The fleet of the Seventh District pursued all the way to the vicinity of the enemy’s No.1 military port before choosing to take a break. This time, Fu Zhenguo did not radically propose to continue to pursue the Navy of the Fifth District.

The damage to the fleet in Area 7 in this World War I is not small, and it is not cheap to continue to chase it, because the enemy’s No.2 military port in the hinterland of Area 5, their navy will go back and really put it together, and it is not known who will die.
On the army side, the troops in the enemy’s southern theater in Bidu area also retreated after losing the naval battle in Area 5.
The troops of Fuchuan prefecture marched triumphantly all the way to the vicinity of Niutou Mountain and defeated the enemy with nearly 30,000 people. The cover troops wiped out more than 6,000 people and captured more than 6,000 people, and finally ended the battle with complete victory.
After the war.
Lin did not withdraw, but Pu’s main force went out of Niutoushan along the supply line established in the original fifth district and pushed all the way to the south, occupying a large number of military vantage points.
This city is the main heavy city in the fifth district, and the city of Iraq is guarding the east gate forest and Putun troops of the fifth district one by one. The outside of Mengjia is a very strong military threat to the fifth district, which means that we want to fuck you at any time.
One day later
The military intelligence department of the region also detected that the EU’s first fleet departed from Xiadao and returned to the original road, giving up the idea of supporting the fifth region.
Retreat is a kind of resistance, because the navy and army in the fifth district have been completely defeated, even if the fleet in the first district of the European Union comes, there is a way to reverse the war situation. By then, the navy in the seventh district needs to stop the fleet in the European Union near Hekou Port, and the army in Napulinchuan can put the main battlefield in front of each other. By then, it will be difficult for the fifth district to touch the salt island, but it may become a battlefield in its own hinterland. This loss is too great for the military in the fifth district.
There are many hidden factors in withdrawing troops, such as the anti-war voice in the fifth district, and the great army department has been under the pressure of former public opinion. In addition, it is impossible for the first district of the European Union to reinforce them in vain. Once they fight, the fifth district will have to cede a lot of military interests … It is also a more rational choice to temporarily admit the failure of the Salt Island War and readjust the military strategy.
Sure enough, after the withdrawal of the navy in the first area of the European Union, Linpu did not continue to press forward, so the losses of Zhongpu in World War I were also very large, and they also needed adjustment and cultivation
After the war, both generals, officers and grass-roots soldiers were relieved. It was lucky and sad to live here. Many comrades-in-arms and friends died. In the battle, the old triangle was filled with jubilation and mourning.
On the third day after the battle.
The foreign affairs department of the fifth district strongly condemned the Sichuan military government for forcibly occupying the salt island and waging war, saying that the warlords of Qin were bandits …
This kind of hair has no deep meaning, mainly to tell the people in the fifth district that we are not war traffickers. The military department is fighting this war in self-defense and fighting back to protect the territorial interests of the region. At the same time, it also shows the withdrawal of troops from the fifth district to the outside world, not surrender, but strategic retreat
This war of words is very boring. The Ministry of Information, led by Lin Nianlei, released various details of Yandao shares to the outside world and simply responded that "the territory of Yandao belonged to the Asian League Arbitration Tribunal in Chuanfu more than two years ago, and the fact that the theory of robbers in the five districts is naive and ridiculous".
After several days of mutual exchange, the public opinion gradually subsided and the military tension gradually faded.
A cave in Yandao
Qin Yu sat in a damp, cold, "special" office and squinted, "Why the fuck did the fifth district army stop today? Why didn’t the bomber come and throw small firecrackers?"
In the past two days, the diplomatic department of the region has been engaged in a war of words. At the same time, the two sides have been secretly engaged in small moves and have been fighting. The five-district army has sneaked into the salt island several times and threw explosives at the island, making the island troops nervous.
Xiaobaiwen replied, "When the main naval ships in the seventh district come over, they will be stationed in the port. When they come again, they will send an estimate and then stop."
"Is there any conflict between our garrison troops in the Seventh District Navy?" Qin yuwen
"No" JiLin sat there and replied, "Not only did it not cause trouble, but it was very polite to even make a conversation before getting some fresh water."
"Ha ha" Qin Yu grinned. "It’s interesting to be honest when you’re fighting."
"Take the salt island and let’s Sichuan government troops do nothing completely." JiLin replied with a smile. "The ninth district is a mess. Now no one dares to offend us easily."
"It is for this reason" Xiao Bai nodded in agreement.
"Mom is tired," Qin Yu rubbed his face. "Let’s ignore them in the follow-up distribution of some interests and let the area over there and the seven areas wrangle."
"I think so," Wang agreed. "Let’s just take the main advantage of the salt island and leave the area to cut the cake."
Qin Yu thought for a long time and looked up at Lin Chengdong and asked, "What about the arrangement for the workers rescued from the island?"
"The number of people has been counted. At present, there are still more than 7,000 people … some of them have died. There are about 2,000 people in the military conflict." Lin Chengdong truthfully replied, "I said hello to the financial department and prepared to dial some boats to pull them to the land and let them go home by themselves."
"Can" Qin Yu nodded.
"But to my surprise, there are many workers … who don’t want to leave and want to stay on the island to work, and some of them want to join the army." Lin Chengdong said with a wry smile.
"What? This is all liberated. Can you go home and go home? " Qin Yu also don’t understand.
"Many people are single when they come … they have been here for many years and are used to it." Lin Chengdong replied lightly, "Alas, the more they do this, the more they make my heart feel bad."
Qin Yu thought that "being young and willing to be a soldier can be absorbed by the armed forces; I don’t want to go to the island to work when I am older. After all, we have to rebuild later or we can still get workers. "
"Good" Lin Chengdong nodded.
Qin Yu got up slowly. "I have to go back to Chuanfu to celebrate."
As soon as the Yandao War ended, Sichuan government suddenly became a bit of a "political center".
For several days, the old cat, Zhu Wei, Lao Li, Ye Xiao, Ding Guozhen, Fu Xiaohao and others were constantly visited.
The first peak of Chuanfu is coming!
Chapter 21 If the city is crowded, it will be heavy.
Office of the Director of the Office Building of the General Bureau of Heavy Metropolitan Police in Chuanfu
The old cat sat on the sofa with a shiny big head, and the original handsome face also had a few wrinkles. Looking at some middle-aged people with a cynical smile, they felt heavy.
"I won’t say more about Li Bureau. I put the salt island project there when I was in Songjiang. I want to be able to divide a part of our group … then you can do whatever you say." A middle-aged fat man said at the old cat with a polite attitude.
"I haven’t changed my mind yet. Go back and wait." The old cat sat on the sofa and replied ambiguously, "I’ll have someone call you if there is news."
"Well," the middle-aged fat man immediately got up and said with a smile, "Were you satisfied with that last night?"
"What?" The old cat asked in confusion.
Middle-aged fat smile "satisfied I’ll let her stay here for a long time …"
The old cat directly with the wave without saying anything.
Middle-aged fat nodded. "I left something in my car last night and your driver took it. That’s what it means."
"Ok, I know." The old cat nodded.
"Then I’ll go back if you’re busy."
"I won’t send it later." The old cat waved.
"Good" middle-aged people say that finish out of the room.

After a few seconds.

Li Zhixun took the words from the office and dialed Zheng Xinghui’s number and asked directly, "How are things in the distant mountains? !”
"There is something unusual," said Zheng Xinghui, who spoke very quickly. "Qin Yu people have not left the North Gate!"
"Don’t give him time, just let the heavy people go out and press the distant mountains. If they don’t evacuate normally, you will be angry!" Li Zhixun quickly responded.
"Is the transaction not played yet?" Zheng Xinghui has some accidents.
"Right now!"
"Is everything going well with Yu Weiliang?" Zheng Xinghui is also a very clever character. He vaguely felt that something was wrong.
"Everything is normal over there, so let it go!" Li Zhixun has no choice at the moment. He must stabilize the department. If everyone knows that Ma Laoer has got out of trouble, the biggest chip will definitely explode without it.
"Ok, I know" Zheng Xinghui nodded.
When they finished talking, Li Zhixun immediately sent a message to No.57, informing them that outsiders should not tell the organization department about the failure of sending people away, and they should suppress the news.
This kind of thing can’t be hidden from us sooner or later, but Li Zhixun needs to be able to get back the distant mountains in one breath, and there is still room for recovery.
escape route
The calendar war has been linked with Qin Yu’s words and he simply said, "The work is done!"
"how about it? !” Qin yuwen
"The second child, Qi Baojun, they are all right, but others saved two-thirds of Jin Taizhu’s family … none of them came back." Li Zhan truthfully replied, "Time is too tight for us to stay there too much!"
"This kind of thing depends on whether life can come back or not." Qin Yuchang sighed, "Are you sure they can leave things alone?"
"white!" Nod through war
"That’s it!" Qin Yu hangs up and immediately dials another one for Wu Bureau.
"hello? !”
"The second child is back!"
"Isn’t it a day?" Wu bureau was very surprised.
"Let’s do it today if we have a chance," Qin Yu said succinctly. "They are out of chips. You can do whatever you want over there."
"Are you sure about holding the distant mountains?"
"Unless I die, they will never get into the distant mountains!"
"Okay, that’s it!" Wu bureau hangs up the phone.
Li Zhixun stepped to the building and dialed the words of Commander Pu Yuan of Pu Juntuan at the first time. "The situation may change and you may be needed!"
Puyuan silence
"… If there is a big problem in Chuanfu and it is unified by the three regions, the activities of your Pujuntuan will be limited and compressed." Li Zhixun said calmly, "Our interests are common. What do you say, Commander Pu!"
"You are not qualified to talk to me about conditions," Pu Yuan replied coldly. "You ask the commander of the Northeast Theater of the Fifth District to call me, that’s all!"
Say that finish puyuan hang up.
Yuanshan life town
While Qin Yu was looking at the map, An Zai pulled over.
"Qin brigade heavy UNPROFOR vanguard troops have been no more than 15 kilometers away from us" An Zai frowned and said "the advancing speed suddenly became fast as if ready to fire first".
"The second child is back, and Li Zhixun has no chips in his hand. Now he must want to chew the distant mountains hard." Qin Yu said calmly, "Don’t worry, the rhythm is in our hands. You see how I can make these ten thousand people dare not move a step."
Chapter DiYiSiYiSan rhythm back step by step, fade away.
Four soldiers from a prison belonging to the Military Supervision Bureau of the Ninth District brought a middle-aged man with gray temples out of the prison room.
He is the brigade commander of the 197th Brigade of the former Pu Legion, and Pu is the cousin of Pu Yuan. He was captured alive by Huncheng Brigade in the Northwest World War I and has been detained ever since.
Pu was taken out of the cell in chains, and his eyes still glanced around him. He was fluent in Chinese and asked, "Is this to see me off?"
The officer of the Military Supervision Bureau looked at him and read succinctly, "After the trial of the Military and Political Council of the Ninth District, Puyin deliberately provoked malicious aggression in the border war and brutally killed the people in the planned area … now he was sentenced to death according to law and immediately executed."
Pu paused and nodded without saying anything.
"Sign" the officer ordered frowning.
Pu did not overreact and cooperated with the verdict very much. He signed his name and pressed his handprint.
Everything went smoothly. The officer escorted Pu out of the prison with his soldiers.
More than a dozen outdoor nine-district official matchmakers have been waiting for a long time, rushing to take a swipe at Pu Yi.
A male reporter kept pushing forward with a microphone and asked, "Mr. Pu, what do you think of this judgment? Do you have anything to say to the general of the soldiers killed and wounded on the northwest front? "
Pu saw his one eye and said simply, "Who will fight if you can live well? The coalition government in the old triangle area, regardless of the Asian League, no matter whether we don’t fight, there is no way out … "
"You this is some argue irrationally? Is it a necessary reason to infringe on the wealth and resources of others, even life? " The reporter asked again
"Just fight, you can understand whatever you want." Pu didn’t argue. Quiet, the soldiers pulled the prison car.
A dozen reporters outside the car were still chasing Pu, and the military personnel didn’t stop them.


His country has a national appearance.
For example, Lin Tianyi Institute, Jin Guo Lin Chong, has never been there personally, but looking at the video footage from the Countermeasures Bureau, I feel that the creation is wonderful and the landscape is magnificent. The punk agricultural scenery is not inferior to the modern city of the earth.
Gao qingluan and Switzerland also followed the zoo with their own characteristics.
But now Daoguo looks like a backwater, with bare mountains and powerful rivers, and there is no human habitation.
Lin chong looked at the day before, and he distinguished one direction and turned to the sun, but he grabbed a crystal ball in his hand.
The world in that ball seems to be a miniature Taoist country with many rivers and mountains, but there are few cities. The largest building is a Taoist temple built on a high mountain, which is also magnificent. From the top of that thousand-meter mountain, it hovers around the palace and pavilion at the foot of the mountain. Look at the architectural style, it is a bit of a relic of the century.
That is, the architectural style of Shenzhoujie in the past.
Lin Chong put his finger on the crystal ball and aimed at the Taoist temple, as if he had a smart phone in his hand to do magnifying exercises …
So the picture in the crystal ball zooms in and then pulls out.
All the way to the highest temple of the Taoist temple
In the temple, a Taoist priest Lin Chong, who is holding dust, is sitting in a crystal ball. Although he is young, the Taoist priest is circling around for several long rivers of history. The long rivers shine on the Taoist priest like a halo, just like being in a sacred rainbow.
One, two, three … Twelve children’s bodies make up twelve long rivers of history, that is, twelve robberies.
This is the Taoist country is high.
But an acquaintance.
There are several Jin Xian-like children in Daotong Block, but all of them are children’s affairs.
One of them said, "The demon of Binggaona Xinguo Mountain has been devouring our territory, and two senior brothers have been killed by witchcraft."
The other one is a sigh, "The God of the Yuan Dynasty keeps violating the border. We have to find a way."
Yu Jinxian nodded in succession
The child with a high brow furrowed was about to speak, but suddenly he got a fright and found Lin Chong spying "Who? !”
That child was so fierce that he looked up and dusted in his hand.
The crystal ball in Lin Chong’s hand, thousands of miles away, cracked as if it had been hit hard.
"It’s not a small temper at an early age."
Lin Chong ha ha smiled and grabbed a crystal ball, which passed Lin Chong greatly. The whole person seemed to be a huge soap bubble or showed the picture in the temple. Lin Chong stepped forward and went in.
I walked up to the back of Tong Gao and kicked my ass and said, "The fate of the furnace keeper was returned today."
Dao Tonggao, that is, the former furnace boy, was kicked forward by Lin Chong and slammed the jade floor to detain him. He looked back with surprise and anger.
Seeing Lin Chong’s face changed greatly, he shouted "Vientiane Immortal Emperor!"
Lin Chong looked at the stove boy. The stove boy looked at Lin Chong.
However, Lin Chong’s eyes are playful, and the eyes of the furnace boy are fearful.
In those days, Lin Chong’s achievement in the battle of high key was to turn Wan Mizhai and Zao Fu into a war of furnace guards by virtual force. On that day, Lin Chong said that one day he would kick the ass of furnace guards hard, and today he was honored.
"There is an enemy invasion!" Jin Xian, the children’s keeper of the furnace, cried to Lin Chong to offer the fairy method.
All kinds of mysterious fire soldiers came like thunderbolts from heaven.
In the past, these immortals in Shenzhou were the top of the power hierarchy, but today, Lin Chong has seen a little nostalgia, and all kinds of unique secrets and original magical powers are dazzling. How long has it been since I saw these low-level immortals today?
Lin Chong stretched out his hand and touched his body as if there were a layer of spherical crystal. When the magic struck and met this layer of crystal shield, they all hit back. This hit back was like the only secret speed of "everything returns" was even faster.
"Be careful not to touch!" The furnace guard shouted
It’s late, however, and his Jin Xian have been recruited in succession. It’s like the sand has dispersed, and the shape of the bones is fascinating. Even the body is shattered and completely disappeared in heaven and earth.
"refining things, holding Dan, relying on pestle, holding fire!" The stove keeper screamed and stared at Lin Chong. "You bully people!"
Chapter seven hundred and nineteen Eternal Secret
Lin Chong couldn’t help laughing when he was yelled at as a bully.
What’s with this fighting tone of children?

Emoko smiled awkwardly. "To tell you the truth, I’m in my thirties this year and I haven’t married a daughter-in-law. But since I saw this Yang Yulu, I feel like I’ve lost half of my soul. I can be cruel to other women, but I just can’t be cruel to her. I like her, but I’m afraid she won’t see what I intend to do. She has been taking care of her like this."

Haikui smiled lightly. "But you know what? She doesn’t feel that you like her at all, because she thinks you are quite nice."
Emoko scratched his head and some would "I also know that if I meet a woman in a bar, I can just say it if I like it, but I can really pursue a person without playing, which is what I don’t know at all."
Haikui laughed. "Tiger Brother, you are very good. I like you. Okay, I get it."
Emoko’s face is smiling and he feels bitter at the moment.
"There is another thing," Haikui continued.
"Go ahead, I will do my best to do it within my ability." Emoko’s face is serious and he looks like a gentleman.
Haikui gave him a look and nodded. "It’s strange that you can have such a big bar. Although you are not a gentleman, you are definitely a lean man who can bend and stretch, and you will surely achieve great things."
Emoko has a smile on his face. "Thank you for your compliment." He is also planning to have a chance in his heart. When he meets Liu Zhanfeng’s master, he should learn something from his master or pretend that Sun Zhen is really fucking miserable.
"Yang Chen, you know, is a young man who often comes to your bar with his buddies, Xiaohei, Xiaobao and Guanyu." Haikui slowly talked about another thing about himself.
Emoko twisted his eyebrows and thought for a moment and said, "Oh, you said that the individual has some impressions, but he is a small punk and usually has no friendship."
"Do you have any friendship with me? I want to ask if you are afraid of him?" Haikui touched a bar and asked
"He? That little punk can turn over a finger. He said that he would never dare to go west, "Emoko said triumphantly."
"That’s good," Haikui said with a smile. "I invited them to bring some interesting performances to your bar today, which will definitely make the audience enjoy it."
Emoko shuddered at Haikui’s strange smile. "At your command."
"Well, it’s a deal." Haikui patted Emoko’s shoulder with satisfaction and got up and walked away.
Emoko followed Haikui, and Haikui turned to look at him. "Don’t send it when everything is finished."
Emoko’s face is smiling. "Aren’t we going to arrange a program?"
Haikui waved his hand. "No, you have to follow you for a while. Just tell everyone in your bar to listen to me."
Emoko nodded and watched Haikui out of the office.
Seeing Haikui go out, he exhaled with a wry smile, picked up the steel ball gun, walked to the front seat, pounded around in front of the back wall, hit a secret door and went straight into it.
As soon as Haikui went out, he saw Yang Yulu with a full face of expectation. He was looking forward to seeing Haikui coming out and running quickly. He just wanted to open his mouth and ask Haikui to give her a victory gesture and said, "It’s done. It’s agreed with Emoko that you will come with me tonight."
"really?" Yang Yulou some don’t believe it
"Why should I lie to you? Why don’t you go in and ask Emoko?" Haikui’s face is always smiling.
Yang Yulu stared at Haikui carefully for a while and found that he didn’t look like a liar and hung up a happy smile.
Hai Kui took out his ticket and handed it to Yang Yulu. "Make a phone call according to this train number and order a ticket, regardless of the berth and hard seat."
Yang Yulu took the Haikui ticket and nodded.
"All right, you go and do it. After that, you go straight home and talk to your mother and wait for me in the train waiting hall!" Haikui reached out and said, "Give me your mobile phone."
Yang Yulu is very obedient and handed the phone to Haikui.
Haikui entered her number into her mobile phone and handed it back to her. "Here’s my number. Call me if anything happens. Go."
Yang Yulu stupefied and nodded. I don’t know what this boy said. She didn’t even think about listening to him.
Haikui watched Yang Yulou’s building and then turned to the man at the door and said, "Where did the brother who called names just now go?"
The man was one leng and then said, "In that lounge" refers to the end of the corridor.
Haikui went straight to the door of the lounge and said that he slammed the door and kicked it. When he saw it, the little swearing boy was sitting by the window smoking.
The people inside were stunned first, and then when they saw that it was Haikui, they immediately became furious. "You are paralyzed. Who are you? How dare you kick the door?"
"Wait a minute, I’ll see if your tone can be so hard." Haikui said coldly.
The man who showed Haikui the way hurriedly came to "I said, brother, you should also know Emoko just now. Forget it. This little temper is strange. Let’s go." The man came to gently pull Haikui.
Haikui raised his eyebrows and said, "Old temper is strange."
Smoking small, throwing cigarette butts on the ground without saying anything, opening your mouth and spitting at Haikui. Haikui flashed sideways and asked coldly, "What’s your name?"
"Paralysis, I’ll call you dad" and he rushed to Haikui in two steps to lift a foot and kick it over.
Haikui’s eyes shrank and sneered, "I can’t kill you with this sentence." Understandably, he raised his right hand high and suddenly rolled at him.
The young man raised his arm to resist, but for them, is the power of cultivating immortals beyond the reach of a mortal? A punch on the directly hit him in the ground pain muttered.
Haikui stepped on his head and asked, "What’s your name?"
"I call you dad!" Even if it is hit to the ground, it is still stubborn.
Haikui sneered, "Well, I’ll waste your legs today and let you crawl around."
The man behind hurriedly came to hold Haikui. "This brother doesn’t need such a heavy hand. I think you are also a friend of Emoko, otherwise there will be no one in our bar?"
"I don’t care about everyone in your bar," Haikui said arrogantly.
"Brother, I respect you, at least you should respect me," said the man, who was still in a good temper.
Chapter 97 Become immortal with your sister.
Haikui looked back at him for three seconds and said, "Well, I’ll spare him once in your face. What’s your name?"
"My name is Wu Dong," said the man behind.
"Good Angkor, I’ll sell you a face today." Haikui stepped on the little back a little bit, then turned his head and held out his hand to Wu Dong and smiled. "Call me Kui Shao, and I hope I can meet you again later."
"We are all friends after meeting politely" Wu Dong also said with a smile.
The little boy suddenly growled and shouted, "Wu Dong, you fucking pick an inside and pick an outside guy, didn’t even help me when you saw me being bullied by outsiders. I fucking fought with your brother for nothing."
Wu Dong gave him a leer and ignored him. He smiled at Haikui. "Brother, you can come to me when you play in the bar later. Although I am not the main thing, it is not bad in the bar."
"Well, I’ll come to you if I have the chance," Haikui said, and walked outside the lounge.
Wu Dong glanced at Mao San Xiao and said, "Mao San, you are not to be taunted." Then he turned and went out.
Mao San squatted on the ground and shouted, "This world has made me afraid of Mao San before I was born. Don’t run away and I’ll kill you."
Wu Dong chased Haikui out from behind and laughed lightly. "Ignore Mao San is a rash man."
"Don’t worry, actually, I didn’t take it to heart. I’m afraid I’ll suffer after being so arrogant." Haikui laughed.
Wu Dong nodded. "Yes, it’s right for you. It’s small, regardless of occasion or time. It’s full of shit if you don’t like people."
Haikui smiled and didn’t pick up this topic again.
Wu Dongzhu went to the stairs and said, "I’ll send you here. My main duty is to protect the third floor."
Haikui stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder. "I will definitely come to you when I have the opportunity after Xie Angkor told me so much." Haikui went downstairs.
He feels quite good about this Wu Dong. Although it is only a few minutes, this person is calm and deliberate, calm and calm in a place like a bar, but what if people have some ideas of their own?
Haikui went down the stairs to the negative first floor. At this time, there were already many guests in the bar, with flashing lights. Handsome men and beautiful women were wandering around looking for their prey, but they were not noisy when they were not happy yet.
I took out my mobile phone and watched it for a while. It was only 6: 22 when I left Chen Yang. For a while, he found an angular position and sat down.
As soon as he sat down, someone came and brought him drinks. Haikui glanced at the woman named Yingying.

"See, young man," said the foreman with a sigh, "this job is dirty and tiring. You really can’t do it."

Haikui really wants to try. He wants to spend his life after college and earn it by himself. His face is serious. Suddenly, he lies on the ground and rolls around. Then he rubs a handful of dust on his face and starts to face the foreman again. He says, "Is it ok this time?"
The foreman looked at Haikui in surprise for a few seconds and then said to him in distress situation, "Let’s go and wash our face with me first."
Chapter 14 Construction workers
The foreman took Haikui to wash his face, took out a cigarette from his pocket and handed it to Haikui, shaking his head.
"What? Don’t think my cigarette is good? " The foreman in his fifties stared at his eyes and his head was wrinkled
"It’s not that I don’t smoke." Haikui smiled awkwardly. A boy who doesn’t smoke may be laughed at, but he is a student after all. Although he is not a good student, he can learn to play games but not learn to smoke.
"Ha ha yeah, you’re still a student doll. Don’t learn this stuff after you don’t smoke. It’s money and harmful to your health." The foreman walked over and waved his hand to take Haikui aside to the temporary shed.
"Do it." The foreman sat down on the bed and motioned Haikui to sit down.
There is a bed in the shed, and nothing else has a bed, or it is padded with bricks and boards.
Haikui also sat down, "How about uncle? Can I come and do it?"
"The young man can see that you are a good boy and don’t study hard to work?" The foreman asked earnestly.
"I’m going to college after the college entrance examination, and I want to work during the summer vacation to earn some study life." Haikui told him about the actual situation.
The foreman spat out a cigarette and said, "Okay, come on. When do you want to do it?"
Haikui didn’t expect the foreman to agree so quickly that he was very excited. "I can tell you at any time."
"It’s seven o’clock in the morning. Is your home near here?" Asked the foreman
"It was my home that walked away from here for more than ten minutes."
"Then you won’t live on the construction site, and I won’t have to arrange your work. As you can see, you can move bricks, cement and push the car."
"Yeah, I saw it. I’ll do it well."
"Ok, what’s your name?" The foreman said and pulled out a palm-sized and ballpoint pen from the bottom of a bed.
"How to write?"
Haikui himself wrote his name crooked to the foreman and told him to remember to work day by day and pay the bill by month.
After explaining how to work and how much income to Haikui, the foreman sighed, "It’s not easy for a young man to get into college. None of my four children can get into college. This has always been a pain in my heart."
"What don’t they?"
"No money, four children are too expensive. The boss, the second child and the third child are all boys. All three of them have to marry their wives and build houses. The third child is a girl. It is a sin to be born in my family."
"All the money was given to her three brothers to build a house. Although she was not given a house, she had no money to read it." The foreman sighed.
Although Haikui didn’t feel this way, he also knew that it was sad to have no money.
After chatting with the foreman for a while, Haikui went home and found this job. Then he worked until preschool, and then he waited for Qian Haikui to think of it.
At dinner, I told my parents that I found a job. No, they were worried, but they didn’t tell them that they wanted to be a construction worker. Instead, they said that they wanted to work as a network manager in an Internet cafe.
Although parents don’t want him to play with his brain often, there is no excessive interference in trying to make money.
The next day, Haikui ran to the construction site after six o’clock, waiting for the foreman to arrange a person to take him with him to move the cement and turn around to transport it.
Haikui tried his best to grab a bag of cement and then throw it into the cart, and he was already tired and panting. Look at another person grabbing a bag with both hands and throwing it directly into the car, and then grabbing the second bag. It is very fast.
Haikui felt ashamed that he was a man and could hardly move a bag of cement.
He secretly ran the true qi and immediately felt refreshed a lot, then lifted another bag.
He spent the day on this, even though he kept running the true qi, he felt exhausted and soaked with sweat, especially on such a hot day. He had never done such heavy work before, and if he didn’t practice the true qi, he would be tired for an hour or two.
He was covered with sweat and cement dust, so if he went home like this, his parents must have said that fortunately, he took off his clothes and trousers at the construction site, rubbed them with water, cooled them for half an hour, and then took a cold shower himself before going back.
When I got home, my parents found him abnormal. He was shaking and depressed when he picked up chopsticks. Haikui made up a lie. Today, he exchanged brains with the Internet cafe technician and lifted things before and after running.
Lying in bed at night, Haikui felt backache and leg cramps, and quickly cultivated the Three True Fairy Tactics.
After practicing, he entered the dream. He slept soundly and didn’t even dream.
On the second and third days after the first day of work, he gradually adapted to it, and every time he worked, he felt that his recovery speed had accelerated a lot, except that he was very tired on the first day, and he didn’t feel how hard it was, and the sun was not as hot as before.
On the fourth day, while he was working, Haikui was sweating all over, but suddenly he looked up and saw a girl dressed in clean clothes coming to the construction site. Although there were women in this construction site, every day a girl appeared in the construction site, especially a clean girl, which would definitely attract everyone’s attention. Others had been working on the construction site for several months and were already numb, but Haikui still stared because he felt fresh.
The girl went straight to the foreman’s shed and went to Haikui to guess that it should be the foreman’s daughter.
"Xiao Hai, hurry up! What are you looking at?" Workers who move cement with him every day urged him.
Haikui’s attention was pulled back. Oh, I went on working for a while. After he sent a cart of cement to the building, I saw the foreman lead the girl away crying.
Haikui not only asked his workmate, "Is that girl the foreman’s daughter?"
The workmate looked up and shook his head. "It’s not the foreman’s little mistress."
"Yi" Hai Kui is indecisive. The foreman is in his fifties. It seems that he is wussy. How can he raise a mistress? Besides, isn’t his family short of money? How can he still have money to raise a mistress?
Although the girl is not very beautiful, she is dressed cleanly and looks like she is in her early twenties. She is more than enough to be her father at the age of foreman. How can she get this discount?
Haikui usually asks, "When I came to work, the foreman said that there were four children, three men and one woman in his family, and he had to build a house for the children if he didn’t pay the money. How can he afford to raise a mistress?"
The workmate looked at him with contempt. "He told you the truth, but he can’t raise a mistress if he lacks money. Who stipulates that a rich man can raise a mistress?"
He looked around and continued, "That slut’s name is Shi Huahua. She came from our neighboring village to cook. If she is too tired to cook, she will go to the foreman. After a while, she will go with the foreman. The foreman didn’t let her come to the construction site again. Others said that she seduced the foreman first. Think about it. Working outside is usually done without a wife …"
Haikui put it simply, it’s someone else’s private business, but this girl is wrong. She should be called a woman. You don’t want to work at the construction site, you can find a job somewhere else and seduce a man who can be your father.
Chapter 15 The money ran away

In fact, the train pickpocket has always found Qian Haikui. What is not much? The main reason is that his ears and feelings were not as sensitive as they are now, and he didn’t pay attention. Now he has become an extraordinary person, and he can feel it clearly with a little trouble.

The pickpocket got up and left gently after he paid out. Haikui heard the slight footsteps of his feet and knew that he had left. He looked up at Wang Zhonghou, the old pervert who was still sleeping and didn’t know that his property had been stolen.
Haikui, they didn’t have a big package because of their body. Yang Yulu’s backpack was still under the pillow, and the pickpocket naturally wouldn’t pay him.
At five o’clock in the morning, people woke up one after another, and Haikui woke up. She felt refreshed after a night’s sleep, but her waist was a little sore. Maybe it was sedentary. She gently lifted Yang Yulu’s legs and enjoyed a few eyes. By the way, she stretched out her pants and pulled a thin quilt over her belly and knees. She turned around and twisted her hips in the aisle to relieve her physical fatigue.
The scenery outside the window is all green, and there are rolling mountains. Haikui looks at the beautiful scenery and feels comfortable. I don’t know where I am. Looking at those mountains, Haikui knows that the more remote and remote Shan Ye is, the more yogi there will be.
After watching the scenery for a while, I simply wiped my face at the junction of the carriage. Haikui turned back and found Ma Mengmeng awake while Yang Yulu was still sleeping sideways, which was extremely indecent.
Haikui is still wondering if this girl doesn’t know how attractive her posture is when she sleeps, and she dares to wear a pleated skirt.
Glancing at Ma Mengmeng, she smiled at Haikui. Ma Mengmeng was wearing jeans, but she was also very interesting. She was wrapped tightly around her body and set off her well-developed leg shape and ass.
"I’m going to wash a" Ma Mengmeng said from the shop to the toilet.
Haikui looked at Wang Zhonghou consciously and found that the middle-aged man was awake, staring at Yang Yulu’s ass and snow-white thigh. Haikui secretly scolded a pervert and then stretched out his hand and patted Yang Yulu’s ass "get up lazy egg"
Wang Zhonghou’s eyes are full of light. I hope that spanker is him.
Haikui slapped Yang Yulu’s ass and felt very elastic. Although it was separated by a layer of cloth, it really felt like patting a big candy button.
I still want to take the second place consciously, but I think it seems that it is not good for a girl to reach out and shake Yang Yulu’s shoulder to "get up"
Yang Yulu said "Why?" with sleepy eyes. The sound was lazy and charming, which made people feel that the bones were crisp.
Haikui looks like this girl. If you take the train alone, it is estimated that tofu has been eaten all over. Well, fortunately, you met the official who is eager for public interests and kindness, otherwise you have no place to cry.
"Hurry up," Haikui said again.
Yang Yulu rubbed the pleated skirt pushed to the head of the bed with her legs floating, revealing the whole pants. This girl hurriedly went to pull the skirt, but it was a monkey in front of Hai Kui’s pants.
Haikui is envious. What a happy monkey! It’s so interesting that this girl actually bought these pants when she stayed in the beauty part.
Yang Yulu’s face turned red at the sight of Haikui’s straight eyes and he muttered, "What are you looking at?"
Haikui smiled awkwardly. "Don’t wear such a short skirt this time."
Yang Yulou stared his one eye and went to the toilet.
Haikui turned around and found Wang Zhonghou admiringly looking at himself, but Haikui knew that Yang Yulou had just been blocked by his body. This guy should be relieved to find nothing.
Chapter 15 A dirty lie
Although Ma Mengmeng is as old as Haikui, she is a good student and has no sense of humor. She doesn’t talk much, but she just lies in the shop and has a rest.
Wang Zhonghou, the 40-year-old man, was teased by Yang Yulu from time to time, and was coldly sarcastic by Hai Kui. After eating several reprimands, he learned a lot and didn’t talk much. He feasted his eyes on Yang Yulu.
On the morning of the third day, the train entered the border of Fujian Province. Haikui leaned against the partition and Yang Yulu put her feet on his thigh. This road became more familiar. Yang Yulu was more fearful. After all, her personality was more lively and the most important thing was that she regarded Haikui as her good friend and was no longer shy.
Wang Zhonghou thought that he would take out all his luggage as soon as he arrived, and he was ready to go straight to the car. He looked through the parcel and was surprised and shouted, "Where’s the money in my bag? What about the money? "
He immediately woke up the people around him, and even other passengers in the compartment looked up and rubbed their sleep to watch the scene of bustle.
Haikui was woken up by him and looked up to find that this guy was constantly rummaging through his bag, which made him feel funny. It’s funny that you just found that you closed your eyes again and ignored it.
Yang Yulu also woke up and looked at the middle-aged man again. Haikui stretched out his foot and gently kicked a Haikui low and said, "Wake up and don’t sleep. Someone has lost something."
Haikui winked at her and said, "It’s not like we’re throwing things at him. Why?"
Yang Yulu stared his one eye, but he felt that Haikui was unreasonable and just looked at nothing.
But what Haikui said just now happened to make Wang Zhonghou hear great anger. "You have a ghost in your heart. You must have stolen my money."
Haikuiqi said, "What kind of shit are you spouting?"
Wang Zhonghou said, "You definitely stole my money because you looked down on my money."
Haikui looked at him with a sneer. "I didn’t see that you don’t want to be rich in clothes like a migrant worker."
"Hum, you don’t have the money to steal. It must cost money to bring such a beautiful woman around you. You see, your little hair doesn’t look the same. Where is there so much money? It’s definitely sneaking around!" Wang Zhonghou asserted that Haikui stole his money.
Ah, hey, this guy Haikui is too lazy to argue with him. It’s boring. "Say what you like anyway, it’s not like I lost your money." Then he made a so-called gesture with his hands and looked lazy.
Wang Zhonghou said angrily, "If you hadn’t stolen it, let me search it" and then looked at Yang Yulu, "And you, you two thieves and thieves, you attracted my attention. I don’t know if he stole money."
Yang Yulu was really in distress situation when she was angry. "What do you mean, I attracted your attention? You old * * eyes kept glancing at me. You want to face it!"
Wang Zhonghou was reprimanded by Yang Yulou, and his face turned red and white. Now so many people look at him and say that he is old * * and immediately pull his face and say, "Guilty, right? If you weren’t afraid of stealing, let me search."
Said this guy came toward Yang Yulou potential to search.
Haikui saw that Wang Zhonghou, a middle-aged uncle, had pushed his nose and face and flew into a rage. Wang Zhonghou, who was about to pounce on Yang Yulou, kicked and shouted "Get out!"
Wang Zhonghou fell to the ground and shouted, "Robbed for help! Murder for money!"
Yang Yulu also frowning jiao drink a way "bloody"
Haikui got up and looked at Wang Zhonghou coldly and pulled a Yang Yulou. "Ignore him. Let’s keep our heads straight and let him cry."
"Haikui call the police," Ma Mengmeng said in Haikui.
Haikui gave her a look back and said, "It’s none of your business to lie here and sleep." He didn’t want Ma Mengmeng to follow and was a little rushed by Wang Zhonghou’s upset mood.
Ma Mengmeng felt very wronged. All her classmates wanted to help, but she was reprimanded. She was wronged and turned over to lie in bed and sulked alone.
Wang Zhonghou made a hullabaloo about for a while and finally brought the train policeman in and shouted, "What are you yelling about? What happened?"
Wang Zhonghou pointed to Haikui and said, "He stole my money."
Haikui replied coldly, "I didn’t steal his money. This guy is a dirty lie."
The policeman glanced at Haikui and shouted at Wang Zhonghou, "Stop arguing. How much money have you lost?"
"ten thousand pieces!" Wang Zhonghou popped out these words through his teeth and looked at Haikui gnashing her teeth.
Haikui sneered in his heart, "It’s a shame to lose your beauty."
The policeman took a look at Haikui and Wang Zhonghou. "Let’s go to the duty room and talk about what’s going on." Then he said to another policeman behind him, "Xiao Wu, ask others what’s going on."
Wang Zhonghou felt supported by the police and immediately got up and said to Haikui, "Let’s go, you thief."
Haikui gave him a bad look and said to Yang Yulou, "You wait here."

Eagle old thought for a while and added, "Oh, what’s the cloud like?" Is there any progress? "

When the young man heard this, Nai shook his head. "This stinking woman is incompatible with water and fire, and she can’t get along with some money. I ran to the Golden Emperor to send flowers to ask her out. She never really looked at me. Later, she sent someone to tell me not to bother her again if there was no business. Later, I approached her by doing business, but she always sent someone to meet me. Mom was so angry."
The eagle growled, "Where’s your usual spirit of playing with women and soaking horses? Even a little woman can’t stand it?"
The young man showed a little chafing. "Grandpa, you also know that most of the women I usually pick up like me. If money is like a cloud, I am so rich …"
Eagle Road: "You just hold your horses, it’s about people. You have to influence her slowly. Give me your usual game flowers. If you want to marry her, you will marry Jinshan and go home. Our Tianying gang will lead the Z underworld again." Say that finish, the face is full of excitement and ferocious color.
The young man thought that if the cloud is beautiful and the wealth is high, he suddenly thought of the busy way. "Grandpa, I found it a bit strange. I made a clear investigation of the cloud, but I just don’t know where she got so much money." I sent someone to the bank to check and found that all postings were secret but not illegal, but I couldn’t find anything of value in this way. What worried me most was that Yunruo frankly said in front of reporters the other day that she had a boyfriend and her relationship was extremely stable. "
The eagle’s face flashed a trace of worry. "How much do you know about Yunruo’s current situation?"
The young man said one leng, "It’s very partly cloudy. If a lot of things are confidential, even where she lives, few people know. I sent someone to check Yunre’s specific address these days. It is estimated that there will be news soon."
Eagle smiled. "It’s good to know where she lives. If you have something to do at ordinary times, go to court more to increase your impression in her mind. By the way, send more people to observe where she lives. It is necessary to find out her so-called boyfriend."
Paused and then said, "If she is someone else’s mistress, it doesn’t matter if she is a mistress. Money is rarely the love. If you want to capture her from your feelings, a business genius like Yun Ruore can bring you a golden mountain back if she really has a boyfriend. This kind of strong woman is often stupid in her feelings. Once she is emotional, it will be much more difficult for you to win love in an horizontal knife."
The young man said coldly, "If she really has a boyfriend, I will make this guy disappear." The voice was cruel and cold.
The eagle gave him a favorable look, closed his eyes and raised his spirits. The young man stopped talking and focused on the car.
Du Lian’s dream car has returned to Zifeng Department-Century Mall, which is a well-known mall in downtown Z. Now it is the main economic source of Zifeng Gang. In recent years, Zifeng Gang has gradually bleached, but it is still quite powerful, just like Chu Tianlong. Zifeng Gang is also rich and powerful, which is why Tianying and Black Evil Gang are in awe of it.
The two women went back to the manager’s office, Du Lian’s heart, and silently said to Shui Yue all the way, "Shui Yue, what do you think of this?"
Hidden thought for a moment and asked, "Are you also interested in the Hu family thing?" The sound is charming, but there seems to be something missing. That’s right! A little less respectful to our company.
Du Lian’s heart didn’t mind pouring two glasses of wine and handing it to Shui Yue for a shallow drink. "It’s not that I’m interested in that thing, it’s that your boss is interested in that thing."
Hidden a frown stunned way "night elder sister! ? She will be interested in this thing? "
Du Lian heart charming smile "this is the night elder sister personally told me that if you are not the night elder sister cronies, I won’t tell you about it."
Shui asked, "Sister Ye wants this picture dry? She is already very rich. "
Du Lian heart way "I listen to the night elder sister tone seems to know something about this map represents, she seems to be to give this thing to a person, I don’t know the specific"
Paused and added, "Hidden later, you go and decorate it. Pick a few people to study the unity with Skyhawk Black Man. By the way, if ChuYuJuan is kidnapped, you are responsible for protecting her. I have met this girl several times and I don’t want to offend ChuTianLong. This time, I wouldn’t want to go to this muddy water if Sister Ye told me." There is quite a contempt for Skyhawk Black Man in the tone.
"Okay, I know." Shui nods.
Du Lian took out Pin Ho’s heart and sent someone to take a candid photo of Rick Fang. "And this handsome silver-haired Sanda master, you should also check and know yourself and get in the way."
Shui picked up the photo and studied it carefully but didn’t speak.
Du Lian heart one leng jiao laughs "what’s the matter? Shui Yue sees people’s parents handsome and tempted? "
Hidden ignored her jokingly refers to a shot in the hand photo way "this person …? Sister Xin, you’d better contact Sister Ye as soon as possible. Let’s go and see her as soon as possible. "
Du Lian heart surprised way "see night elder sister? ? Is there a problem? Is there anything wrong with this silver-haired boy? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Hidden Qiao face flashed a worried way, "I’m worried that he is the one I know."
Du Lian was puzzled by her and asked, "Do you mean you know him?"
Hidden chuckled, "If I knew him, it would be much simpler. It’s a pity." Hidden sighed slightly and then said, "You also know that I have an organization with Sister Ye in our department that adopts many orphans who have received special training since childhood, and I am one of them."
Shui Shui said that her beautiful eyes were slightly closed here, and her pretty face showed a little warmth. It seems that she thought of some heart things. "I belong to the Bodyguard Group of the Budo Department. Our group selects some outstanding team members every year to protect the senior cadres of the company, and the best ones are said to have been protecting several most important people over the years. The chairman, the couple, Miss Yu, Miss Feng and others are said to have a silver-haired man. I am worried that this student is this person."
Du Lian was slightly dazed. "This student’s surname is Fang. If he told you that the silver-haired man was one person, would he be the mysterious grandfather of Fang Tuan?"
Shui shook his head and said, "It’s definitely not that our general manager has been studying abroad, but it’s definitely not ordinary people who can make the best team members protect people so vigorously. I think we should ask Sister Ye to identify him first. If Rick Fang is the silver-haired man, don’t say that you and I are Sister Ye, and I’m afraid I can’t touch him."
Du Lian’s heart was frightened to disgrace. Obviously, she didn’t expect Rick Fang’s situation to be so complicated, because she knew that Shui has always been not talking nonsense and no longer hesitated to quickly dial up the words.
In the evening, a red sports car in the luxury villa residential area on the outskirts of Z was released after a complicated identification when passing by the guard. The sports car entered the community and slowly stopped in front of a villa. Two beautiful women came to the car, but it was Du Lianxin and Shui Yue.
Two women walked to the front of the gate and paused for a moment. They went straight into the villa, crossed the garden swimming pool and walked to the front of the villa hall. A middle-aged woman dressed as a servant was waiting outside the door. When they entered the corner of her mouth, she smiled and bowed slightly. "Please come with me, two ladies. Miss Stuart is waiting for two people in the living room." When the front leads the way, she leads them into the luxurious living room.
There is a woman sitting on the sofa in the large living room. This woman is about twenty-six or seven kinds of almond eyes and peach cheeks. She is beautiful in a silk robe, half-transparent and short to her knees, revealing a piece of glittering and translucent jade, pink and tender legs. She is lazy and half-lying on the sofa. She seems to have just bathed and her fluffy hair is scattered on the Zhang Yanli jade face. She has an indescribable charm, sexy and delicate jade hand with a goblet gently shaking scarlet and blood wine. She is carefree and listening to the floor-to-ceiling sound, and she sees two women come and gently nod her head.
At this time, another maid quietly retired from the living room after carrying two cups of hot tea.
"Go ahead, what’s up?" The woman spoke in a charming tone.
"Oh, that’s right." Du Lian’s heart roughly told the story today. Stuart listened at night and the jade face remained the same.
Then two women told them about Rick Fang for a night, and beautiful eyes flashed a special splendor and asked, "What’s the name of this young man with silver hair? Do you have a picture of him? Show me. "
"His name is Rick Fang, a freshman at Z University," Shuiyue said while handing photos.
Stuart night smell speech tiny one zheng mouth peep out one silk subtle banter smile with a smile in her eyes, stretched out his hand and took the photo carefully studied the two women eagerly looked at her.
After a long time, Stuart night withdrew his line of sight from the photo, and his fingers gently circled the bottom of the cup. The corners of his mouth were smiling and he couldn’t say how charming and moving he was, which made Shui Du look a little stunned.
Fingers gently fixed finger played a cup of noodles to detain a ding ran a brittle want to wake up in a daze water du two people.
Stuart evening dress didn’t see two people a little embarrassed because of shyness. He smiled gently and said to them, "I know this man. He and Chu Tianlong shouldn’t have. Oh, by the way, did you check Rick Fang and Chu Yujuan? If it’s good, you can tell Hu Zhe that the Zifeng gang has withdrawn from this operation and that we have to secretly send someone to protect Chu Yujuan from the map. We’ll find another way. If Rick Fang doesn’t talk to ChuYuJuan or generally, it will go on as usual, but don’t provoke him. "
Shuiyue couldn’t help asking, "Who is this young man, Sister Ye?" Du Lian heart also looked at night elder sister with a face of curiosity.
Stuart night laughed "shui must be you doubt the identity of the Rick Fang before you come to me in a hurry with lian heart? Wrong novel network many words "
Hidden nodded and exclaimed, "Is he …"
Stuart night gave interrupted her words "that’s just your guess. In fact, things are far from as simple as you think" and turned to Du Lian’s heart "Lian Xin, you don’t have any opinions. Because Rick Fang’s identity is a secret for the time being, it’s not convenient for me to disclose it. It’s not that I don’t tell you, but I don’t take you as an outsider."
Du Lian’s heart heard the news and said, "Lian Xin dare not say that you have your own reasons. How can I think about it?"
Stuart laughed at night. "That’s good. By the way, you just said that Hu Zhe intends to kidnap Chu Yujuan and coerce Chu Tianlong to spit things out. What are his conditions?"
Du Lian said, "He said he would give each gang one million dollars after the job was done."
Stuart night nodded and said, "One million dollars is not too small. It seems that thing can’t be wrong with me. Have you checked the bottom of Hu Zhe carefully?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Du Lian said, "I know he is a Chinese-American who came to Z city three years ago. Now Tianfu Hotel has made great achievements in recent years. He is also engaged in catering industry in the United States."
Stuart night smile got up and went to his bedroom and took a file cover. He went back to the sofa and handed the bag to Du Lian’s heart. "There is information about him since he was a child."
Du Lian’s heart took it, and she paid more attention to the night sister. The night sister added, "I have read his file, but there is nothing wrong with it. But everything is going well with him, which makes people doubt it. Go back and study this person. Sooner or later, we will have to deal with knowing ourselves and knowing ourselves."

"What did you say!" Bian Shi just stopped crying and couldn’t help staying.

Li’s eyes are firm. "Come back to the village with me!"
Hearing this, Bian Shi’s heart has been captured by Li She, and her hands are around Li She’s neck. Her tearful eyes kissed Li She deeply and gave Li She the best answer.
In the middle of the night, lonely men and few women sharing the same room, plus affection, it is reasonable to say that the two of them will definitely play with fire, but someone pulled back from the brink and it was not Bian Shi but Li She.
Li and Bian Shi have long been undressed and caressed each other in each other’s bodies, which is also the last step.
Li She suddenly stopped and stretched out her tongue and saliva in Bian Shi’s small mouth. The picture was very erosive.
"What’s the matter with Li Lang?" Crazy in love Bian Shi kissed Li She and said.
"I can’t do this!" Li got up and left Bian Shi’s seductive body and said that he would dress and leave.
"Boo hoo!" Bian Shi sat up and took Li’s dressing hand and sobbed.
Candlelight Bian Shi’s perfect posture is more charming and confusing in the candlelight. Crying at this time will add a sense of abuse to people. Li She needs to shift her mind when facing the roof, or something will happen sooner or later.
When the flame in my heart subsided a little, I leaned over and gently wiped away Bian Shi’s tears and said, "Why is Bian Niang crying?"
"You bad guy! Do you dislike that I am a geisha, but I don’t sell myself! Woo hoo! " Bian Shi lightly lamented Li’s shoulder and cried and said that he was very wronged and pitiful
"ouch!" Li involved in pretending to be hurt by Bian Shi, lying in bed with a ghost howling made Bian Shi immediately stop crying and said, "Did you hit the wound?" Sorry! "
Li Sheha ha a smile to hold Bian Shi in his arms and roll around in bed. He sniffed a Bian Shi fragrance and said, "How can I dislike you? You have to believe me. I really like you, but I don’t want to break your body now. I want to marry you before I want you." After that, I looked at lying on my chest and stared at myself affectionately. Bian Shi kissed me heavily until both of them blushed and could not breathe.
Li She gently stroked Bian Shi’s smooth back and then gently moved Bian Shi to the bed, sat up and was about to leave, but was pulled by amorous Bian Shi’s bright and clean jade arm. See Bian Shi’s lips slightly parted. "Now it’s getting late, Li Lang will rest here."
Hearing this, Li’s nose was slightly feverish, which may be another fire. He looked at his body and refused, "I can’t stand it!"
"Nothing, I have an idea!" After that, Li She couldn’t lie on the bed with her charming body to put out the candle. Before the candle was put out, the seductive posture echoed in Li She’s heart. Li She really couldn’t stand it. She looked at the posture like white jade in the dark and said, "What can I do!"
Bian Shi seems to be very shy and doesn’t answer. Covering the brocade quilt together, two people’s jade hands stroking Li’s chest and causing Li to become more and more hot. Does Li really want to cook rice with uncooked rice?
"ouch!" Li She suddenly howled. It turned out that Bian Shi’s jade hand suddenly slipped and went directly to Li She, who was in trouble with Li She, and repeatedly said with pleasure, "You are so kind, Bian Niang!"
Bian Niang still didn’t answer. Instead, she shrank her head into the brocade quilt. In a short time, Li She suddenly felt that she was surrounded by warmth and yelled directly. "Ahhh! !”
Li She’s terrible screams echoed everywhere in the courtyard. Fortunately, people were already asleep and not awakened, otherwise Li She didn’t know how to face others.
Early the next day, the little tune of Happy Hum of the Mothers came to the door of Bian Shi’s house, slightly surprised, thinking, Why didn’t Sister Bian get up before she was all earlier than me? The hand gently pushed the door and actually hit it slightly, because the door lock had already been damaged by Li She. From the crack of the door, Yunniang saw the bed and slept naked. They were probably too tired to wake up.
Panicked, the mother immediately ran away from the door, and her heart was in a state of indecision. Sister Bian has a man. Am I going to marry this man, too?
The scene of the year suddenly emerged in the heart of the mother.
"I like Sister Bian so much that I want to be with Sister Bian forever!" Niang hug Bian Shi coquetry said.
"Silly girl, if you want to get married, I want to get married. How can we be together?" Bian Shi also pinched a little Joan nose.
"I don’t! I’m going to drink with Sister Bian. It’s a big deal that Sister Bian and I marry the same man! " A sudden whim
"Ha ha ha! Getting married is a big deal. You are joking! " Bian Shi has spoken.
"What not? I like" bian elder sister also like us together is not very good? Just say yes, Sister Bian! " Mother’s head dawdled directly, and Bian Shi’s jade neck provoked Bian Shi to laugh.
"Well, if that’s the case, of course I will promise! I can’t bear to part with you, girl! " Bian Shi said.
"Really, let’s pull the hook!" Mother stretched out her little hand and said with an eyebrow eye smile
"I’m counting on you to pull the hook!"
Say two jade hand spring onion fingers tightly hooked together.
Chapter 40 Another universe
No matter what worries the mother, Li She also woke up slightly at this time and looked at her arms. Bian Shi slowly moved to the bed and then helped Bian Shi to dress himself and went out.
Zhou Cang and Li Zhuang are already ready to wash up. Li She came to the gate together. Wang Rui also made some efforts to retain her, but Li She’s made up her mind and said nothing.
Zhou Cang Li Zhuang left head-on, but Li She remained motionless, which made Li Zhuang Zhou Cang very wrong. Li Zhuang looked back and asked, "What happened to my younger brother?"
"What else can I do? I miss my mistress! " Zhou Cang has always been a blabbermouth.
Wang Rui was also very surprised and said, "Brother, do you need any help? You can rest assured that Wang Rui will help you solve it. We are friends for life!"
"Thank you, Mr. Wang. I just want to be here." Li seems to have some words that I don’t know how to say.
Actually, Li She said this. It’s good to let Wang Rui go with him. It’s also true that Li She is a little reluctant to let Li She greet each other at the gate. Before you know it, it’s almost late. Li She hasn’t gone yet.

Clouds of magic thoughts rushed in from Zhou Qian’s head

"Come on, I’ll give you ten."
See Zhou Qian angry appearance Tang Yu secretly smiled and took out ten devil fruit to Zhou Qian.
Zhou Qian took a look at her eyes and took a big bite.
"Delicious delicious" Zhou Qian eyes bent into a crescent and a face of heart.
"One bite is enough for me to eat for a long time. Sister Xiaoyu, it’s very kind of you not to be stingy like some people." Zhou Qian said.
Say that finish Zhou Qian saw eye MuHai head surges clouds of magic again.
The three men walked back and met the black cat again, but Muhai glared at the black cat leader and fled like a horrible monster.
Blink and disappear
Chapter 2 Back to Jiutangcheng [Jiugeng]
The next day, Muhai, Tang Yu and Zhou Qian left Guya Village and went to Jiutangcheng by bus.
Zhou Qian jumped away and cheered.
It is 3 o’clock in the afternoon when the three people return to Jiutangcheng Shui Mu Qingcheng.
"Mu bro finally came back."
See MuHai Zhou Qinglong enthusiasm came along.
"Zhou Xiong will bother you for a few days again," Muhai said.
"Mu bro said that if you want to be here, it will be your home," Zhou Qinglong said.
"So I’m welcome."
Muhai sat on the sofa and Zhou Qinglong chatted like a brother.
From the moment Zhou Qian came home, Zhou Qinglong seemed not to find her.
Zhou Qian looked at Muhai and smiled with anger.
What’s good about you? Sister Xiaoyu’s parents treat you like a child, even though my father didn’t even see his daughter come back.
Clouds of magic thoughts rose from Zhou Qian’s head and went straight into Muhai Dantian.
"Xiaoxi why so staring at me? Why are you going upstairs to chat with your dad? " Mu Hai said
"You …" Zhou Qian that hate!
That’s great. I actually taught myself a lesson
"Take a rest in your building, Xiaoxi. I’ll talk to Uncle Mu for a while." Zhou Qinglong said.
Oh, my God, so you can see me without saying a word?
Am I still your daughter? All because of him.
Zhou Qian stared at Muhai’s head, and from time to time a mass of magic thoughts flew out and went straight into Muhai’s abdomen.
"Xiaoxi, let’s go to our building."
Tang Yu looked at Zhou Qian and couldn’t help but smile and walked up to her and took her to the second floor.
"By the way, Brother Mu is still ready to cure the disease?" Zhou Qinglong asked
Muhai heard this first one leng.
Then an idea formed in his mind.
My horse is going to the secret service college, and it’s really impossible to continue to treat people then.
But it’s really not a taste not to earn money with such good money.
Who has a problem with money?
Wouldn’t it be a great pleasure if I could study in the secret service college and make a lot of money at the same time?
Yeah, we have to do this
"Of course" MuHai nodded his head.
"That’s good, bro. I’ll arrange the auction," Zhou Qinglong said.
"Don’t worry!" Muhai stopped Zhou Qinglong. "Brother Zhou, I have an idea to discuss with you."
"Mu Laodi still talks about nothing. If you have something, just tell me!" Zhou Qinglong said
Muhai also you’re welcome to exchange a pulp-washing Dan with your mind.
"Mu bro, what is this?" Zhou Qinglong looked at the pulp-washing Dan and couldn’t help showing off his shirt.
The Dan medicine in Muhai’s hand has tasted this fragrant smell, and he wants to swallow it at once.
"Zhou Xiong actually treats people with this kind of Dan medicine," Muhai said.
"Mu bro, what do you mean?" Zhou Qinglong said
"I mean, I’m going to let Zhou Xiong help people cure diseases instead of me. I’ll give you half the money," Muhai said.
"Ah …" Zhou Qinglong stare big eyes face look not letter.
This ….. This is not a pie in the sky?
I have a feeling of being hit.
Then I will treat people, so I hope it will be …
Zhou Qinglong didn’t even dare to think about it. This is a benefit of imagination.
"Why don’t you want to Zhou Xiong?" Mu Hai said