"Have you found the temporary detention place in Jin Taizhu?" Yu Weiliang asked
"What’s the matter?" Li Zhixun has been busy with the Sichuan government these two days and has forgotten this.
"I always feel that the atmosphere in No.57 in the past two days is a bit strange. The cook in the canteen has been replaced. The engineering department said that it would renovate the warm pipes and want to check the outer gate on the first floor of the detention area." Yu Weiliang replied in a low voice, "Plus … Jin Taizhu is also a spook himself. I am afraid that something will go wrong."
Li Zhixun asked, "Is it so serious? Is it because we are too sensitive?"
"Jin Taizhu will not have no cards in his hand" Yu Weiliang answered clearly "Suppose he bites a core officer No.57 now, what will others think if we should deal with it? Will you feel at ease if you don’t deal with others? Will they suspect that we will settle accounts after autumn? "
Li Zhixun was silent.
"Jin Taizhu No.57 stayed too long. It is not surprising that he has other officers’ black material and criminal evidence." Yu Weiliang added again that "it is risky to transfer No.57, but the risk is even greater."
"Tell you what, I’ll give you an address later. Don’t leak the news before you transport Jin Taizhu’s secret away tomorrow." Li Zhixun made a decision.
"Good" Yu Weiliang nodded.
A restaurant in Yishi
"Is the gunman here?" Asked a middle-aged man eating western food
"Come" next to a person nodded "are all foreign faces, things will not get us"
"Yes, don’t let things get to us." Middle-aged nodded and replied, "The rest depends on how things develop."
At the same time, the distant Xujia
Qin Yuchong said to Brother Owl, Zhan Nan and Qiu Wu, "It is estimated that the opposite side will soon give you a reply and find some clever things to do. These days, they all live together to exchange hostages. As soon as they are sure, they will go first."
"Are you afraid of playing tricks on the other side?" Zhan nan asked
"I don’t know," Qin Yu whispered. "We can’t go wrong if we give the second child more insurance."
Chapter 1394 Transfer to the place of detention
No.57 had a lot to say before Jin Taizhu had an accident, which you can see from the fact that he was able to transfer 17 groups in South Shanghai privately.
There are words and layers, then he must be a pivotal figure in the 57th profit struggle.
There must be dirty and despicable means to fight against each other, various table transactions and shady things. Jin Taizhu No.57 has been rooted for many years, whether it is to contain others or to protect himself, he has done his homework. He not only holds the information of the enemy in his hand, but also holds a lot of weaknesses of his competitors and colleagues. He knows that many senior officials are dirty and dirty, so he dares to be detained and play tricks to make the atmosphere of No.57 very strange
And Yu Weiliang knew that he had this ability, so he had to transfer him because there were too many people on No.57. It was very unsafe to rely on the investigation team to stare at him. Once someone tried to kill Jin Taizhu or was threatened by Jin Taizhu, it would become very troublesome.
More than ten o’clock in the afternoon the next day.
Li Zhixun called Yu Weiliang and said to him gently, "I’ll give you a phone number. You take Jin Taizhu to him."
"Is this person safe?" Yu Weiliang asked
"He is a businessman engaged in arms business in Beishi. He has been running errands for me for many years. It is very reliable. I didn’t tell him who you want to do, and he won’t ask you more. Take people outside and let them watch the inside." Li Zhixun replied briefly, "No one can find it if the news doesn’t leak out."
"I have nothing to do" Yu Weiliang nodded.
"Finalize the shares as soon as possible and then I will report the secret execution of Jin Taizhu." Li Zhixun replied in a low voice.
"Secret execution?" Yu Weiliang dazed one.
"He is too dirty to go through the procedure," Li Zhixun replied lightly. "This can also reduce some troubles."
"I see" Yu Weiliang’s neck is cool after hearing this.
This is politics, this is abandonment!
At 11: 30, Yu Weiliang, the office of the 57th shooting investigation team, succinctly said, "Everyone should hand over all personal communication equipment to distribute walkie-talkies."
Everyone listens and does it.
"I made a road map for each group leader to take a look at." Yu Weiliang hit the envelope and said lightly, "When starting, each group should pay attention to the firepower and prepare for all emergencies."


In ten minutes.
Ji Xingyao, the head of Fengbei Longxing near Yan Wangtiao, paid a lot of money to invite two armed gangs and a well-known security company in Fengbei from the depths of the planned area. A total of 700 people suddenly married and headed for Xinxiang!
Special operations brigade information war room
A junior officer suddenly got up and shouted, "There is a hot map near the Yan Wang jump! !”
Lin Xiao stepped over. "Can you estimate the number of people?"
"About seven hundred people!" The junior officer answered
Lin Xiao immediately dialed Qin Yu’s words when he heard this.
"There are 700 people in the direction of Yan jumping who have already rushed to your Xinxiang!" Lin Xiao tone said urgently
Qin Yuwen was shocked. "There are still 700 fucking people?"
Baoli life village
Wang Zongxiao looked at the crowd with his back and said, "It’s time to split up! Stall the front of Yao Guang and let those 700 people fight! If Yaoguang returns to the defense, we will fight back and attack him on both sides. If Yaoguang does not return to the defense, he will lean against a group of people on the ground and living in the village. I see how to stop these 700 people! "
Chapter 152 The situation is critical
Xinxiang life Cun San Fang compound main building
Wang Zongtang asked Qin Yu with a sad face. "Are you sure you got accurate information? There are still 700 people calling Xinxiang from behind? "
"The news is very accurate," Qin Yu nodded. "At least 700 people are from Longxing and Yanbei. They are very mobile and like a professional team."
"That’s it!" Wang Zongtang replied in a trembling voice, "If it is a highly professional team of 700 people, the people left here will definitely not be able to cope with Yaoguang. If you go back to Liuzhou to fight back, if you don’t go back to Xinxiang, the result is self-evident."
Qin Yu’s silent brain is running rapidly.
"Yao guang there are people? !” Wang Zongtang tone urgent asked
"There are more than 1,000 people working in Yaoguang’s frontline, but it happened suddenly, and it took only a few days from the acquisition to sending people here. Many people in Yaoguang were sent abroad to come here, but when necessary," Qin Yu waved his hand. "Don’t say that two or three days’ journey will be enough."
"Can the troops contribute?" Another Wang Jianian spoke again and asked
"Line help a little, but it’s definitely not possible to fight." The old cat frowned and replied, "What do we do? It’s also a local power conflict outside the area, but once the troops enter the field, the nature of the horse will change! The military and the government don’t want to start a war now. They can’t afford it. Besides, there is a Coalition government and the Asian League staring at it. It’s not that anyone wants to mess around. "
"Yes!" Qin Yu nodded
"That’s no way out?" Wang Zongtang asked
"Transfer the surplus personnel department to the back of Xinxiang to defend the 700 people," Lao Li suddenly turned and ordered, "Give me as much time as possible!"
"good!" Wang Zongtang immediately nodded, "I asked the people left here to transfer the cases in the past."
Lao Li looked at Qin Yu and frowned and said, "It’s boring to drag it off. What do you think of it?"
"You still have one card to play?" Qin yuwen
"I am playing now!" Lao Li replied and pointed to the door and said, "I’ll make a message!" "
"good!" Qin Yu nodded
Lao Li stepped out of the room and found a secluded place to send a short message to Wen Beiliang.
Less than a minute later, the words came back.
"hello? !” Lao Li immediately picked up the phone and asked, "Do you know that there are 700 people coming from Changji and Fengbei?"
"It’s clear that Longxing and Xingyao people are the same as I told you before." Wen Beiliang frowned and replied, "There are security companies and armed forces outside the region."
"Then I have people left to stop them," Lao Li said with a frown. "We must think of some other way."
"I just want to talk to you about this," Wen Beiliang replied with a frown. "Wang Zongxiao sent me out. He will divide the team to stop Yaoguang from attacking Shahe and stall them, and then the 700 people will enter Xinxiang!"
"Yes" Lao Li nodded.
"We don’t have an advantage in the number of people. Wang Zonghan has a big room, two rooms and four rooms here, and then Han 3,000 has been brought to Jiangzhou. The Li family party and government acquiesced in several big bourgeoisie departments to help … You have a dozen or so over there." Wen Beiliang’s thinking is clear. "So my idea is to do it as you planned. Although the risk is great, it is better than this! Say ugly Qin Yu’s hardest card, that is, it’s all gone. People want Liuzhou to be consumed. Han Sanqian can add a security company to come in with money, but what about us? Can you still find a second glory? "
"Yes!" Lao Li nodded. "I’m with you. What you mean is that it’s meaningless to drag it off and get things done as soon as possible."
WenBeiLiang consider a long time "I put a mouth you let them in? Directly make a big one? "

"To Qin Yu" Jun Chen nodded and admitted.

"I heard that I really gave him a brigade preparation?" The young man said with some surprise, "Hehe, this thing can also happen. If the ninth district wants to put it on our side, he must be cleaned up if he makes so much noise."
"Qin Yu’s military and political connections in the ninth district are ok. He is a pupil of the Military Supervision Bureau and is also very good with the Feng family." Jun Chen looked up at him and said, "It’s good for you to walk around with him more in the future."
"I’m sure it’s good for your friend." Xiaofeng nodded and smiled and tried to ask again. "Can you tell me the location of this joint garrison?"
Jun Chen thought twice and replied softly, "The border of the five districts of the Asian League!"
"ah? !” Ucg froze on the spot. "Where the hell are we going?"
Chapter 126 Borrowing money
Lin Chengdong’s family ate silently and cleaned the room from the inside out, then washed his head and shaved his head, changed into a clean and tidy suit and looked at the mirror for a while before slowly coming out.
Came to the living room Lin Chengdong mobile phone to show nan dial a word.
"hello? Chengdong "
"Hey Xiao Nan, are you busy?"
"I want to talk about something in Lanting," Zhan Nan asked. "What’s the matter?"
"Then forget it. Give me a message when you are not busy." Lin Chengdong bowed his head and answered.
"I’m almost done talking. Just say something."
"Then I’ll find you. Let’s meet and talk." Lin Chengdong thought for a moment and answered.
"Well, come to BishuiLanting, where the address hasn’t changed."
"Ok, I’ll go now." Lin Chengdong looked down at his watch. "It will take about forty minutes."
"OK, I’ll wait for you."
Say that finish two people ended the call Lin Chengdong carefully arranged a clothes very spirit out of the house.
Bi Shui Lan Ting is the place where Lin Chengdong came here with them when Zhan Nan was studying in Shanghai before his aunt’s club. He is no stranger to this place. He called a car and arrived at his destination in less than 40 minutes.
Over the past four years, the Lanting Pavilion in Bishui has also changed greatly. The storefront has expanded to the left, and many indoor and outdoor decorations have been changed again. Although it still maintains the original authentic Chinese style, it looks more upscale. Obviously, Zhan Nan’s aunt’s business is also doing very well.
Lin Chengdong stepped on the steps, and before he entered the door, two beautiful women greeted him and pulled the glass door and bent down to say, "Welcome to BishuiLanting."
"Does sir have an appointment?" The manager ushered in and asked
"I’m looking for Zhan Nan" Lin Chengdong replied with a smile.
"Oh, I’ll take you to the box first and then call him." The manager responded more politely
"Good" Lin Chengdong nodded and went downstairs with the manager.
Lin Chengdong waited for about five minutes in the box on the third floor, and Zhan Nan pushed the door and came in. "Hey, I have too many farts every day. This just sent two friends away and two more. Hehe chatted with them for a long time."
"Ha ha, don’t worry. If you want to be busy, you should be busy first. I’m not in a hurry." Lin Chengdong replied with a smile.
Zhan Nan bent down and reached out to help Lin Chengdong pour the tea. "Oh, the business is not finished in one day. Just let them stay alone for a while. Hey, how are you these days? Is Grandpa getting better?"
Lin Chengdong calmly replied, "My dad left."
Zhan Nan suddenly looked up. "Go … Go?"
"Well go" Lin Chengdong nodded.
"This … this is too sudden. Why didn’t you give me a message when he left?" Exhibition nan put a teapot frown and said, "Gu Yan Xiaoyu is not in South Shanghai, but I, you and I are welcome? Master didn’t I how also have to send to help you go. "
"I just don’t want to toss about," Lin Chengdong replied softly. "After people were pulled out, the superintendent came over and made a record to find a hospital to verify the situation, so I cremated my dad and buried him in the cemetery."

Haikui’s eyes are still open, but he can be seen glaring ahead. Suddenly, his fat smile solidified Haikui’s finger.

Then there were cracks in the ice around him, and more and more cracks were dense.
Fat fast hit method definitely wants to speed up the ice to continue to freeze.
However, a whirlpool appeared in Haikui Center, which quickly absorbed the aura of heaven and earth, and his lost aura was rapidly replenished.
"How did this happen?" Fat muttered to himself
Fat feels that the Reiki Department in the Five-Spirit Illusion Bead gathers in Haikui’s body, and even the Lingshi Spiritual Force that supports the operation of the Five-Spirit Illusion Bead is sucked away.
The ice in it melts quickly and becomes water, and then it becomes aura and is quickly absorbed by Haikui.
After a while, the water in God was absorbed, the sky faded and the earth disappeared. At this time, Haikui could see himself in a huge object like a glass ball.
The red light in his expression eyes flickered, and Zhen Yuan was supplemented. Pang Dazhen Yuan Li was running and slashing his sword, and a sword awn connecting heaven and earth suddenly appeared.
"I depend!" Fat blurted out and quickly decided to make a whole transformation. Fat came to this five-spirit illusion bead, holding a purple staff in his hand, and resisted Haikui’s sword in one fell swoop!
His figure was quickly beaten in this Xiaotian field, and it took hundreds of thousands of miles to stabilize his figure, but his clothes suddenly blew back and brought great wind.
Fat and dignified, I didn’t expect Haikui to get stronger as soon as he got there. Just this sword made him struggle. He waved his hand and a yellow paper appeared in his hand and threw it at Tianyi and shouted, "Seal!"
Haikui looked cold and ignored what Fat was doing. Flying sword raised another sword. Behind him, Ba opened his mouth and spit out a white mist and swept away towards Fat.
Fat saw Haikui Jianmang and spun his staff round and round to break up Haikui Jianmang, but Naha spit out the fog and came towards him.
Fat and dignified, he knows what that black guy is. Although he looks a bit like a turtle, I have to say that that guy is a dragon after all. That’s the dragon’s unique stunt!
Dragon’s breath, the dragon’s body has a strong physical body to enhance mana, but it has a strong corrosion on other things.
Fat figure suddenly a pull willing to spit out a sigh of relief really force to form a hurricane to bully spit dragon’s breath to blow away.
God, that yellow paper is getting bigger and bigger, covering the sky and covering Haikui Fang.
The ripple force slowly drops from the paper and hangs over Haikui and Ba.
Fat bit the tip of the tongue over there, and a mouthful of JingXie sprayed on the sky yellow paper, prompting his JingXie.
Slowly, the rune of the cinnabar painting twisted up and finally escaped from the yellow paper and wound towards Haikui and Ba.
Fat waved his hand and took the staff back in his hand.
Haikui looked up at the rune, but his eyes were red. After reading it, he looked at the fat mouth and hung up a cruel smile.
Fat to see him smile heart thumped.
Haikui’s sword with one hand and backhand with one hand suddenly gave directions in his abdomen, and his breath suddenly rose!
The rapid increase in weight feels the peak of Yuan Ying in the early stage, Yuan Ying in the middle stage and Yuan Ying in the late stage.
The fat man scolded, "Are you paralyzed? Are you crazy?" But after he shouted, he felt inappropriate. If he was not crazy, he would die. If he was crazy, there would be a difference between death and death!
Fat repair is a line higher than Haikui in the middle and late period of Yuanying. If Haikui is not crazy, then he can still beat him, but this guy actually burns Yuanying’s strength to upgrade.
Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! Fat cursed in his heart, and the staff rippled forward a little. He opened his mouth and recited the mantra, and the whole person disappeared into the five-spirit illusion bead and appeared in the dark outside.
Haikui corners of the mouth hung with a cruel smile. He looked up at Tian Fu’s paper, and the true force converged to fly sword, making a buzzing vibration, but the sword awn did not split out, but it showed itself automatically. He wanted to gather all the true force into a sword and split out an earth-shattering sword.
The flying sword is shaking more and more violently, and suddenly, a light sound comes to Hai Kuilian. This sword has a layer of obstacles that have not been broken. At this time, it is a coincidence that it has broken a layer of seal!
How powerful this sword is!
The red rune on the face is almost printed on Haikui’s body. Haikui suddenly cut off the sword with a real force.
With a sword, the rune KaKa was cut in half without any obstacles, and the yellow paper was cut in half through the sword awn, losing its mana and slowly falling.
It’s not over yet. The powerful sword continues to shake Haikui’s body. He is a little weak, but the bully suddenly rushes to carry Haikui and rushes out after the sword mans.
Sword mans quickly blink of an eye and come to the end of this little world, click a loud noise, and fat is tongue-tied outside. Although I have expected that the sudden promotion of Haikui is not what he can deal with, I didn’t expect it to be so strong!
Five Spirit Magic Beads were cut into two halves, and the mana quickly passed away. Haikui’s figure suddenly appeared in the fat disposal method, and the sword mans had not disappeared and rushed towards the fat.
Fat waved his staff to block the zither. Fat spit out one mouthful blood for one second. His body was played at the same time. This sword awn was still marching. Finally, it was torn. This broken array rumbled and continued to go at fat.
Chapter 17 is missing
Haikui and his fat figure appeared in reality, because Haikui just transferred the true force to the flying sword. Without enough true force, he shook two stone tablets and restored the original Fengwu Literature Network in a flash.
The fat body quickly retreated, and the sword was still powerful, chasing him and moving on. He couldn’t open his mouth and spit out one mouthful blood. The purple stick became bigger and fatter, and his body accelerated and fled towards the distance!
Tieao was stunned at this scene in the distance. He didn’t expect Martial Uncle to escape. Haikui rushed out of Martial Uncle’s illusion!
At this time, Haikui’s eyes were red and his body was rough because of a lot of real power and vitality, and his hair turned gray. He was as horrible as a mummy there.
Iron proud life watching not only from the bottom of my heart tremble, he didn’t dare to lie prone body breath convergence.
Haikui glared angrily and left fat, but he had lost his pursuit like a river that was about to dry up
There are two lines of turbid tears in red eyes, and the roar of the sky is shocking. The subway is proud to feel that its scalp has been lifted.
Haikui roared with all his life.
After yelling, I turned my fat magic weapon into a five-spirit magic bead and my own flying sword. I took a look at this world and his consciousness slowly recovered. He knew that he was dying, and his parents were sorry. I will accompany you.
He stamped his foot gently, and slowly lowered the soil to a depth of several thousand meters, and slowly closed his eyes. At this moment, his vitality also failed to support, and he slowly slowed down.
Fat keeps running away in front, and that huge sword has been following him like locking him in the target, so he won’t give up until he is beheaded.
The fat figure is very fast, but it also attracts the attention of other practitioners, because the fluctuation of the real yuan is too strong to scare many people. Although there are many practitioners, there are not many monks who have crossed the yuan baby in this mainland.
Fat body cold sweat straight drop, he has tried his best to endure the sword mans chasing him for days and nights, but he won’t disappear. The real yuan consumes too fast. If the sword mans can’t stop, I’m afraid he won’t be able to hold on!
On this day, Fat flew over the mountain and suddenly widened in front of his eyes. There was green everywhere, and Fat quickly glanced at it and confirmed that he had come to the boundless grassland!
Suddenly, two lights flashed in the distance and came towards him. The fat heart looked a little tight and looked close. The face was happy and shouted, "Tong Daoyou Cao Daoyou, come and help me!"
Tong Cao and his wife felt the strong fluctuation of the real yuan, and they were so bold to release the powerful real yuan. You can see that it is fat. Look at the sword mans chasing behind him. Their hearts are all surprised than this. They know that Yuan Ying’s mid-term peak is not in this place, but it is also rare. I didn’t expect that someone could drive him so embarrassed!
Without saying anything, the two of them offered their magic weapons one after another. The surname Tong Shuang walked out of a tall skeleton with a evocation banner and a shaking soul banner. The skeleton warrior held a broadsword and the surname Tong reached out a little. In the future, the eye socket of the dark hole suddenly flashed green light and waved a knife at the sword mountain.
The surname Cao holds a flying sword in his hand and reverses the blade, while the other hand moves forward a little, and there is a click sound. His left hand shows blue ice crystals at the speed visible to the naked eye, and his left hand pushes forward, and a chill is directed at the fat, and there is a click sound.
Fat hurriedly dodged the two tricks and came to the two men to hold the fist. "Thank you for your help!"
TongZhen laughed "Li Daoyou welcome"
Just then, the sword-mans skeleton war has collided and made a sound. The sword-mans actually split the skeleton war in two.
Tong Zhen immediately turned green and pointed out, "What master have you offended, Li Daoyou?" With a wave of his hand, he collected the chopped skeleton warriors and put them away.

It can be said that it is an advantage, but it also costs money for the family to maintain the number. The salary of Tianquemen for a condensate period is one million gold dollars per month, and even if a condensate period family presses the salary to the bottom, it will cost one hundred thousand gold dollars a month, which is nearly ten million Chu gold dollars a year.

Although the tycoons in Dongchuan Province promised to give him 7 billion gold dollars in financial support, a small part of it was to help Tianhua Zhenren and himself win over Tianquemen in Haoyue, and most of it was also to be taken away by Tianhua Zhenren. The money that could fall into his hands can be said to be very small, but at present, his cash in hand is only 200 million, and most of the rest has not been paid.
If you want to build a certain power in two years, you must raise a lot of financial resources in a short time, but where does this money come from?
I feel headache when I think about it. This Heyunqin is really harmful!
My mind flashed the image of the new president and chairman of the East China Sea Consortium. Jiang Xiao’s eyes suddenly lit up. The East China Sea Consortium must want to annex a company’s industry. If his guess is correct, then there must be a chance! Then it’s like layout exercises
Almost on the same day, the storm caused by the continuous picking of more than 20 strongholds in the four houses of the Gongye family spread rapidly to the surrounding prefectures and counties, but although it was not long before the Gongye family tried their best to control the information broadcast in the heart of the bright moon and implemented news control, it was still possible to prevent these news from being transmitted in the sphere of influence
Jiang Xiao considered the news media to attack the Gongye family at the beginning of the layout, but before the action, he secretly informed the major TV stations and newspaper groups in Haoyue Province that the first attack was over. Less than ten minutes later, the counties near Yichong City were already full of photos of the 27-story building with black smoke, and then quickly spread around. It was too late for the Gongye family to react and stop it.
By noon that day, the whole bright moon was a human being or a monster beast. Almost most people already knew that the Gongye family stole chickens and wasted money, and the rice was severely slapped in the face by Tianque Gate. In the evening, they also knew that it brought huge casualties to the Gongye family and wrote blood-red numbers on the wall of that building. In fact, it was only six teenagers who had not graduated from Tianque Gate Law School.
However, the impact of this storm did not continue until the fourth day after the incident.
First, the 600,000 residents of Tongding City first heard in newspapers and videos that the Gongye family was the murderer of the massacre, but they didn’t dare to show it at all, even though they were more angry than they were in their hearts. After all, the Gongye family was different from Tianquemen, and their prestige had been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people for thousands of years. Tongding City was only given to Tianquemen more than a decade ago, so they dared to be angry and dare not speak.
But just half an hour later, the news that the Gongye family’s stronghold was destroyed by Tianquemen came to their ears one after another, and they witnessed the signs that the smoke was rolling and the dead bodies were all over the ground. The bright red number was suspected to be naked and swore to the world that some attacks were revenge for the massacre of Gongye family in Tongdingcheng.
However, although they secretly high-fived their hearts, they still dare not express it in words. Even in the first day or two, the number of people fleeing to nearby cities is still increasing. Everyone knows that Tianquemen and Gongye family have already fought, and Tianquemen has given Gongye family such a heavy blow. It is strange that Gongye family doesn’t retaliate. The so-called city gate is on fire. These practitioners have always been fighting regardless of the occasion and have no scruples. Besides, who knows if Gongye family will take it out on their civilians when attacking Tianquemen stronghold? So if you want to live now, you must run as far as possible.
Until three days later, the Gongye family still stayed still, and these natural serial murders stopped from then on. Some people came back to the taste. What’s more, the Gongye family has been deeply rooted by the six children in the office for thousands of years, and there is no spare capacity to fight back. Suddenly, the gongs and drums can be heard all over the street. The prestige of the Gongye family in Tongding City is swept away overnight.
Then there are some powerful people and people with rich financial resources in the sphere of influence of the Gongye family. Compared with the civilians who can rely on newspapers to get information, they know much more doubts. More than 500 younger brothers of the Gongye family were killed in the war, and even a real person was involved. Although this kind of thing can be hidden from the civilians, it can’t be hidden from them, but it is also silently waiting for the Gongye family to fight back like the people of Tongding City. Now everyone can see that the Gongye family’s rule is tottering. Although Yu Wei, who is afraid of Gongye family, dare not openly contact Tianjue Gate, the secret song can
At one time, a large number of emissaries with secret missions kept coming to Tongding City and Tianquemen Mountain Gate on the high-speed train of the Sun and Moon trunk lines to find new backers and ways to keep their potential and wealth after Tianquemen attacked the bright moon and saved the province, but the Gongye family knew it well but stopped it.
The second is the major forces in the province and neighboring provinces. These human beings and demon clan forces, without exception, are all paying attention to the changes in the pattern of the bright moon provinces after the war.
The two hundred and thirty-first human-god request
Convert them into Pangu blood and Chongyuan into Daodan? Lord of the world did this? "
The fairy in the devil’s pot was somewhat surprised and looked at the monster beast’s eyes with a smile.
"Isn’t it too rough now? In fact, if you exchange some herbs with them first and then add them to the devil’s pot for cultivation, you need to wait for two or three. These monsters can be exchanged for more drugs and implements or exchanged for raw materials, so that Ying Shunchen can come back to alchemy and refine more. "
"Two or three years? Can’t wait! Fairy in the pot, I’m all white, but now I don’t have the time to wait for herbs to grow up in Ying Shunchen. Now he has other important things I ordered to do, and they may all come back. "Jiang Xiaoyi replied with a wry smile," You need to tell me how much imitation Pangu blood and Chongyuan can be exchanged for this devil-smelting pot monster. "
The fairy in the pot thought carefully before saying, "If you exchange Pangu blood, you can get 49 bottles of Yu Chongyuan and Daodan, and even the simplest prescription can get about 27 pills."
"Then what if the ratio of one to three is exchanged for Pangu blood and Chongyuan into Daodan?"
"Seven bottles of Pangu blood rushed into 24 Daodan pills."
"Is there so little?" Compared with the height that Jiang Ber Ber’s two families need to reach after two years, Jiang Xiao’s frown is really too small. Although this demon-refining tripod has good functions, it is not satisfactory! But after careful consideration, he laughed and shook his head to get the devil’s pot. This artifact is hard for others to be lucky, but he still wants more.
Ginger smile in accordance with is wry smile pot fairy bridled suddenly move said "Lord adults outside someone to see you"
"oh? Who is it? Is it him? " Ginger smile in accordance with the smell speech eyebrows a pick up the whole office also have human-god and Nan Fang to enter his room in his spiritual awareness method and Fang Nan will feel something when he enters his body at four zhangs. Only Human-god can always deceive his spiritual awareness. The wizard’s adult hasn’t come out often recently. It is necessary to come to him at this time and have something important to think about here. Ginger smiles in accordance with the stroke of the sleeve. "Forget it! If there is something better than an alchemist, I will leave it to you. According to the ratio of one to three, when I come in, I must see seven bottles of Pangu blood and twenty-four pieces rushing into Daodan. I am in a hurry. "
"Yes!" The fairy in the pot looked down and bowed down and said, "The Lord’s adult can rest assured that the old man will never miss your great event."
"That’s good!" Jiang Xiaoyi was about to leave when she was slightly jawed, but she inadvertently saw that the fairy eyes in the pot were a little lonely. After thinking about it, she knew what it meant and smiled. "I’ll find some people to come into the pot. Don’t you worry that no one will talk to you."
Say that finish don’t want to stay in shape a soft soul has been out of the body.
Hurriedly hugged Jiang Xiaoyi, the fairy in the body pot was first happy and then sad. He could see what Jiang Xiaoyi had experienced in the past few months. There are too many strong enemies that the Lord of the world has to face. It is no wonder that he would be so forced to say that this plane is too strange. Not only is the strong far better than the general plane, but there is still time and these two kinds of ordinary planes, not to mention that the celestial world has no blood power.
In addition, although the man named Chiyou who is outside can see the real strength because he is sealed in his body, the strength of his soul force seems to be out of phase with his former master. It is reasonable to say that even at the beginning of the plane, a strongman should not produce this series. Even in a world, this kind of person is a male level.
Shaking his head, the fairy in the pot simply put these problems behind him. Since the law has figured it out, I don’t want to think that the owner of the devil’s smelting pot didn’t give him too much wisdom when he made him. He is really not very good at this aspect.
But do you want to tell your master these things? The fairy in the pot is lost in thought again. He has hesitated for a long time.
Back to his own body, Jiang Xiaoyi just opened his eyes and saw that his eyes were flashing with strange light. Shen Hero was sitting in the chair opposite him and looked at himself with eyes bright, and his side was naturally accompanied by that kind of suffocating coercion.
"Ginger smile in accordance with what happened to you just now? Why did I always feel that there was a soul in your body before you woke up from meditation? " Seeing Jiang Xiaoyi wake up, Chiyou’s face is unabashedly stunned.
"Ha ha! Lord Chiyou, everyone has his own secret, doesn’t he? " Ginger smiled and asked with a smile.
After a faint look at the purple boy, Chi-you didn’t ask again, but his face nodded callously. "Now the consumption of soul power in the plane is relatively large. You should be careful before the out-of-body experience period. Otherwise, the consequences are unpredictable."
Although Chiyou’s tone is dull all the time, Jiang Xiaoyi still recognized the thread in the other language. He felt a little warm in his heart and felt a little incredible and untimely. He and the ancient witch god actually had feelings.
"Lord Chiyou laughs and knows the limits. Do you have something important to tell me when you come to see me so early today?"
It’s because it’s only seven o’clock.
"well! Today, I looked through the hero’s memory and knew that you borrowed his body from the damaged meridians three days ago. Of course, there are other things to tell you. "
Say that finish human-god also don’t stay Jiang Xiaoyi talk just got up and walked to the front of the purple boy held out his hand and said, "let me see your injury first, maybe I can help you."
Jiang Xiaoyi was suddenly startled when he heard the news. Could the witch God Chi-you also hurt people? Although suspicious in my heart, I still hesitate to hold out my left hand.
Can’t you see the purple boy’s face with a grain of salt? Chi-you smiled mysteriously, and without much explanation, he put his finger on the teenager’s wrist pulse. After that, Jiang Xiaoyi felt a breath of qi similar in composition but different in other body. His qi was pumped into his meridians from the hand Taiyin Lung Meridian. Just as he wanted to resist, he was overwhelmed by this breath, which became more and more huge with Chi-you pouring in. It was then that Chi-you’s eyes became clear after running freely and smoothly in the twelve regular and odd meridians.
Compared with a lot of life, Xiangsuofa can nourish his scars, and the walls are full of them in a flash. Most of them have been healed.
When all the witchcraft of Chiyou withdrew from his body, Jiang Xiao felt that the meridians were warm and could not say how comfortable he was. Although he still felt a stabbing pain, it was far worse than yesterday, and the force on the meridians was also hindered.

A burst of fragrance hit Rick Fang, stopped in accordance with the words, turned around and saw Yunna panting.

Yunna took a breath and came forward to look at Rick Fang’s way, "Rick Fang, I didn’t know that Uncle Fang had some contradictions with my father, and I didn’t want to worry about them. I just wanted to say that these things have nothing to do with us, and I also want you to be white." Yunna said that here, she gently hung her head and didn’t say anything, but she was red and silent for a long time before she got up the courage. "I like you."
Rick Fang’s heart is naturally shocked. I didn’t expect Yunna to be so bold in expressing her love to herself. If it is said that she is not moved, it is a lie.’ I already have a if’. When I think of this, Rick Fang Nai sighs and sighs, "Senior values me. How can I say it? I am very moved."
"yes?" Yunna suddenly looked up at Rick Fang without shyness in her heart.
Fang Xuxin said, "Yes, I have a girlfriend."
As soon as this remark came out, Yunna’s charming body was flushed and trembled. "Who is it?" Is it Liu Jia? " There is a strong Kuqiang in the tone of the wrong novel network.
Looking at Yunna’s grief-stricken eyes, Rick Fang is also very unhappy in his heart. Now that he has picked it, he can’t help but sigh, "If it is not a cloud."
"If if the cloud? If Jin Huangyun is? " Yunna exclaimed
After getting a positive reply from Rick Fang, Yunna’s heart only had a little hope and wiped out Yunre. If you can make a woman feel confident in front of her, Yunna has had this idea since the first day she saw Yunre.
"I’m sorry, senior. Actually, you’re fine. It’s my cough." Looking at a white and bloodless face, Yunna Rick Fang consciously wanted to say something to her mouth, but she didn’t know how to continue to shut up.
"excuse me? With you again? Everything is my self-affection. It’s just my dream. "Yunna murmured with a wry smile, tears streamed down her face and dripped down.
Rick Fang heart is also a burst of sour two people silently stand for a long time YunNa suddenly a sigh turned and walked towards the municipal committee of the compound YunNa shape into the compound Rick Fang this just self-effacing to spit out a sigh and turned to leave.
Tell the truth Yunna will be relieved after drawing a line completely, but unexpectedly it turns out that it hurts faintly in my heart.’ Maybe I am really a playboy.’ Rick Fang Nai returned home with a wry smile and a heavy heart to see Rick Fang, who has always been radiant, with a face of decadence and a panic in her heart. Rick Fang didn’t say that she was a little tired. In view of the other party’s understanding of Yunruo’s natural unbelief, she had deep doubts.’ Murphy’ Yunruo’s heart was dark, but she didn’t know if she guessed right, but it was not easy to ask for fear that her heart would be annoyed
In the next few days, Rick Fang was listless in class, but he didn’t take part in Sanda club activities. He was afraid to meet Yunna or Yunhan because he really didn’t know how to face two people and he was absent from club activities. Yunhan didn’t send someone to look for him as usual.
So it’s better to wait for everyone, especially senior, to meet again in a few days. Maybe it won’t be so embarrassing, but I don’t think senior wants to meet himself again.’ Rick Fang secretly thought that he had a little indescribable disappointment in his heart.
Don’t you know that things are unpredictable? One afternoon, because there was an elective course in the evening, Rick Fang didn’t go back to his residence, but stayed in the dormitory to play Blizzard. The Diablo IV just came out. (_) Shuai Ke sat there and pointed happily. Just as everyone was playing in full swing, the wall pager rang.
"Hello" Shuaike should way.
"Is Rick Fang there?" Wrong novel network does not jump word floor northeast aunt shouted
"Someone needs to come quickly". After that, Shuaike hung up, rubbed his ears and muttered, "This old lady is really powerful and full of anger." Shuaike complained and said to Rick Fang, "Xu Lou is wanted."
"Really?" Is having fun, Rick Fang wondered. He’s been cheated by Shuaike for several times.
"Cheat you’re a puppy. Go quickly." Shuaike freely swore while pushing Rick Fang with a smile. "Substitution, substitution, see if I’m out of control."
Who will come to me?’ Rick Fang muttered in his heart that he had just walked out of the corridor when he saw a white Tingting and Yunna.
Rick Fang stopped thinking, and his scalp was slightly numb. He looked around as if others were’ Is senior here by chance or not?’ Rick Fang thought about whether to turn around and ask Aunt Yunna when she said, "Rick Fang is looking for you." Compared with Rick Fang Yunna, who was quite at a loss, it was very calm and there was no emotional fluctuation.
"Then I don’t know if Senior Sister wants to see me?" Rick Fang returned to normal hesitate to say
"I invite you to dinner" YunNa jiao tao tone is still dull and cold.
"Eat?" Rick Fang was shocked.’ Still eating?’ Rick Fang inwardly wry smile
Presumably, I understand Rick Fang’s thoughts at this time. Yunnajiao said, "It’s me who asks you alone, even if we are finished. I hate to have a final settlement. I beg you, okay?" There is a hint of request in Yunna’s tone.
Is it over?’ Rick Fang thought for a moment and nodded slightly with a sigh. "All right."
The second volume Chapter seventy Changes
The second volume Chapter seventy Changes
Lover’s house?’ Rick Fang looked at the hotel plaque four fresh Chinese characters in the heart is not one leng.
Lover’s Home has developed well over the past year, and its scale is much larger than that of Rick Fang and Liu Jia. As a whole, it gives people a magnificent feeling. Looking at the digital guardrail tube embedded in the wall, which keeps beating and chasing, it is dazzling. At this moment, Rick Fang’s mood is as restless as that of guardrail tube. It is here that Jia Jia invited herself to dinner, and something almost happened. Today Yunna actually led herself here again. Will it be okay this time? Wrong novel network many words’
Won’t eat a meal will happen? Is purely his sweat’ Rick Fang comfort myself again and again.
Compared with Rick Fang’s thoughtful leading the way, Yunna seemed to be very calm. When they entered the door, the waiter led them into Yunna’s room. Soon, the food was ready, and then Yunna motioned for the waiter to politely excuse himself and closed the door.
Looking at the table full of sumptuous dishes, feeling the opposite Yunna silently staring at Rick Fang, feeling uncomfortable. He always advocated not to have enemies with the food. For the first time, Rick Fang lost his appetite. Yunna repeatedly urged him to barely pick up chopsticks and clip them at will.
Looking at the embarrassed Rick Fang Yunna across the street, there was a playful look in her eyes, which was short but not seen.
Rick Fang?’ Yunna suddenly light qi lips jiao way
“?” Rick Fang stopped chopsticks and looked up.
"When did you meet Yunruo?" Yunna asked softly
Rick Fang hesitated for a moment to think about "when he was a freshman"
"When will she be your girlfriend?"
"At the end of the second semester of freshman year," Rick Fang answered questions and concealed that he didn’t know how he could be so honest.
Yunnabei clenched her teeth and bit out a row of fine and neat blood prints before she whispered, "Rick Fang, if I mean, if I confess to you before Yunruo becomes your girlfriend, as I did a few days ago, will you accept me?" Wrong novel network doesn’t jump words Yunna surprisingly didn’t blush face look very serious, but also gave me a hint of eagerness in her eyes.
Rick Fang didn’t expect Yunna to have such a problem. When thinking about it for a long time, he sighed, "It will definitely be."
"really?" Yunna’s beautiful eyes reveal a trace of joy.
To meet the eyes of Yunna Rick Fang didn’t flinch. "I didn’t lie to senior."
Feeling the sincerity in Rick Fang’s eyes, Yunna’s heart rejoiced and said, "I know, I know that we met late, right?" When it comes to this, Yunna looks gloomy and sighs, "It’s a foregone conclusion that no one can change it, right?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Rick Fang nodded gently and Yunna barely smiled at the corners of her mouth. Both of them didn’t know what to say, so they sat quietly for a long time. Yunna suddenly smiled and said, "By the way, Rick Fang, this is the first time we’ve had dinner together. Should we have some wine to celebrate?"
Rick Fang hasn’t answered YunNa has got up and walked aside and took a bottle of red wine ourtenant came along.
Looking at Yunna’s sudden smile, Rick Fang felt a little surprised but couldn’t say what was wrong. At this moment, Yunna had already poured a small glass of red wine for Rick Fang without waiting for Rick Fang to refuse.
Yunna conveniently poured herself a little and raised her glass with a smile. "Come to Rick Fang and I’ll toast first." Say that finish and don’t wait for Rick Fang to say something. Yunna looked up and drank it all.
Rick Fang accompanied Yunna to take a sip and put a glass in front of Rick Fang. Yunna smiled and slowly retired. There was a hint of imperceptible sadness in her eyes.
"You know what? Rick Fang grew up with many boys around me, but I never really looked at them, not because I was proud, but because I thought they were too vulgar. I think my boyfriend must be different. "
Rick Fang said with a wry smile, "Senior, in fact, I am also very vulgar."
"You are different from me, and I am attracted to you. I am willing to change who knows who knows." When it comes to sadness, Yunna can’t help but sob.
Rick Fang sighed in his heart, "Senior, you will definitely find a better person."
"Maybe," Yunna muttered, stopping her sad eyes, "but I don’t want it."
Yunna heaved a sigh of relief and burst into laughter from Zhan Yan. "Rick Fang, after tonight, we may never have a chance to sit together for dinner again. Can I ask you something?"
"Senior has something to say, though, that I can do everything." Rick Fang didn’t know that he had cursed and swore.
Yunna gently got up and looked intently at Rick Fang. "I want to ask you to kiss me."
"ah! ?” Rick Fang couldn’t think of such a request and couldn’t help being frightened to disgrace.
"Please, I want a kiss and I promise I won’t haunt you again, okay?" Yunna Jiao Daoyu blushed, but there was a strong pleading in her tone.

Baldheaded staring at Yu Lin for a long time, Yu Lin and Mao Mao moved closer to Haikui and reached for Haikui’s sleeve.

Haikui looked bad and said coldly to the bald head, "It’s impolite of you to stare at a girl like this!"
Bald eyes glanced at Haikui. "I didn’t look at you again!"
Another self-proclaimed grandfather is not a good bird at first sight!
The bald man looked at Yu Lin a few more times and then turned to ask the strong man with a black face, "Are you beaten because of this little fairy?"
Haikui frowned slightly. Why did he hate being called Lin Yuxian? I just feel that he can’t be called by others. Haikui feels that he has no motive. Everyone else has impure motives.
The strong man with a black face nodded and said, "It was me who beat me black and blue just because I talked to this little girl!" "
Haikui fumed, "You are full of foul language, and now you talk lightly!"
The strong man stared at his eyes and his eyes were flawed, which meant "I always like to play a joke on beautiful women."
Haikui said coldly, "Are you kidding?"
The bald man reached out and interrupted Haikui. "All right!"
Bald and cold-faced, he said to Haikui, "I don’t want to hear you say that I have judgment ability, but I need to know something first. You little girl should go with me first so that I can know something!"
Said the bald man, reaching for Yu Lin’s arm!
Yu Lin dodged for a while.
As soon as the bald head is light, I will continue to stretch out my hand to catch the strong man with a black face and bruises behind me and say, "Didn’t Big Brother agree to take it out on me? Do I like women or me?"
The bald man turned his head and said, "You didn’t say that this little girl is so beautiful. I’ll play for a while and I’ll give it back to you when I’m tired of playing!" "
Chapter 414 Star Inn
Haikui cold hum a has been killed.
Challenge him again and again. He doesn’t respect women at all. He treats women as playthings and animals!
Haikui turned to HuYan and said, "Brother HuYan’s broadsword is sharp, but I hope to lend it to my brother. Besides, Yemou doesn’t want to get into trouble with Brother HuYan. Let’s leave immediately after today’s incident!"
Huyan and understand Haikui’s meaning, especially Haikui’s murderous look. This hunter who has been in the mountains all the year round can feel it, and the dog beside him is also aware of the murderous look and hums.
HuYan and saw the bald several people handed HaiKui broadsword pick.
Haikui reached out and took it and pushed Yu Lin to Huyan and "I hope Brother Huyan will take care of my sister!"
Huyan and nod "make!"
The bald man didn’t care when he saw Haikui holding a knife. Haha laughed. "You have the guts to cut grandpa with a knife. I haven’t seen you kill someone with a knife in broad daylight!"
"You will see it today!" Haikui said coldly
Bald with a few people don’t believe it, showing disdain.
However, the strong man with black eyes and bruises was somewhat afraid to stretch out his hand and draw a sabre from his companion’s waist and watch Haikui cautiously.
The bald man spat "You fucking …" when he saw Haikui still pretending.
After saying his word, Haikui pulled the knife to the bald head and a long mouth of blood gushed out from the belly to the chest.
Haikui said coldly, "I want to cut your tongue and cut you to pieces, but my heart is merciful and I don’t want you to be tortured and die to give you a good time!"
At the sound of Haikui’s knife, he looked at the bald head, neck, huge head and tumbled to the ground, and the blood soared out of his body and fell to the ground directly.
Meng bald with a few people at a loss eyes stare rolling.
"ah!" When I screamed, the passers-by around me didn’t know who shouted, and everyone around me reacted and flashed away.
The strong man shivered with a knife hand and his heart trembled. When he made a determined effort, he suddenly rushed towards Haikui with a knife.
Haikui greeted him with a knife. When a strong man didn’t like the embroidered knife, it was actually broken by Haikui’s machete.
Haikui flew up and kicked the strong man with a staggered knife, and when the snow rang, the strong man’s head fell
Baldheaded with a few people to see the boss and the strong man were killed, where is the meaning of revenge and ran away without a trace?
HuYan and see HaiKui killed the bald man and the strong man. They just took a breath and didn’t hesitate to look at HaiKui and said, "Brother, let’s go soon. There will be officers and men coming!"
Haikui rubbed a knife on the strong man’s clothes and handed it to Huyan and took Yu Lin for a few quick steps and said, "Brother Huyan, thank you if you have a chance!"
Pull Yu Lin and walk away.
HuYan and also put the knife away and quickly disappeared into a red earth.
Yu Lin hasn’t come out of the shock yet. Haikui pulled her. She just followed Haikui’s consciousness. She’s a little confused now. In her cognition, Ye Sheng is a man she loves. He is gentle, kind and lovely.

It’s really shocking to hear that the real people who are smiling face display invisibility and flying skills all learn from the magic beggar and haven’t learned from Yang Xiu.

Just now, the smiling face, how fast the invisibility is, how magical it is. He has seen his roots and now he is not.
Even the degree is in the pursuit of evasion, and even the qingluan wings are evenly matched. I didn’t expect that there was a worse one that made him feel a little jealous of whether he could successfully get rid of him and gave birth to some doubts.
Listening to the smiling face, the real person went on to say, "In the magic weapon, he usually has two" eagle claws ",which is why he has made great efforts to refine the famous magic weapon, adding a lot of mithril, meteorite, fine gold and other sharp and hard treasures. Generally, the magic weapon can be broken with one claw, and I also know that his Ding Yi is also a different treasure, and he has not told anyone the specific effect."
"Does he have a name in the field of fix true?" There are many monks who are afraid of the magic beggar stealing gods at the exchange meeting in Xiujian night, so they ask this question.
The smiling face real person "can be regarded as a monk in the same order because of" hiding and jumping ".Therefore, he often steals some repair bags or abode of fairies and immortals with this magical power. Besides, he is second only to the monks in the age of three talents than Gao Xiu, and he will not start work on those monks with thick backgrounds. Therefore, ordinary people can eat Huanglian dumb after being stolen. There is nothing he can do."
Yang Xiu: "Do you know what happened to that piece of blue-flame meteorite in the trade fair just held in jubao floor a few days ago?"
The smiling face was shocked when the real person heard the news. "So you were the wrong that night."
Then it suddenly occurred to him that since now the situation can’t help but shut up and say
"Because of Lin Yifeng’s regulations, we have bought 50,000 pieces of step lingshi at one time, and our stores have to put it on record and keep a note in Lin ‘an City. Therefore, when you bought magnet wood and ghost flame stone in Linglong Pavilion, they noticed it. Then you bought one yuan of heavy water in jubao floor and needed Bi Yan meteorite. Yu Na saw that his hand was generous and just knew that my brother had a Bi Yan meteorite, so this made him take it out for auction and raised the price."
Seeing that this is the case, Yang Xiu has no anger and a faint coldness now.
I feel that I know all about the stealing of the gods by the magic beggar. Yang Xiu said slowly, "I am more interested in your" stealth "and" jumping ".Can you show me these two magic cultivation methods?"
With this kind of avatar, of course, he can’t let go, so he should take a good look at it
"Of course," said the real person with a happy smile. "Enlighten part of my spiritual pulse, and I’ll copy the cultivation method in the jade slips."
Yang Xiu is not afraid of his small movements now. He directly orders Bai Zhi to solve some spiritual veins so that he can transport some spiritual powers.
Smiling face reality restored the ability to act and some reiki immediately moved a hand and then took Bai Zhi and handed him a piece of white jade slips and put them in Yintang for copying. It seems that there is really nothing unusual.
But when Yang Xiu saw this, it was a sneer. In the hands of Gan Kun, a faint light was desperately trying to fly outside. He saw that the green light was a symbol when he swept away the knowledge.
Although he doesn’t know how the smiling face real person just got this operator out, everything in Gankun’s hand is not in his knowledge, so where can he hide it?
Just when the smiling face real person was just fooling around, he felt that there was some aura fluctuation flying out of the other person’s hand, and then after a closer look, it was a message symbol.
But this charm is so special that Bai Zhi didn’t even notice that it was in the hands of Gan Kun if it wasn’t for their prescription. But now,
He didn’t destroy this symbol in a hurry, but ignored it. It flew around in the chaos in the hands of Gan Kun. After being destroyed by the smiling face, the real person noticed that the symbol was desperate and no longer made peace of mind to copy jade slips or make other moves.
Anyway, the operator can’t escape from the palm of his hand in Gankun.
After a while, the smiling face reality finally took the jade slips on the forehead and handed them to Bai Zhi. "The stealth technique and the jump technique are all copied in it."
At the sight of this, Yang Xiu first ordered Zhi to seal the smiling face and sealed it. Only then did Yu Jian move out and watch it for a while. "You can live in it for a while now. There is no problem with the achievement method, and I won’t be difficult for you."
The smiling face of the real person did not like to say "I dare not hide anything."
Yang Xiu a sneer, of course, know that the other party is procrastinating when the operator has gone out, waiting for someone to save him.
He didn’t say that several monks who came to Gankun’s hands again were trapped in the foundation period and put the middle-aged man in bondage. He asked again, "How did you recognize me when I was in the teahouse just now?" This question has been stuck in his mind because I was just worried about Jiman, so I didn’t rush to ask.
"I didn’t do anything but keep an eye on the wind. Please let me go." The middle-aged man spared Yang Xiu as soon as he could, but both his arms were cremated by chaos, so it was a bit funny and scary to move.
"Don’t worry, I’m satisfied with your answer. I won’t tell you anything. How did you recognize me at that time?" For this kind of fear of death, there is also a chance to give him a hope first, so that he can tell the truth
The big fellow said, "I recognized my predecessors because I met them in jubao floor."
"That’s it? Nothing else? " Yang Xiu didn’t expect such a coincidence and asked again.
Middle-aged man "It’s really like this. There’s nothing else. Let me go."
"all right"
The middle-aged man couldn’t help but be overjoyed when he heard it, but when he said thank you, he suddenly felt dizzy and then went into a coma.
Yang Xiu threw the middle-aged man to the fog-controlling spirit beast, thinking of letting you go is not only to make you feel no pain, but also to be right for you.
Outside Jiman’s rented house, Yu Na stole from the magic beggar. "Brother Zuo disappeared here, right?" See the magic beggar steal gloomy way "yes".
"Didn’t the female monk have a late base and didn’t see her with other associates? How could the left brother and his brothers disappear without any noise? Could it be that he escaped from the monopoly because he found some natural treasures in the hands of that female monk? " Yu na doubt way
The magic beggar stole the gods and was not angry with Yu Na for saying this about his younger brother. "It should not be that I am around this room twenty feet away. There are ten holes with appropriate sizes, like some kind of flag array inserted, and the traces of the left five permanent members are still in this range. Obviously, someone else suddenly appeared to stop the left five permanent members."
"Isn’t that female student as simple as it seems?" Yu na frown way
"She spent hundreds of thousands of lingshi as a monk in the construction period these days, of course, it won’t be simple." The magic thief sneered.
Na wondered, "Where did you let Brother Zuo come?"
The Devil Steals God wry smile way: "Although I guessed it was not simple, I tracked her for a few days, and now she is alone without other monks and saw that she lives in the mortal area, so this will make Zuo Wuchang come unnoticed, but I didn’t know that she was so hidden, but she took Zuo Wuchang away unnoticed." Yu Na said: "I have asked the" shadow "and all the rented houses in Lin ‘an City have not reproduced the trace of the female monk as if they had disappeared."
The magic beggar can’t help but frown deeply. "I also felt a trace of the left five permanent members through the secret method. If I want him in Wan Li at ordinary times, I can feel him. But this time, there is no response at all, which makes people understand that the jade brand of his soul has not been broken. Obviously, it has not been killed by the other party. But in such a short time, besides those monks who are in the right period, who can take people to Wan Li? If it is really a monk in the right period, where will it be so troublesome to take him? Even if you answer it, you will kill the door. "
The magic beggar can’t figure out how to steal the gods, and where does Na know to be silent?
The magic beggar stole the gods and sighed, "But he still has a precious charm. Since he has nothing to do, I hope he can get a chance to come out, but he is mostly run."
Yu na see their brothers are not very close at two o’clock, but there will still be some worries at the key moment, and I don’t know how to comfort and change the subject at the moment.
"To say that there are a lot of big traders in Lin ‘an City, let alone this female monk, it’s nothing. The monk who bought you Bi Yan meteorite iron has spent nearly a million lingshi, and a masked monk who can block God’s knowledge can’t just exchange Dan medicine, not to mention buying so many materials, which has aroused a lot of monks’ hearts. If it is not unclear about their identity and repair, they will have already started work."
The magic beggar stole the gods lightly. "Anyway, it’s not only the ordinary monks who have never saved so many stones, especially the masked man who can’t see clearly and can take out so many elixirs at the same time, and all of them have been used for thousands of years, even if they are Daimon Masaru’s aristocratic brothers, so their identity can’t be asked."
"All right, let’s go. We can’t see anything from here."
In the next few days, Yang Xiu couldn’t study the "invisibility" and "body art" in the jade slips every time he copied them to the smiling face real person. It was too fulfilling to ask the smiling face real person if there was anything wrong.
It’s been a long time since I came to smile. When I saw someone coming to save him, I knew that I had an accident and I was completely dead.
When Yang Xiuji learned about these two spells, there would be no real person with a smiling face, so he asked Bai Zhi to search him again to see if he was hiding anything.
I didn’t expect to know a lot of information in this way, especially in Lin’ an city, and I imagined that it would be even more miscellaneous to make Yang Xiuhou more alert.
He didn’t directly kill the smiling face real people, but kept them like the middle-aged man for the evolution of the fog-controlled soul beast. Over the years, the fog-controlled soul beast has been parasitic, and its growth is not slow, which is just cheaper than since these people hit it themselves.
When I came to Yang Xiu, I concentrated on practicing stealth and diving.
Invisibility can make people disappear in front of others. If the other person’s knowledge is not too much higher than yours, he will not notice it even if it is displayed in front of him.
However, there is still a disadvantage of stealth, that is, it can make the spell unable to move too fast or it will show its shape.
However, it is said that there is no such restriction on the complete achievement method of the Devil Stealing God, which makes Yang Xiu feel moved. Imagine if the two sides can’t see the other side when fighting. What will happen?
The jump technique is a flying skill, not to mention it. I heard that the complete skill is not only faster, but also can produce several illusions the same as myself to paralyze the enemy at the same time.
If we practice jumping to a high depth, not only will we produce more phantoms, but these phantoms can’t even see through half of the gods. It’s really amazing.
This kind of achievement method is not unique, but the magic beggar steals the gods and somehow obtains these two specific effects. The magic beggar steals the gods and the smiling face is known by others, but now many ordinary monks in Yang Xiu know that the magic beggar steals the gods faster than the monks of the same order.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Auction
Fairy wild Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Auction
Cai Xuan came to Yang Xiu again a month later.
Although I know that this fair has nothing to do with Sancaizong, the risk of finding the Qingming Crystal as soon as possible is still worth taking. Moreover, no one has come to call him for such a long time, and some people know that the smiling face has fallen into his hand, so it is not dangerous to pretend that it should be as usual in a short time.
Yang Xiu followed Cai Xuan sleep turned out to be, to the edge of the mortal area.
Although surprised, he also asked what to do and silently followed her to the humble and shabby hut.

Left looked up and seemed to live in his house across the hall. Sister-in-law Chen left quickly stepped over and took her hand and affectionately called one.

Sister-in-law Chen’s voice is amazing. When she saw that the only big student in the village came back, she was excited and immediately screamed. At that time, all the doors were hit by adults and children, and all of them came running with a sunny smile.
Far away from home, his 50-year-old mother just looked at her at home and two lines of tears slipped unconsciously.
Niang left her eyes and soon captured her mother’s figure. He shouted and ran quickly in the crowd. In the past, the sun was brighter and reflected in this dilapidated mountain village, bringing the long-lost joy again.
Because of these skills, the weirdo arrived in the letter, which was his master’s. Now, although he can’t give it to him personally, the cultivation method is left. Since he is a big student, he should not be puzzled about it. Finally, the weirdo said in the letter that those gold bars are his savings for many years, and now he knows that he will die soon, and these foreign objects can’t be buried with him. Let’s just leave them as flowers for him to experience in the future. The end of the letter is signed by Li Gang.
He held up the letter and carefully pondered the meaning in the words. Now he can slowly accept this strange encounter. Since he said that Li Gang has acquired extraordinary skills with strange power, no matter how surprised he is, he always vaguely feels that this is a flying fortune.
He casually picked up the fingertips around him and gently twisted the first page. There were very few words in it, and the rest were all kinds of martial arts drawings. He was very interested in China’s knowledge. Now it looks antique in his hand, and it is not difficult to look inside. He turned over and looked at it with relish.
The second day early in the morning, Wang Ming came over and cried out last night because it was too late to see what was left of his big dream in the Spring and Autumn Period. He plumped himself into an old round-backed armchair beside the bed and proudly shouted at the left road. Yesterday, after you left, several of our old brothers discussed it and decided to simply move.
What hasn’t finished waking up? What’s left is that Wang Ming’s words are so confusing that he rubbed his eyes in a daze and said, Where are you moving?
Yesterday, I heard you say it was so good, except for a few families. Everyone was alone. When we discussed it, we all agreed to follow you to your school to see what opportunities to make a fortune. If we didn’t have the money, we would eat the white powder and wholesale it, and then everyone would shout to other places. Who can catch us?
This last one really woke him up. These words of Wang Ming really let him see what a fugitive is. He kept staring at this short guy’s mind and calculating what he should do at high speed.
These guys have gone with themselves to the school. Once something happens, they have become gangsters. Besides, Wang Ming’s plan to eat black always makes him feel very nervous, so he can’t help but touch the oilcloth bag.
The heavy gold bars in the oilcloth bag inspired the spirit of the remnant. He silently lifted a corner of the oilcloth and motioned for Wang Ming to come and see what was left. Now I don’t know why I was so impulsive. As soon as I heard Wang Ming’s plan, I immediately changed my mind yesterday and took the initiative to take my wealth.
Wang Ming looked at the probe and intuitively found that those Huang Chengcheng metals were definitely not brass, but so much gold made him stare big and couldn’t believe the facts before him. He muttered, Is this gold? Can’t you see that you are still a rich man?
Looking at Wang Ming’s greedy look, I smiled slightly. I think these things should be enough to start the money if they are changed. I think it’s too risky to say black eat black.
At this time, Wang Ming just recovered from the shock. After listening to the rest, his eyes lit up. At the same time, he made a big tunnel and had enough money. Who would be stupid to provoke those lines to get dark? They really wanted to be scared. Although they ran away, they might be found out one day. It was a violent street scene
I felt happy when I saw him agree, so I watered down the troubles caused by their going to the school for development. After a while of discussion, Wang Ming happily took the leftovers to have breakfast, and fortunately, he further studied a plan to make money in the future.
Wang Ming’s brothers have nothing to do with the company’s experience. Because there is still more ink in their stomachs, they have poured a lot of suggestions. They all heard that their eyes are shining and they are ready to move. In their hearts, they also regard this young man who just met as their strategist’s brain trust.
It’s easy to say that it’s easy to go, but it’s not easy to pick up some small things in one day or two, especially those gold bars, and it’s not so easy to find buyers. From the time, it seems that this matter can’t be implemented immediately
I also want to go home and see if he is too lazy to suspect others, so I can safely entrust all the gold bars to Wang Ming and then refuse Wang Ming’s suggestion to let him take two younger brothers, so I took the long-distance bus home alone.
The mountain village is still the low-rise adobe room in that mountain village. A dog barks at the faint smoke from cooking stoves to wake up the white clouds in the blue sky.
Haystacks and piles of dead branches were scattered on both sides of the path. Occasionally, children in shabby clothes dragged their noses and frolicked and ran from behind. All this was left, and they were too familiar to be familiar with the scene. He quietly stayed at the entrance of the village for a while and calmed down his excitement before slowly walking towards the small room he often saw in his dreams.
Ah, it’s left back. A middle-aged woman with a headscarf and a straw basket came from the roadside and called out happily when she saw that she was covered with big bags and small bags.
Left looked up and seemed to live in his house across the hall. Sister-in-law Chen left quickly stepped over and took her hand and affectionately called one.
Sister-in-law Chen’s voice is amazing. When she saw that the only big student in the village came back, she was excited and immediately screamed. At that time, all the doors were hit by adults and children, and all of them came running with a sunny smile.
Far away from home, his 50-year-old mother just looked at her at home and two lines of tears slipped unconsciously.
Niang left her eyes and soon captured her mother’s figure. He shouted and ran quickly in the crowd. In the past, the sun was brighter and reflected in this dilapidated mountain village, bringing the long-lost joy again.
Chapter 13 The arrival of the beauty teacher
Wang Ming, who came back this time, has prepared a lot of things for him. Now, everyone in the village is crowded at home. He quickly took the parcels hanging on his body one by one, and then leafed through them and distributed them to the people around here. Everyone was happy about how the money was left to buy these things, but he didn’t pay much attention to it, but he didn’t know that Momma had left her mother to see them. From the perspective of quantity packaging, these things were valuable, and from the perspective of eyes, there were more doubts.
When the rest was almost busy, his mother quietly gave him a hand, and then the villagers smiled humbly and repeatedly said that they would not leave everyone when they came back. Later, let the village head arrange a group of people to talk, and everyone understood the mood of the mother left, so they all held the gifts left and greeted them politely, and then they all went back to their homes.
When his mother pulled him, he knew what might be wrong in his own practice, but he didn’t know what was wrong. He stepped into a small courtyard and bolted the door before turning around and looking at his old mother kindly.
His mother hesitated for a while before hesitating. I’m a poor boy, but I can’t be short-sighted. You can’t squander other people’s money. He was shocked when he heard it. He couldn’t figure out how his mother could say such a thing. There were indeed many things he brought this time, but it was his own money. He said that his mother knew that he had got a large sum of money from Li Gang. How could she know that the reclusive old man Li behind the village was really so god that he even suddenly got windfall?
Thinking of this, he timidly gave him the way, looked at his mother in surprise and asked Niang, how do you know?
I think she’s from a big city, so don’t come here blindly.
Who came and the rest was almost speechless, and he couldn’t think about who it was that his mother said had come.
At this time, there was a gentle knock at the door outside, leaving his mother with a white look, and then he went over to the door. Now Zhang Er is still scratching his head, but he kept pouring gas behind her.
A ray of bright sunshine came in from the crack of the door, and a vague and graceful figure came in from the door. Because it was backlit, he could not see the appearance of the bearer clearly. He could vaguely see that this was a tall woman.
You’re back, too. Why did you arrive so late? I’ve been waiting for you here for a few days. The crisp and elastic voice set off a standard Mandarin in Oriole Valley. Although there are still some left, I’m still squinting to see what this person looks like, but the sound immediately made him recognize who the other person is.
Teacher Jiang, why are you here? I screamed and ran over. The sun was blocked by the door leaf again. Hai Jiang Mei’s charming face finally appeared.
Looking at this sudden beauty, the teacher was speechless for a while. Now he feels like he has become a strange place. All kinds of strange things can come up. Now that he knows this, his heart is calm. Although the Hai Jiang media makes him feel at a loss, it’s better than before. He quietly avoided his mother’s reproach and doubts while smiling. Teacher Jiang, how did you find our remote place?