After Sichuan government autonomy was obtained, Qin Yu was busy with one thing
Reorganize the HunChengLv!
After sitting in Nanmu Taoli, a distant mountain, Qin Yu quickly expanded and filled the army with the popular base of Xu Jiaqi’s family and Ruan’s family.
At noon this day
The Xujia Courtyard in Qinyu Yuanshan Life Town called a meeting, and the main core departments such as Wang Tianhui, Ruan Li Shihong, Xiao Bai, Ou Xiaobin, Lao Qi and Xu Yan were present.
In the meeting room, everyone chatted for a while, and Qin Yucai patted the microphone and said, "Be quiet and put out your cigarette. I said a reorganization plan."
Everyone heard that they immediately arranged their clothes quietly and waited for the leaders to speak.
"No stranger here has something to say, so I’ll be blunt." Qin Yu sat in the first place with his elbows propped on the desktop and said seriously, "This place in Chuanfu has no one and a gun in his hand. What are you doing? As you can see, we can form a stalemate. It’s not because Hunchenglv has a hard waist, but because there are too many friends behind us to support Marion’s armed three-dimensional mercenary company. We can’t live without them."
They smell nod.
"Now that the opportunity has come, when we win a certain intermission, we should take advantage of this hard work to build a solid foundation." Qin Yu’s eyes swept across the crowd and continued, "The Huncheng Brigade in the general direction should be reorganized, and the existing combat units at all levels should be reorganized into a regiment-building system!"
Ruan Wenmeng B looked at Qin Yu with some surprise. "This is too much. Let’s have a total of 9,000 people. If it is changed to a regiment and a battalion, then all units will be dissatisfied."
"If you don’t consider the preparation, you can just add people to the first battalion of the regiment." Qin Yu frowned and replied, "I will pay for it myself beyond the preparation!"
When they heard this, they seemed to understand Qin Yu’s meaning
"A group should not only be pulled up, but also be strengthened. The total number of people in the group brigade is fourteen thousand five hundred." Qin Yu got up and played the calendar war with the remote controller to project PP onto the wall and said, "Three mobile groups, three infantry groups and one UNPROFOR group are full of one thousand five hundred people in each group! There’s only one reinforcement group left, 3,000 people, with reconnaissance battalion, assault battalion and mobile battalion! In addition to this regiment, we also need an artillery battalion, that is, Li Shihong is now taking the number of people in this battalion. The logistics unit must have a thousand people, but it must have the ability to fight at the regiment level. "
"It’s difficult to solve the problem of overstaffing so many troops," said Lao Qi.
"Don’t you think of some way to solve the military problem" Qin Yu frowned and replied, "I didn’t think that the Ministry of Finance could give money to the blood transfusion unit of Hunchenglv after the first war zone was completely frozen. There is no money to go to the seven districts to find a loan to borrow money, and it will definitely make the troops cross Shujiachuan’s follow-up investment. Once it is not long before the exhibition, there will be great economic benefits. Our current strength is to incite this nearly 15,000-strong army."
Old Qi Wen nodded.
"My goal for you is to do your best to fill my army in the short term!" Qin Yu looked up and continued, "After Ruan’s private armed forces were incorporated, our existing strength is almost 7 thousand, and there are still half of the goals left. I will give you six months at most. Six months must be completed!"
"The current situation in Sichuan Province is fairly stable. It’s a good sign to recruit soldiers. I’m afraid the quality of soldiers will drop." Ruan replied softly.
"There is a UNPROFOR in a regiment. I think it’s for Xiaobai to take this regiment, but it can fight but it can’t take recruits." Qin Yu smiled and replied, "All this depends on our total teaching."
Speaking of this, Qin Yu took a look at the calendar war. "The UNPROFOR is responsible for all the recruits recruited. You practice here first, and then you are assigned to each regiment!"
"ok!" Through the war readily nodded.
"Say a life!" Qin Yu put an infrared pen on his desk and said, "A new strengthening regiment leader Wang Henan, 112 regimental leader Ruan, 113 regimental leader Wang Tianhui, 114 regimental leader Xiao Bai, 115 regimental leader Ou Xiaobin, left 116 regimental leaders, 117 regimental leaders, temporarily tempered by me and Qi Lin and Xu Jiahe’s family from the company to be able to do this job, and the head was handed over to them. Finally, the head of the UNPROFOR regiment was returned to Li Shihong by the commander of the calendar war and artillery battalion! Let’s group a battalion on this structure. "
Everyone listened to Qin Yu’s distribution, and there was nothing in his heart. His ideas were similar because each door accounted for the same words. The brigade should give respect and everyone immediately applauded and agreed.
"It’s the same sentence. The foundation has been firmly laid for half a year. I want to see high-rise buildings rise from the ground." Qin Yu shouted with a loud voice and passion. "No gun, no one, this tall pole can’t be hard! One day, if we really want to swallow Chuanfu, we have to take this short intermission to completely pull up HunChengLv! Be bigger and stronger and create more glory! "
This HunChengLv completely on the right track, the idea of group one battalion was immediately implemented, and all localities have tied Qin Yu’s family to take the lead in conscription.
The new blueprint and new journey will start from sitting firmly in Chuanfu!
The fifth volume looking at China
Chapter DiYiSiLiu One year
Time flies. A year has passed. HunChengLv and TianchengTuan ushered in the first outbreak of Sichuan government and Qin Yu had his first child.
Qin Jia Bieyuan, Yuanshan Life Town, early November, 21st century.
"Whoa, whoa …!"
A chubby boy is sitting on the sofa crying.
Qin Yu testily loosened the loose neckline and stretched out his hand to wipe the baby’s eyes with crystal tears. "Can you stop howling? Who are you so melodramatic?" !”
"What are you yelling at again?"
A burst of footsteps came up. Lin Nianlei came from the second floor and said with disgust, "I’ll let you see such a good child, and you’ll make him cry three times. What else can you do?"
"Come on, come on, come on, I can’t do this job." Qin Yu immediately got up and waved and said, "Cry my brain hurts."
"Go to one side" Lin Nianlei discontentedly pulled a Qin Yu bent down to sit on the sofa and wiped the baby’s big nose with a disinfectant paper towel. "Do you want to be numb? Don’t cry …!"
Qin Yuchang has been six months old, and the name Qin is different, and Dongsheng is like the rising sun.
"This little Wang egg is a thief!" Qin Yu arranged a suit of clothes, "If you are so big, you will know that you will cry if you don’t give something back."
"How many times have I told you not to swear in front of him?" Lin Nianlei immediately reprimanded. "Can you have some quality?"
"He doesn’t understand."
"What do you mean, do you understand?" Lin Nianlei rolled her eyes. "We should cultivate from childhood."
"Yes, yes, you’re right." Qin Yu bent down and picked up his coat. "Go play with your mother. I’m going to the brigade to take a trip to Laojin."
"Come back late?"
"Do I dare to stay out at night in front of you?" Qin Yu bent down and kissed Han Han sensibly, and squeezed his face lovingly. "You may not eat at home, but you must come back before 12 o’clock."
"Ok, I’ll allow you to go."
"Bye bye to dad" Qin Yu teased her reluctantly.

"I heard that the old face is missing?" Dachuanwen

"I can’t be careless about this," Okawa low persuaded. "Otherwise, I’ll find an excuse to take him to kill him."
Dajiang smells and waves "no"
"Eldest brother, you can’t hesitate about this. Just now Meng Xi and I also said that there are too many people in the car, too many eyes, and it is easy to have an accident once it is recognized." Dachuan low persuaded, "Get rid of him just to be on the safe side."
"I can’t get it," Dajiang thought. "I have settled the old one. He can bring me people from several living villages next to him, and he can come to him after he is familiar with people here."
Before Meng Xi stepped forward, he also urged, "Brother Jiang, I told you before that we can’t get along with people now, but we have to lay off some of them because we don’t have an industry. As more and more people gather together, problems will occur after the balance of payments is unbalanced. And you see that these people are all following you around except Ogawa."
"Mr. Meng" Dajiang looked up at Meng Xi and said, "You are really better than us in management and advice, but you still have no experience in rolling the ground. You can’t live in Chencangkou without a gun. If you don’t pull up your team, you won’t have a place to get out of the industry. This man is not bad. Who dares to play with you after you get him?"
"Always a guide. If he wanted to do it, he wouldn’t do such a risky thing with us," Meng Xi urged urgently. "Do you believe that it is safest for me to kill him?"
"Mr. Meng, you don’t want this thing. I’ve decided that it’s impossible. I’ll take some silver to let the old man hide out and let him come back after the wind passes." Dajiang smiled at Meng Xi’s words, which sounded soft but had no doubt.
Meng Xi looked at the great river and there would be no more persuasion.
"Come on, you go to rest first." Dajiang got up and said, "I’ll order some goods."
Say that finish great river turned away.
Meng Xi watched him go away and turned to Dachuan and said, "If Brother Jiang doesn’t get it, we have to get it."
"This can’t do" Okawa hesitated. "My brother’s temper, you know, I have to do this thing privately …"
"Don’t work on your head. If you don’t be strict, you may die." Meng Xi said seriously with his hands in his pockets.
Dachuan looked at him "have to do that? Can he be seen so skillfully because he missed his car? "
"Do you want to bet your life that there will be no coincidence?" Meng Xi asked
Dachuan scratched his head. "Let me tell you something. My eldest brother got a piece with his old sister … and they are sticking together, so he can protect his old age."
"Then even the old sister will do it together," Meng Xi said decisively.
After watching Meng Xi for a long time, Dachuan Meng B replied with difficulty, "This … this thing I …!"
"You lead people to the mountain and I’ll find someone to do it." Meng Xi said calmly.
early morning
Brother Xiao arrived at the garrison regiment headquarters.
Qin Yu directly handed the photo to him and said briefly, "I want this personnel information in three days."
Brother Xiao took the photo and glanced at it.
"This is a photo of those gangsters who were killed, and you should take it with you." Li Zhan handed the photo over.
"Good" Brother Xiao glanced at the photo "Wait for the letter"
Chapter 137 The elder brother of the owl
Since the attack on Jiujiang Tiancheng Group’s seventh district, the main business has also been gradually removed, because Chen and the General Logistics Department of World War II have become very stiff, and I don’t know which day the battle will start. Qin Yu is also afraid that the other side will suddenly become Tiancheng.
After the business slowly moved back to Chuanfu, Xiao Ge was still in charge of this piece of business, and it was still done because although Chuanfu had a military industry, its scale was small and its quality was not high, and many Qin Yu could not bear to give up.
If the old cat, Qi Lin, and others are constantly changing their roles and promoting themselves, then Brother Owl can be said to have achieved immortality.
He hasn’t changed his position since he joined Tiancheng, and he has been running the ground business that he is best at, and with the help of Zhan Nan, his field has reached the peak, and the control of the network "industry" is watertight.
Brother Xiao didn’t talk after taking a few photos, but he often pulled a group with his social software and sent the photos directly.
"Help me find this person". Brother Xiao typed a line of fine print after sending it.
Many of the group are customers here from Brother Xiao, and they are also famous people in their four places.
"It’s about the train, right?"
"These people look unfamiliar!"
"His mother is silly b to rob the train? What can I do without money? !”

That is, ants are slightly different in strength.

It’s not worth worrying about
More don’t need to go?
after that
[Superman] [Batman] Before they come back from the dead and don’t know it,
[Jia Luo] [dr. manhattan] The figure disappeared and went to the area where there was no [base grain].
Test the opponent and recruit them.
Come and fight
Continue there …
In the boundless [imaginary] space
One thing here
In addition to the most basic [time]
There is not even [base grain]
But when [dr. manhattan] and [Jia Luo] arrived here together,
With the idea of [dr. manhattan]
Become active around [when]
The length of the part is close to the length of the part, and it can accommodate all kinds of things [pockets]
The foundation of his idea was materialize.
Automatically include [Jia Luo] himself.
right after
One bubble after another, emitting strong light, also appeared one after another.
Their surface [membrane] is the [universe] [barrier]
The part is the quantity and volume, which is limiting the expansion of the [star]
[dr. manhattan] Mind manipulation
Each one is filled with huge [mass] [energy] [bubbles]
It’s like being accelerated [photoelastic] one by one!
Shining with hot brilliance, the temperature reaches an unknown number of trillion degrees [photoelastic] …
Step into a crazy and active state
Far beyond the speed of light.
You can easily catch up with [Flash-Barry] at top speed!
From all sides of [a pocket]
Towards that without any resistance, it was pulled in by [dr. manhattan] and [Jia Luo] hit it!
Countable number …
In a [universe]
After all [energy] and [matter] are decomposed into [basic particles]
The number of those [grains]
It’s just that these [photoelastic] numbers are nine Niu Yi hairs …
Power is immeasurable.
Each flying state [photoelastic] does not need to directly hit the target.
Just need to brush and pass by.
You can easily destroy the plural [universe]
Cause [multiverse (D)] level disaster
For example, it can cause "dark night" and "black death emperor"
If you show your face at this time
A [light bullet] can send him home at once.
And the hunger in another [world body] [Galactus] except for a few periods.
Base is also a "photoelastic" can lie in situ corpse again can’t.
Chapter 144 【 Luo Jiaao Rayleigh Ann 】 VS 【 dr. manhattan 】 (2)
Face is like a torrent [photoelastic]
Even if you have already reacted.
However, the victim [Jia Luo] still did not move.
Is to look calmly in situ.
Neither fight back nor dodge.
So for a moment
With few exceptions, all the attacks of [dr. manhattan] hit the target!
after that
Is a burst of bright light, explosion, impact!
Various impact aftereffects
Just that insignificant part that leak out.
Let the whole [pocket] have a very serious turmoil.
Even dr. manhattan, who has a "measuring body" and can observe everything from a special perspective of a "measuring observer", has been disturbed by those aftermath to some of his own perception.
Temporary method is used to observe the specific situation at the core of the attack area.
After all, it didn’t cause him too much trouble that the glare of Superman was enough to smooth everything in the Origin Wall.
It’s only a few seconds
We haven’t waited for all kinds of shocks to spread completely.
Some force from a higher level completely wiped out all the movements and revealed the real situation of the attack center.
It was a black fire with a diameter of only a few hundred meters.
But those black flames eroded
All turbulent shocks
Are quickly swallowed up!
With the flame expanding and shrinking.
A figure nearly 15 meters tall is also wearing a sword body full of various mantras, and slowly walks out of it.

"That dagger smells of blood."

Watching people discuss with each other,
Most of them are watching, but no one has made a move, and their strength is not too high. Because their strength can be distracted, which one will not concentrate on practicing, and when they break through,
The more people gather, the more experts there are. Haikui glanced sideways, which is not a good thing, but now he can’t make a dagger, and he can’t help it.
With a wave of his hand, the flying sword and bronze mirror came back to him, and Haikui turned and left, and the dagger behind him flew after him, which was quite a gesture of not stopping until Haikui’s blood was sucked out.
Haikui controlled the bronze mirror to resist while flying, and the dagger was pulled for a certain distance. He went away in the distance, and those who were watching actually flew up and followed.
They just feel that this matter, they are happy to see it,
There are many monks in Yuan Babies. After all, they can leave this star alone. If Xiu is not strong enough, he can’t bear the pressure of the star.
Haikui frowned slightly, and looked at the monks who followed him. They really liked to watch the fun. He wanted to lead the dagger to a barren land, and he was willing to chop it up for nine days and then collect it.
Now, if these people follow this operation and don’t hurt them,
He turned around and transported Zhenyuan to drink, "Give me a refund and stop following."
This sound is like thunder, accompanied by a thunderous Lei Yin.
However, the mutant protrusions,
The dagger suddenly turned its tip and rushed towards the crowd who followed, with a speed comparable to shrinking to an inch. In the blink of an eye, it crossed thousands of meters and went to the people watching.
This changes so fast that many people don’t respond.
Haikui looked at the dagger with his eyes open, harvesting the monks around Yuan infant like wheat. One blink of an eye, seven of them were scratched by the dagger, and the blood was sucked away.
The dagger sucked the blood of the monks and immediately became red, and the thick blood smell came out from his face, full of rage.
Haikui hurriedly made a move and directed the bronze mirror to stop the dagger.
Those who watched the excitement reacted at this time and dodged one after another, but they were still harvested by the dagger for seven more people’s blood.
Fortunately, the dagger sucks blood, and it’s ok to change into a new body or recover slowly, but it has caused panic. Many people shouted, "Magic sword, this is magic sword."
This dagger power is not an enemy in Yuan infant period.
The dagger emits a strong red light, forming a light ball covering the dagger, just like a moving red sphere.
Haikui stopped the dagger and shouted to the rest, "Don’t hurry back, wait for the blood to be sucked away," and the monks all around retreated.
In the distance, a black shadow moved quickly in the direction of Haikui.
Haikui looked up and saw a middle-aged fat man dressed like an ancient Tang suit coming quickly here.
Haikui felt a powerful force from the middle-aged fat body, which was taller than him.
Haikui frowned slightly, but he couldn’t stop Fat, so he saw Fat reaching for the dagger.
"Daoyou, that’s what I mean," Hai Kuishen asked.
Fat hands flashed a ray of light, making a sound of gold and iron, but grasped the dagger desperately.
Haikui looked intently, but he was wearing a glove as a magic weapon. If Haikui didn’t guess wrong, it was a special wire weaving.
Fat smiled and looked up at Haikui. "Little doll, you can’t make this sword, so I will accept it for you."
Haikui looked at Pang Xiu as good as himself, and suppressed his anger and said, "I paid for this sword, so you just took it away."
Fat eyebrows a pick, "oh, how much do you spend,"
"One …" Haikui paused and said, "One million Lingshi,"
Fat laughed. "Yes, it’s quite valuable. I don’t want junk yet. I’ll take it."
Haikui immediately flew into a rage when he saw that the fat man was going to take the sword, glaring at whether it was his opponent or not, and said coldly, "Put the dagger away."
Fat gherardini, "yo, little doll, what do you want?"
"I don’t want to do anything. Although I lost to you, it’s not that simple for you to want to leave," Haikui reached out and held a mirror in his left hand and a sword in his right.
Fat eyes slightly narrowed, thought for a moment and said, "well, little doll, a family is not bullying everyone, you come with me."
Haikui looked at Fat and grabbed the dagger, but the body of the dagger still burst into red light, and he broke free. He flew away with the dagger.
Hai Kui considered it for a while or not. This dagger is very strange. Even if there is nothing else, the power of this sword is not bad. It can fight a distracted person. This sword is a good magic weapon.
Chapter 362 Angry Planet
79 Yuepang returned to the trading city with Haikui, as if to speak to someone, and immediately a figure rose from the trading city.
There is a rule in the trading city that you are not allowed to fly in the city, but some overhaul workers regard this rule as fart and ignore it.
Came to them is a young woman in her thirties, plump, looks fair, glanced at the middle-aged fat, then at Haikui behind the fat, "Yo, fat, this is your illegitimate child."
Fat haha laughed. "Ye Niang is joking. I just met this little friend. Look at this thing." He raised his dagger.
Ye Niang looked back at Hai Kui, looked at the dagger in the fat hand, and looked at it for a while as if she didn’t see anything strange like Hai Kuigang.
"Fat, what’s strange about this dagger, but it’s just a smell."
Fat hey hey smiled. "Ye Niang, I didn’t expect you to be deluded."
Ye Niang looked suspiciously at Fat, and looked at Fat’s dagger again.
Haikui looked at them not far away, and he felt the pressure from them, both of whom were taller than him.
If one person is fat, Haikui still has some room for manoeuvre, but for two people, Haikui doesn’t even have a chance.
Ye Niang stared at the dagger in the fat hand and suddenly showed surprise. "Is this something before Mr. Two?"
Fat nodded, "yes, younger sister, is a little insight,"
Ye Niang some don’t believe, "how do you know it’s Mr. Two, Mr. Two have been dead for so long?"
Fat laughed. "I said it doesn’t count. Let’s go and get them both."
Said, and the two of them were about to leave. Fat gave Haikui a look back. "Come if you want, but I don’t want to. Fat never cheats. I’ll give you one million Lingshi when I come back."
Ye Niang beside laughed. "So you got it from this little hand and gave it back. Just this little brother repaired it. Even if we take him away, there’s nothing we can do."
Haikui looked at Ye Niang coldly. This woman is definitely a thousand-year-old demon type.
Fat heavy way "I this person is the most credibility,"
Haikui looked at the dagger as if it really had a secret, and said, "I’ll go with you. This sword is mine. If you have any secrets, you have to take me."
Ye Niang eyes a bright, "yo, little brother, it seems that you know something,"

Zhao Deyan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a trace of anger in his heart. Except that he touched the nail in Su Ye, he was destined to be the focus of women no matter what occasion he attended. There was always another man on the spot. He was as high as an emperor in ancient times, and she gave him a little sign to see women, so she immediately ran over and threw herself at him. Now these three have attracted people in the street to gather lethality here, and the beauty has no color for herself in horror. Zhao Deyan’s heart really can’t figure out what touched these three beautiful women.

Zhao Deyan quietly breathed a sigh of relief to calm himself down. You should know that he is going to the theatre. Although some people talk about this means, it should not be made by him. But he Zhao Deyan needs this at the moment. He needs it too much. Zhao Deyan feels that there is no hurry!
"Kexin, you see far away from telling us that you have something to do, but it turned out to be a stroll in the street with Fang Zong here? He is so outrageous! " Suchen looked angry and said
To far’s surprise, Chen Kexin’s long eyelashes moved, followed by tears in her eyes, and a sad look suddenly appeared. "Far, how can you do this to me?" !”
Far heart andao a "good" hurriedly in the past hands holding Chen Kexin face light way "even pretend I don’t want to see you cry" Then even Suchen felt a little horrified to see a pair of beautiful eyes bent over Suchen. Really? This public … Suchen was not surprised that she had kissed Chen Kexin and made Suchen equally surprised that Chen Kexin, the Xiao Ni, immediately forgot everything and wrapped her arms around her neck regardless. At the moment of two people kissing, Suchen’s expression stretched out with a smile. She felt the same love.
Zhao Deyan was far more surprised than Chen Kexin. Two of them openly and openly screwed up his eyebrows. At this moment, his mind suddenly became clearer than receiving a message that Chen Kexin had confirmed that he was far away and gave him his whole body and mind! Zhao Deyan felt a little hazy at this moment, but it was absolutely true that Zhao Deyan instantly felt a raging flame burning in his body.
Street passers-by stopped to watch them see this pair of pleasing men and women kissing their hearts, giving birth to wonderful, happy, harmonious and beautiful feelings. Some female college students passers-by saw this romantic scene and thought it was street courtship. They couldn’t help clapping and cheering, and the stars mixed with whistles made this street romantic and a little crazy.
Chen Kexin’s feet are a little off the ground, and she is very cooperative, pretending to cry, but being far away. This way, she can stop this. She feels that she has been held in the cloud gv 10, and there is the last trace of clarity. She knows that she is still in the downtown street, just like a soprano who has been longing for bass for a long time and singing narcissism. Now she is as quiet as water, but she is far away from the high notes. This kiss makes Chen Kexin feel his deep love.
At this time, Suchen’s eyes were also a little red. Her heart was surprisingly not a trace of jealousy, and there was a sweet smile on her mouth. She didn’t say it for a long time, but Suchen knew that she was entangled in his sister Su Ye’s guilt made him cherish the present especially, which may seem a little playboy in front of some people, but Suchen didn’t think so. Suchen was willing to defend everything far away.
Zhao Deyan feels that he is going crazy, and his blood is pouring into pieces. He feels a great humiliation. He is naturally Chen Kexin’s "companion" because those prescriptions are even more natural. Chen Kexin still retains his precious virginity, but this is true. The two people are still going to rub together and can’t untie a unity. Everything is still as terrible as more than ten cars ago. Zhao Deyan is not arrogant. It is a pity that he was knocked down in love once. It is a terrible thing that history will fatally repeat itself!
Chen Kexin finally felt that her feet were on the ground, and she was crossed with joy. This state is different from all her previous feelings. No wonder a woman will shine when she enters a state of love.
Zhao Deyan’s blood is still spraying in his body and mind. At the same time, several poisonous snakes have escaped and are desperately devouring his body and mind, and his whole body is like petrification. This state is really close to the state of computer-virus, and Zhao Deyan doesn’t know it yet.
Zhao Deyan was so angry that he wanted Chen Kexin to see the despicable act of "stepping on two boats" far away, but he didn’t expect it to be done with a kiss.
Zhao Deyan had to take a long breath and try his best to calm himself down, but he still couldn’t stop his chest from fluctuating.
Looking far away, Zhao Deyan asked, "Zhao Zong, are you unwell?"
Zhao Deyan felt his whole face stiff and smiled far away. He didn’t turn around and grabbed Chen Kexin with one hand, but he reached out to Fang Ya Zhao Deyan with the other. So he saw Fang Ya slightly shy and handed himself over to the far palm. At this moment, Zhao Deyan heard something similar to the sound of broken glass in his body. Su Chen also shook his head beside Zhao Deyan and sighed, "Zhao Zong forgot to tell you that Fang Yayuan knew about shopping in Chen Kexin." Su Chen walked a few steps with them in Fang Ya, Chen Kexin.
After walking more than 100 meters, Su Chencai said, "That Zhao Deyan seems to have vomited blood."
Far laughed, "I didn’t spit it out and swallowed it."
"Really?" Suchen Xi Xi’s smiling face is full of smug smiles.
Far away, "I will pay for shopping today!"
Su Chen and Chen Kexin glanced at each other and said, "When did it become so generous?"
Looking at Fang Ya Fang Ya with an awkward smile, she realized that she was different among the three girls, but she felt a little cold, but holding that hand far away made her feel at ease. At this moment, she saw that her mind was in place and smiled. "It’s me. Of course he’s refreshed!"
Su Chen "turns out to be like this"
Chen Kexin is "generous to others!"
In the middle of the night, Zhao Deyan’s bedroom door was closed and Zhao Deyan sat cross-legged for a long time. Suddenly, Zhao Deyan’s abdomen trembled and then he leaned forward and spit out a mouthful of black blood. After that, Zhao Deyan felt better, but he was still weak. Zhao Deyan felt a deep panic and seemed to return to the state after the spell was cast that day. What did the whole person swing without a panacea to recover? Zhao Deyan immediately shouted, "The housekeeper will find a woman in ten minutes anyway!"
Soon the charming woman came, just like in the basement of this building. After a bitter melee, Zhao Deyan determined that he was dying. Zhao Deyan threw the woman out and then threw everything that could be thrown in the room. Finally, Zhao Deyan fainted.
I don’t know how long it took Zhao Deyan to be awakened by a strange laugh. Zhao Deyan propped himself up and was surprised. Now he hit a human-like and inhuman thing in the bedroom window and laughed on the windowsill. It was from his mouth.
Zhao Deyan didn’t panic and asked, "Who are you?"
"No matter who I am, you should know that I will make you strong!" Said the man up and spread his arms turned out to be more than a meter bat wings.
"Are you a vampire?"
The other party Jie Jie laughed. "The young man has some knowledge."
Zhao Deyan’s eyes flashed. "Isn’t the vampire extinct?" Zhao Deyan has heard of the history of vampires. During his special training in the company, Zhao Deyan heard a teacher say that vampires are a great threat to ordinary people, but the same strong inferiority complex counteracts the energy of vampires. Because vampires like to walk alone, they were completely wiped out by the Templars and the Oriental Godsworn a hundred years ago. Since then, I have heard of vampires all over the world.
"No, no, not those dirty vampires. Those are really extinct, and I am the noble blood emperor."
Zhao Deyan smiled. "What are you looking for me?"
"I smell your blood, which is very good for my old man."
Zhao Deyan was stared at by this "thing" and said, "What do you want?"
"Hehe, it’s easy to bite you!" The sound just fell and the man descended on Zhao Deyan with a bat wing. Zhao Deyan immediately turned and stepped on the strange pace.
The man was first surprised, "yubu?" Then a shrill voice "better!"

Haikui put away his bow and said to Zhen Miaoyu, "See how disrespectful I am to you? Everyone looks at it this way. Who dares to look down on the head of the first practice sect in our day?"

Zhen quip looked at Haikui’s eyes and flashed horror. She didn’t expect this minor repair to be so tough. She knew that it was terrible to be shot like a bird now!
Haikui stepped forward and coughed at the people around him, clearing his throat. "Dear friends, today is my housewarming ceremony in Leng Yue. I think you should stop asking for it. In the eyes of our leader, it’s really not worth paying your lives in vain. It’s serious to watch our ceremony!"
Haikui said he would clap his hands, but he had prepared a program, but his palms were not opposite and he said, "What a big breath!" "
Haikui looked around. Oh, people look familiar.
He rubbed his eyes correctly. It was familiar but uncertain. He turned to Han Wenxuan and asked, "Is this man Stuart Yuan Wu?"
Han Wenxuan frowned and nodded carefully.
"It’s Stuart Yuan Wu!"
Situ Yuan Wu was dissatisfied with Haikui. "Who are you? Who dare to call you by your first name!"
"As far as you are concerned, the big ye called you. What’s the matter, Stuart Yuan Wu! Stuart Yuan Wu! Stuart Yuan Wu! "
Haikui stared and shouted Stuart Yuan Wu several times!
Stuart Yuan Wu looks very cold.
At this time, he was alone in the middle of the flight, and there was no crowding round. Nothing changed. He was about twenty years old, with bronze skin and an ancient dress.
Haikui looked at this guy and he was still urinating.
Stuart Yuan Wu growled like a beast.
Haikui waved his hand. "Oh, my God, it scares me to death. I said, Yuan Wu, can you stop screaming!"
"If you want to die, you dare to insult the statue and take your soul out. You can’t ascend forever."
Look at that ferocious expression. Stuart Yuan Wu is furious.
Haikui turned to Zhen Miaoyu and said, "Are you old frame, the master, so strange in temper?"
Zhen quip to coldly looking at Stuart Yuan Wu heard Haikui talk and suddenly felt angry and burned up. "You tell me nonsense again and I’ll tear your mouth off!"
This boss is like a bitch.
Haikui Nai turned to look at Stuart Yuan Wu. "Brother Stuart, we have known each other for a long time. Let’s not fight today when the Leng Yue faction holds a celebration ceremony. Let’s be happy first. Let’s talk about it later. What do you think?"
Stuart Yuan Wu doesn’t talk nonsense. Five fingers stretch out and five black awns run towards Haikui. That posture is to kill Haikui!
Haikui is not afraid of Stuart Yuan Wu now. He is not weaker than Stuart Yuan Wu. He stretched out his hand and threw a blue screen in front of him. When Stuart Yuan Wu attacked and fished out the flying sword from the bag, the starlight sword split toward Stuart Yuan Wu.
True yuan fuelling sword mans instantaneous surge with devouring heaven and earth towards Stuart Yuan Wu.
Stuart Yuan Wu emerged a piece of armor, and a long black lacquer knife turned the blade, and a black knife collided with the sword. He took a step back.
The collision of sword, awn and knife made an earth-shattering sound, and the impact knocked down all the rocks, and the waves fell behind Haikui. The archway was magnificent and the archway was knocked off a corner.
Haikui turned to look at it and was angry. "You are small, but I spent a lot of money to build an archway. It’s a face. As the saying goes, hitting people doesn’t hit them in the face, but you actually hit our gate face. I want you to look good."
Stuart Yuan Wu was horrified in his heart. He didn’t expect this daring minor repair to be so strong and split the second knife at Haikui with an expression of disbelief.
When the knife fell, it killed Haikui. He reached his finger, and a flame exploded in an instant. The number of fire lotus suddenly appeared, and it quickly merged in front of the knife. The power of explosion and explosion fusion was extremely powerful. "Burn the sky and destroy the world!"
Spells together, the fire spirit of heaven and earth was inspired by Haikui, as if this world had fallen into the fire world and burned up.
Stuart Yuan Wu was instantly wrapped in flames, and his armor gave off bronze light and wrapped him up.
The fire was fierce, and Haikui was submerged for hundreds of meters. Several people suddenly disappeared and were moved to the distance.
Watching the excitement nearby, there is no escaping, and they are burned to the point where they are screaming and shouting!
On the other side of Dingfeng Mountain, a towering tree stood with a middle-aged man in a wide robe. He frowned and said to himself, "Too much!"
Behind him, he patted his bag, a glass cover appeared in his hand, and threw Haikui and Stuart Yuan Wu and those fire lotus into it.
It’s famous to know the goods, but it belongs to imitation. It hasn’t reached the level of fairy but it’s not weak!
Haikui and Stuart Yuan Wu were trapped inside, and the fire was instantly compressed. They seemed to have entered the furnace and been refined.
Haikui was annoyed. "Who is so bad? Throw a cover over me. It’s a condom!"
Speaking of which, the fire hood automatically flew up and became smaller and landed in Haikui’s hand, and there was an old common sound in his ear. "This thing is a fairy-like thing, and it’s not bad. You have been erased by me."
Haikui hey hey smiled and put the fire hood into his bag.
Middle-aged people in Taoist robes suddenly lost their firecracker hoods when they saw them being collected. Suddenly, a horrified figure appeared in front of Hai Kui, "Give me my firecracker hoods back!"
"Who are you?" Haikui looked at him strangely.
At this moment, Stuart Yuan Wu cut off the long black knife of the blossoming fire lotus, and the knife awn covered the men in robes and Haikui.
The middle-aged man in cassock looked at Haikui with a slight frown and a little backhand, and Stuart Yuan Wu’s knife and mans knife collapsed.
Stu Yuan Wu was surprised and asked, "Who are you?"
Middle-aged people in cassock don’t answer a jilt sleeve Stuart Yuan Wu body unstable instantaneous pushed to kilometers away.
The middle-aged man in the robe looked at Haikui for the second time and said, "Give me back my fire cover or I’ll be rude!"
Haikui can feel that the middle-aged man who is taller than him can hit Stuart Yuan Wu at least one level higher than him and has reached the Mahayana period.
But Haikui is protected by a great god!
"I left tsing lung right white tiger old cow in the waist bibcock in the chest to kill Buddha to kill Buddha! You who are you! "
Haikui’s domineering side leaks a word, and the middle-aged man Rao is practicing his mind very well, and he also feels that his blood is surging and his anger is soaring.
The middle-aged man in the robe shouted coldly, "Give me back the fire cover or I’ll show you!"
Look at his ferocious appearance. Hai Kui just wanted to shout, "Old Huang covers me!" Suddenly a strange smile filled the heavens and the earth.
"Ha ha ha ha ha!" That smile is far away, near, near and far away.
The middle-aged man in the tunic frowned. "Don’t play tricks here and get out."
A man suddenly appeared behind Haikui, three meters away from Haikui, and said to Haikui, "Don’t give me a fire shield. I will never let him touch you with me!"
"Don’t be unhappy, black-hearted old man!" Middle-aged garments folded way
The "black-hearted old man" laughed. "Don’t scare me there. What’s my name? I’m black-hearted old man, but I’m afraid you won’t scare me?"
Xuanshi’s face was cold and he said to Haikui again, "Give me back the fire cover!"
"It’s already me, and it won’t promise not to return it if you call it!" Haikui shrugged and said lightly
[starting from the first time! ]

Chapter 33 Go to see my grandparents

Han Wenxuan stopped Haikui and said to Haikui, "You sleep there, I sleep here," she pointed to the other side of Yiyi and said,
Haikui was a little dizzy at once, looking at Han Wenxuan, wondering what hint she had.
Han Wenxuan saw Haikui stupidly and said, "You have to be familiar with Yiyi. After I leave, you have to sleep with her. She is still young and can’t sleep alone. Of course, if your mother likes it, it is best for her to sleep with your mother."
Haikui this just Bai Han asked Xuan meaning, he nodded, "well, I’m going to wash my face, brush my teeth and wash my feet."
He was very willing in his heart. Although it was a little sudden, Haikui felt close to them.
After Haikui finished washing, Han Wenxuan simply washed one. They were lying beside Yiyi in their clothes. Haikui couldn’t sleep, looking up at the ceiling, thinking too many things, but instead of knowing what to think, he felt that his brain was white.
Han Wenxuan put his hands flat on his abdomen and looked up at the ceiling as well. His mind was in chaos, and he didn’t know where to start.
This night, I breathed, and even the world outside the window seemed to be well-advised and silent.
Haikui doesn’t know when she closed her eyes slowly. When he opened them, there was a light outside the window, which seemed to be just now.
He sat up slowly and turned around to see Han Wenxuan looking at him with his eyes open, but Yiyi still slept soundly.
"Didn’t you sleep?" Haikui asked softly.
"Can’t sleep," Han Wenxuan replied softly.
Haikui lightened up and walked outside. Han Wenxuan also got up and followed him. The two of them went out of the room.
At the end of the corridor, there is a window facing the morning sun, and Haikui stops to watch.
After a few minutes, Haikui said, "Now that you have promised me, don’t worry about things this month, stay with Yiyi and have a happy time."
Han Wenxuan nodded,
When there was no darkness, the sky lit up completely, and one morning came, and there were already people in the street and dogs barking suddenly.
Haikui glanced at his face and said, "I’m going to buy rice, so go back and stay with Yiyi."
"Well, don’t buy it for me, just buy it for Yiyi," Han Wenxuan said and turned back to the guest room.
Haikui watched Han Wenxuan’s back disappear before he went to sit on the stairs.
It was not until today that Li Qianhai-kui closed his eyes that his thoughts became clearer. He thought a lot, but on the whole, he knew that he had to upgrade if he wanted to protect his family, and he was now facing the biggest threat, Huanglong.
This Huanglong is the younger brother of Wu Zun, a martial sect in the celestial world, and the god of Zhou Lin.
When searching Zhou Lin’s memory, Haikui learned that he had a little feud with Donghua people, but this feud was not enough for Haikui to be valued by Huanglong. The real reason was that Haikui saw from Zhou Lin’s memory that Huanglong colluded with the magic way, encroached on other people’s celestial resources, stole the souls of all beings and refined several avatars to achieve permanent longevity. In addition, he brutally killed his other disciples and planted the blame. Although he was a famous master in the celestial world, he even despised the magic way for his bad deeds.
He is a fake king, not even a real villain.
Sohaikui concluded that Huanglong would send someone to kill him,
However, Haikui is not too worried now, because he is not finished enough to attract Huanglong’s attention, even ants are not, but Haikui knows that he can’t take it lightly and must find a way to upgrade as soon as possible, not only for himself but also for his family.
Especially now that I am reunited with my parents, Han Wenxuan and Yiyi need his care.
Haikui thought as he walked, his fist clenched tightly,
He can’t soar,
This is the way out for Haikui. He needs to suppress it and let the celestial qi method sense him.
There will be a soaring man, and after he reaches the realm of soaring, there will be an apocalypse arrival to test whether he can pass.
Haikui knows that he must not soar casually, or he will be killed by Huanglong before he enters the immortal pool, which will definitely attract Huanglong’s attention.
Haikui thought as he walked, and his expression was serious, which frightened the children who passed by him, and some adults frowned at him.
Haikui felt abnormal, looked up and found that people around him had strange eyes, as if he were a terrorist. When his heart was shaking, he found himself inadvertently breathing out, and coercion frightened ordinary people.
He hurriedly convergence breath, quickly leave,
I bought soybean milk and fried dough sticks, which is the common people who eat breakfast most often, and returned to the hotel with it. All the way, Haikui wondered if Yiyi would not like to eat these things. It seems that her mother gives her original ecological food every day.
Back to the guest room, Yiyi has woken up, Han Wenxuan has finished washing with her, Haikui handed the breakfast in the past, and he was very happy to watch Yiyi eat it happily.
Haikui was watching Yiyi eat, and his face moved. He got up and walked aside, took out the words in his pocket, and showed that it was Wu Yidan.
With the previous experience, Haikui no longer put the words in the bag, and the root of the bag could not receive the signal.
Hai Kui picked up the words and asked, "General Manager Wu, what’s the matter?"
Wu Yidan seemed relieved to hear Hai Kui’s voice and said, "Hai Zong, can Duan Lao believe it? I’m going to pick a stone today."
When Haikui heard that she was still struggling with this problem, Nai said, "I told you, if I lose it, it’s me. Don’t worry and buy it boldly."
Wu Yidan didn’t want to pay for it again, saying, "Although it’s your money, I should be more cautious. This is my chance to make a comeback. If I lose it again, I feel even worse."
Haikui said in surprise, "If you go to be a gambler, everyone who gambles with you will die."
Wu Yidan Haikui laughed at her bad luck and said discontentedly, "Then you still need to find me."
Haikui is really this woman. "Wu Yidan, you played poker as soon as you came. If you don’t pay for it, you have an entrepreneurial heart, but you didn’t sum up your experience. I’m surprised. You don’t have a big chest. When you first bought the original stone, you didn’t know the old section, so you bought all the money. Now I’ll give you one million, so you can’t buy fifty thousand dollars first.
Wu Yidan suddenly said over there, "Yes, why am I suddenly so confused?"
Haikui looked back at Han Wenxuan’s mother and daughter, and didn’t want to talk to Wu Yidan more. "I’ll talk to Lao Duan and ask him to introduce you to the financial personnel in this field as soon as possible. If you have nothing to do, he will definitely give you a lot of advice. Don’t be confused by yourself. It’s not a day when you can call alone. Ask others for advice and don’t make a decision on striking the table."
Wu Yidan nodded over there and said, "I’m white. Thank you. I find I’m inadequate."
Haikui hung up and saw that Yiyi had not finished eating. He quickly dialed a message to Lao Duan and told him to introduce a reliable person to Wu Yidan as soon as possible.
Hang up the old paragraph, Haikui thought, I have to refine some Dan medicine as soon as possible, and when it takes a lot of money to collect Dan medicine materials, he plans to go to the trading star to buy it, but now he doesn’t have many Lingshi in his hand.
However, Haikui did have many monty demons refining green and white Dan, and he ate some white Dan and learned many spells, some of which Haikui thought could fetch a good price.
When he thought of this, he planned to go to Trading Star, turned to look at Yiyi and said with a smile, "Is Yiyi full?"
Yiyi put the last bite of fried dough sticks in her mouth, picked up the paper and wiped her fingers, saying, "I’m full."
Haikui laughed. "Then let’s go see our grandparents."
Yiyi turned to look at Han Wenxuan strangely,
Han Wenxuan gently rubbed her hair. "Well, it’s mom and dad, and you will live with them later. Aren’t you envious of those children having parents and grandparents?"
Yiyi bowed her head and said nothing.

This fox demon met Zhao Deyan and immediately liked this handsome, handsome and home-friendly guy. The black Taoist priest was sharp-tongued and mean in appearance, but it was another charming appearance in front of Zhao Deyan. A Chinese person knew the taste of this fox demon and taught Zhao Deyan some practice methods. The two of them were really a mess. The fox demon was a master of Zhao Deyan. After that, Zhao Deyan was also a practitioner. The so-called human gathering Zhao Deyan was mixed.

Huang Yong is now floating in the middle, showing a light blue and semi-transparent shape, but his face is still full of expression. I heard that the guy who encouraged himself to be evil and let himself bear a generation of conscience debts was really quite excited, and it was faintly thought that there was another reason.
When the fox demon put her together, Zhao Deyan was jealous at that time, and Su Ye was very hateful. Later, Zhao Deyan meant that Huang Yong was also very jealous. When he was far away, he let the fox demon find opportunities to meet Huang Shui, who was interested in his display methods. After Huang Yongxin’s fox demon Huang Yongcheng sighed for a day, he took the initiative to ask about this time. Huang Yonghuo suspected that naturally speaking of one of his colleagues, his qualifications were far from his own, but he was far lucky in all aspects. When he said that he had a way to punish the fox demon.
Huang Yong heard glaring at this moment, but in the end he became somebody else’s sharp tool. As soon as the figure floated, he descended on the fox demon Taoist. The two ghost claws were even more wanton, and the fox demon dared not fight back.
Essence and other "ghosts" listened with amazement. It turns out that this stuffy Huang Yong’s life has such a twist.
Essence wants to make fun of this guy after knowing Huang Yong’s suicide. It’s incredible that the vice principal suddenly jumped off the building improperly. Essence always likes to make fun of others but never thought about jumping into the river. It’s equally incredible that Essence’s heart way will put away a proud heart if she meets such a character as Yuan earlier.
Huang Yong caught a phone call, but his furious expression gradually changed his annoyance. Sure enough, the fox demon argued, "If you were not jealous of the fire at that time, how could I encourage you?" !”
Yellow small "body" a vibration "face" look a few changes in the end, but it is a far-reaching "I am sorry for you! But this thief Taoist priest said that a little punishment for those spells would make you lose your energy in completing the scientific research method, but he really didn’t want to make you sick! "
Brother Yuan-ha laughed. "Since then, Huang Yong has been suspicious every day, but even if you try your best to achieve success, you are afraid of jealousy of your peers. As you did in the past, you are more worried and fearful than before every promotion, but your heart can’t stop it."
Huang Yong’s forehead was sweating, his face was painful and his facial features seemed to be twisted into a knot.
Far away, he said, "If you have doubts in your heart, you are guilty of suspicion!"
Huang Yong then fell into a deep struggle, far from paying attention to him, but he said to Bai Su, "Do you know that Bai Su, the famous host of the TV station, is poisoned?"
Essence was shocked by the far-reaching sound, and she lost her usual arrogance and looked at a loss. "What poison?"
"Slow poison arrogance, your life is too smooth, and from this heart, the world is not as good as you!"
So far, the essence is slightly depressed, so it is.
"Although you have made great achievements in your career, you still have leaders in your head. In your eyes, those people in high positions are as stupid as pigs and dogs, while most of your colleagues around you are stupid. You feel that you are living in a pigsty and a kennel, and one day you think you may die before you can go to another noble world. Do you think I am right?"
Essence nodded his head. If others were so rude to her, Essence would have been angry. But now it is a ghost, arrogant and unconsciously missing a lot. Therefore, it is also possible to listen to some words in the ear, and then it will be thunderous to shock the black Taoist Essence. Think back and feel that he is really a frog at the bottom of the well.
"It is inexplicable for you to die outside, but as this fox demon said, your hearts have their own ways to die. He really gave you a push to end it."
The fox demon leaned over and said, "Yes or no, that’s what I’m thinking!"
Far immediately cold "hum" 1 like a half giant thunder rolled over the fox demon suddenly "flower" pale whole body faint to the ground.
Far away, he went to Master Fang Commendation and said, "Master Fang, I know you accidentally broke your Xiao Moonlight chasing Han Xin Yuan Blue and White, and I was there. You were ill on the spot."
Fang Commended the look of a tunnel, "Don’t say more about the real person. Now I am white. I have been poisoned by the Buddha’s five poisons."
Far nodded. "Exactly!"
Far-sighted Dan swept the fat man and said, "You are the first to accept it because there are many greedy people in the world."
After that, I gathered my eyes on the fox demon again and said, "You want to gather the five poisons and refine the five poisons to become a sharp weapon for you to drive people to search!"
The fox demon trembled all over and said, "I won’t drive them to refine for nothing. I will ask them to sign a contract once it is completed, so that I can send their souls to the afterlife to get a blessing!" Speaking of this fox demon kowtowing is like smashing garlic.
Far from ignoring the fox demon, he said, "There are four poisonous tools, but you are missing one. You are also thinking about pushing into this poor sun layer by layer, but it is the last one and you make the best one. There are three people here who had a great connection before they died, and then you deliberately let the police aim at Sun’s poor things and let those things that supported him collapse, making him complain about the poison. So greedy, angry, stupid, slow and suspicious of the five poisons, you are together! It’s a pity that you did your best but didn’t count yourself! "
"Xian forgives!" The fox demon shouted until the last moment.
Far away sneered, "If you and I are destined to see each other again, it’s okay to say that you have caused my current achievements, but it’s a pity that we are goodbye. It can be seen that God has decided to take this case!"
"Fairy, forgive me, I hope you will understand that it is not easy for me to practice in the cold and heat for thousands of years!" The fox demon crawled on his knees and begged for help. He didn’t want to resist, but Yang Shenwei forced his roots to give full play.
Far away, "I don’t harm you, but you harm yourself. I’ll send you into the reincarnation and the afterlife, so that you won’t have to hide in Shan Ye and suffer from the hardships. It’s your blessing! However, although you are a person, you have to suffer from the five poisons. This is your new cause and effect. When you got this person, you were greedy, resentful, arrogant, suspicious and obsessed with the five poisons. Go! " With a distant drink, a strange light shines brighter than golden light. Before the eyes of all the ghosts, the cellar seems to have been in the sea, and the distant place shines like sunrise.
Essence Huang Yong and others were taught a face of shame by the distance. At this time, they saw the wonders that were not seen when they were human. They looked up and looked surprised. They didn’t expect this world to have such magical power!
In fact, Chanyuanli’s reincarnation door is not easy, because these people are reincarnation, but they are temporarily blinded by the fox demon. Once they are far away, they will naturally go wherever they say they should go.
The fox demon’s name is folded, and he can’t help but throw a flash of green light and immediately rush to the extreme distance.
Far away, he turned to look at these wobbly ghosts behind him.
At this moment, Huang Yong sighed and gave a ceremony to Yuan Yuan, only then was he thrilling. He touched his heart and took the lead in stepping forward. "I wish everyone in the afterlife would be with me!" " Say that finish "body" a fast melting.
Seeing this scene, the excitement in Essence’s heart is even more firm. The previous step is crisp: "I would like to be in the afterlife!" Say that finish also just look back and throw it in, and soon it will melt cleanly, so this world will be Huang Yong essence again.
Look slightly from a distance, but I know that these two people have different understandings in the end. The oath just now is really a wish for the next life and no jealousy. I hope everyone is better than him. One is the next life and no arrogance, but such an oath is not as good as being a human being.
At this time, Fang Jiaxu floated out and said, "Two young people are so free and easy. I am an old man who died at a damn time. There is really nothing to let go. If I don’t, I will be worried about the afterlife!" Said resolutely step into reincarnation.
The last fat guy was shaking but asked, "Do they all wish to come true?"
Far nodded his head.
A deadly face full of tears immediately cried and shouted, "I would like to have food and clothing in the next life …"
This one is still stubborn. Before he finished speaking, he was suddenly sucked in.
Far away, I laughed, I don’t care about food and clothing, but I am also a pig in the afterlife.
The door of reincarnation is closed instantly, but a few people swear that it is far away, and it is quite a bit far away. For a long time, I left a bunch of things in the cellar fox demon and put it straight into the Lingxi Ring, and then turned into a rainbow light and returned to the Red Chamber in an instant.
Seeing the distance, Chen Kexin opened his eyes wide and said, "What’s the situation?"
Su Chen also said, "What’s going on?"
I should have told the story in detail, but I didn’t expect it to be so tortuous and involve so many stories. I felt a lot of emotion, especially the scene of those ghosts swearing into reincarnation in the end.
Chen Kexin sighed that "people are dying and their words are good."
Su Chen said, "In the end, that guy said it well. I think he will be a big fat pig in the next life."
Gave Suchen a distant look and said, "How do you know?"
Seeing the distance is sure that Suchen is somewhat complacent. "Of course, it was a brainwave."
Chen Kexin’s heart had a brainwave. It seems that Suchen followed Mr. Wang for a long time and was contaminated with a lot of fairy dust. At that time, he couldn’t help but envy some people. However, Chen Kexin has always been fighting for people’s feelings, and this mood will soon disappear and restore calm.

"When we were in Lingkuang, we were worried for a while when we saw so many monks around Jianmen, but we were all pinned down by each other, so it was a sin not to share anything with the younger brother."

Immediately, I laughed heartily. "But fortunately, the younger brother has extraordinary magical powers and is comfortable in the siege of several famous monks from the other side, but I really admire it!"
Yang Xiu put Meng Yun’s wrist smell speech and laughed lightly. "The magic brother exaggerated that I was fighting with flying speed, so I really can’t afford to praise my brother."
The phantom shook his head and said, "Teacher Yang, don’t be modest. I saw it in my eyes and kept it in my heart. I didn’t mean to praise you."
Seeing each other say so, Yang Xiu is not good at answering words, so he shook his head and smiled.
Now the monks on both sides did not fight together again, but noted that Zhongtian Xuan, a great grandfather in the clouds, and "lived by the sword."
If one person wins, the struggle will no longer be compared with the base, and the result is already doomed.
However, Grandfather Tianxuan and Yi Jian’s thugs were born monks in the late Yuan Baby period. It’s not easy for one monk to fight alone against the other, let alone take the other’s life seriously, unless you have some extraordinary secret methods or magic weapons that are far more powerful than the other.
After all, it’s really amazing if the friar wants to escape in the later period of Yuan Ying! And even if you can’t escape, if you force the other party to blow itself up, no one can imagine what this scene is like
Therefore, if you don’t fully grasp this level, the monks will not push each other too hard.
Believe that Tianxuan Taizu and Yi Jiansheng will see that the face-to-face battle is over, and then Takuya will end the daring and be idle. When he came to Yang Xiu, he asked the magic reality, "How did the magic brother say that the two sides fought?" There was no warning beforehand? "
"It turns out that Teacher Yang still doesn’t know!" Phantom reality suddenly way
Yang Daoxiu: "I was besieged by Brother Jianmen, and I consumed most of Zhenyuan. After I escaped from Lingkuang with some injuries, I have been meditating and recuperating and I don’t know what I gave birth to."
In fact, the clothes that were destroyed by the dragons and phoenixes behind him have not come yet. They are all bare-backed, and they have been sheltered by the mysterious light of the protector. They are not present.
Meng Yun heard Yang Xiu’s injured cold face and couldn’t help frowning slightly. He took a light look at Yang Xiu and then turned his eyes to the gorgeous fight.
The magic reality said, "The thing is that when Jianmen came to attack our Lingkuang, it became famous."
He said with some fear, "Fortunately, Deng didn’t come to us to guard this spiritual mine at that time, or tut!"
Yang Xiu smell speech and some concerned.
Listen to the magic reality and then said, "It seems that there is no martial uncle Tianxuan here to contain it. Of course, people can stop it. In addition to guarding this spiritual mine, the brothers and sisters in other spiritual mines have suffered some heavy losses, especially the clock is far away from the petticoats."
Said here a face of regret expression clearly recognize the clock from petticoats fell on the right hand midfield some worrying!
Think of now clock from petticoats have been saved by what he said Yang Xiu heart is smile but didn’t interrupt magic reality.
"Just after solving the monks in other spiritual mines, the horse will come to us to guard the spiritual mines to destroy them. Fortunately, Martial Uncle Tianxuan finally came back with the monks from Nanling."
"As a result, when the clock was caught again, it immediately made a name for itself."
"mainly want to let the other party put the clock from the pool.
"Of course, he won’t make a name for himself. When he sees that he has achieved his goal, he wants to go back and stop pestering, so he handed the clock away from the petticoat to the Taoist Lian Zhi and Tian Xuan, and finally retreated here."
"After coming here, I became famous and knew that all the spiritual mines in Jianmen were buried together with all the monks who guarded the spiritual mines, so the two sides fought more fiercely and eventually things became like this."
Magic reality and shrugged a pair of nai sample.
Just then, I listened to Tian Zhongsheng’s fame in accordance with the sword, and said to Tian Xuan’s great-grandfather, "How long do you want to fight, Tian Xuan’s old son?" Do you know it’s meaningful to fight like this if you can’t stand me? Don’t let the younger generation joke! "
Famous far away to speak a pair of old-fashioned sound also slightly old and light cold ice in cooperation with his seventeen-year-old handsome face can not help but let Yang Xiu feel strange than listening to him for the first time
Day xuan a surname ancestors smell speech suddenly cold hum a "if you give me ACTS son my horse will stop it.
Yang Xiu heard Master Tianxuan say that Zhong Li did not feel any movement in her heart.
Famous far light say with smile "I can hand over people, but you have to exchange this murderer who killed my apprentice?
Say that finish was pointing to Yang Xiu.
Seeing each other naked, Yang Xiu intends to retaliate. Although there is no change on the surface, in his heart, he has scolded his ten generations of ancestors who are famous far away.
At the same time, I secretly decided not to go out as much as possible, and I was accidentally blocked by the other party, thus ending up in a bone yard.
Seeing that Master Zumo of Tianxuan is not famous, he added, "If you don’t exchange it, you will give me a word. But to tell the truth, that girl is not only stunning, but also a seven-spirit qualification. I still can’t bear to let her go like this!"
Although Yang Xiu has the confidence to believe that Master Tianxuan can’t promise the other party this kind of condition, after all, once this kind of thing is promised, it will be too popular.
However, looking at his fame and indifference made him feel oppressed, so I couldn’t help but want to blow the other side’s arrogance.
Thought of here, he said faintly to the phantom reality, "Actually, Zhong Li, the elder sister, has been saved by me from the Taoist priest Lian Zhi, and now she is resting in Huilong Temple."
In order to avoid fame, Yang Xiu was so angry that he became angry from embarrassment. He didn’t say too much so that Meng Yun and other similar monks could barely hear him. He believed that these people would immediately give the words to Master Tianxuan.
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Chapter two hundred and twenty-six Daolin
Fairy field Chapter two hundred and twenty-six Daolin

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “