It’s just Lingdao. Since the real agarwood needs it, everyone is happy to give it a favor.

Sun Hao, who took advantage of the big deal, was a little embarrassed to show a faint smile on his face, but he did not move.
God is young and old. "Little Hao, do you want to build some spiritual fields? After planting the spirit rice, the Sumeru tower can gradually become self-sufficient in the future … "
Sun Hao’s heart suddenly moved again
Yes, the vast edge of Sumitomo Tower will gradually expand with the enhancement of its ability to cultivate soil. Do you want to cultivate self-sufficiency in resources by worrying about the source of aura in the pagoda?
"Master" Sun Hao respectfully said to the young old man, "Well, thank you, Master. It’s just a trouble for Master to wake up Sumeru and build some spiritual fields."
Tower green old did not answer.
But green face emerged again with a little smile and said to himself, "Ah, don’t give up or not, but it’s all right …"
Then the young and old bodies disappeared into the spirit chamber, and the spiritual fields on the ground outside the tower were gradually taking shape.
Sun Hao has just harvested Lingtian rice, including several Wannian Lingtian rice, which has been transplanted and planted in Lingtian.
In less than an hour, the monks have come to the front of the golden light of the magnetic element in the road.
Stop, Sun Hao, be familiar with the situation.
Soon, on the same day, the local dragon array was laid out.
Lan Guochun didn’t feel the abnormality. It seems that Sun Hao’s array method is exactly the same as his own.
But the effect after driving is very different.
Blue country pure array method will disintegrate the magnetic element golden light adsorption, but Sun Hao array method is just stable.
Lan Guochun had to be angry.
You can’t see the abnormality. It’s not a packet to say that your array accomplishments are worse than Sun Hao.
Not even if you are angry.
In the sigh of Lan Guochun, Sun Hao once again strode forward.
This time, the direct release of the earth fire element and the golden light of the magnetic element swarmed, and soon the canyon was connected again
Sun Hao won his second round of gold.
Without Sun Hao’s greeting, his friar rushed into the canyon to find the precious medicine.
After they find the treasure medicine, whether they will give Sun Hao half as they say, and whether they will give the first ten thousand-year-old elixir to Sun Hao Sun Hao is not very important.
Sun Hao has got several wannian lingdao, which has already taken advantage of the sky.
Sun Hao sank wholeheartedly into the gold medal round (~ ~)
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-three Round gold take medicine four
The second drive wheel gold definitely feels much easier than the first one.
It’s hard to have the previous experience. Sun Hao’s gold wheel is much faster.
However, it is still very uncomfortable. The left lung is always as uncomfortable as holding a sharp knife.
The second round of gold is not Sun Hao’s command. Sun Hao will go straight to Sun Hao’s left lung with a little bit of magnetic gold.
It saves Sun Hao a lot of things.
Sun Hao’s refining speed has accelerated again.
It was less than a day before Sun Hao finished the second round of refining, and the top five then reality retreated again.
I can’t help it. The front is blocked again
No refund
Waiting for three or four days Sun Hao to complete the condensation and slowly call it a day.
At this time, Sun Hao’s whole left lung has been stained with layers of light golden light.
It looks as if the left lung has turned into metal.
Of course, there is still a long way to go before Sun Hao can complete the condensation of his left lung according to the perception of the Five Elements Wheel Spirit.
Sun Hao’s face turned pale after work.
Sun Hao’s left lung was temporarily deprived of his breathing function because of the pollution of gold gas, and his face was a little pale like a patient suffering from tuberculosis in the secular world.
You don’t look very healthy

You want Yang Zhong to go to war. What if someone tries to kill me when he goes to war?

Faced with this problem, Shi Hao was about to cry.
"If someone kills Tai Huang Shi Hao, when protecting his life, Tai Huang wants to kill Tai Huang people directly from my body! Otherwise, it will never touch the emperor! Please also ask the emperor to answer! "
Shi Hao’s eyes cracked and he kowtowed to the ground three times in a row, and there was a muffled sound.
But Zhao Gou didn’t budge.
"You really are not loyal to me, thinking about going to die to get a good name and doing your record. Shi Zhongchen doesn’t think about what should I do after you die? Do I have to die with you?
You’re dead, there’s no one to protect me, and I’m gonna die. Is that what you want? Yang zhong wouldn’t think so. He would lead an army to protect me to the ends of the earth.
His attitude is to protect my life even if I die, and let me put him to death first. This is the real loyalty. Please stop saying that I will never let Yang Zhong play. "
Zhao Gou’s strange and paranoid thinking mode made Shi Hao exhausted.
Desperate, he withdrew from Wanshou Palace and told Zhao Shen about it, letting Zhao Shen make a decision.
Zhao Shen was furious and very dissatisfied with his trip to Zhao Gou, and he felt that Zhao Gou was unreasonable.
Later, he refused to accept Yang Zhong’s case, but decided to set off 50 thousand troops separately and play each other
Ma Junsi, the bodyguard, went to Chizhou to make up for Chizhou’s army defense line, and Bu Junsi, the bodyguard, went to Jiujiang to supplement Jiujiang’s army defense line.
Then Qi Fang was ordered to lead 20,000 troops to counterattack Jiangnan West Road.
Of course, Wu Gong, an army of Qi, was also ordered to lead Tian Shizhong’s army of 20,000 people to attack the bandit troops on Jiangnan West Road. The two men once again set foot on the journey a few months ago from different directions and routes.
It is tantamount to reopening the strategy.
But there is nothing that can be done about it. The imperial court really has no more troops to mobilize for a short time.
Both Qi Fang and Wu Gong have participated in the fight against thieves, and they also have a certain understanding of the bandit troops on Jiangnan West Road, including a better understanding of the local terrain, so they can fight directly without being familiar with it.
But Shi Hao is a long mind’s eye.
He knew the contradiction between Qi and Wu Gong, so he divided Wu Gong and Qi Fang into war zones.
He decided to hand over Longxing mansion, Linjiang army, Yuanzhou, Fuzhou and Yunzhou to Wu Gong for recovery.
Qi Fang is responsible for recovering Jianchang Army, Ganzhou, Jizhou and Nan ‘an Army.
The divisions of the two armies do not belong to each other, and they do not directly obey the orders of the Privy Council to each other’s responsible departments, and it is absolutely forbidden to have disagreements in private. It is best not to even contact each other.
Shi Hao still didn’t think it was enough, so he continued to make rules that if the enemy broke into the other side’s war zone, even if it was defeated, the thief army would cross the border and the two armies were not allowed to pursue each other. Just send someone to inform him.
It’s a rule. Whoever suffers and who doesn’t suffer will be rewarded by the Privy Council afterwards. If you don’t follow the rules, you will face punishment even if you win.
After doing this, Shi Hao felt that everything would be fine, and the two armies should not make any contradiction.
At the same time, Shi Hao felt that Wu Gong and Qi Fang had no good way to deal with the bandit troops, and it was hard to say whether they could achieve the strategic goal of Song Ting, which raised the idea of recruiting troops and famous soldiers in Sichuan and Sichuan war zones
At that time, the war commander of the Great Song Dynasty was second to none. Of course, Wu Lin was the anchor in Sichuan and Sichuan, but Wu Lin’s goal was too great and he was mainly responsible for guarding Hanzhong area. His responsibility of directly facing the threat of the army was important and could not be lightly moved.
Reasoning Shi Hao decision table Zhao Shen asked Zhao Shen to allow the mobilization of three generals in Sichuan and Sichuan war zones, Yao Zhong, to participate in this battle.
Shi Hao’s opinion is that Wu Lin, the head of Wu Lin, the three generals of Sichuan and Sichuan, is also what Sichuan and Sichuan want, and the Sichuan-Sichuan region of Wu Lin is stable
The deployment of Yao Zhong, a general who has always been brave and good at fighting, and his elite troops may make the war situation different.
Zhao Shen didn’t object to this suggestion, but he thought it would take two or three months to arrive at Jiangnan West Road from northern Sichuan. It’s estimated that the war situation has been long in these two or three months, right?
Shi Hao has different views on this.
"Dispatching Wu Gong and Qi Fang’s two armies to attack the veteran will make them step by step, slow and steady, and they will not be allowed to make a surprise attack, and they will not be allowed to March into the slow and resolute offensive to slowly recover lost ground and expel the bandit troops.
In this way, if you don’t win a big victory, you won’t fail, and you can gradually reduce the activities of the bandit troops and control the development momentum of the bandit troops. In this way, after more than two months, Yao Zhong will command the army to win the final victory. "
Chapter 91 Zhao Shen is very short of money.
Shi Hao said that Zhao Shen understood Shi Hao’s meaning.
"You mean that Wu Gong and Qi Fang are the assistants and Yao Zhong is the real main force?"
Shi Hao nodded.
"It’s the veteran Wu Gong who lacks experience. Qi Fang’s mediocrity can’t really win, and the great Song stars except Li Xianzhong and Wang Fang, that is, the three generals of Sichuan and Shu, Li Xianzhong and Wang Fang need to defend the capital and can’t play, so Yao Zhong is the most suitable one among the two generals of Wu Lin.
The position of Jiangnan West Road is the heart of Dasong. Once the bandits have it, it will be a menace to Dasong. The previous defeat has shaken Dasong’s military strength. We must win this battle and never fail, otherwise Dasong will be in danger of overturning. "
Shi Hao put a lot of words and Zhao Shen listened.
"Then do it. The Privy Council immediately sent a letter to enlist Yao Zhongshen to lead the army eastward at once. In addition, Wu Lin should be told to keep the northern Sichuan well and never be taken advantage of by the army."
"Old ministers obey orders"
Shi Hao nodded, and then he hesitated for a moment and said, "After the start of the imperial army, the military strength of Dasong was scarce, and the new recruitment plan must also be implemented."
Zhao Shen leng leng then looked at a face of be reluctant Shi Hao asked "how many posts do you need? How big is the money gap? "
"According to the minimum calculation, it is necessary to recruit another 50,000 people to re-complete the Jianghuai defense line, and if there is a big loss in dispatching the imperial army this time, it will require more posts and more money. At present, it will cost about 100,000 yuan a month."
Zhao Shen was silent for a while, and then called ye yi to ask and Zhou Lin to let them discuss with Shi Hao on the spot to see where they can take out the money, where they can save a little and where they can dig a little.

This post is naturally the result of Xiao Hege and others.

Before joking, I played chess with Fang Xiang. Brother He was led by Fang Xiang, but after all, he is a senior member of the Ministry. How can he watch himself being calculated by a gangster?
This post was published at his behest and instantly received tens of millions of hits.
And Fang Xiang’s body was thus covered with a cloud of doubt.
Who the hell is this dreamer F?
This has almost become the biggest problem in the mind of every fantasy westward journey player.
Because they never thought that there could be a dream friend in the dream westward journey, which could attract the old urk, the new urk, the lazy family, the wolf-loving and meditation.
It is estimated that even Suk, brother sk in their hearts, can’t do it. After all, the new urk is famous for not buying anything, and it seems that there is no news after quitting the stage of Fantasy Westward Journey. This time, it suddenly appears that this player called Dreamer F has spent a lot of money to the end.
However, there are still some people in Fantasy Westward Journey who know a little about it.
Although these two English letters f can be translated into Chinese, they have many names, such as Feng and Ah, but it will be a little interesting if they are linked with the new urk.
Because of the fantasy westward journey, many people still remember that the captain’s name of the new urk seemed to be Fang Xiang.
It is also this point that the dream world has raised an uproar, but also for this speculation, no one has come to light, and everyone has vaguely strengthened their own ideas.
Especially those teams that were defeated by the new urk in the past are even more worried. The thunder offensive of the new urk in the past has made all of them remember.
Moreover, the captain of the new urk is the youngest player at the top of the pyramid of fantasy westward journey command.
If this dreamer F is really the former new urk captain and the new urk commander.
Then the dream world will definitely shake the earth!
What does the combination of old urk and new urk mean? !
Which team can stop them in today’s dream?
But at the moment, I am still laughing and slapping with Han Xuanxuan, Ruoshui, Guangguang and others in the dormitory. I don’t know that because of his live broadcast yesterday, the whole dream world has set off waves.
And some people are gratified; Someone is excited; Someone is excited; Some people cry and some people are annoyed; Some people are shocked; Some people are afraid
But when it comes to fear, there is nothing more frightening than the arry team.
Because the former elite cup noodle arry team insulted the dreamer team severely!
And then the eyes came to this Jingwu Tianshen League. Their goal was to set the championship. Because of this Jingwu Tianshen League, they prepared too much. It is impossible to make them give up that root. If they really want to win the championship, they will have a hard fight with the dreamer team …
Chapter two hundred and seventy-five Growth
Three days is fleeting.
At night, the wind blows the face of every fantasy westward journey player with a coolness.
Fudan university dream westward journey society
Fang Xiang and his party sat in front of the brain.
Today is before and after the preliminary round of Jingwu Tianshen League. There are 3 teams in the elite world.
These 300 teams are not suspected to be Daguang teams, and their departments are all the best in the elite circles from all areas of Fantasy Westward Journey.
As previously speculated by the arry team and sk team.
This year, the old urk appeared in the Jingwu Tianshen League, and then the gold content was several times higher than before after a strong wave of live broadcast. Some 9-level teams that used to be indifferent to the world also joined the ranks of this Jingwu Tianshen League.
These ideas are not particularly intended.
He wants to ask a few questions
When did you meet the arry team
How many rounds to get the arry team
How long does it take to win the championship?
These problems are that his team didn’t dare to imagine this time when he participated in the elite group of Jingwu Tianshen League, but when he came here, it seemed to be the simplest problems.
Because I think the answer here has already been written.
This time, their dreamer team has long been different. Even if they meet arry again, they will never be beaten back as before. Moreover, they already knew about the arry team’s elite cup earlier. He knew that the arry team had been preparing for the cause, and that the cause was when the arry team prepared for the Jingwu God League and met sk and Gulangyu, but Fang thought it was dismissive.
It’s been several months since I returned to the Fantasy Westward Journey. During these months, the level of command of Li Fang has been restored to 70%. Although I have touched the top level of the pyramid of the Fantasy Westward Journey for the time being, the level of command of Li Fang has been much higher than that of meditation and others.
Moreover, I have absolute confidence in hardware. After all, at this time, there are five people in their dreamer team who have reached millions of hardware, except himself. Others suspect that it is not the top hardware in this era of Fantasy Westward Journey!
Besides, even if the arry team really prepared a cause, didn’t their dreamer team?
Urk, the end of the strong franchisees want to make a fatal blow when they don’t tell people that it is the key except for a few dreamers.
It was also that night.
Magic city airport
A flight to Europe took off slowly.
At the end of the airport, when I watched the flight fly up and turn around, my eyes turned red. Although it was simple to meet Suk, there were too many fetters in reality, and now they are all at the age of freezing. At this age, they will encounter many problems in real life, such as work, marriage and so on
I am really full of feelings about the ending of the dream westward journey, otherwise I wouldn’t take the initiative to tell Han Xuanxuan that I want to accompany the dreamer team.
Sook’s departure did not cause much repercussions in the magic capital or fantasy westward journey circle, and it was well known that there were few people who left Sook.

"Kui Shao Emoko told you to cancel the bar today and let us listen to your arrangement today," Yingying said with a charming smile at Haikui.

Haikui nodded slightly and picked up the table wine. Taking a sip of fruit beer tastes sweet.
Yingying sat down beside Haikui, stretched out her hand and took Haikui’s arm. She rubbed her fairly plump chest at Haikui and laughed. "It’s still early for Kuikui. Do you want to have a good time first?"
Haikui gave her a sidelong glance and said coldly, "Can’t you see that I’m underage and you seduce me like this?"
Yingying giggled and trembled, and put her face in Haikui’s ear and asked softly, "You’re not still a virgin, are you?"
This sentence deeply hurt Haikui. He glared at Yingying. Although this woman looks ordinary, she has a good figure. She didn’t push her and said coldly, "She was not a virgin when she was in primary school."
Yingying smiled and reached out and touched Haikui’s body. Haikui’s consciousness flashed back and asked, "What are you doing?"
Yingying laughed. "Sister, what do I think of you as a tender chick? Do you want to be with your sister? "
Haikui stared at Yingying and pushed her. "I’m not interested. If you sit here, you will sit quietly. You will go elsewhere to find you in Ximen Qing." Haikui has no interest in this kind of woman who is fooling around with men.
Yingying doesn’t get angry when she listens to him, giggling and pointing to Haikui’s face, saying, "You don’t look at what virtue your face is, and you are still pretending here." Then she gouged out Haikui with bitterness.
Haikui’s face is full of embarrassment and ugliness, but this sky is really not to his taste, otherwise Haikui will of course want the other party to be ambiguous for a while
Seeing Haikui’s cold eyes, although her body reacted, Yingying also knew that this guy was not interested in herself, and she was no longer self-defeating. She got up and gave Haikui a white look and twisted her ass to find herself a prey.
Haikui picked up the wine and took another sip of his eyes and swept up in the bar.
There is no shortage of beautiful women in the bar, but the makeup is a little glamorous. Haikui doesn’t like heavy makeup women’s faces. Most of them look at their buttocks and breasts with bare thighs
A place like a bar should be exposed, but it should not be exposed. It’s much better than squatting in the street and watching beautiful women. Haikui’s eyes are addicted and his heart is refreshing
The line of sight just swept from right to left and from left to right, and then Haikui took out the words and dialed Ma Mengmeng’s words.
The words were quickly connected to Ma Mengmeng’s slightly flat voice "Haikui"
"What are you doing? Are you still at your grandmother’s house? " Haikui asked
"Yeah, where are you? And music?" Ma Mengmeng asks.
"Oh, there’s something I just want to tell you-you go to the back lobby of the train yourself late, and I’ll call you when I arrive." Haikui didn’t want to tell her where she was.
Ma Mengmeng also didn’t ask more oh a direct hung up the phone.
Just after hanging up, Haikui looked up and saw a cool scene.
A woman is holding the dance floor with her hands, and a man is leaning sideways behind her, holding her waist with one hand and holding her chest with the other hand, constantly stirring up, although they are wearing clothes, it must be very cool.
Haikui looked at them as if they were two dogs having sex, and suddenly they were a little bloody, thirsty and excited.
Although I have seen this kind of scene in the video, the sensory impact in the real world is stronger.
When he looked excited, he suddenly felt that there was another person beside him who was startled. He blamed himself for looking too intently. When he turned to look, he saw a beautiful woman in front of him. This woman was also heavily made up, but Haikui could see a good face from her makeup, and her figure was also hot.
Wearing a tight dark suspender, shuangfeng was squeezed and rounded, and wearing denim shorts looked sexier than.
Go to Haikui’s side and flick her hot rose-red hair with a smile. "Who is my little brother waiting for here or do you want to meet a beautiful woman?"
Haikui body blood spurts such a monster near immediately feel qi and blood rushed to the forehead suddenly with a snort of instant red face.
"Yo, little brother’s face is so red." The woman sat down beside Haikui and held out her hand to gently touch Haikui’s face.
Although Haikui is generally tall, his temperament has changed since he practiced, giving people a feeling of sunshine. Looking around the bar, he is either drunk in his 40 s or ugly in his 20 s or 30 s. Most of them are ducks and Haikui, so the sunshine naturally attracts some women’s attention.
She gently touched Haikui’s face and smiled. "Little brother, your face is so hot." She said as she moved her position and sat tightly against Haikui, pressing half of her body against Haikui.
Haikui’s eyes burst into a new light, which contained * * eyes staring at the side of the female chest and being attracted to it.
When the woman saw him shining her eyes and looking at her chest, she smiled and said, "Do you want to feel a little brother?" Said reached a block Haikui neck pressure to his chest.
If Haikui wants to resist, even ten such women can’t. Haikui is occupied by * * at this time, and the woman puts his head on his chest.
This is the first time that he has come into contact with a woman’s chest for the first time. How elastic it is! ! ! ! !
He was so excited that he spread his hands on his legs and trembled constantly.
The woman giggled and shook herself gently, and her chest ravaged Haikui’s face.
Haikui shouted in his heart, don’t do this! Don’t! That’s … that’s exciting!
The woman shook for two times and stopped to put her mouth to Haikui’s ear and asked, "Does the little brother want to have sex with his sister?"
In an instant, Haikui felt his ears humming like a steam engine vent, and his mind was white. He was at a loss because of this excitement.
Looking at his fierce physical reaction, but still dull and lovely, the woman giggled and got up and took Haikui’s hand as if with a magic voice and said, "Let’s go, little darling, become immortal with my sister."
Haikui heard the word immortal in his head, and his brain was completely confused. He was able to support the girl, but his eyes were red but he was god.
A virgin like him can’t stand the slightest temptation. Of course, it was the beauty who lured Yingying and tempted him to feel nothing without success.
Men are more visual and think more physically.
Chapter 9 Help
Haikui unconsciously followed this woman up. At this time, he wanted to push her to the ground. This was his only thought. His fingers trembled and he held the woman’s hand hard. The woman frowned slightly and there was some pain. There were many men who were excited to see her, but this young man was excited before he did anything. It looked like a place!
Now that I see sunshine boy, I know that he doesn’t have much experience in this field, but she is still looking forward to it, because this kind of boy is short but fierce and has a lot of times, and he is not unhappy even if he pinches his female hand a little.
Haven’t taken two steps with Haikui, and Haikui suddenly threw this enchanting girl into her arms.
The frightened woman gently pushed Haikui and said, "Brother, don’t worry, we’ll go to the room. Whatever you want."
Haikui consciously shook his head. "No, I want it. I want it. I want you!"
He held the girl tightly and tried to rub her into himself.
He realized that he didn’t want to wait, so he wanted to eat the girl here.
Although the woman is bold, at this time, the bar is full of people who want to eat themselves here after reading this demo. How can this be done?

Cloud if even the heart is shaking at the moment, Rick Fang is not an emotional release. Although there is no less intimacy on weekdays, he rarely behaves so warmly.

Murphy Xu Yun, if you stop yourself from wanting to go, but this thing that she has been looking forward to for a long time but with a little fear makes her charming body temperature rise.
After a great kiss and lingering, Rick Fang picked up Yunre and put it into the bedroom and gently put it on the bed. Rick Fang’s eyes are full of passion. I don’t know if it is after today’s incident. I urgently need a place to vent my feelings, or my body needs to be mature. It is also possible that the feelings of the two have settled day by day, and it has reached the point where I can break through the last card.
If Yun Ruoli lies in bed and groans finely, she will spit out her beautiful eyes from the cherry mouth intermittently, and her eyes will be slightly closed as Rick Fang wants, and her blushing will add a fatal temptation.
If the cloud doesn’t stop at all, it will come sooner or later, and things will be stopped. Anyway, it doesn’t matter when you love him.
If Yun Ruo wears clothes in Rick Fang, he has removed most of the soft lights and sprinkled them gently on the curvy, creamy and soft charming body. The perfect body carved like ivory is radiant with sky light, and the lights are more enchanting.
Rick Fang’s breathing became short, and his hand slipped gently along the cloud’s jade surface, passing over her curvy body as exquisite as suet white jade. If the cloud is warm, dry and enthusiastic, his hand will tremble gently, and I am afraid that another thing can be more moving and more touching than this trembling from the depths of the soul.
Rick Fang put his hand on yunruo’s last place to cover his body and looked at the slender jade leg tightly closed. Rick Fang felt a little hesitation in his heart and felt Rick Fang’s burning eyes. Yunruo opened his eyes slightly and his eyes were full of shame. There was thick tenderness everywhere in Rick Fang’s heart. If Yunruo’s body was perfect, it would cover up Rick Fang, who was exposed to Rick Fang’s eyes, but he felt his blood pumping and his mouth was thirsty. He covered his body with passion in the dark night. Yu’s fire was burning, breathing and moaning, and the ambiguous charm filled the whole room.
At the dawn of the next morning, Yunruo slowly opened her eyes, and her body was comfortable. At the same time, her tiredness and pain made her sleepless. She woke up early. Rick Fang was still sleeping with her eyes closed, and her mouth was light. If there was a smile, her facial contour was so charming. If Yunruo looked at it quietly, she was a little stupid.
In the morning, I felt a little cold and cheerless, like a white jade, and my charming body was exposed in the air. I gently moved my body and wanted to shrink into the warm arms of Rick Fang, only to tear the wound. If Yunruo choked back the pain and exhaled a slight frown, I saw the scarlet on the sheets when I looked around.
If the clouds can’t stop blushing, they will collide with their bodies after the tearing pain last night, and they will be like a huge wave, and a small boat will keep bumping.
This bad guy doesn’t know if it’s the first time for others to be so strong.’ If Yun’ hates’, looking at Rick Fang’s face is more and more red.
Rick Fang woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning. If Gordon pai’ ea chung-hoon was no longer breathing beside him, he looked at the sheets and looked at them. Fang Xujun’s face was red.
Rick Fang YunRe already ready after washing. After dinner, they sat on the sofa and warmed for a moment.
"If you don’t go to work today?" Rick Fang asked if the wrong novel network doesn’t jump words.
If the cloud is charming and nods lightly with a red dot, "I’m asking for leave." When I get up early in the morning, the pain like tearing makes her struggle. If I am confused, I will decisively give myself a day off and clean some things at home by the way.
"Leave?" Rick Fang asked smoothly.
"Well" cloud if light replied didn’t good the spirit gave Rick Fang a cross Chen way "is not all you".
Rick Fang one leng then suddenly chuckled in the heart, and the jade face was tightly shrunk to Rick Fang’s arms, and he looked up and saw his handsome eyes Gherardini and looked at his heart and lamented him a few times. "You are proud of the big bad guy."
Rick Fang was deeply addicted to Yunruruo’s charming attitude and couldn’t help but lift Yunruruo’s round, smooth and small, and bowed his head and printed his lips on Yunruruo’s delicate lip.
"Hurry up, Xu. Aren’t you going to hold an activity today?" The wrong novel network doesn’t jump the word sweet. After a few choking kisses, it snuggles up in Rick Fang’s arms. If the clouds breathe a sigh of relief, they look at the wall clock and wake up.
Rick Fang one leng this just remembered that today will be held in Hongmei Park class activities rushed up and prepared to ask the mouth "if the purple coral hall is ready for the dance tonight, right? Wrong novel network many words "
If the cloud is charming and smiles, "Don’t worry, Mr. Fang personally told me that my daughter is naturally in order."
Rick Fang nodded after a long time in the cloud if charming smile in a hurry to go out.
"What did Xu do? Why are you so late? Hurry up and help me get a "Rick Fang just entered the dormitory building and was sitting at the entrance of the corridor stretching his legs. He was caught in some weather-resistant days.
Took a dozen drinks in the hands of Hou Tian and led them to set off on bicycles in Hou Tian.
"Why don’t you go with the big guy?" Halfway to Rick Fang Qidao
Waiting for the weather to stare at Rick Fang. "I left early, but I stayed here to wait for you. nnd is enough."
Rick Fang said blankly, "Didn’t you say 9: 30?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Waiting for the weather stare big eyes staring at Rick Fang looked at the latter that quite some koo eyes waiting for the weather said with a smile, "It’s nine o’clock on time in Hongmei Park. Hey, it really makes the handsome boy guess right. Seeing that you didn’t come, you will know that you must be wandering in vain."
Rick Fang’s sudden class meeting in his heart was called at noon on Thursday. At that time, he was in a trance and didn’t care too much.
"Xu, if you don’t come today, it will be a big loss. I heard that most of the top ten beauties in the school were invited by handsome guys and Sprite. With these beauties to help us out, this activity has added a lot of color." Hou Tianxi said.
Rick Fang’ Oh’ waited for a while and added, "It’s a pity that there are so many flies with beautiful women. This is very uncomfortable and good. How did a class activity become a couple?"
Wait for the weather and then said, "But listen to the handsome guy and say that most beautiful women are going to attend the dance in the Golden Emperor at night. Do you think that gathering people in the open air to eat barbecue will damage the image of beautiful women? It’s a pity that I’ve been practicing hard for a long time, and the seventy-two secret methods of Houshi barbecue can’t be sent. Alas, it’s really a jealous talent. "
Looking at the weather, Rick Fang chuckled and laughed all the way. After about half an hour, they entered Hongmei Park.
Because there are many tourists in Hongmei Park on Saturday, the park is very large. Although it is called Hongmei, in fact, other plants account for the majority, so the Botanical Garden is not too much located in the southern suburbs of the city. Among them, all kinds of plants dazzle tourists, and there are large tracts of forests around it that block the noise of the city. You may find the gurgling stream at your feet, listening to the sound of water flowing in your ears and chirping birds, but you feel as if you are in this place, which really forgets the worldly troubles.
The second volume Chapter 37 Park
The second volume Chapter 37 Park
It’s a good place. I didn’t find it early. Walking on a winding path leading to a secluded place, Rick Fang thought to himself that nowadays, most tourist attractions are full of feasting and dancing, and most of them are smoky and lively, but it is increasingly difficult to find a place like Hongmei Park, which is really rare.
"Ha ha xu looks good today" Shuaike saw two people smiling to meet up and lead Rick Fang to wait for the weather to come to the crowd.
Rick Fang, boy, the crowd was covered with several pavilions, and the crowd was scattered regardless of class. Fortunately, all the young men and women got acquainted soon, and everyone was laughing at each other without being restrained.
"Come on, let me introduce you-this is the first handsome guy in Rick Fang, our Z University in my class." Shuaike presented a treasure to introduce Rick Fang to everyone.
Rick Fang introduced the people in Shuaike to greet them. To tell the truth, although he does not exclude lively and pleasant chatting, it is not his director. Fortunately, half of these people are familiar people, so it doesn’t seem too restrained.
Then the students got together in twos and threes, mostly men and women matched each other or chatted, or visited the beautiful scenery of the park, or took out the prepared instruments and played them. Some men and women got together and played games, and laughter came everywhere.
It turns out that Yang Le and Shuaike didn’t deliberately prepare activities except for the barbecue at noon (there is a special place for barbecue in the park). Because there are too many people, everyone’s preferences are too different and they are not familiar with each other. The two of them scattered everyone and arranged more than ten lively students to intersperse in various’ strongholds’ to mobilize the atmosphere and come together. That goal has naturally been achieved. Now it seems that the effect is really good.
"Xu didn’t take part in the martial arts competition yesterday, and the brothers also went to pay tribute to you." Shuaike didn’t take part in the arrangement of all the people’s play activities, and he had to co-ordinate the bureau. After Rick Fang played with all the people for a while, Rick Fang withdrew politely in the eyes of girls’ bitterness and boys’ snickering.
"I’m sorry for the delay."
Shuaike crossed his legs and said with a smile, "It’s a pity that I heard from the critics that the audience in previous competitions were all men, but this year they were all beautiful women, and most of the top ten beauties in the school were here. Hey, I think someone must have revealed the result that you were going to participate in the competition, but as a result, the competition list was not released until half an hour before the competition, which disappointed many sisters."
"Don’t talk nonsense. I don’t have that great charm." Rick Fang argued with a smile.
Shuaike ha ha smiled and patted Rick Fang on the shoulder and said, "Don’t be modest. Others don’t say that Sister Liujia must be. I also heard that Jiang Panyue and Ye Tingting are specially here to pay tribute to you."
"You go to hell, I don’t know about your innuendo, but you are good at it." Rick Fang didn’t good the spirit to criticise Shuaike smell speech. Hey hey smiled and even said "conceded". It’s really rare to be proud of such a cheeky guy.
Rick Fang shook his head and smiled after a long time. "What’s the final result of the game?"
Shuaike was about to answer with a bright eye. Hey, hey, grinned and said, "I came back as soon as I saw that the competition list didn’t have your name, but my senior must know."
"Senior?" Rick Fang slightly one leng looked down Shuaike’s eyes but saw a cowboy dressed up. Yunna came up to the two men not far away. There were several bees around her, and she was stared at by Yunna coldly, so she couldn’t stand the cold and excused herself.
Soon Yunna came to two people’s side. Rick Fang Yunna looked at them with four eyes. They all looked at each other with a slight red handsome. They didn’t find subtle changes in their looks, but they also knew that Yunna would come to Rick Fang and smiled, "Good senior."

Los feather day everyone would fly hunting virtual long hair flying dragon ridge pointing to the dragon soul corners of the mouth blown way "what? Seeing that the real dragon Tianwei is small, you want to use your breath to confuse energy? "

"Ignorance is small!" Dragon remnant soul angry Xiao bursts of red wind overflowing way "you are not white? If virtue is not in place, there will be disasters. Is it true that the dragon seal can be owned by an ordinary person without repair? "
For the dragon soul, Luo Yu naturally sneers. Not only that, but at the moment, his heart is even more proud.’ What happened to the real dragon seal? I still have a couple. It’s called natural wealth and extraordinary destiny …’
Think of this feather and dismissive way "little accident virtue such as? What about disaster? It was a funeral, but you were once a guardian of the ancestors of the mountains and seas, but you were willing to fall into the evil path, but it was a waste of the true dragon statue. "
"Arrogance ~ How dare you teach Zun!" I heard Luo Yu’s contempt for the dragon’s remnant soul, and suddenly I was furious and cracked, and my mouth was full of black Shaqi whirling like a twisted faint bloody arc flashing!
"ho ~!" Thunder roared and roared!
The sound waves suddenly vented and turned into a sinister wind, which destroyed and distorted the surrounding area and impacted on the flying feathers!
"The dragon goes out!" Looking at the sound waves, pushing the front cover to shoot, Luo Yu naturally knows that this is another magical power of the dragon-Dragon Extinguishing.
Dragon quenching is the most common magical power among the dragons. On the level of dragons, almost all of them are extinguished, but there is a world of difference between dragon quenching and dragon quenching. There are bursts like skyfire, which destroys the world and makes nothing grow. There are polar ice and cold spit frozen thousands of miles; Yes, it’s like this dragon-fighting ghost. The howling Gangfeng can break the mountains and disappear the sea.
Of course, at this time, the ghost of the dragon is so weak that it should be far less powerful than it used to be, but even so, Luo Yu dare not despise it.
Looking at the evil spirit, like the wind, the dragon is whistling and attacking itself!
Los feather eyes a clot unexpectedly royal windward blade and with the dragon ridge in the dancing hand that dragon ridge ghosting streamer seems like dark black ribbon, dancing in front of him will do Gangfeng sword in succession!
The sonic boom of gold and iron is always ringing in the ears. Who knows the pain in the heart, even though it seems to be coping with the evil spirit and the dead feathers?
If it weren’t for the fact that he is now difficult to improve his demon body and the dragon’s spine has restrained the yin evil spirit from dying, it is estimated that he would have been dismembered by the dragon’s quenching.
But even in the face of this Gangfeng sword, he was tired of coping with the complaints in his heart.
He wanted to take the dragon out first to explore the strength of the dragon’s soul, but he didn’t expect the dragon out to be endless! In an instant, he has blocked hundreds of Gangfeng swords!
Seeing that this dragon is very angry and Gangfeng bursts like ghosts crying and howling, it is hard to stop the sky from being covered with evil spirits, even though the dragon ridge dances brightly.
The sonic boom shuttled and roared, looking at the dragon in front of him like a flurry of ink clouds, and the dancing dragon ridge in his hand became more and more trembling!
At the moment, although Luo Yu’s palm hurts, it has already split! However, he still waved his dragon’s spine, and the blade dragon extinguished it, barely blocking the body and half a foot away. Xuanlongying even roared and screamed, constantly devouring the yin and evil spirit in the dragon extinguishing.
Looking at Xuanlongying’s crack, roaring and huffing and puffing, Luoyu, a storm in dark black, knew that if Xuanlongying was not integrated into the dragon ridge, the dragon shadow would surely help him weaken the power of this dragon quenching.
But even with the help of Xuanlongling’s metaplasia dragon shadow, he seems to be in jeopardy. At this moment, however, he has some support. If he is so passive again, don’t say that it is wishful thinking to kill the dragon remnant just to drag Wei Shang and others to wake up.
And Luo Yu doesn’t know if it’s him who resists the dragon’s extinction and breaks the dragon platform. It seems that one of the four people is sitting in a meditation, and his eyes are shaking and he seems to wake up! This person is a hat to cover up the evil of Mu Yan who is wearing hemp fiber.
At the same time, spit out the ghost of the dragon after the dragon is extinguished, and see that Luo Yu is struggling to support the decline. After it is exposed, it screams, "Even if you have a magic keel and a real dragon seal, you can stop your footsteps. If you want to fly to the mountains and seas again, you can absorb all the dark sources and rebuild my body by dark source power …"
The words of the dragon remnant soul are naturally listened to by Luo Yu
At the moment, he is stepping on the dragon shadow and dancing the dragon ridge, constantly shuttling against the dragon extinction, and at the same time, he does not forget to return to the road, "Mountains and seas have enchantments to protect the dark source from extinction. Do you want to reshape the dragon body? But it’s just an idiotic dream. "
The dragon’s soul is ridiculed and laughed wildly. "If the dark source is extinct, why are you imprisoned?" Roar ~ when the strength of the statue is restored, it is when the trillions of creatures in the mountains and seas tremble … "
Riding on the dragon’s remnant soul, clamoring for the dragon feather to sweep across the dragon’s spine, the instant crack roared and brought up a dark black streamer, and then the dragon was swept away and the dragon was chopped off, and Xuanlongying almost at the same time roared a dragon’s tail stopper and tore the surrounding yin evil spirit abruptly!
See near outside unexpectedly like also los feather a joy in my heart! Hurriedly, the dragon’s spine will lose its yin, evil spirit and gangfeng sword, and it will be blocked in succession.
At this time, the opportunity is rare. How can Luo Yu let it go? See him step to the left, step out of his body and gallop out of the shadow, and even narrowly escape from the dragon’s extinction!
Luo Yu’s ghosting came out and then set foot in the virtual! But half a breath to see his feet dark black flow light and shadow flash has conjured up a three zhangs long dark black dragon shadow.
When the dragon shadow’s figure is revealed, he will hold his head high and think about the dragon’s remnant soul. If the dragon’s remnant soul sees it in the distance, the dragon must shake and growl, grin and glare at Luoyu’s seat. Obviously, if it is not for the dragon shadow’s help, it can be strangled.
Now it’s not angry yet. It’s just that the three-foot-long little dragon shadow dares to growl at it. I don’t know how to live or die!
Seeing this dragon’s remnant soul actually cracked its huge mouth and came to Luoyu Xuanlongying for culling! Obviously, it is necessary to swallow them alive and tear them alive to get rid of their hatred.
At the moment, Luo Yu saw that the dragon’s soul was not spit out and the dragon was extinguished. He didn’t display the true Rowen pressure and rushed to it arrogantly! Seeing this, he can’t ask for it naturally, but he doesn’t fight, which is obviously an abacus when he is procrastinating.

And the treasure in his hand is not inferior to the nine-day rest land.

The great avatar is the original source of flesh and blood!
Because the Tianhe River burst its banks, great anger rose in Emperor Gou Chen’s heart, and the thunder potential found out and killed the man behind the scenes.
And the man behind the scenes is a statue of the great avatar with a brilliant strength.
In heaven, Emperor Gou Chen crushed and suppressed the immortal true spirit behind the scenes, but his bloody innate source was left behind by Emperor Gou Chen.
Half-step mix, big Luo Jinxian, that’s waiting?
Even if a drop of blood falls into the flood land, it will turn into a vast river, and a piece of meat will fall into the flood land. Even if the flood land falls into the flood land, there will be an extra mountain immediately.
If a body of flesh and blood is completely distributed, it can easily evolve into a top world or a very innate treasure.
This body value has already far exceeded the nine-day rest land.
And Gouchen wants this thing to replace the nine-day rest land.
Half step mixed yuan level big avatar flesh-and-blood mainland even weak water ten times, one hundred times directly back to the innate state is also difficult to shake that exists.
This effect
It’s better than nine days of rest.
So now that you have the great avatar’s flesh and blood, you have to look for nine days to rest?
Don’t need it!
Xian Wenming’s "nine days’ rest" is refined from the flesh and blood of the great avatar of Gou Chen the Great.
It is precisely because of this that it has such a strong natural gas that it almost completely recovers the injury of Yan Wen’s life just by emitting the gas naturally.
If you think about it, you will know that the great avatar is strong and powerful.
If it hadn’t been refined by Emperor Gou Chen, even if he had fallen, it would have been enough to kill Wen Wen several times just by smelling his body.
A breath of the great avatar is amazing for Taiyi Jin Xian.
After getting the source of the blood and flesh of the great avatar of the mountain god axe, Yan Wen ordered to return to the Terran and directly made his own plan.
He wants to get through the waters of the sea
Moreover, in order to complete this plan in the shortest time, Yan Wen ordered to send someone to the East China Sea to ask the dragon master to come and help.
Because compared with other dragons, they are more familiar with the flood waters.
The dragon born in the sea area will be so familiar with the waters, so it is not a day or two for the dragon to peep into the wild waters.
It’s also the fate of the vast water veins. How can a dragon as big as that not be tempted?
In ancient times, when the dragon was the first strong clan in the flood and wasteland, it was impossible for them to unify the flood and wasteland. Do you want anything when they unify the flood and wasteland?
What’s more, it’s just a matter of luck?
Of course
There is also a reason why the dragon will not be allowed to get their hands on the wild waters.
After the end of ancient times, the dragon’s strength was greatly damaged, and it was hard to compete for the universe, so it turned its attention to the waters of the universe.
And then the witch tribe rose.
The descendants of Pangu, the ancestors of water and witches, ruled the whole flood waters.

Just overnight, there was a subtle softness in Ling’s eyes.

"Huang Wu, you still don’t let me go!"
Yuwenshuang drinks one low.
Su Mo’s palm loosened.
Yuwen Shuangyuan deified a streamer and instantly disappeared into the eyebrows, returning to his own sea of knowledge and regaining control of the flesh.
He felt unwilling and resentful!
Before that, he was the first person in the northern region, and his popularity had reached its peak.
But in just a dozen breaths, all his glory and past were shattered by this blue monk in front of him!
"This matter must not be forgotten!"
Yu Wenshuang hung his head slightly and glanced at Su Mo, not far from his front, and suddenly a bold idea came into my mind!
He tried every means to close combat between the Soviet Union and Mexico, but failed in the end.
And now the distance between them is only one arm!
Isn’t this a godsend?
If he suddenly attacked and killed the Taoist town of Huangwu here, even if he had just lost, it would be nothing!
Although this means is disgraceful, it’s worth it to kill Taoist Huang Wu!
He hopes to climb again instead of lowering!
The idea is that it is hard to stop the crazy growth and spread as soon as it flashes.
Yu Wenshuang felt his heart pounding!
Yu Wenshuang took a deep breath and tried to stabilize his emotions. He didn’t go to see Su Mo for fear of causing the latter to be alert and fall short.
Millimeter omen Yu Wenshuang suddenly looked up and his eyes flashed with bright cold light and yelled at Su Mo!
But as soon as he looked up, his heart thumped
I don’t know when Su Mo has turned around and looked at him with gherardini.
Those deep eyes seem to have already seen all his thoughts clearly!
"Not good!"
Yu Wenshuang was shocked in his heart. "He is ready!"
At this time, I saw Su Mo’s eyes suddenly flashed with a rare light, and the pupils were dark as if emitting a strange magic!
Yu Wenshuang looked Zheng.
This pair of magic pupil glances his mind appeared a trance.
The posture and speed are all slower by one point manually.
But soon Yu Wenshuang woke up!
Pupil surgery!
A slight vibration in his heart revealed a flaw that was influenced by Su Mo’s pupillary technique!
Yuwen Shuangxin gradually sank.
Although he is awake soon, he is a trance kung fu, but he has done enough for opponents of this level!
He has a palm on his crown.
Huang Wu Zhang shou
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty-five A tooth for a tooth!
This change is happening faster.
It was a mistake, and the battle was over.
Seeing Yu Wenshuang, he was motionless in front of the martial arts. Although he was strong and calm, he could still see the panic in the depths of his eyes
Road flyover Huang Wu has a double crown in his palm.
If you want to use your palm to force Yu Wenshuang, you will lose your body and even have no chance to get out of your body!
"How did this happen?"

"This thing is too expensive for the younger generation."

Taking this token is a debt of gratitude to three old people. He doesn’t want to owe anyone.
Xu Su ha ha a smile. "Take it, little friend, but anyone who comes to the top of this sword hill and understands the sword tablet will get such a sword tag when they leave for the first time. It is a rule for thousands of years to return to Jianshan."
Guijian Mountain has a special nature, but it is already a loose force to cultivate immortals.
And this power bearing is a sword tablet.
Gui Jianshan, although Brother Yuanying, has the ability to repair Xu Su’s sword in the later period of World War I then.
This token will probably be sold to Jianshan as soon as it comes out, but for the deep hatred of the other party.
Of course, Xu Su also has an investment mind. After all, Ling has a talent for Xianjiandao and his achievements in the future are definitely not low.
If you can return to Jianshan to pull such a big backer, Xu Su will be happy but not happy?
Smell speech This is not a matter of taking care of yourself, but a practice. Ling Youxian thought that he had learned something from the sword tablet, and he really owed Guijianshan a lesson.
"In that case, the younger generation will accept it."
Ling Youxian took the sword and handed it to the three elders.
Then walked through the crowd to Guijian Mountain.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine To steal chickens and costly rice back to Cangli Island!
Ling Youxian walked back to Jianshan step by step and was seen by the monks in the mountain road.
Everyone knows his name but doesn’t know that he is Ling Youxian.
Ling Youxian’s trip to the mountain made the Taoist feel slightly surprised.
Ling Youxian at the foot of Guijian Mountain stood over his hand.
It was from here a few years ago that he climbed to the top of the sword step by step and finally succeeded in understanding the meaning of 70% sword tablet.
It can be said that this is a starting point for him.
"It’s time to go back and have a look after being away from home for more than 20 years."
A few years after the genocide, he left the Liuyun Islands and traveled all over the North Sea.
In a blink of an eye, he has been to many places in Beihai for so many years, but he doesn’t know what happened to Ling’s family in Cang Li?
To be honest, he is still a little worried.
Think that the water-cut sword behind Ling Youxian instantly flies out of the sky.
He tiptoed gently, breaking the water sword and leaving in a certain direction.
Dengfeng Island Fufeng Qianshi Resident
"Elder, there are always miners who have disappeared inexplicably recently, and there have been no less than 37 people back and forth."
Hearing that Qian lived in Dengfeng Island, the elder Zhuji frowned and said, "Is this the time to tell the old lady?"
The man hurriedly argued that "the most missing person, the younger generation, recognized that it was no big deal, so he dared not disturb the elders for such small things."
"But after one after another, people mysteriously disappeared, but they couldn’t find out the reason. The younger generation came here to disturb the elders."
Elder Qian nodded and said, "You will not be held accountable for this matter."
"Elder Xie"
"Well, you go and find a few people to explore the situation with the old man later. If you dare to have a monster beast, I will kill the old man in Qian’s mine."
Instantly, a powerful momentum pervades the surrounding area.
"It’s the younger generation. I’m going to prepare the mine mouth and wait for the arrival of the elders."
Elder Qian waved to him to do it quickly.
The man immediately turned away to do things for the elders.
It wasn’t long before the man found several people waiting for the entrance of the mine.
When several people saw the arrival of the elder, they immediately bowed their hands and said respectfully, "Visit the elder."
Qian’s elder nodded and waved and said "Li"
"Elder Xie"
After several people reset the order, the elder Qian told him, "Don’t lose your life in vain later."
Hearing this, several people suddenly felt a warm "junior white" in their hearts
"Then let’s go."
Qian’s elder followed by five practicing monks, a total of six people successively entered the mine.
Qian’s elders did not converge their breath and were perceived by a beast hiding in the bottom of the mine.
For this breath to a familiar but because at the beginning is this person will catch yourself here.
Therefore, the local beast knows that the elders of Qian are badly hiding and dare not show any breath.
On the other side, Cang Li Ling’s resident
"giggle" laughter from ling Youdao residential courtyard is very crisp and cheerful.
Then I saw a little girl in the yard wearing a blue dress with a horn braid chasing three small sable.
After a while, it became three little sable chasing little girls.
Sable is born with spiritual wisdom, which is considered to have entered the threshold of monster beast, and its growth rate is far from that of ordinary beasts.
The three-year-old sable was born in March, but now it is the size of an adult cat and has the strength of a first-order monster beast.
Ling Youdao didn’t open his eyes when he gave Ling Renyin the three little sable, but he didn’t know that he killed the adult sable.
The three little sable saw Ling Renyin when they just opened their eyes, so they regarded the little girl as their relatives or their "mother".
I am very attached to LingRenYin and listen to her.
There are not only Ling Renyin but also Ling Youdao’s wife Mu Yanran in the garden.
Ling Youdao’s recently closed alchemist seems to be expected to become a second-order alchemist.
Therefore, Ling Renyin is also taken care of by Mu Yan Ran, and Mu Yan Ran Ling Youdao Shangsi is also very fond of this niece.
Mu Yan ran steps looked at LingRenYin with a smile on her face.
"Yiner is tired. If you are tired, come and have a rest and eat some fruit."

"It’s all good. The children have all learned Caesar’s brother, and it’s almost junior high school."

"My little niece is beautiful, a little like me," the pear-painted clothes narrated.
"oh? That’s really beautiful. It will certainly fascinate thousands of teenagers in the future. "
Lu Chen smiled and praised the painting of pear clothes, which can’t be said to be narcissism, because it is the case.
"No longer go back and see? Husband’s temperament has been much smoother than before. "
Painting pear clothes by Liu Chen arms asked.
Liu Chen shook his head. "No, it’s not yet integrated. I’ll go back when I reach the realm of true self. It’s necessary to cause a big riot and leave a psychological shadow for children."
"it seems that Gdzilla still remembers my words."
Painting pear clothes smiled.
Liu Chen reached out to Fang. "Then of course I remember not to scare the children."
Then he picked up the pear-painted clothes. "This request can’t make it work. I can’t fight the sacred seal. Today I will challenge another one."
With a charming shout Liu Chen went to the room.
Lu Chen, at the bottom of the world tree, took a few pieces of equipment and reviewed it again, praising that "the predecessors really controlled their craftsmanship so accurately."
Lao Wang didn’t good the spirit. "Why do I think you are hurting me?"
Liu Chen waved his hand again and again. "No, no, no,no. It’s good to feel small. Thank you for your optimization."
These equipment were re-forged by Lao Wang, and the rear part became the equipment with chaotic level full score plus sign, but it was still chaotic level.
It is that some functions that Lu Chen needs very much have become effective even if his temporary attributes climb.
As a result, Lu Chen’s combat effectiveness is once again full and can’t be finished before.
After thanking Lu Chen, he turned away from the street of supporters.
Origin adventure group? Let me see how it feels when it’s cut.
Lao Wang looked at Lu Chen’s departure direction, took a long cigarette and lay down on the couch. "Someone is going to be educated …"
"Liu Xiong, he is really … very headstrong. It’s time to be educated."
Wang Ling walked out of the shop to grandpa holding the shoulder and said.
Lao Wang shook his head. "I don’t mean Lu ego, I mean the person who will collide with him."
Wang Ling some surprise "there are so outrageous! ? Isn’t the Origin Adventure Group very strong? Grandpa, you said that it was the first … Special people in all ages were considered elites. How many comprehensive strengths were higher than those of Lu Xiong’s peers? "
Lao Wang slowly spit out a mouthful of smoke. "I did praise the origin. Those children, especially the martial artist, are a rare talent, but some people have done it in his walking history, which proved that it was unrealistic and failed."
"Grandpa is not very appreciate the junior? Moreover, he said that he has a long-term vision and an accurate judgment of the situation. If he decides, he will be completely sure, so that people can deal with Brother Lu. "
Wang Ling puzzled way
"The problem is that the cat is so small that it is not necessarily determined to get rid of Lu Chen. His biggest problem now lies in the lack of information and the difference between Lu Chen and an era. I don’t know how strong Lu Chen was once active, and I don’t pay much attention to the huge gap between Lu Chen’s attributes and them."
Lao Wang said faintly, "Most of the explorers of your generation have fallen. It is normal for him not to know, but the old man, I can say that even if he sits and watches the reincarnation of Lu Xiao, this situation is unique. If there is a significant difference in attributes, he can win. Then they are too naive."
"It’s true … Liu Xiong has an ability to be blessed when facing the enemy, and the world battlefield has been killed indiscriminately."
Wang Ling mused that she felt that the roots of those creatures in the world were not comparable to those of pioneers, and that Lu Chen’s mysterious talent might not be able to maximize the effect, because the actual origin of the adventure group did not kill his friends
Liu Chenren didn’t seem to show hostility either, and his mysterious talent base was abolished.