It turned out that a few days ago, Luo Yu and Bai Lianxing, Dragon Fire God Jun and others decided to sneak a sneak peek, and then secretly cooperated with Bai Lianxing and others to set up a fourth-order large array around this peach blossom village!

So relying on this situation to reverse the casual lurks in the mountains in the four fields has exposed the eyes of Luo Yu and others naked.
The fake’ Luoyu’ that took the Lei Yin shuttle to leave earlier is just an illusion to enter the Peach Blossom Village two dog!
And Bai Lianxing and others really went to the Five Elements Zonghou Yam Garden. Naturally, they induced the clansmen to keep eyeliner.
First, when the fake’ Luoyu’ entered the Yam Garden, all the aristocratic families would have to wait for a while.
Secondly, if he really stays in the Peach Blossom Village, he can appear in the mountains and seas as a’ rain and three waters’.
Although it’s not as safe as it is in the medicine garden, what’s the difference between being curled up in the medicine garden and the caged bird? Little eye, he can’t enter the medicine garden yet, because he wants two people in this lotus pond to decide whether he should leave or not!
As a result, the three masters and apprentices acted as if they were real in the lotus pond small building, and they just let the four sides spy on them and decided that these three people were ordinary people
At the moment, Luo Yu looked at his eldest brother Xu Hengxuan.
Maybe it’s because I joined the army when I was young. Now, after this period of experience, Xu Hengxuan is not what he used to be. He is loyal and straight-forward. At this moment, Xu Hengxuan is listening carefully to Luo Yu, but his eyes are unusually bright and eager to shine.
Seeing this, Luo Yu asked earnestly, "How are you doing now?"
Xu Hengxuan previously discovered the hidden elixir, so Luo Yu’s method shows how many realms there are.
See master asked Xu Hengxuan smiled "back to master brother new gas refining seven layers".
Looking at Xu Hengxuan’s slight scar on the back of his hand and neck, Luo Yu nodded slightly. He remembered that he missed entering the third floor of refining gas before he went out for experience. It must have been a lot of suffering when he hunted the monster beast at the southern foot of Qingqiu Mountain from the early stage of refining gas to the late stage …
But … this is exactly what he expected to see.
Although his eldest brother has been in the army since childhood, he still seems to have some shortcomings in understanding people’s hearts. This is also the reason why he wants to send Xu Hengxuan to the southern foothills of Qingqiu early for experience. How can he become a giant without going through intrigue and thorns?
Thinking of this Luo Yu, he said, "Can you feel good about repairing it?"
Xu Hengxuan wanted to think and then answered, "Brother Yu Qingqiu’s killing low-order monster beast outside the southern foothills is no different from the past battlefield fighting."
Luo Yu nodded in recognition of Xu Hengxuan, and then said, "Although the monster beast is fierce and bloodthirsty, it is a hundred times better than the unpopular sinister brother. Many times, I am in distress because I don’t hurt others, but others want to take my things and kill me."
I listened to Fang Yi very carefully.
"Oh …?" Luo Yu seemed to have expected it and asked, "Then how do you deal with it?"
Xu Hengxuan scratched his head and revealed a pair of sunny smiles. "My brother has been in the army since childhood, and he is not a lover. Besides, clay figurines still have three points of anger. There is a saying in the army that the brave will fight if they win the battle, but they will fight to the death and will not be refunded. Don’t say that my brother is also lucky. I don’t want to find my brother when I come to those scattered repairs several times. This is smelly and hard …"
Listening to Xu Hengxuan’s words, Luo Yu’s heart naturally knows better than anyone that Xu Hengxuan has never retreated when he is in danger these days! The so-called great luck is also due to two dog’s secret protection.
Two dog although there is no means of attack, but somehow it is also a fourth-order monster beast, not those low-order loose repairs on the periphery of safari.
For a long time, those scattered practitioners found that every time they tried to plot evil things, some strange accidents would happen! Either the monster beast suddenly became violent and crazy, or the inexplicable partner disappeared! Even if Xu Hengxuan is surrounded, something will happen. What kind of things happen frequently?
In the end, the peripheral Sanxiu unanimously recognized that Xu Hengxuan was fantastic, but when he saw Xu Hengxuan, he was frightened, detoured and fled straight, and Xu Hengxuan was so happy that he didn’t want to kill himself to make these Sanxiu feel scared!
Just then, Fang Yi frowned and said, "Big Brother, it’s not good for you."
"Hmm …?" Xu Hengxuan was not angry, but looked at the younger brother who had just met. "What’s wrong with me, younger brother?"
Fang Yi saw the teacher smile and nodded after seeing Luo Yu’s eyes. He said with offence to Xu Hengxuan’s first ceremony, "Will the master elder brother fight for his life with something outside himself?" As the saying goes, staying green is not afraid of not burning wood … "
Xu Hengxuan frowning slightly is otherwise "teacher younger brother, you are still a little bit reasonable. You don’t understand that others want to take away my demon Dan. How can I surrender? It’s a disgrace to the teacher’s reputation! It is not desirable. "
Xu Hengxuan shook his head and waved his hand quite firmly.
"Others don’t know the details of the senior brother?" Fang Yi, on the other hand, hung his head and muttered, "Besides, can the demon Dan be more valuable than life?"
Leaning forward, Xu Hengxuan retorted, "This is not a valuable thing! Is every day is integrity "
At this time, Luo Yu was in a good mood. He looked at the two brothers who were arguing with each other and gently coughed to stop "Ok ~ you need to argue that you should remember the purpose of my five elements when you walk in the future."
When they heard that the purpose of the master’s clan was awe-inspiring, they quickly listened to it.
While Luo Yu solemnly said, "My Zongjian asked Haoran to stand up to the mountains and seas with a hundred thousand troops."
Xu Hengxuan nodded slightly, but after all, he used to be behind the gate of Beiyan, so don’t the two countries have to get off to a famous start before they go to war?
But Fang Yi asked, "Is a teacher like a gift before a soldier?"

After a moment’s silence, King Minhou got up from his seat, put his hands in his pants pockets and paced in the lobby on the first floor before pronouncing. That is to say, he is in a good mood today and wants to tell a story to the audience first to help.

King Wu of Minhou began to tell stories when a master in the industry was idle, and finally he was combined with a fox demon. Just a few days ago, he met him and got the man’s fox demon fit to pieces.
When King Minhou finished shaking his head, he said that there are many restless people in the human world and the demon world, which is really a headache.
King Minhou looked up and turned around, rubbing his fingers against the seat of Ba Wen. They should all be well-behaved.
Minhou Wang’s question is naturally unanswered. Minhou Wang continues to play a monologue alone.
King Minhou pointed to the small safes on the long table and said that he celebrated the slaying of the man, the fox and demon fit. Tonight, he specially hosted a banquet for everyone and auctioned these gadgets for a total of years.
Minhou Wang finished the waiter’s speed and gave the dishes to each table.
My mouth twitched when I saw the food on the table in front of me.
A plate of shredded carrot, a plate of shredded white radish and a plate of shallots mixed with tofu are the dishes at each table.
When the waiter started cooking, Minhou Wang said that he was paying attention to a healthy diet, but he knew that radish and tofu were the first choice for healthy food.
When Wang Hou of Minhou talked about the benefits of radish and tofu, a etiquette lady carried a big round table and put it aside in the lobby on the first floor. Soon, a chef dressed up and walked to the big round table with a tray, which would bring food to the round table for 36 dishes.
When the round table dishes were finished, King Minhou called everyone to start eating. He sat at the round table and began to eat. From time to time, the pronunciation was still praising radish and tofu as healthy food.
I can see the whole Tianhe with the invisible paper man’s eyes.
Segmented reading 239
No one in the restaurant except Minhou Wang went to pick up chopsticks to eat and looked at each other.
King Minhou announced the start of the auction after eating and drinking enough.
At this time, Tianhe Hotel began to have a movement except Minhou Wang Yin. Everyone stared at the long table and small safes, and they all got up from their seats and looked at those small safes in the white clouds.
An auctioneer opened the first safe closest to hand, which contained a red jade pendant in the shape of a heart.
I saw the pendant filled with vitality.
There are no superfluous words. As the auctioneer shouted out the reserve price, the price in Tianhe Hotel increased, and the atmosphere in Tianhe Hotel began to come alive.
When an item is auctioned off, a safe will be opened. As the safe is opened one by one, the items inside are more and more rare.
The person who photographed the object went to the lobby on the first floor with joy, and then returned to the original seat to continue to note a displayed object.
The atmosphere in Tianhe Hotel is getting higher and higher. In the environment, Wang Jing, the marquis of Minhou, sits quietly with his hands resting on the armrest of his seat and his fingers tapping the armrest from time to time.
After the objects were taken out one by one, Bai Linger looked very excited and urged the white clouds to bid, but she shook her head and stared at the last safe in the long table.
When the last safe was opened, Minhou Wang got up from his seat and went to the auctioneer to take the auctioneer’s hammer.
King Minhou made a gesture of silence, but all eyes in Tianhe Hotel were focused on the last object.
At this time, Jiang Yan always got up from his seat and looked at the last object. Staring at the last object in the white clouds, his eyes flashed completely.
This last object is a milky white jade finger.
This banzhi body is full of congenital qi, but these are not the most important things. The most important thing is my eyes. I can see that there is a huge inside the banzhi.
There is a dark gray fog in the big room, and I can’t see through what it is.
I can’t keep calm when I stare at that finger.
When I saw that the demon catcher had something that could make the demon body, I thought it would be great if I could have something like a ring one day.
I can’t believe I actually saw the ring at this moment today.
At this time, Minhou Wang said slowly that the last item was to be taken to someone who had a destiny and the price was high. Of course, the high bid might also be the winner of this last item.
Minhou Wang said that the bottom price of the last item was a penny to announce the start of the auction.
With the announcement of Minhou Wang, the price of Tianhe Hotel was fierce before, and the price has been turned over and over again
King Minhou turned to every price increase pronunciation place with the leisurely appearance of the auction hammer.
As the price has been turning over, the bidding price has gradually decreased. When the bidding price exceeds 500 million, the bidding price is even less.
Lianke Stealth Paper Man I see that Tianhe Hotel can’t continue to increase its price, and it’s all a sigh.
At this time in the white clouds, the pronunciation always drives the price directly to one billion.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-four Things to quit
With this bid in the white clouds, the Tianhe Hotel was silent
Billion, I was drunk when I heard this price. I just broke my heart and wanted to stop thinking about things in front of me
However, after the bidding in the white clouds was exported, the marquis of Minhou didn’t drop a hammer and expose the outer lip corner of the mask with a smile.
The marquis of Minhou spoke again, and the winner of the last item may be the predestined friend or the highest bidder.
Minhou Wang said that everyone in Tianhe Hotel would just call the price once again, and he would then inform whose house the last item was spent.
The pronunciation of Minhou Wang fell to the ground, and everyone began to call out the prices that they could afford. I raised my eyebrows. This Minhou Wang made a decision on the spot, and the price of one billion in the white clouds also followed the people’s offer of one hundred yuan.
When my quotation was exported, I saw that the face of Minhou Wang was facing my side for a few seconds, and the smile increased a lot.
In such a crowded environment, I naturally don’t think Minhou Wang Neng can hear my offer of 100 yuan, and I naturally don’t think that Minhou Wang’s lip smile has increased a lot because of my offer of 100 yuan.

Chapter seven hundred and sixty-four Five advantages

Although people still forbid it, they have to admit that Xu is a person with unique abilities.
Although the 55 people who have been promised to be rescued can’t play their part, the sudden joining of these 55 new troops is also a big boost for everyone, which can be said to be a big boost.
Even if you do this thing, it is enough to win people’s respect and you are worthy of being the leader of reinforcements on this trip.
At the moment, the elders of Baishan asked Xu for advice again, and people’s eyes were also turned to Xu Shen to see what advice this young man with magical medical skills could give.
Xu looked around and then looked at the elders of Baishan. "At present, our fighting capacity is not weak, although it is still inferior to the three members of the outside world, but we have several advantages. The first advantage is that they don’t know the true strength of the reinforcements on our trip. Secondly, it is also true that we have the clan array that is easy to keep but difficult to attack and protect. I believe that this clan array not only has the defense ability of guarding the clan, but also has a fairly strong attack ability. "
Elder Baishan nodded, "This guardian array is created by the first leader of Baishan Sect with six kinds of changeable defenses and six kinds of changeable offensives."
Lou Yulan asked, "I’m afraid there are still some shortcomings?"
Xu nodded and said, "The first advantage and the second advantage are really not enough for us to defeat the victory, and they all know these two advantages very well. Naturally, they will greatly guard against the other three advantages."
Everyone around was surprised to raise their eyebrows.
It’s amazing that we have two advantages. Xu actually said that there are three other advantages besides these two advantages?
When did you have so many advantages when you were beaten by the other side?
If you have enough advantages, will you still be beaten to the head? The three demons also dare not be so arrogant.
Cai Qi narrowed his eyes and said, "Deputy Director Xu can eat indiscriminately but can’t talk nonsense. Even if you say this to stabilize the morale of the people, cheer for everyone, but the five-point advantage is not a small number. Don’t talk nonsense."
Xu lip angle a hook slightly smiled. "In that case, I’ll talk about this third advantage. The third advantage is that the other side, our reinforcements are all practical, and we still have reinforcements outside to ask us to start a battle. Is this an advantage?"
"There will be reinforcements?"
Elder Baishan’s eyes lit up and asked, "How many reinforcements are there?"
Xu laughed "two people"
The elders of Baishan said, "What is the strength of these two people? Are they all fighters in the middle of congenital period? "
Xu shook his head and said, "A non-fighter, a mid-life fighter."
They just stretched their eyebrows and screwed up again.
Cai Qi snorted, "Can it be regarded as one of our great advantages that two people can’t get anything out of Reagan?"
Xu smiled and said, "Dare you ask if the two sides of Cai Gang are fighting in groups or one-on-one?"
Cai Qidao’s "Nature is a group war"
Xu laughed. "So one of these two people is a fighter in the middle of congenital period, but he is the first master of concealed weapons in primary institutions. Can he explode in the group war?"
Everyone has been towering.
Yes, the master of concealed weapons seems to have two fists, but hidden weapons’s display in the crowd is tantamount to giving birth to three heads and six arms, and he will never be weaker than a mid-congenital fighter or even a mid-congenital fighter when he participates in group warfare.
Xu laughed. "The other person, though not a fighter, is able to enter the primary institution of Long Dian. He has six kinds of special functions, and these six kinds of special functions can also be used in turn to play a group attack. Together, the two of them are a mobile battery, so it is absolutely appropriate for the two of them to do our job."
Iron palm fly eyes a bright way, "Xu, vice President, before you let Xue Qianqian and Qi Xin together, I’m afraid we have already left a burden in our hearts?"
Xu smiled and didn’t answer is obviously the default.
Iron palm fly not to Xu Pei very much.
Cai Qi asked coldly, "Even if this is the third advantage, where is the fourth advantage?"
Xu pointed to himself.
Cai Qi immediately laughed. "You mean the fourth advantage is yourself? Do you think your qualification is a great advantage of our army? "
Xu laughed. "It’s normal for Wang Cai to question me, and I won’t blame Wang Cai, but whether this is a big advantage will be decided when the two armies confront each other."
Cai Qi sneered, "Well, then I’ll just wait and see what waves can be set off in the battlefield of fighters in the early days of birth. Let’s not talk about this for the time being. I want to ask Vice President Xu what is the fifth advantage?"
At Cai Qi with a smile, Xu said, "To tell the truth about the fifth advantage, I can’t say it yet, because if I say it, you will be afraid of it even more than you don’t believe in the fourth advantage, and you won’t know about it until you fight."
Cai Qi sarcastically said, "First of all, the so-called advantages people don’t know whether the reinforcements are real or not, but the other side will know when the war starts." In this way, the second advantage, the third advantage, and the fourth advantage and the fifth advantage are just like talking. You can’t explain them clearly. Hehe … Since there are two advantages, you must stubbornly involve five points? "
Xu suddenly narrowed his eyes and looked at Cai Qi.
Xu heart has some angry.
His mother always comes here to save you, not to suffer from your cowardice.
It’s not always your captives, it’s your reinforcements, you know?
And if you don’t have a buddy, you’ll come all the way to the magic Sect to have a big fight?
Mom, what’s wrong with you being sarcastic when you’re eating and dying here?
Xu’s anger welled up in his eyes, and his eyes narrowed. "If you have any good ideas, you’d better speak them out quickly. I promise I won’t intervene in this matter again, but I’m telling you that I’m your reinforcements and your savior. If you are willing to listen to me, I’ll fucking break out. I advise you not to challenge my bottom line again. For the last time, I’m not afraid of losing the so-called deputy principal position …"
Xu Yin suddenly became cold. "Let’s wash our swords with blood before the Three Demons Wars!"
When the last sentence came out, it was so cold that many people couldn’t help rubbing their arms full of goose bumps.
Everyone was shocked to see that Xu had such a horrible murderous look. Obviously, there is no shortage of human life and blood in his hand.
And Xu congenital early fighters dare Cai Qi, a congenital mid-level fighter, to challenge is really bold!
Cai Qi also suddenly reacted for a moment and felt humiliated. He was provoked by a weaker person than himself and immediately flew into a rage. "You can wash your sword with my blood, right?" Are you really that good? Then why don’t you come and make me bleed? I really want to see how you can hurt me! "
Cai Qixiu seems to be on the verge of exploding, but the elders of Baishan and others obviously won’t let them lose their morale.
The elders of Baishan, Louyulan and Xueda immediately separated them.
"Oh, we are all one of our own, and the enemy must not be deceived at present."
"In the Book of Songs, there is a cloud that brothers fight against the wall."
"Everybody calm down and calm down. Don’t lose your temper."
Everyone made great efforts to separate Xu Cai.
Xu squinted at Cai Qi and ignored him. He looked at the elders of Baishan and said, "If the elders of Baishan believe me, I can make free use of these five advantages. If they don’t believe me like someone else, I will listen to your command. If I am defeated, I will never miss this place and I will flee first."
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-five A diversion from inside to outside
Xu speaks bluntly, which means that I’m here to support you, not to work for you. If you believe me, I can help you. If you don’t believe me, I’m sorry. I can give you military support, but I will never stop you from being stupid and dying when disaster strikes.
Elder Baishan paused and then said, "I’m not afraid to say a discouraging word. I really don’t have any good ideas now. If Vice President Xu really has an idea, I might as well say it and listen to it. After all, there are hundreds of lives here and I have to be cautious."
Xu can also take the responsibility of the White Mountain Elder without dragging it to the direct road. "I do have a plan in my mind now, that is, to divert the West and cooperate from the inside. This plan needs to reach the five advantages just now, and all the people need to cooperate with me. Everyone must listen to my command."
Elder Baishan asked, "What a way to attack the west from the east and combine the inside with the outside?"
Xu said, "Of course, it’s just as the name implies that the diversion from the inside to the west is to confuse the members of the three magic religions. I need you to lead a team to attack in the east. This time, it’s not a feint, it’s a real attack, but you must find out all the escape routes. When I ask you to retreat, you should retreat immediately."
"Then what?" asked the White Mountain Elder.
Xu said, "Then Master Yin led a group of troops to attack the south; Just now, the elder who recovered part of his fighting capacity took a bunch of people to attack the north; The remaining part of the elite combined to attack the west. "

Xiao Qiushui didn’t?

Weighing daughter laughed, "Who of the four of you doesn’t want to die the most? If you want to say it, I can kill him at last."
Who knows that there are still no "four brothers"
"Weighing a thousand dollars" laughed. "Then I’ll try to kill a person first."
At this moment, the woman behind Xiao Qiushui suddenly had one more thing!
An iron thistle
She immediately fell down.
Xiao Qiushui’s sword and horse pulled back the piercing sword and reached the woman’s throat behind Deng Yuhan.
Deng Yuhan Xiao Qiushui gave a sword at the same time, and he also ignored the blade behind him. The sword ran through the woman’s chest behind Zuo Qiu’s detachment.
And the woman behind Tang Rou suddenly fell down!
She also has one more thing in her eyebrows.
An iron lotus seed
The four shopkeepers pulled out their knives when the "scale daughter" pounced, and the four women had become dead.
This is just a flash!
These four brothers cooperated with each other so quickly and seamlessly.
Tang Rou left one of the three iron thistles on the counter.
"Weighing a thousand dollars" cast a glance and finally said, "It seems that after you catch your family, you should kill them first."
Tang said softly, "It’s a pity that the Tangs can’t catch it." He pointed to the table and smiled, "This one is for you."
Just now, when the knife was behind four people, none of them could move.
However, Tang Jia and hidden weapons can send it with a finger move, and sometimes they can send it even without moving.
But also want to refract, retroreflect and reflect directly.
Tang Rou sent two iron thistles to solve himself and Xiao Qiushui first.
Xiao Qiushui immediately saved Deng Yuhan Deng Yuhan also immediately saved Zuo Qiu detachment.
The four of them had their eyes fixed on the "Weighing Your Daughter" when they were waiting for the "Weighing Your Daughter" in one go
"Weighing a thousand dollars" said with a wry smile, "Do you want to talk about business?"
Zuo Qiu detached. "The big boss didn’t talk about business just now?"
"Weighing a thousand dollars" forced a smile. "When?"
Zuo Qiu detached carefree way "when we were behind the knife".
"Weighing the daughter" wry smile way "That was a misunderstanding, that was a misunderstanding" He saw at that moment that the four young men were sure to win even if they were one enemy and one faction, except that Zuo Qiu was detached and had not yet started work.
He never does things easily when he is not sure.
Xiao Qiushui suddenly asked, "Big boss wants to talk about business?"
"I’m a businessman, of course I want to talk about business."
Xiao Qiushui said, "OK, then let’s talk about business."
"Weigh a thousand dollars" said, "I wonder what business Xiao Shaoxia wants to talk about?"
Xiao Qiushui said, "That pile just now."
"Weighing a thousand dollars" stayed for a while and said, "Which one is it?"
Xiao Qiushui said, "The head is that pile."
"Weighing dry gold" carefully tunnel "Xiao Shaoxia refers to …"
Xiao Qiushui said, "Your head!"
"Weighing a thousand dollars" wry smile way "heads are not for sale"
Xiao Qiushui said coldly, "Then I’ll cut your head off."
"Weighing a thousand dollars" suddenly heard a man say, "I also want to buy your four puppies’ heads."
See a man dressed in gold, walking around with a root in his hand, crashing loudly. Zuo Qiu transcendentally said, "Take care of the manager."
The giant laughed. "It’s my management."
Firm but gentle Yangtze River Chapter III Killer Form
Zuo Qiu detached, "Do you remember someone?"
"Management" laughed. "I always care that someone remembers me all my life, but I don’t remember anyone."
Zuo Qiu detached connect a way "the man compound surname Zuo Qiu called pavilion".
"Management" face a heavy folded way "who are you?"
Zuo Qiu’s detachment is "my father"

In the higher realm, there must be, but it has all been destroyed in history.

In addition, Feng Zichen also learned that the situation of mortals in this world is extremely worrying
At one time, Feng Zichen paid great attention to being born with his feet, but it was not until he came to this world that he realized that he was wrong.
Compared with Honghuanggen, this world can’t be said to value heel origin.
At least you can gradually become stronger and improve your heel through acquired efforts, such as cultivation, and you can turn the fruit into a congenital demon.
But in this world, your fate was doomed from the moment you were born.
Mortal descendants can be mortals!
And the descendants of God are still gods
In practice, your bloodline determines that you will achieve a god in the future, and the highest achievement of future generations is a god, while future generations of the Lord God can easily become the Lord God.
Terrible world
A mortal can be a mortal, and he should always be enslaved by God and serve God all his life. Even if he is promoted to heaven by God, he can serve God as an identity instead of God.
Similarly, God is always oppressing mortals, enslaving them and enjoying their service.
What is the magic quarrelling in Yu Feng Zichen’s past life memory that should not be created yet?
The world is determined by nature, and the road to promotion seems to be blocked by a powerful rule.
Yes, that’s right. A very strong person rewrote the rule of this world and promoted it by the acquired method. This rule is engraved in this world, and no life can be violated.
Setting this rule seems to be extremely powerful, and even after years of decline, the strength is still not weak.
Even Feng Jie and Jiang Hui, two creatures from the outside world, were influenced by the rules of this world.
However, it is also said that the terran body has the blood of Nu Wa Niangniang, while the body of Nu Wa Niangniang has the blood of Pangu. According to this calculation, the terran is the descendant of Pangu.
Feng Jie, they have Pangu blood flowing through their bodies. Although this boundary rule has affected them, it will not affect their breakthrough.
After all, Pangu is a half-step avenue, where the world is extremely old. It has been far beyond the chaotic fiend, but it is just Pangu’s par.
In this way, Feng Jie’s blood line is also first-class, and there are very few people who can match each other.
Yu Feng Zichen’s rule can’t affect him. After all, HarmonyOS’s Taoist potential is stronger than Pangu’s blood. Will the same person be affected by this rule
"What a hopeless world full of oppression."
"Sure enough, the world should still be destroyed."
After understanding the situation in this world, Feng Zichen has strengthened her determination to destroy this world. I hope that the destruction of the world is the proper destination.
At the same time, Feng Zichen also guessed that there is no magic and quarrelling in this world, which is suitable for human cultivation.
That powerful rule does not allow progress the day after tomorrow. Even with these practitioners, ordinary people can practice without these practitioners.
In the future, there will be magic quarrelling, which is simpler. It must be that after the integration of the wild and the wild, the rules are broken and the road to promotion is big the day after tomorrow. Those practitioners naturally appear when they have raw soil.
What a dark world!
After a silence, Feng Zichen and others came to the forest of life.
The temple of life is not the best in the world, but it can also be called first-class. Anyway, it is better than Fengjie.
There are two top forces in this world, one is to believe in emperor heaven and the other is to believe in truth and truth church.
There is also a temple of destiny in the former world, which is the first force in this world. What heaven and what truth church are in front of him are ants.
Unfortunately, the temple of fate was destroyed by reincarnation and completely destroyed, which led to the rise of the emperor truth god
These two overlords have more first-class forces like the Temple of Life, such as Assa protoss Warner protoss Olympus gods, hell dragons, goblin dwarves and so on.
This is also the composition of forces in this world.
Yu Fengjie and others are the most powerful among the second-rate forces. After all, they are outsiders, not to mention the lack of inside information.
Feng Zichen and others didn’t hide their identity. As soon as they approached the forest of life, the goddess of life in the temple of life already sensed their arrival and came out of the temple to meet them in person.
And Zichen, who suffered a stroke in the forest of life, also saw that the creatures in the story were really as beautiful as they said.
If Feng Zichen had just arrived in the wild, his mind would have been uncertain, and he might have lost his manners when he saw such a beautiful elf, but his beauty could not shake his heart at the moment.
Not to mention the wind zichen heart elves beauty even shura beauty is not as good as, let alone the goddess of the universe.
Like the Elves, the Shura clan is also rich in beautiful women, and none of the Shura females are ugly. Of course, it is only a female Shura who has a male Shura.

She held out a slender jade finger and put the bamboo slips in the firelight to be silent for a moment. When the bamboo sticks burst after burning in the firelight, Qian Linger finally came to her senses. She looked at her husband’s tombstone and struggled to smile. This smile was pitiful.

Qian Linger Judo "Grandpa’s" Water Side "is a new poem before Yu went to Beijing to take the exam. Linger copied it for you. He told you that this poem means that the world is far apart … I think it should be that Yu misses Grandpa … Now Linger sings alone, but it is so appropriate …"
While Qian Linger was talking, he was slowly silent, and his face seemed dim and sad. Or endure the glittering and translucent slide of that bay! ….. Autumn leaves strayed into the wind and sat alone looking at the monument …
Wipe away a tear from the corner of her eye, and her beautiful jade reappears with a sweet smile.
Maybe I feel that always being so sad in front of my grandfather will make his old man’s house unhappy.
Money shine le le ear hair looked at the tombstone shallow a smile "grandpa, do you want to knock shine again? Linger is very strong … is it … that he hasn’t come back to visit you for so long? "
Qian Linger slowly lowered his head like a mosquito and asked, "Grandpa, will he … come back?"
A breeze blows through the mountains, bringing up my ears, and the money is endless. Looking at the mountains, the clouds are swaying, the breeze is dancing, the smoke is dancing, and the fire is in front of me. People in Ran Ran are already sorrowful. There is silence all around, but she has never got an answer. There is terrible silence all around, as if she were left alone in the world!
"Boo! Baa ~ …! "
Suddenly, I was dancing behind me! Instant money shine surprise eyes jump out from her beautiful bright eyes as smart as jewels.
She turned around expectantly and shouted out "Feather! ?”
But when she saw the tall and straight figure of Yingwu in front of her eyes, Qian Linger’s sweet smile was eroded by disappointment! Then slowly turned and self-effacing kneel ChuiShou.
Looking at Qian Linger, he stirred up his shoulders slightly. Although Todd felt pity in his heart, he did not comfort himself, but stopped at a post and quietly looked at the weak but independent and strong figure.
Todd laughed at himself. "~ Maybe I shouldn’t show up at this time."
After a moment of silence, perhaps Qian Linger had calmed down a lot. Seeing her lift her sleeves and tap her eyes, she looked back at Todd and smiled apologetically. "Brother, are you here to see grandpa?"
Todd nodded, and then slowly came forward and knelt in front of the Qianfu monument. He didn’t speak, but he took out the offerings of money and put them in an orderly way one by one.
When everything was ready, he looked at the tombstone and smiled and quipped, "What? Brother, isn’t it welcome to visit the teacher and sister? "
Say that finish Todd turned to look at the already speechless money shine so unhappy way "I am a master elder brother, I will come to you whenever I want … You see I also …"
See money shine is staring at his Todd heart yishan instantaneous out! Looking around, he didn’t forget to stretch out his hand and scratch the back of his head at the same time, and then the story turned around and picked up the ghost money and put it into the flame that was about to go out …
See just now also cocky Todd instant recognition unintelligent money shine slightly quipped, "brother didn’t go out for a few years don’t see how much progress this mouth is fast catch feather …"
When she inadvertently lost her voice and slowly came to see this Todd, she hesitated for a long time and didn’t squeeze out a word!
Then Qian Linger found his embarrassment bifurcation topic.
Later, the two of them sat in front of their husband’s grave and described the past. Todd also talked about what he saw and heard from time to time.
As he spoke, he reached into his arms and carefully pulled out a triangular cube stone one inch in size. "Sister, this is an accidental possession of my brother Baidi City …!"
See Todd so carefully took out the money shine load stretched out his hand and took it over and couldn’t help but look at it, and at the same time don’t forget to steal a look and see Todd’s face tense.
She sneered, "A broken stone makes you nervous … Ah!"
Just then, Qian Linger suddenly exclaimed! The stone in her hand has been thrown to the ground. Looking at the moment, it hurts her fingers faintly. When the fingertips are a little purplish, her heart is restless for no reason.
Todd rushed forward with a surprised face. "What’s wrong with you, junior sister?"
Before Todd looked at Qian Linger, he felt the stinging pain slowly fading! Just a small wound disappeared as if it had never happened before!
In her heart, she wondered that Xiu Mei shook her head slightly and speculated that "it’s okay that this small stone accidentally stabbed the senior brother."
See Qian Linger refers to as usual, and Todd can rest assured that he will pick up the small stones that fell to the ground and shake hands apologetically. "It’s best to blame my brother for his thoughtlessness, but I can use it as an amulet. I have his brother for years, but even the ends of the earth can go …"
Looking at a face of exaggerated Todd Qian Lingqiao face with a snort of a full face of disdain, "what’s the big deal? It’s not just a rough stone, but also a pair of stone bracelets when you are Baoyu … "
Todd laughed. "How can a pair of stone bracelets be compared with this amulet?" As he spoke, he carefully collected the stones in his arms and stopped talking about it.
Time flies in a hurry, and the sun will set in the west mountain.
At this time, Todd looked at the sky as if it had decided something, so he turned and looked at Qian Linger seriously, "I’m going back to the capital, sister and brother."
Qian Linger seemed to have expected it, but he was not surprised. He smiled and encouraged, "Brother, now I should display what I have learned all my life. I wish you a bright future!"
Listening to the words of Qian Linger’s blessing, he smiled. "Sister, you know that brother can’t talk like younger brother, but there are still some words to say … I, Todd, have achieved today because of the teacher. If the teacher taught Todd, he was just a peddler and a pawn. This grace is like recreating that younger brother can’t live or die now, but I am a big brother."
When Qian Linger saw Todd talking about Luo Yu, his words and deeds showed a strong sense of remorse, so he said with relief, "Brother, I can’t blame you …"
But before the words were finished, Todd stretched out his hand and interrupted, "Sister, listen to me. Today, I made a statement in front of Teacher Todd, and my sister proved that Todd would find a younger brother and teacher in this life, and he was ashamed of his own heart and my three people’s kindness."
Looking at Todd saying such a solemn thing like the wind is light and the clouds are light, Qian Linger’s heart was moved so much that he made a vow, but he was so unfair to his senior brother that he wanted to dissuade Qian Linger.
But now Todd is not what he used to be. When Brother Tao saw Qian Linger’s eyes flashing, Todd knew what she wanted to stop. "School sister needs to say more … There are some things that she doesn’t necessarily like to do, but she is responsible for you. Xiao Yu is my relative Todd. One of you is my little sister and the other is my younger brother. I am duty-bound to protect and take care of you."
Qian Linger knows that Brother Tao’s personality is slightly more loyal than Luo Yu’s, but if he makes a decision, people can’t change it, just as he decided to walk out of Taohua Village, even if Tao Boru dissuaded him, it would be of no help.
Thought of here, she will no longer dissuade her, but it is her business to look for Luo Yu in her heart, but she can’t let her brother bear it alone.
Seeing her grateful, she said, "Brother has decided that the little sister will not stop it, but this is not just a matter of brother."
Looking at the same determined Qian Linger Todd naturally knew that she meant it.
He already had some plans for the future, so he nodded, "It is because of this that his brother decided to return to the capital as soon as possible."
When Qian Linger heard it, he suddenly asked doubtfully, "Brother?"

Xiao Ni "giggled" and Nick growled "Shut up".

After that, Nick flatters, "Great Master, I’ll do it right away."
Huang Xuan said, "Lorraine will be upgraded to level 9 first."
Speaking, Huang Xuan lit up his own energy screen and put him through to Gary Ken. "Does the old guy need more money?"
Gary Ken doesn’t like learning Chinese. He doesn’t get too confused about the so-called old guy, but he knows that he is calling himself a dazzling way. "How much money do you want to increase?" It is difficult for the plane energy market to accept more funds. "
China said that Gary Ken is an intermediary-born investor, which is called a professional broker. In his career, he must try his best to meet the employer’s requirements, especially the capital increase requirements. But at present, the hand-held funds are really beyond his ability, and 3 trillion yuan is more than that of the United States. A single institution on Wall Street has not yet developed a way to make such a large sum of money.
When Huang Xuan calculated, he said, "I’ll give you another trillion hot circles. As before, I don’t want to make a profit. I’ll try to flow as much as possible."
Gary Ken smiled with a sigh of relief. "Do you want to increase your contribution again?"
He is quite clear.
Huang Xuan "graciously" added "another batch of bonds will be sold in a few days"
Gary Ken hissed, "Still so high interest?"
It seems to him that 5% is a high interest rate
"Almost," Huang Xuan sighed. "Isn’t it the same with the US government? Borrow money and pay back a batch of bonds. If everyone doesn’t lend him money, the financial situation will go bankrupt instantly. "
"But everyone is willing to lend money to America," said Gary Ken with pride.
Huang Xuan shrugged and said, "I hope everyone is willing to lend me money."
"Great and Wise Master" Nick Trail "Message from Miss Chu Yining"
Before Huang Xuan could answer him, he jumped out of the energy screen and recovered. Chu was also lost in thought. "I have named you to the Administration, and your Committee and elders have passed. If you agree, you can become a five-family garrison of the Administration."
"Does the Administration belong to?" Huang Xuan wondered, "Isn’t there a five-clan garrison with three planes?"
Chu also chuckled and shook his head, saying, "The Administration rarely orders five families to defend the other cars, and the Alpha plane is named after you. I heard that the Alpha plane will be negotiable and the Gamma plane is also interested."
She changed her mind after she reversed the order a little bit, which was actually the name of Alpha, a flower lover.
Chapter six hundred and thirty Five garrison (2)
Huang Xuan only has illusions about the defense of the five ethnic groups. In his feeling, it is a struggle against the enemy and against himself.
However, when Chu Yi-ning said that the Administration, the Alpha plane and the Gamma plane all intended to defend their five families, he calmed down instead.
Chu also closed the energy screen to let him think about Samby, but regardless of these mirth, "The five families of the Administration are very powerful."
"Really?" Huang Xuan doesn’t have a good impression on the Authority, rather, he has some bad feelings, but it is these disturbances that can make him feel the strength of the Authority.
Sambi gave some advice, saying, "The five-nation garrison is suitable for its jurisdiction. For the five-nation garrison of the Administration, the theoretical three-plane is also the jurisdiction. Isn’t it interesting?"
"Is the 3-bit plane also a jurisdiction?"
"In those days, the Administration was the main policy left over from the era of great positions, and established glorious families. Some of them were established by the old and young people, while others were found by the lucky ones. The three planes were lower. In those days, the lucky ones established the plane administration, and there were many planes." Samby recalled, "It was said that in the eyes of the Administration, when they recruited five families, they dealt with it, but all plane administrations naturally included three planes."
"But isn’t it that the strength of the three planes is equivalent to that of the Administration?"
"All theoretical things are like never enforcing the law, but it is still the law," Samby said indifferently. "How far you can make it depends on your ability."
"You mean you want me to promise the administration?" Huang Xuanshi prefers the Alpha plane. He hides his uneasiness and says, "No matter how many years you say they haven’t been garrisoned by five families, in my opinion, they are probably more interested in’ one person’s plane’."
Samby laughed and said, "Who said it wasn’t? I’m afraid the first appearance of’ one person’s plane’ is a flower lover. It’s natural that both the three planes and the administration are optimistic about you. I’m afraid there aren’t many."
Huang Xuan is startled to think that it is really so. The sinner is
Actually, there is not much to think about. Chu Yining is a member of the Authority, Saeed seems to be an official of the Authority, and Sambi made such a suggestion. Huang Xuan decided in his heart that he would defend the five families of the Authority, but he did not immediately agree.
Huang Xuan looked at the information of the five families again and was fooled by Sang Bi and Chu Yi Ning until later to give Chu Yi Ning a message to agree.

Haikui put away his bow and said to Zhen Miaoyu, "See how disrespectful I am to you? Everyone looks at it this way. Who dares to look down on the head of the first practice sect in our day?"

Zhen quip looked at Haikui’s eyes and flashed horror. She didn’t expect this minor repair to be so tough. She knew that it was terrible to be shot like a bird now!
Haikui stepped forward and coughed at the people around him, clearing his throat. "Dear friends, today is my housewarming ceremony in Leng Yue. I think you should stop asking for it. In the eyes of our leader, it’s really not worth paying your lives in vain. It’s serious to watch our ceremony!"
Haikui said he would clap his hands, but he had prepared a program, but his palms were not opposite and he said, "What a big breath!" "
Haikui looked around. Oh, people look familiar.
He rubbed his eyes correctly. It was familiar but uncertain. He turned to Han Wenxuan and asked, "Is this man Stuart Yuan Wu?"
Han Wenxuan frowned and nodded carefully.
"It’s Stuart Yuan Wu!"
Situ Yuan Wu was dissatisfied with Haikui. "Who are you? Who dare to call you by your first name!"
"As far as you are concerned, the big ye called you. What’s the matter, Stuart Yuan Wu! Stuart Yuan Wu! Stuart Yuan Wu! "
Haikui stared and shouted Stuart Yuan Wu several times!
Stuart Yuan Wu looks very cold.
At this time, he was alone in the middle of the flight, and there was no crowding round. Nothing changed. He was about twenty years old, with bronze skin and an ancient dress.
Haikui looked at this guy and he was still urinating.
Stuart Yuan Wu growled like a beast.
Haikui waved his hand. "Oh, my God, it scares me to death. I said, Yuan Wu, can you stop screaming!"
"If you want to die, you dare to insult the statue and take your soul out. You can’t ascend forever."
Look at that ferocious expression. Stuart Yuan Wu is furious.
Haikui turned to Zhen Miaoyu and said, "Are you old frame, the master, so strange in temper?"
Zhen quip to coldly looking at Stuart Yuan Wu heard Haikui talk and suddenly felt angry and burned up. "You tell me nonsense again and I’ll tear your mouth off!"
This boss is like a bitch.
Haikui Nai turned to look at Stuart Yuan Wu. "Brother Stuart, we have known each other for a long time. Let’s not fight today when the Leng Yue faction holds a celebration ceremony. Let’s be happy first. Let’s talk about it later. What do you think?"
Stuart Yuan Wu doesn’t talk nonsense. Five fingers stretch out and five black awns run towards Haikui. That posture is to kill Haikui!
Haikui is not afraid of Stuart Yuan Wu now. He is not weaker than Stuart Yuan Wu. He stretched out his hand and threw a blue screen in front of him. When Stuart Yuan Wu attacked and fished out the flying sword from the bag, the starlight sword split toward Stuart Yuan Wu.
True yuan fuelling sword mans instantaneous surge with devouring heaven and earth towards Stuart Yuan Wu.
Stuart Yuan Wu emerged a piece of armor, and a long black lacquer knife turned the blade, and a black knife collided with the sword. He took a step back.
The collision of sword, awn and knife made an earth-shattering sound, and the impact knocked down all the rocks, and the waves fell behind Haikui. The archway was magnificent and the archway was knocked off a corner.
Haikui turned to look at it and was angry. "You are small, but I spent a lot of money to build an archway. It’s a face. As the saying goes, hitting people doesn’t hit them in the face, but you actually hit our gate face. I want you to look good."
Stuart Yuan Wu was horrified in his heart. He didn’t expect this daring minor repair to be so strong and split the second knife at Haikui with an expression of disbelief.
When the knife fell, it killed Haikui. He reached his finger, and a flame exploded in an instant. The number of fire lotus suddenly appeared, and it quickly merged in front of the knife. The power of explosion and explosion fusion was extremely powerful. "Burn the sky and destroy the world!"
Spells together, the fire spirit of heaven and earth was inspired by Haikui, as if this world had fallen into the fire world and burned up.
Stuart Yuan Wu was instantly wrapped in flames, and his armor gave off bronze light and wrapped him up.
The fire was fierce, and Haikui was submerged for hundreds of meters. Several people suddenly disappeared and were moved to the distance.
Watching the excitement nearby, there is no escaping, and they are burned to the point where they are screaming and shouting!
On the other side of Dingfeng Mountain, a towering tree stood with a middle-aged man in a wide robe. He frowned and said to himself, "Too much!"
Behind him, he patted his bag, a glass cover appeared in his hand, and threw Haikui and Stuart Yuan Wu and those fire lotus into it.
It’s famous to know the goods, but it belongs to imitation. It hasn’t reached the level of fairy but it’s not weak!
Haikui and Stuart Yuan Wu were trapped inside, and the fire was instantly compressed. They seemed to have entered the furnace and been refined.
Haikui was annoyed. "Who is so bad? Throw a cover over me. It’s a condom!"
Speaking of which, the fire hood automatically flew up and became smaller and landed in Haikui’s hand, and there was an old common sound in his ear. "This thing is a fairy-like thing, and it’s not bad. You have been erased by me."
Haikui hey hey smiled and put the fire hood into his bag.
Middle-aged people in Taoist robes suddenly lost their firecracker hoods when they saw them being collected. Suddenly, a horrified figure appeared in front of Hai Kui, "Give me my firecracker hoods back!"
"Who are you?" Haikui looked at him strangely.
At this moment, Stuart Yuan Wu cut off the long black knife of the blossoming fire lotus, and the knife awn covered the men in robes and Haikui.
The middle-aged man in cassock looked at Haikui with a slight frown and a little backhand, and Stuart Yuan Wu’s knife and mans knife collapsed.
Stu Yuan Wu was surprised and asked, "Who are you?"
Middle-aged people in cassock don’t answer a jilt sleeve Stuart Yuan Wu body unstable instantaneous pushed to kilometers away.
The middle-aged man in the robe looked at Haikui for the second time and said, "Give me back my fire cover or I’ll be rude!"
Haikui can feel that the middle-aged man who is taller than him can hit Stuart Yuan Wu at least one level higher than him and has reached the Mahayana period.
But Haikui is protected by a great god!
"I left tsing lung right white tiger old cow in the waist bibcock in the chest to kill Buddha to kill Buddha! You who are you! "
Haikui’s domineering side leaks a word, and the middle-aged man Rao is practicing his mind very well, and he also feels that his blood is surging and his anger is soaring.
The middle-aged man in the robe shouted coldly, "Give me back the fire cover or I’ll show you!"
Look at his ferocious appearance. Hai Kui just wanted to shout, "Old Huang covers me!" Suddenly a strange smile filled the heavens and the earth.
"Ha ha ha ha ha!" That smile is far away, near, near and far away.
The middle-aged man in the tunic frowned. "Don’t play tricks here and get out."
A man suddenly appeared behind Haikui, three meters away from Haikui, and said to Haikui, "Don’t give me a fire shield. I will never let him touch you with me!"
"Don’t be unhappy, black-hearted old man!" Middle-aged garments folded way
The "black-hearted old man" laughed. "Don’t scare me there. What’s my name? I’m black-hearted old man, but I’m afraid you won’t scare me?"
Xuanshi’s face was cold and he said to Haikui again, "Give me back the fire cover!"
"It’s already me, and it won’t promise not to return it if you call it!" Haikui shrugged and said lightly
[starting from the first time! ]

Because it is next to the black market, the movement here has attracted a lot of attention.

Haikui swept one or two people to repair one, one is the early stage of then and the other is the middle stage of then. If there is no magic weapon in the early stage of then, I am afraid it will be difficult to win the middle stage of then.
Sure enough, he didn’t go out to sea. After two minutes, the man offered a piece of paper in the middle of then and turned it into a golden light. At the beginning of then, his pain * * was forced by the other side’s flying sword, and the blood flowed out of his thigh.
Then middle-aged people laughed, "Hand over the Heart Sutra."
In the early days of then, people didn’t answer, but the method in their hands changed and a mass of blood fog broke out in an instant.
"Stay if you want to run." A sudden sound sounded, and suddenly there was a confrontation between the two parties, and one person appeared again.
Haikui’s eyes squinted at each other. Before another person appeared, he didn’t feel a little fluctuation. His gods swept one other’s knowledge. It was the other party who was in Yuan Ying’s infancy. He couldn’t see it after Yuan Ying’s junior high school.
The man who appeared was talking to them, but suddenly he felt that he was spying on himself. He suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of Haikui, and his eyes were like a sharp knife stabbing Haikui.
Haikui saw a light coming in his own direction, hurriedly dodged and restrained his breath at the same time. He was a conscious motivation and he felt that the other side was strong!
The man’s eyes didn’t see Haikui, but they swept to the side of the cloud. At the beginning of then, he glanced around his eyes and withdrew his eyes. It felt like an illusion and shook his head.
Haikui found out before that there were seven people nearby besides the middle three, none of whom were high, including the foundation period and the golden elixir period.
He also found out what he didn’t do in Zhongyuan’s infancy. He turned to the junior middle school of then and said, "Take out your heart sutra and show it to the bodhi old zu."
The face of the two then people changed dramatically, claiming that the bodhi old zu was generally a magic way or a uber’s right way, but they didn’t do so.
This man is a middle-aged man in Yuan Babies, wearing a wide robe and embroidered with gold thread. He looks very luxurious. When he sees that they are silent, he stretches out his hand to grasp the middle-aged then.
Then in the middle period, the man was scared and hurriedly stabbed with the sword. This man grabbed the flying sword in Yuan Babies, and at the same time stretched out his other hand to shoot it. Poof, the body was stuck in his chest, and a mass of blood fog broke out. But Yuan Babies seemed not to want to kill him, and he didn’t blow up. It was a little bit for him.
"Take it out quickly, or I’ll make you both suffer and die," said Yuan Babies.
At the beginning of the then period, the man was crying and laughing that he could run away, but there came a more abnormal monster, Nai. This Sutra is very important for his own practice, although he can’t bear to die. It is more important to keep his life and practice later. He wanted to come here so that he could take out the bag center Sutra and throw it out. "The elder will leave you the younger generation with this Sutra."
As he spoke, his body suddenly retreated.
Yuan Babies reached out and caught it without looking at the Heart Sutra, and then reached out to catch the crazy man who retreated.
I don’t see his body moving, so I simply grabbed the man who had escaped from Baizhang and was instantly held by him.
However, in the early days of Yuan’s infancy, the people suddenly exploded, but they were not flesh and blood, and they were all straw.
Scarecrow? Haikui was surprised.
"Puppet separation escape spell is quite high. It’s not so lucky to meet the bodhi old zu." Yuan Babies sneer at one.
Twist a head to look at the middle-aged man then sneer at a hand and grasp it. In the middle-aged man then scream, the body is crushed and a soul flies out. He waves his hand into the robe and the dead man then opens his mouth and sucks it into his mouth.
Chapter 149 Kill people and seize the classics
Haikui’s heart is shocked. This man is too cold-blooded and decisive. Kill him without saying a word.
It was the first time that he met such a cold-blooded person, and the first time that he realized what the law of the jungle in the spiritual world was from the perspective of onlookers.
"Haikui is a magic Taoist, so we should be careful," said Haikui, who wakes up in a low voice and cherishes the moon.
Haikui nodded, and his heart was also guarded against it. This man can be so happy to kill people without offending him. It’s so unforgiving.
After the Yuan infant swallowed the elixir, Jie Jie smiled and put out his hand to the ground. He grabbed a person who kept screaming and touching, and Hai Kui gently swept it away. The person who was caught by him was also in the elixir period.
Yuan infant once again quickly turned to look at Haikui’s direction again. This time, because he looked too fast, Haikui didn’t come to dodge, and he felt a violent surge and rushed to his mind. Haikui seemed to be in a battlefield with blood everywhere, and Haikui’s cold sweat flashed.
"Haikui danger, this is illusion." A big drink suddenly rang in Haikui’s mind. This is that Zhou Linyin disappeared for so many days and Zhou Lin suddenly appeared.
Haikui’s heart was shocked by Zhou Lin yelling to get his soul back. It is generally known that illusion is not afraid. In a short time, those illusions disappeared in my mind.
The bodhi old zu’s robe is still fresh, but when he sees Haikui’s eyes blurred, he wakes up and his eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. I’m not surprised.
The Pharaoh asked, "Friend, who are you to interfere in my affairs?"
"Haikui don’t be afraid of him since ancient times." Zhou Lin woke up in Haikui’s mind.
Haikui took a deep breath and found a little confidence when he heard Zhou Lin say this. He crustily skin of head and said, "I didn’t want to interfere. You happened to pass by, but my friend, you are a little too much to kill people at will."
"I want you to take care of it," said the bodhi old zu. "I have scruples that Haikui Xiu didn’t start work at once. If Xiu is lower than him, I’m afraid it will be like the man just now."
"You’re an evil spirit." Haikui was frightened by his eyes, but he crustily skin of head scolded.
If you are weak, the evil spirit will be strong. When the bodhi old zu sees Haikui’s weakness, he immediately shouted, "You know, the younger generation will take life." He said, first, he took the elixir in his hand, squeezed it, swallowed his soul, and rushed towards Haikui.

In fact, the train pickpocket has always found Qian Haikui. What is not much? The main reason is that his ears and feelings were not as sensitive as they are now, and he didn’t pay attention. Now he has become an extraordinary person, and he can feel it clearly with a little trouble.

The pickpocket got up and left gently after he paid out. Haikui heard the slight footsteps of his feet and knew that he had left. He looked up at Wang Zhonghou, the old pervert who was still sleeping and didn’t know that his property had been stolen.
Haikui, they didn’t have a big package because of their body. Yang Yulu’s backpack was still under the pillow, and the pickpocket naturally wouldn’t pay him.
At five o’clock in the morning, people woke up one after another, and Haikui woke up. She felt refreshed after a night’s sleep, but her waist was a little sore. Maybe it was sedentary. She gently lifted Yang Yulu’s legs and enjoyed a few eyes. By the way, she stretched out her pants and pulled a thin quilt over her belly and knees. She turned around and twisted her hips in the aisle to relieve her physical fatigue.
The scenery outside the window is all green, and there are rolling mountains. Haikui looks at the beautiful scenery and feels comfortable. I don’t know where I am. Looking at those mountains, Haikui knows that the more remote and remote Shan Ye is, the more yogi there will be.
After watching the scenery for a while, I simply wiped my face at the junction of the carriage. Haikui turned back and found Ma Mengmeng awake while Yang Yulu was still sleeping sideways, which was extremely indecent.
Haikui is still wondering if this girl doesn’t know how attractive her posture is when she sleeps, and she dares to wear a pleated skirt.
Glancing at Ma Mengmeng, she smiled at Haikui. Ma Mengmeng was wearing jeans, but she was also very interesting. She was wrapped tightly around her body and set off her well-developed leg shape and ass.
"I’m going to wash a" Ma Mengmeng said from the shop to the toilet.
Haikui looked at Wang Zhonghou consciously and found that the middle-aged man was awake, staring at Yang Yulu’s ass and snow-white thigh. Haikui secretly scolded a pervert and then stretched out his hand and patted Yang Yulu’s ass "get up lazy egg"
Wang Zhonghou’s eyes are full of light. I hope that spanker is him.
Haikui slapped Yang Yulu’s ass and felt very elastic. Although it was separated by a layer of cloth, it really felt like patting a big candy button.
I still want to take the second place consciously, but I think it seems that it is not good for a girl to reach out and shake Yang Yulu’s shoulder to "get up"
Yang Yulu said "Why?" with sleepy eyes. The sound was lazy and charming, which made people feel that the bones were crisp.
Haikui looks like this girl. If you take the train alone, it is estimated that tofu has been eaten all over. Well, fortunately, you met the official who is eager for public interests and kindness, otherwise you have no place to cry.
"Hurry up," Haikui said again.
Yang Yulu rubbed the pleated skirt pushed to the head of the bed with her legs floating, revealing the whole pants. This girl hurriedly went to pull the skirt, but it was a monkey in front of Hai Kui’s pants.
Haikui is envious. What a happy monkey! It’s so interesting that this girl actually bought these pants when she stayed in the beauty part.
Yang Yulu’s face turned red at the sight of Haikui’s straight eyes and he muttered, "What are you looking at?"
Haikui smiled awkwardly. "Don’t wear such a short skirt this time."
Yang Yulou stared his one eye and went to the toilet.
Haikui turned around and found Wang Zhonghou admiringly looking at himself, but Haikui knew that Yang Yulou had just been blocked by his body. This guy should be relieved to find nothing.
Chapter 15 A dirty lie
Although Ma Mengmeng is as old as Haikui, she is a good student and has no sense of humor. She doesn’t talk much, but she just lies in the shop and has a rest.
Wang Zhonghou, the 40-year-old man, was teased by Yang Yulu from time to time, and was coldly sarcastic by Hai Kui. After eating several reprimands, he learned a lot and didn’t talk much. He feasted his eyes on Yang Yulu.
On the morning of the third day, the train entered the border of Fujian Province. Haikui leaned against the partition and Yang Yulu put her feet on his thigh. This road became more familiar. Yang Yulu was more fearful. After all, her personality was more lively and the most important thing was that she regarded Haikui as her good friend and was no longer shy.
Wang Zhonghou thought that he would take out all his luggage as soon as he arrived, and he was ready to go straight to the car. He looked through the parcel and was surprised and shouted, "Where’s the money in my bag? What about the money? "
He immediately woke up the people around him, and even other passengers in the compartment looked up and rubbed their sleep to watch the scene of bustle.
Haikui was woken up by him and looked up to find that this guy was constantly rummaging through his bag, which made him feel funny. It’s funny that you just found that you closed your eyes again and ignored it.
Yang Yulu also woke up and looked at the middle-aged man again. Haikui stretched out his foot and gently kicked a Haikui low and said, "Wake up and don’t sleep. Someone has lost something."
Haikui winked at her and said, "It’s not like we’re throwing things at him. Why?"
Yang Yulu stared his one eye, but he felt that Haikui was unreasonable and just looked at nothing.
But what Haikui said just now happened to make Wang Zhonghou hear great anger. "You have a ghost in your heart. You must have stolen my money."
Haikuiqi said, "What kind of shit are you spouting?"
Wang Zhonghou said, "You definitely stole my money because you looked down on my money."
Haikui looked at him with a sneer. "I didn’t see that you don’t want to be rich in clothes like a migrant worker."
"Hum, you don’t have the money to steal. It must cost money to bring such a beautiful woman around you. You see, your little hair doesn’t look the same. Where is there so much money? It’s definitely sneaking around!" Wang Zhonghou asserted that Haikui stole his money.
Ah, hey, this guy Haikui is too lazy to argue with him. It’s boring. "Say what you like anyway, it’s not like I lost your money." Then he made a so-called gesture with his hands and looked lazy.
Wang Zhonghou said angrily, "If you hadn’t stolen it, let me search it" and then looked at Yang Yulu, "And you, you two thieves and thieves, you attracted my attention. I don’t know if he stole money."
Yang Yulu was really in distress situation when she was angry. "What do you mean, I attracted your attention? You old * * eyes kept glancing at me. You want to face it!"
Wang Zhonghou was reprimanded by Yang Yulou, and his face turned red and white. Now so many people look at him and say that he is old * * and immediately pull his face and say, "Guilty, right? If you weren’t afraid of stealing, let me search."
Said this guy came toward Yang Yulou potential to search.
Haikui saw that Wang Zhonghou, a middle-aged uncle, had pushed his nose and face and flew into a rage. Wang Zhonghou, who was about to pounce on Yang Yulou, kicked and shouted "Get out!"
Wang Zhonghou fell to the ground and shouted, "Robbed for help! Murder for money!"
Yang Yulu also frowning jiao drink a way "bloody"
Haikui got up and looked at Wang Zhonghou coldly and pulled a Yang Yulou. "Ignore him. Let’s keep our heads straight and let him cry."
"Haikui call the police," Ma Mengmeng said in Haikui.
Haikui gave her a look back and said, "It’s none of your business to lie here and sleep." He didn’t want Ma Mengmeng to follow and was a little rushed by Wang Zhonghou’s upset mood.
Ma Mengmeng felt very wronged. All her classmates wanted to help, but she was reprimanded. She was wronged and turned over to lie in bed and sulked alone.
Wang Zhonghou made a hullabaloo about for a while and finally brought the train policeman in and shouted, "What are you yelling about? What happened?"
Wang Zhonghou pointed to Haikui and said, "He stole my money."
Haikui replied coldly, "I didn’t steal his money. This guy is a dirty lie."
The policeman glanced at Haikui and shouted at Wang Zhonghou, "Stop arguing. How much money have you lost?"
"ten thousand pieces!" Wang Zhonghou popped out these words through his teeth and looked at Haikui gnashing her teeth.
Haikui sneered in his heart, "It’s a shame to lose your beauty."
The policeman took a look at Haikui and Wang Zhonghou. "Let’s go to the duty room and talk about what’s going on." Then he said to another policeman behind him, "Xiao Wu, ask others what’s going on."
Wang Zhonghou felt supported by the police and immediately got up and said to Haikui, "Let’s go, you thief."
Haikui gave him a bad look and said to Yang Yulou, "You wait here."