiping.
And this person’s identity is also very accurate.
Su Yonglin decided to order his father-in-law, Zhao Liangping, the leader in the name of the Guangfu Army, to be the leader of the province.
Then he ordered Yelv Chenghui, the leader of foreign ministers, Shang Zuocheng, and Huo Jianbai, the core figure of Yan Yunchen, to be Shang Youcheng.
Both of them are Zhenger officials who are responsible for assisting Zhao Liang to manage the administrative workers in Shang Province.
Zhao Liangxian can’t express his gratitude in person, while Yelv Chenghui and Huo Jian Bai both salute Su Yonglin.
Chapter 596 Who will be this lucky unlucky guy?
Some people are surprised by this life, and some people think it is reasonable.
Because Zhao Liang is still in the name of Su Yonglin, Zhao Liang will not be relieved of his position as the leader of the nominal Guangfu Army until Su Yonglin announced the official founding of the country and changed the way of the Guangfu Army.
Moreover, Zhao Liangshen also has administrative ability, and Su Yonglin’s position is higher than Su Yonglin’s. It is also appropriate to actually lead Pingzhang politics in the province.
Little Yelv Chenghui and Huo Jianbai dare not say that they are more suitable for this position than Zhao Liang, nor dare they not listen to him and confront him.
Are you kidding? Who’s behind him?
Do you think your political career is too wonderful with him?
Zhao Lianglai did Pingzhang politics. Although some people think it belongs to consorts, they dare not say it in person, especially in front of Su Yonglin.
Su Yonglin, this obviously belongs to the cronies who control the state affairs, so it is better to stand up to him even if you can’t see anything.
After this heavy life, Su Yonglin ordered Kong Zheng’s ritual department to preside over the ritual work.
Then he ordered Kong Zheng’s good friend Zhou Jiang’s left assistant to match Kong Zheng with a good assistant.
The only way to add sand to the ritual is to appoint Yelujin, an official of the former Khitan people in the Jin Dynasty, as the right assistant minister of the ritual.
The three people joined together to express their passion for Su Yonglin.
Although Su Yonglin arranged a Khitan to the Ministry of Ritual, Kong Zheng and Zhou Jiang were of one mind, and one was still the other was the left assistant minister, which could crush Yelujin to death.
Yelujin can’t stand up.
The Ministry of Rites seems to be nothing, but it controls the whole process of the imperial examination and recommends it to the emperor. Officials are all selected by the Ministry of Rites. Although the official department is personally controlled by Su Yonglin, what can be done if there is no problem in the talent election?
From the perspective of outsiders of Kong Zheng’s Miao nationality, it is true that the first ritual of the new dynasty is "real name return"
In the Khitan Yelujin, it’s not too abrupt that he used to be a high-ranking official in the Jin State Ritual Department, and now he is cautiously arranged in the new Dynasty Ritual Department.
Nevertheless, some people feel that it is a bit inappropriate to arrange a Khitan to the ceremonial department of the symbol of the beauty of Chinese etiquette.
However, Su Yonglin decided that it is not easy for them to openly oppose it, that is, they can say that in the future, Yelujin will either be a mascot or get rid of it directly.
The Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Finance are the two big heads after the problem of the Ministry of Ritual is solved.
Su Yonglin ordered Yelu Yuanyi, a former official of the Khitan people in the Jin Dynasty, to be appointed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs as the left assistant minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Chen Jichang, who was born in Shandong, and to be appointed as the right assistant minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Yanyun Han Han Shiling.
Yelu Yuanyi originally took the initiative to leave the army after the surrender of troops, and joined Yelu Chenghui to transfer to the civilian system and bid farewell to the army completely.
I have to say that he is still very clever in this line, rewarding him for his cleverness and his hard work. Although Su Yonglin doesn’t like him very much, he still ordered him to be a civil servant.
Yu Jichang and Han Shiling, of course, are very difficult to deal with when they come, but it is rare for the second and third leaders in a department to get along well, right?
Su Yonglin doesn’t care that they just want to get things done, nor does Su Yonglin care how many quarrels and infighting there are in private.
If they go too far, Skynet will tell Su Yonglin.
Followed by the Ministry of Finance.
The Ministry of Finance is a big department in charge of money, which is of great significance. The powerful emperor did not take the financial problem as a problem that he had to reach out and manage. Even if he did not go to Jiajing for decades, he would be very concerned about the financial problem.
So Su Yonglin reasoned and decided to give our own people a chance.
He ordered his family to be born in Lin Jingchun, the Ministry of Finance, and the Bohai official Li Baocheng, the left assistant minister of the Ministry of Finance, to be born in Cao Kai, the right assistant minister of the Ministry of Finance.
Lin Jingchun has helped him manage his financial problems since they were smugglers, and he was also the head of logistics finance after he became an army.
Over the past three years, the recovery army has not been without financial difficulties, but Lin Jingchun has never made any mistakes.
His efforts to maintain the normal financial operation can be described as hard work.
So his cronies can’t help themselves, but Jingchun, who was born in ordinary agriculture and forestry, can be promoted to the position of big housekeeper of the new country by virtue of his own collar.

This post is naturally the result of Xiao Hege and others.

Before joking, I played chess with Fang Xiang. Brother He was led by Fang Xiang, but after all, he is a senior member of the Ministry. How can he watch himself being calculated by a gangster?
This post was published at his behest and instantly received tens of millions of hits.
And Fang Xiang’s body was thus covered with a cloud of doubt.
Who the hell is this dreamer F?
This has almost become the biggest problem in the mind of every fantasy westward journey player.
Because they never thought that there could be a dream friend in the dream westward journey, which could attract the old urk, the new urk, the lazy family, the wolf-loving and meditation.
It is estimated that even Suk, brother sk in their hearts, can’t do it. After all, the new urk is famous for not buying anything, and it seems that there is no news after quitting the stage of Fantasy Westward Journey. This time, it suddenly appears that this player called Dreamer F has spent a lot of money to the end.
However, there are still some people in Fantasy Westward Journey who know a little about it.
Although these two English letters f can be translated into Chinese, they have many names, such as Feng and Ah, but it will be a little interesting if they are linked with the new urk.
Because of the fantasy westward journey, many people still remember that the captain’s name of the new urk seemed to be Fang Xiang.
It is also this point that the dream world has raised an uproar, but also for this speculation, no one has come to light, and everyone has vaguely strengthened their own ideas.
Especially those teams that were defeated by the new urk in the past are even more worried. The thunder offensive of the new urk in the past has made all of them remember.
Moreover, the captain of the new urk is the youngest player at the top of the pyramid of fantasy westward journey command.
If this dreamer F is really the former new urk captain and the new urk commander.
Then the dream world will definitely shake the earth!
What does the combination of old urk and new urk mean? !
Which team can stop them in today’s dream?
But at the moment, I am still laughing and slapping with Han Xuanxuan, Ruoshui, Guangguang and others in the dormitory. I don’t know that because of his live broadcast yesterday, the whole dream world has set off waves.
And some people are gratified; Someone is excited; Someone is excited; Some people cry and some people are annoyed; Some people are shocked; Some people are afraid
But when it comes to fear, there is nothing more frightening than the arry team.
Because the former elite cup noodle arry team insulted the dreamer team severely!
And then the eyes came to this Jingwu Tianshen League. Their goal was to set the championship. Because of this Jingwu Tianshen League, they prepared too much. It is impossible to make them give up that root. If they really want to win the championship, they will have a hard fight with the dreamer team …
Chapter two hundred and seventy-five Growth
Three days is fleeting.
At night, the wind blows the face of every fantasy westward journey player with a coolness.
Fudan university dream westward journey society
Fang Xiang and his party sat in front of the brain.
Today is before and after the preliminary round of Jingwu Tianshen League. There are 3 teams in the elite world.
These 300 teams are not suspected to be Daguang teams, and their departments are all the best in the elite circles from all areas of Fantasy Westward Journey.
As previously speculated by the arry team and sk team.
This year, the old urk appeared in the Jingwu Tianshen League, and then the gold content was several times higher than before after a strong wave of live broadcast. Some 9-level teams that used to be indifferent to the world also joined the ranks of this Jingwu Tianshen League.
These ideas are not particularly intended.
He wants to ask a few questions
When did you meet the arry team
How many rounds to get the arry team
How long does it take to win the championship?
These problems are that his team didn’t dare to imagine this time when he participated in the elite group of Jingwu Tianshen League, but when he came here, it seemed to be the simplest problems.
Because I think the answer here has already been written.
This time, their dreamer team has long been different. Even if they meet arry again, they will never be beaten back as before. Moreover, they already knew about the arry team’s elite cup earlier. He knew that the arry team had been preparing for the cause, and that the cause was when the arry team prepared for the Jingwu God League and met sk and Gulangyu, but Fang thought it was dismissive.
It’s been several months since I returned to the Fantasy Westward Journey. During these months, the level of command of Li Fang has been restored to 70%. Although I have touched the top level of the pyramid of the Fantasy Westward Journey for the time being, the level of command of Li Fang has been much higher than that of meditation and others.
Moreover, I have absolute confidence in hardware. After all, at this time, there are five people in their dreamer team who have reached millions of hardware, except himself. Others suspect that it is not the top hardware in this era of Fantasy Westward Journey!
Besides, even if the arry team really prepared a cause, didn’t their dreamer team?
Urk, the end of the strong franchisees want to make a fatal blow when they don’t tell people that it is the key except for a few dreamers.
It was also that night.
Magic city airport
A flight to Europe took off slowly.
At the end of the airport, when I watched the flight fly up and turn around, my eyes turned red. Although it was simple to meet Suk, there were too many fetters in reality, and now they are all at the age of freezing. At this age, they will encounter many problems in real life, such as work, marriage and so on
I am really full of feelings about the ending of the dream westward journey, otherwise I wouldn’t take the initiative to tell Han Xuanxuan that I want to accompany the dreamer team.
Sook’s departure did not cause much repercussions in the magic capital or fantasy westward journey circle, and it was well known that there were few people who left Sook.

Hidden in the fog and flame, Chu Renjie first glanced at the’ then-class’ body and then his eyes flickered and asked tentatively, "Daoyou is wearing the doorway of Daliao Starry Gate, but the Starry Gate is frozen, Wan Li Wan Changqing Brother?"

The old man brushed his beard and opened his eyes. "Exactly!"
"Ha ha! No wonder there is such a thing as Xuan Bing gas in the pavilion. "Chu Renjie asked with a smile." It seems that Brother Wan must ask an answer? "
"That’s right!"
"So do other people mean the same thing?" Chu Renjie glanced at the other people in the carriage again. There are many ways to go. Their superficial self-cultivation gas comes out from the dozens of then-level body-piercing bodies, and Wan Changqing’s attitude is self-evident.
Chu Renjie smiled and dispersed the flames around him. "In this case, I will give you an answer. In fact, this matter is still agreed, and your destination is nothing more than that thing. I don’t know if it is right?"
"Hey hey! Half a day ago, the artifact was born. First, it fell into my Nantiandi Palace. A younger brother didn’t want to be in my palace. But in a minute, he was brutally killed. The artifact was also taken away by people. The location was ten miles away from Liuzhou City. "
I heard that Wan Changqing suddenly sneered, "Your brother in the palace was killed by others, and the artifact was not taken away by us! It’s not reasonable to leave us here when we can’t find the murderer and things? "
Chu Renjie gave him a cold look and bowed his hand to the crowd. "This matter is nothing for you, but I have it in Nantiandi Palace to hunt down the murderer."
"At that time, I received information from Nantiandi Palace, which blocked all the passages in Fiona Fang six miles. Now more than 2,000 younger brothers in my palace are trawling in this area. If we let this floating rail car go, the murderer will not sneak into the car to escape-"
"Hum! There’s always a time limit for searching, right? It is impossible to leave us here forever in the name of searching! "
"I naturally know this." Truman nodded his head and looked more solemn. "Please give us an hour and a time limit! During this period, you can move freely if you don’t leave this floating train. When I find out the murderer in Nantiandi Palace or when we agree, I will let Nantiandi Palace go free no matter what the situation is at that time. What do you think? "
"This is the bottom line of my Nantiandi Palace! If you insist on not allowing it, then Nantiandi Palace will try its best to keep you here even if it tries to offend the sects behind you! "
Wan Changqing frowned, revealing a thoughtful face, thoughtfully for a moment and suddenly nodded.
And the rest of the’ then level’ although never speak in order to give meaning to cut are also recognized meaning Truman don’t say more turned and left the car left a mess.
Seeing this scene, Jiang Xiaoyi is almost white.
The ins and outs of the car, which many fix the true, turned out to be waiting for him. If the tight encirclement in Nantiandi Palace is really tight enough, then this train may be the only way to escape, and the murderer has a chance to hide in this car.
Now it’s up to us to see if the murderer can escape the search of Nantiandi Palace at this time. It seems that this drama has just begun!
"Ha ha! Hello, little friend. It’s a long night, old and sleepy. I wonder if little friend would like to play chess with me, a bad old man? "
Just thinking about the situation clearly, shaking his head and laughing, he was about to get up and leave. A 70-year-old Xu Bai, pale as a jujube, was sitting in front of him while Jiang Xiao was away from home, dragging a white jade chessboard in his hand. It was not a kind of chess that Jiang Xiao had seen in his previous life, but a kind of chess similar to this world, which was called a famous chess game in wartime, and the old man turned out to be one of the dozens of then levels.
Eyes with a surprised look at each other, Jiang Xiaoyi looked at the sky outside the window. At this time, it was just sunset, and there was still a glimmer of sunset glow on the horizon. It was too early to leave in a hurry and smiled. "I’m afraid I have to disappoint my predecessors. This flag is small!"
"Oh?" Opposite the white old man’s eyebrows, I can’t check that chess is very popular in China. From Yan Guonan’s theory, whether it’s a rich house or a rising bucket of Wang, will it mean more to say that the masked boy across the street is so afraid or evasive?
Cha Yan knows the meaning and Jiang Xiaoyi laughs. "Don’t misunderstand that this war chess is really not going to happen. Otherwise, if the predecessors really feel chatting, I will teach you a kind of xinqi in China?"
As soon as this remark came out, Shen Yingxiong couldn’t help but look at Jiang Xiaoyi in amazement. Since they met each other, Jiang Xiaoyi was inseparable. In his eyes, Jiang Xiaoyi was simply a practicing madman. Most of the time every day, he was exercising his vitality and the remaining land of Taoism was also spent in the library. He had never seen Jiang Xiaoyi play any chess with anyone, let alone xinqi Clock.
And the old man across the street is also surprised at the color "China is planted in xinqi? Ha ha! An old man is a good chess player all his life. What kind of chess have you never seen before? Even in ancient times, it was almost chess-losing and old-fashioned. If it is really the old-fashioned place in China today, you must see it. "
After that, I threw the white jade chessboard into the ring, and the veteran stretched out his hand with sleeves and made a gesture, "Please, little friend!"
Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t refuse to look around. After a stroke, the palm of his hand was on the desktop, and the 19 equal-distance notches suddenly appeared at the dining table. He reached out and made a few final seals and then held them in a fist. The people first poured a little bit of force from the hole in his fist, and then fell from the fist to form a smooth and round chess.
"Ha ha! Xiaoyou, your skill is not simple! The achievements of these little friends alone are no longer in those five-sided young dragons. It seems that your appearance should not be over 20 years old. Which of the three young dragons is the unknown little friend? "
The old man’s eyes are quite meaningful. Looking at Jiang Xiaoyi, leaving those nicks on the table in front of the masked teenager has nothing to do. Those who fix the truth after the congenital period can easily do it. But behind it, by making chess means, it needs a strong force to control it, and the transformation method is as good as a letter. This understanding of the Tao is not like a teenager’s hand. As far as the old man knows, even some old people may not be able to get it half.
"The seniors didn’t guess that I was Xibai and Zhong Sun Zhaonu?" Ginger smiled and asked, while the right palm continued to transform the chess, which was black and white with 111 grains each.
"Xibai and ZhongSunZhao slave? Ha ha! These two people are in this carriage. Of course you can’t be them! " The old man shook his head and saw that Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t want to answer and no longer asked. It was a slight smile on his mouth and his eyes looked at the desktop.
Ginger smiled at the smell speech and looked at the position where the young man in white was sitting with amazement. Since Zhong Sun Zhaonu was also in this carriage, it was most likely that the young man in plain white had expected this man to be extraordinary, but he didn’t want him to be one of the five-sided young dragons. This man had a full face of worries and didn’t know it was because.
I was thinking that the old man suddenly laughed again and asked, "Little friend, I think these 19 vertical and horizontal straight lines should be chessboards, but this black and white round stone is the right chess, but I don’t know what it is?"
Jiang Xiaoyi smiled and put a black in Tianyuan’s position. "As you can see, the chess is divided into black and white, and the black player goes first. The chessboard is made up of 19 pieces in vertical and horizontal directions with equal distance to form 361 intersections. The chessboard is marked with nine dots called stars, and the central star is also called Tianyuan. The chess can be placed at these points. The adjacent points are the points of the chess’ Qi’ line. If there are chess of the same color, then these chess will be connected with each other.
w w w
Jiang Xiaoyi explained that the rules of Go were simple and brief, and it was not long before he explained them clearly. Although it was the first time he came into contact with the old man, he was fascinated by the charm of Go. At this time, Jiang Xiaoyi had other thoughts in his heart. This old man couldn’t have just played chess when he was looking for him. Otherwise, so many people in the restaurant would come to him instead of looking for him. But he couldn’t guess what the other party was for.
Suddenly, there was a strong uneasiness in the young man’s heart, and he looked to the north almost without thinking, and the imperceptible sorrow emerged in his eyes.
The two hundred and fortieth analysis
So you have arrived outside the suburbs of Zhenzhou? "
"It’s always patrol adults! We are now seven kilometers away from the center of Zhenzhou, and we will enter Zhenzhou in about two minutes, but chief inspector, are you sure you want to do this? "
"Why? Are you dissatisfied with my decision? "
"It’s a little strange to be dissatisfied with the general patrol, but it’s not a genus. It’s hard to imagine that this order came from a wise man like you at this time."
"oh? Ha ha! I’d like to hear what’s wrong with attacking Zhenzhou at this time. If you can come up with enough reasons, I will consider withdrawing this order. If not, continue to do as I tell you! "
"My Lord! You know! " The man’s face shown in the water mirror image suddenly showed excitement.
"Now Tianque Gate is far away from us in Tongding City! Not only have three S-class masters then and A-class combat power, but also as many as three brigades, which is by no means what we can compete with now. I think what the Gongye family should do at this time is to recuperate, restore and supplement the strength of Xisi House and reach an alliance agreement with Wansheng Tiangong in Yuexu Gate as soon as possible, instead of rushing to trade with Tianjuemen and opening the war again! "
"Ha ha ha! Say yes! " The master clapped his hands and smiled. "But you seem to have forgotten that facing Tianquemen is not just our Xisifu, but the whole Gongyejia!"
"But the total tour adults! Have you forgotten? Now it’s not Qi Xiongfei but Jiang Xiaoyi who is the landlord of Dingcheng! That 16-year-old was promoted to an S-class master, claiming that the younger generation is witty and smiling! And now Tianquemen is located in Tongdingcheng’s headquarters, but the defense evaluation is S-class frontline base.
"And a considerable part of our Gongye family’s strength is contained in the downtown area and the core area of the north center, which is also an undercurrent. If you want to move the clan force and fight the battle, it is not impossible, but it can last for three days at most. Once other forces react, you must return to the general patrol adult. Are you really sure that you can completely defeat that person in three days? Moreover, behind Tongdingcheng, it is even bigger than Gongye’s family. Face-to-face war words may not be three days, and reinforcements will arrive at Tianquemen Mountain North Branch in the neighboring province, but it has considerable strength. Although it is necessary to fight against Yuexu Gate, it can still be done with a little help. "
"What! On the whole, I think it is extremely unwise to attack at this time! I will carry out your orders, but please ask the chief inspector to think twice about the fate of the Gongye family! "
"yes! Not bad! Gong ye tu ling, you impress me! At present, there are guys everywhere clamoring for revenge with Tianquemen’s fighting power. Few people are as calm as you. "The voice owner made no secret of his appreciation in his eyes, and at this time, a diagonal hook was bent at his mouth." But what if I told you that Jiang Xiaoyi is not in Tongdingcheng now, but thousands of kilometers away in South Vietnam? "
"How is that possible? Just this afternoon, our informant in Tongding City saw him on business with his own eyes. How could he not be in Tongding City? I wonder where the Chief Inspector got the information? " With this surprise in the voice.
"This you don’t-forget it! To tell you the truth, the news came from a mysterious organization. You should have heard that Quedao Law School was blocked for three years before the Chinese New Year because of the mysterious killer, right? This mysterious force claimed to be the mastermind of this incident when it joined us. They think that the man in Tongdingcheng is actually a fake. "
"I have heard of that incident! After all, that damn little guy across the street just popped out of Tianquemen because of that. How can he not know? Since the news came from them, there is still some credibility. Has our intelligence organization confirmed it now? "
"There is no Tongding City, and the defense there is very strict. Our method is close to Jiang Xiaoyi, which also proves the truth and falsehood. However, the owner judges that Jiang Xiaoyi may not be in Tongding City by sixty percent."
"So this attack on Zhenzhou is actually a tentative move?"
"You guessed right. That’s what the Lord means! This time, we just want to see what the reaction of Tongding City is after we occupied Zhenzhou City. But once they respond to our expectations, you must do your best to ensure that the attack force of the Gongye family is completely evacuated from Zhenzhou as far as possible! "
"I don’t understand that adults can rest assured that this matter will be handed over to me. Gongye Tuling will never let you and your master down!"
The water mirror gradually penetrated with the disappearance of the Chinese image, and then turned into beads of water to dissipate around.
Looking back, Gong Yeche sighed and looked at the desktop in front of him. It was three pieces of paper with images. Each piece of paper was painted with a teenager. One half of his face was wearing a silver mask, and the eyebrows were also stopped by a round decoration. From his eyebrows, he should be quite young, but his face should be very good at the age of 20. The other one was a fat teenager with a top hat and a face, and the last one was a teenager who was just twelve years old.
Are these three people really smiling at them in South Vietnam? Is this information true or false? From the appearance of these three people, it seems that there is nothing special. However, the place covered by the masks, hats and decorations worn by the first two people is precisely the characteristics of Jiang Xiaoyi and Shen Hero! But at this time, how could they easily leave Tongcheng? Or is this just a trap?
As far as he is concerned, he will never agree to this test. After all, now the Gongye family is still short of manpower in Dongsi Mansion, and it has not yet returned to the level of a month ago. In the confrontation with Tongding City, it is also completely in the spirit of the wind and the road.
Those 50 people are precious to the Gongye family now, and their strength will make them weaker.
Rubbing his eyebrows, Gong Yeche was lying on his back in the back of the chair. Since the plan was finalized, there has always been an uneasiness in his heart. Originally, he had an illusion about Jiang Xiao’s fear, but now this uneasiness has become more and more intense. He almost reached out to Xun Crystal to call Gong Yetu Ling back, but at the end of each time, he withdrew his hand.
Because he saw around.
This is a flat room of about 200 square meters, with no windows and an air vent. From the perspective of dozens of water mirrors on the four walls, it should be a monitoring room. However, there are repair marks in many places on the walls, and even some brown spots can be seen in some corners, although they are very, very secret.
Just over half a month ago, his favorite nephew died in this room, and with the death of Gongye, the power of Gongye family declined sharply.
And all this is caused by the purple boy who is less than sixteen years old!

Haikui’s eyes are still open, but he can be seen glaring ahead. Suddenly, his fat smile solidified Haikui’s finger.

Then there were cracks in the ice around him, and more and more cracks were dense.
Fat fast hit method definitely wants to speed up the ice to continue to freeze.
However, a whirlpool appeared in Haikui Center, which quickly absorbed the aura of heaven and earth, and his lost aura was rapidly replenished.
"How did this happen?" Fat muttered to himself
Fat feels that the Reiki Department in the Five-Spirit Illusion Bead gathers in Haikui’s body, and even the Lingshi Spiritual Force that supports the operation of the Five-Spirit Illusion Bead is sucked away.
The ice in it melts quickly and becomes water, and then it becomes aura and is quickly absorbed by Haikui.
After a while, the water in God was absorbed, the sky faded and the earth disappeared. At this time, Haikui could see himself in a huge object like a glass ball.
The red light in his expression eyes flickered, and Zhen Yuan was supplemented. Pang Dazhen Yuan Li was running and slashing his sword, and a sword awn connecting heaven and earth suddenly appeared.
"I depend!" Fat blurted out and quickly decided to make a whole transformation. Fat came to this five-spirit illusion bead, holding a purple staff in his hand, and resisted Haikui’s sword in one fell swoop!
His figure was quickly beaten in this Xiaotian field, and it took hundreds of thousands of miles to stabilize his figure, but his clothes suddenly blew back and brought great wind.
Fat and dignified, I didn’t expect Haikui to get stronger as soon as he got there. Just this sword made him struggle. He waved his hand and a yellow paper appeared in his hand and threw it at Tianyi and shouted, "Seal!"
Haikui looked cold and ignored what Fat was doing. Flying sword raised another sword. Behind him, Ba opened his mouth and spit out a white mist and swept away towards Fat.
Fat saw Haikui Jianmang and spun his staff round and round to break up Haikui Jianmang, but Naha spit out the fog and came towards him.
Fat and dignified, he knows what that black guy is. Although he looks a bit like a turtle, I have to say that that guy is a dragon after all. That’s the dragon’s unique stunt!
Dragon’s breath, the dragon’s body has a strong physical body to enhance mana, but it has a strong corrosion on other things.
Fat figure suddenly a pull willing to spit out a sigh of relief really force to form a hurricane to bully spit dragon’s breath to blow away.
God, that yellow paper is getting bigger and bigger, covering the sky and covering Haikui Fang.
The ripple force slowly drops from the paper and hangs over Haikui and Ba.
Fat bit the tip of the tongue over there, and a mouthful of JingXie sprayed on the sky yellow paper, prompting his JingXie.
Slowly, the rune of the cinnabar painting twisted up and finally escaped from the yellow paper and wound towards Haikui and Ba.
Fat waved his hand and took the staff back in his hand.
Haikui looked up at the rune, but his eyes were red. After reading it, he looked at the fat mouth and hung up a cruel smile.
Fat to see him smile heart thumped.
Haikui’s sword with one hand and backhand with one hand suddenly gave directions in his abdomen, and his breath suddenly rose!
The rapid increase in weight feels the peak of Yuan Ying in the early stage, Yuan Ying in the middle stage and Yuan Ying in the late stage.
The fat man scolded, "Are you paralyzed? Are you crazy?" But after he shouted, he felt inappropriate. If he was not crazy, he would die. If he was crazy, there would be a difference between death and death!
Fat repair is a line higher than Haikui in the middle and late period of Yuanying. If Haikui is not crazy, then he can still beat him, but this guy actually burns Yuanying’s strength to upgrade.
Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! Fat cursed in his heart, and the staff rippled forward a little. He opened his mouth and recited the mantra, and the whole person disappeared into the five-spirit illusion bead and appeared in the dark outside.
Haikui corners of the mouth hung with a cruel smile. He looked up at Tian Fu’s paper, and the true force converged to fly sword, making a buzzing vibration, but the sword awn did not split out, but it showed itself automatically. He wanted to gather all the true force into a sword and split out an earth-shattering sword.
The flying sword is shaking more and more violently, and suddenly, a light sound comes to Hai Kuilian. This sword has a layer of obstacles that have not been broken. At this time, it is a coincidence that it has broken a layer of seal!
How powerful this sword is!
The red rune on the face is almost printed on Haikui’s body. Haikui suddenly cut off the sword with a real force.
With a sword, the rune KaKa was cut in half without any obstacles, and the yellow paper was cut in half through the sword awn, losing its mana and slowly falling.
It’s not over yet. The powerful sword continues to shake Haikui’s body. He is a little weak, but the bully suddenly rushes to carry Haikui and rushes out after the sword mans.
Sword mans quickly blink of an eye and come to the end of this little world, click a loud noise, and fat is tongue-tied outside. Although I have expected that the sudden promotion of Haikui is not what he can deal with, I didn’t expect it to be so strong!
Five Spirit Magic Beads were cut into two halves, and the mana quickly passed away. Haikui’s figure suddenly appeared in the fat disposal method, and the sword mans had not disappeared and rushed towards the fat.
Fat waved his staff to block the zither. Fat spit out one mouthful blood for one second. His body was played at the same time. This sword awn was still marching. Finally, it was torn. This broken array rumbled and continued to go at fat.
Chapter 17 is missing
Haikui and his fat figure appeared in reality, because Haikui just transferred the true force to the flying sword. Without enough true force, he shook two stone tablets and restored the original Fengwu Literature Network in a flash.
The fat body quickly retreated, and the sword was still powerful, chasing him and moving on. He couldn’t open his mouth and spit out one mouthful blood. The purple stick became bigger and fatter, and his body accelerated and fled towards the distance!
Tieao was stunned at this scene in the distance. He didn’t expect Martial Uncle to escape. Haikui rushed out of Martial Uncle’s illusion!
At this time, Haikui’s eyes were red and his body was rough because of a lot of real power and vitality, and his hair turned gray. He was as horrible as a mummy there.
Iron proud life watching not only from the bottom of my heart tremble, he didn’t dare to lie prone body breath convergence.
Haikui glared angrily and left fat, but he had lost his pursuit like a river that was about to dry up
There are two lines of turbid tears in red eyes, and the roar of the sky is shocking. The subway is proud to feel that its scalp has been lifted.
Haikui roared with all his life.
After yelling, I turned my fat magic weapon into a five-spirit magic bead and my own flying sword. I took a look at this world and his consciousness slowly recovered. He knew that he was dying, and his parents were sorry. I will accompany you.
He stamped his foot gently, and slowly lowered the soil to a depth of several thousand meters, and slowly closed his eyes. At this moment, his vitality also failed to support, and he slowly slowed down.
Fat keeps running away in front, and that huge sword has been following him like locking him in the target, so he won’t give up until he is beheaded.
The fat figure is very fast, but it also attracts the attention of other practitioners, because the fluctuation of the real yuan is too strong to scare many people. Although there are many practitioners, there are not many monks who have crossed the yuan baby in this mainland.
Fat body cold sweat straight drop, he has tried his best to endure the sword mans chasing him for days and nights, but he won’t disappear. The real yuan consumes too fast. If the sword mans can’t stop, I’m afraid he won’t be able to hold on!
On this day, Fat flew over the mountain and suddenly widened in front of his eyes. There was green everywhere, and Fat quickly glanced at it and confirmed that he had come to the boundless grassland!
Suddenly, two lights flashed in the distance and came towards him. The fat heart looked a little tight and looked close. The face was happy and shouted, "Tong Daoyou Cao Daoyou, come and help me!"
Tong Cao and his wife felt the strong fluctuation of the real yuan, and they were so bold to release the powerful real yuan. You can see that it is fat. Look at the sword mans chasing behind him. Their hearts are all surprised than this. They know that Yuan Ying’s mid-term peak is not in this place, but it is also rare. I didn’t expect that someone could drive him so embarrassed!
Without saying anything, the two of them offered their magic weapons one after another. The surname Tong Shuang walked out of a tall skeleton with a evocation banner and a shaking soul banner. The skeleton warrior held a broadsword and the surname Tong reached out a little. In the future, the eye socket of the dark hole suddenly flashed green light and waved a knife at the sword mountain.
The surname Cao holds a flying sword in his hand and reverses the blade, while the other hand moves forward a little, and there is a click sound. His left hand shows blue ice crystals at the speed visible to the naked eye, and his left hand pushes forward, and a chill is directed at the fat, and there is a click sound.
Fat hurriedly dodged the two tricks and came to the two men to hold the fist. "Thank you for your help!"
TongZhen laughed "Li Daoyou welcome"
Just then, the sword-mans skeleton war has collided and made a sound. The sword-mans actually split the skeleton war in two.
Tong Zhen immediately turned green and pointed out, "What master have you offended, Li Daoyou?" With a wave of his hand, he collected the chopped skeleton warriors and put them away.

"Kui Shao Emoko told you to cancel the bar today and let us listen to your arrangement today," Yingying said with a charming smile at Haikui.

Haikui nodded slightly and picked up the table wine. Taking a sip of fruit beer tastes sweet.
Yingying sat down beside Haikui, stretched out her hand and took Haikui’s arm. She rubbed her fairly plump chest at Haikui and laughed. "It’s still early for Kuikui. Do you want to have a good time first?"
Haikui gave her a sidelong glance and said coldly, "Can’t you see that I’m underage and you seduce me like this?"
Yingying giggled and trembled, and put her face in Haikui’s ear and asked softly, "You’re not still a virgin, are you?"
This sentence deeply hurt Haikui. He glared at Yingying. Although this woman looks ordinary, she has a good figure. She didn’t push her and said coldly, "She was not a virgin when she was in primary school."
Yingying smiled and reached out and touched Haikui’s body. Haikui’s consciousness flashed back and asked, "What are you doing?"
Yingying laughed. "Sister, what do I think of you as a tender chick? Do you want to be with your sister? "
Haikui stared at Yingying and pushed her. "I’m not interested. If you sit here, you will sit quietly. You will go elsewhere to find you in Ximen Qing." Haikui has no interest in this kind of woman who is fooling around with men.
Yingying doesn’t get angry when she listens to him, giggling and pointing to Haikui’s face, saying, "You don’t look at what virtue your face is, and you are still pretending here." Then she gouged out Haikui with bitterness.
Haikui’s face is full of embarrassment and ugliness, but this sky is really not to his taste, otherwise Haikui will of course want the other party to be ambiguous for a while
Seeing Haikui’s cold eyes, although her body reacted, Yingying also knew that this guy was not interested in herself, and she was no longer self-defeating. She got up and gave Haikui a white look and twisted her ass to find herself a prey.
Haikui picked up the wine and took another sip of his eyes and swept up in the bar.
There is no shortage of beautiful women in the bar, but the makeup is a little glamorous. Haikui doesn’t like heavy makeup women’s faces. Most of them look at their buttocks and breasts with bare thighs
A place like a bar should be exposed, but it should not be exposed. It’s much better than squatting in the street and watching beautiful women. Haikui’s eyes are addicted and his heart is refreshing
The line of sight just swept from right to left and from left to right, and then Haikui took out the words and dialed Ma Mengmeng’s words.
The words were quickly connected to Ma Mengmeng’s slightly flat voice "Haikui"
"What are you doing? Are you still at your grandmother’s house? " Haikui asked
"Yeah, where are you? And music?" Ma Mengmeng asks.
"Oh, there’s something I just want to tell you-you go to the back lobby of the train yourself late, and I’ll call you when I arrive." Haikui didn’t want to tell her where she was.
Ma Mengmeng also didn’t ask more oh a direct hung up the phone.
Just after hanging up, Haikui looked up and saw a cool scene.
A woman is holding the dance floor with her hands, and a man is leaning sideways behind her, holding her waist with one hand and holding her chest with the other hand, constantly stirring up, although they are wearing clothes, it must be very cool.
Haikui looked at them as if they were two dogs having sex, and suddenly they were a little bloody, thirsty and excited.
Although I have seen this kind of scene in the video, the sensory impact in the real world is stronger.
When he looked excited, he suddenly felt that there was another person beside him who was startled. He blamed himself for looking too intently. When he turned to look, he saw a beautiful woman in front of him. This woman was also heavily made up, but Haikui could see a good face from her makeup, and her figure was also hot.
Wearing a tight dark suspender, shuangfeng was squeezed and rounded, and wearing denim shorts looked sexier than.
Go to Haikui’s side and flick her hot rose-red hair with a smile. "Who is my little brother waiting for here or do you want to meet a beautiful woman?"
Haikui body blood spurts such a monster near immediately feel qi and blood rushed to the forehead suddenly with a snort of instant red face.
"Yo, little brother’s face is so red." The woman sat down beside Haikui and held out her hand to gently touch Haikui’s face.
Although Haikui is generally tall, his temperament has changed since he practiced, giving people a feeling of sunshine. Looking around the bar, he is either drunk in his 40 s or ugly in his 20 s or 30 s. Most of them are ducks and Haikui, so the sunshine naturally attracts some women’s attention.
She gently touched Haikui’s face and smiled. "Little brother, your face is so hot." She said as she moved her position and sat tightly against Haikui, pressing half of her body against Haikui.
Haikui’s eyes burst into a new light, which contained * * eyes staring at the side of the female chest and being attracted to it.
When the woman saw him shining her eyes and looking at her chest, she smiled and said, "Do you want to feel a little brother?" Said reached a block Haikui neck pressure to his chest.
If Haikui wants to resist, even ten such women can’t. Haikui is occupied by * * at this time, and the woman puts his head on his chest.
This is the first time that he has come into contact with a woman’s chest for the first time. How elastic it is! ! ! ! !
He was so excited that he spread his hands on his legs and trembled constantly.
The woman giggled and shook herself gently, and her chest ravaged Haikui’s face.
Haikui shouted in his heart, don’t do this! Don’t! That’s … that’s exciting!
The woman shook for two times and stopped to put her mouth to Haikui’s ear and asked, "Does the little brother want to have sex with his sister?"
In an instant, Haikui felt his ears humming like a steam engine vent, and his mind was white. He was at a loss because of this excitement.
Looking at his fierce physical reaction, but still dull and lovely, the woman giggled and got up and took Haikui’s hand as if with a magic voice and said, "Let’s go, little darling, become immortal with my sister."
Haikui heard the word immortal in his head, and his brain was completely confused. He was able to support the girl, but his eyes were red but he was god.
A virgin like him can’t stand the slightest temptation. Of course, it was the beauty who lured Yingying and tempted him to feel nothing without success.
Men are more visual and think more physically.
Chapter 9 Help
Haikui unconsciously followed this woman up. At this time, he wanted to push her to the ground. This was his only thought. His fingers trembled and he held the woman’s hand hard. The woman frowned slightly and there was some pain. There were many men who were excited to see her, but this young man was excited before he did anything. It looked like a place!
Now that I see sunshine boy, I know that he doesn’t have much experience in this field, but she is still looking forward to it, because this kind of boy is short but fierce and has a lot of times, and he is not unhappy even if he pinches his female hand a little.
Haven’t taken two steps with Haikui, and Haikui suddenly threw this enchanting girl into her arms.
The frightened woman gently pushed Haikui and said, "Brother, don’t worry, we’ll go to the room. Whatever you want."
Haikui consciously shook his head. "No, I want it. I want it. I want you!"
He held the girl tightly and tried to rub her into himself.
He realized that he didn’t want to wait, so he wanted to eat the girl here.
Although the woman is bold, at this time, the bar is full of people who want to eat themselves here after reading this demo. How can this be done?

Emoko smiled awkwardly. "To tell you the truth, I’m in my thirties this year and I haven’t married a daughter-in-law. But since I saw this Yang Yulu, I feel like I’ve lost half of my soul. I can be cruel to other women, but I just can’t be cruel to her. I like her, but I’m afraid she won’t see what I intend to do. She has been taking care of her like this."

Haikui smiled lightly. "But you know what? She doesn’t feel that you like her at all, because she thinks you are quite nice."
Emoko scratched his head and some would "I also know that if I meet a woman in a bar, I can just say it if I like it, but I can really pursue a person without playing, which is what I don’t know at all."
Haikui laughed. "Tiger Brother, you are very good. I like you. Okay, I get it."
Emoko’s face is smiling and he feels bitter at the moment.
"There is another thing," Haikui continued.
"Go ahead, I will do my best to do it within my ability." Emoko’s face is serious and he looks like a gentleman.
Haikui gave him a look and nodded. "It’s strange that you can have such a big bar. Although you are not a gentleman, you are definitely a lean man who can bend and stretch, and you will surely achieve great things."
Emoko has a smile on his face. "Thank you for your compliment." He is also planning to have a chance in his heart. When he meets Liu Zhanfeng’s master, he should learn something from his master or pretend that Sun Zhen is really fucking miserable.
"Yang Chen, you know, is a young man who often comes to your bar with his buddies, Xiaohei, Xiaobao and Guanyu." Haikui slowly talked about another thing about himself.
Emoko twisted his eyebrows and thought for a moment and said, "Oh, you said that the individual has some impressions, but he is a small punk and usually has no friendship."
"Do you have any friendship with me? I want to ask if you are afraid of him?" Haikui touched a bar and asked
"He? That little punk can turn over a finger. He said that he would never dare to go west, "Emoko said triumphantly."
"That’s good," Haikui said with a smile. "I invited them to bring some interesting performances to your bar today, which will definitely make the audience enjoy it."
Emoko shuddered at Haikui’s strange smile. "At your command."
"Well, it’s a deal." Haikui patted Emoko’s shoulder with satisfaction and got up and walked away.
Emoko followed Haikui, and Haikui turned to look at him. "Don’t send it when everything is finished."
Emoko’s face is smiling. "Aren’t we going to arrange a program?"
Haikui waved his hand. "No, you have to follow you for a while. Just tell everyone in your bar to listen to me."
Emoko nodded and watched Haikui out of the office.
Seeing Haikui go out, he exhaled with a wry smile, picked up the steel ball gun, walked to the front seat, pounded around in front of the back wall, hit a secret door and went straight into it.
As soon as Haikui went out, he saw Yang Yulu with a full face of expectation. He was looking forward to seeing Haikui coming out and running quickly. He just wanted to open his mouth and ask Haikui to give her a victory gesture and said, "It’s done. It’s agreed with Emoko that you will come with me tonight."
"really?" Yang Yulou some don’t believe it
"Why should I lie to you? Why don’t you go in and ask Emoko?" Haikui’s face is always smiling.
Yang Yulu stared at Haikui carefully for a while and found that he didn’t look like a liar and hung up a happy smile.
Hai Kui took out his ticket and handed it to Yang Yulu. "Make a phone call according to this train number and order a ticket, regardless of the berth and hard seat."
Yang Yulu took the Haikui ticket and nodded.
"All right, you go and do it. After that, you go straight home and talk to your mother and wait for me in the train waiting hall!" Haikui reached out and said, "Give me your mobile phone."
Yang Yulu is very obedient and handed the phone to Haikui.
Haikui entered her number into her mobile phone and handed it back to her. "Here’s my number. Call me if anything happens. Go."
Yang Yulu stupefied and nodded. I don’t know what this boy said. She didn’t even think about listening to him.
Haikui watched Yang Yulou’s building and then turned to the man at the door and said, "Where did the brother who called names just now go?"
The man was one leng and then said, "In that lounge" refers to the end of the corridor.
Haikui went straight to the door of the lounge and said that he slammed the door and kicked it. When he saw it, the little swearing boy was sitting by the window smoking.
The people inside were stunned first, and then when they saw that it was Haikui, they immediately became furious. "You are paralyzed. Who are you? How dare you kick the door?"
"Wait a minute, I’ll see if your tone can be so hard." Haikui said coldly.
The man who showed Haikui the way hurriedly came to "I said, brother, you should also know Emoko just now. Forget it. This little temper is strange. Let’s go." The man came to gently pull Haikui.
Haikui raised his eyebrows and said, "Old temper is strange."
Smoking small, throwing cigarette butts on the ground without saying anything, opening your mouth and spitting at Haikui. Haikui flashed sideways and asked coldly, "What’s your name?"
"Paralysis, I’ll call you dad" and he rushed to Haikui in two steps to lift a foot and kick it over.
Haikui’s eyes shrank and sneered, "I can’t kill you with this sentence." Understandably, he raised his right hand high and suddenly rolled at him.
The young man raised his arm to resist, but for them, is the power of cultivating immortals beyond the reach of a mortal? A punch on the directly hit him in the ground pain muttered.
Haikui stepped on his head and asked, "What’s your name?"
"I call you dad!" Even if it is hit to the ground, it is still stubborn.
Haikui sneered, "Well, I’ll waste your legs today and let you crawl around."
The man behind hurriedly came to hold Haikui. "This brother doesn’t need such a heavy hand. I think you are also a friend of Emoko, otherwise there will be no one in our bar?"
"I don’t care about everyone in your bar," Haikui said arrogantly.
"Brother, I respect you, at least you should respect me," said the man, who was still in a good temper.
Chapter 97 Become immortal with your sister.
Haikui looked back at him for three seconds and said, "Well, I’ll spare him once in your face. What’s your name?"
"My name is Wu Dong," said the man behind.
"Good Angkor, I’ll sell you a face today." Haikui stepped on the little back a little bit, then turned his head and held out his hand to Wu Dong and smiled. "Call me Kui Shao, and I hope I can meet you again later."
"We are all friends after meeting politely" Wu Dong also said with a smile.
The little boy suddenly growled and shouted, "Wu Dong, you fucking pick an inside and pick an outside guy, didn’t even help me when you saw me being bullied by outsiders. I fucking fought with your brother for nothing."
Wu Dong gave him a leer and ignored him. He smiled at Haikui. "Brother, you can come to me when you play in the bar later. Although I am not the main thing, it is not bad in the bar."
"Well, I’ll come to you if I have the chance," Haikui said, and walked outside the lounge.
Wu Dong glanced at Mao San Xiao and said, "Mao San, you are not to be taunted." Then he turned and went out.
Mao San squatted on the ground and shouted, "This world has made me afraid of Mao San before I was born. Don’t run away and I’ll kill you."
Wu Dong chased Haikui out from behind and laughed lightly. "Ignore Mao San is a rash man."
"Don’t worry, actually, I didn’t take it to heart. I’m afraid I’ll suffer after being so arrogant." Haikui laughed.
Wu Dong nodded. "Yes, it’s right for you. It’s small, regardless of occasion or time. It’s full of shit if you don’t like people."
Haikui smiled and didn’t pick up this topic again.
Wu Dongzhu went to the stairs and said, "I’ll send you here. My main duty is to protect the third floor."
Haikui stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder. "I will definitely come to you when I have the opportunity after Xie Angkor told me so much." Haikui went downstairs.
He feels quite good about this Wu Dong. Although it is only a few minutes, this person is calm and deliberate, calm and calm in a place like a bar, but what if people have some ideas of their own?
Haikui went down the stairs to the negative first floor. At this time, there were already many guests in the bar, with flashing lights. Handsome men and beautiful women were wandering around looking for their prey, but they were not noisy when they were not happy yet.
I took out my mobile phone and watched it for a while. It was only 6: 22 when I left Chen Yang. For a while, he found an angular position and sat down.
As soon as he sat down, someone came and brought him drinks. Haikui glanced at the woman named Yingying.